tagGroup SexA Hickerman Party Ch. 02

A Hickerman Party Ch. 02


The Hickerman Party Ch. 02 – The Competitions

Sensual EntAngelments Inspired by Angeleyes

In the Hickerman Party – The Invitation Bill is given an invitation to an orgy. He invites his lover, Angel, to accompany him. At this initial party, they must be initiated to become members. During the first segment, Angel and Bill tour the club facilities and enjoy an exotic and titillating show as well as giving quite a show of their own.

This segment takes up right after dinner as they still try to determine what they have to do during the initiation. Enjoy!!!

“Great food.” Angel declares as she finishes her last mouth full.

“Yes, they sure didn’t skimp here.” Bill agrees bending forward and placing his empty plate on the table. Almost immediately, their beautiful bare breasted blonde hostess picks it up, along with all the other used dishes. “In fact it appears old Hickerman hasn’t skimped on anything. It looks like there are almost as many staff members as there are guests.”

“Yeah. This is certainly a first class act.” After a short pause, she suggests, “What do you say, we go give those slots a shot.”

“Okay. Sounds good to me.” Bill agrees, turning to find the hostess standing near by as if she knew that she was going to be needed right then. Taking two twenties out of his wallet, he hands them to her asking, “Could you get us a few rolls of quarters.”

“Right away, sir.” She replies respectively. Then slightly bowing as she takes the money, her large inviting breasts swinging provocatively, she whispers, “Say, if you’re interested… I mean… well ah… I wouldn’t mind getting a little of what you gave your wife before… I mean… That was far out.”

“Well, my dear…. First of all, she’s not my wife, but my lover….”

“Sorry sir. I just saw the rings and assumed….”

“Well, you know what assume means… makes an ass of both you and…. Well, you know what I mean…. Secondly, of what you saw, my cock produced only ten per cent that. The other ninety per cent was her inspiration. You think you could inspire me like that?”

Taken a-back a little and becoming somewhat haughty, she stands up and lifts her breasts slightly saying, “With these, my long blond hair… and… and, well just look at this figure! It sure inspires the boys back at the quad.”

“Exactly – the boys. What I’m talking about is what she does with her pussy and the way she reacts to what I’m doing and the way she gives herself so completely. Something the boys, and girls for that matter, wouldn’t appreciate. Now how about our quarters?”

“Y-Yes, SIR!” She stammers with a sneer in her voice, she turns quickly, displaying a whole lot of attitude and is off.

“What was that all about?” Angel asks.

“Oh, nothing really. Someone too young to know what it’s all about.” Standing up he takes her by the arm and pulls her up to him, hugging her, molding one breast into his hand and kissing her deeply with a lot of tongue.

Angel slides one hand through his open shirt rubbing it all through the hair on his chest. Her other hand winds through his sandy colored hair on the top of his head, simultaneously pulling his mouth tighter to hers and returning as much passion as she can.

After breaking the kiss, he takes her arm, guiding her away from the table. “Shall we go play?”

“What about the quarters?”

“She’ll find us.”

“Alright, but I’ve got to go the ladies room first.” Angel states.

“Great, I’ll go with you,” Tonya blurts in, “if you don’t mind. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to talk with you, girl.”

“Suit yourself.” Angel says, turning to go find the bathroom.

“Wait, wait!” Tonya jumps running, her breasts bouncing seductively as she chases after Angel.

Once in the bathroom, after relieving themselves and standing in front of the mirror checking their makeup; Tonya finally, broaches the subject of her desire. “You two were just fantastic earlier. I truly believe your performance was one of the most erotic scenes I have ever witnessed.”

“Thank you.” Angel answers casually, fairly sure, she knows where this is leading.

“You are one lucky lady. What was it like?”

Angel smiled at herself in the mirror as she redid the mascara around her eyes, “Oh, I don’t know. Hard to explain, beyond it just felt great.”

“I’ve never seen anyone have so many orgasms in that short amount of time. They looked so very intense. I don’t think I have ever had an orgasm as strong as what you appeared to be enjoying.”

Turning to face her, Angel reveals matter-a-factly; “What can I say. He just turns me on and we enjoy each other very much. Know what is it you really want to ask?”

Surprised by Angel’s bluntness, Tonya takes a breath and presses on as if no question was asked. “What I mean is, well – He was just fucking the hell out of you and you seemed to be responding as if you were having the best orgasm ever.”

“Listen, sweetheart,” Angel becoming a little perturbed by this beating around the bush, when she knew what Tonya was really after. “That was nothing. He’s fucked me like that – alternating between fucking and eating me – for as much as four hours. And believe me, some of those orgasms took me to places I’ve never been before. Tonight’s was wonderful, but not as good as some he has given me in the past.”

“I’ve always dreamed of being fucked like that, but have….”

“And you want to know,” Angel interrupts, trying to get to the chase. “if I’ll let him fuck you like that?”

“Well, ah – well.” Tonya stammers at Angel’s abruptness. “Yeah, I guess. I mean I was as hot as I’ve been in a long, long time, just watching you two. I’ve got to have some of that. I’d give anything to be fucked like that.”

“Well my dear, “speaking a little bit more demurely now that she had gotten to the point. “it’s not really up to me. But, being secret lovers, we can only get together every couple of weeks or so. So, we like to use every moment of time we have together – together. Speaking of which….” Angel turns without finishing her sentence and walks out of the bathroom.

She quickly finds Bill and without turning to see if Tonya is following, takes his arm and they are off towards the slots. They walk the line of machines along the right side of the hall, towards the back and finally find the quarter machines all the way against the back wall. There are only two vacant machines right next to each other, so they grab those stools. Just as Bill had predicted their bouncy bare breasted hostess arrives at the same moment. She hands Bill his four rolls of quarters and is off in a huff.

“I don’t know what you said to her, but she still isn’t over it.” Angel observes.

Not bothering to acknowledge, Bill hands her two rolls, “Let’s play.” Leaning forward he breaks both rolls into his tray below the machine, picks out three quarters, feeds the machine and pulls the lever; swish, swish, swish, swish, swish.. swish.. swish... swish... swish.... swish.... swish -- swish --- bong --- bong --- bong. Two bars and a space.

In the mean time Angel has placed one roll in her tray and has carefully peeled off some of the paper in a circular manner part way down and slides out one quarter, feeds the machine and pushes her button; swish, swish, swish, swish, swish.. swish.. swish... swish... swish.... swish.... swish -- swish --- swish --- bong --- bong --- bong. Cling … Cling, Cling, Cling, Cling… Cling…Cling --- Cling. Three crescents. Angel bounces on her stool with glee as the half dozen or so quarters cling into her tray.

“Should have played three quarters. You would have five or six times as much.”

“Just like you did?” she smiles jokingly.

“Well, you just get greater odds when you bet more, is all I’m saying.”

“I know. I know.” She acknowledges, placing another quarter in. “I just like the playing and with one quarter at a time I can play longer. You know how I like it when I can play longer.” The last of that is said in a low sultry voice as she pushes her button again; swish, swish, swish, swish, swish.. swish.. swish... swish... swish.... swish.... swish -- swish --- swish --- bong --- bong --- bong. Cling … Cling, Cling, Cling, Cling… Cling, Cling, Cling, Cling… Cling…Cling --- Cling. Three bars this time. Angel bounces enthusiastically again on her stool as another dozen or so quarters clink into her tray. “Must be my lucky day or maybe it is just that I’m not greedy.” she laughs.

Bill continues to play his three at a time, winning a few here and there along the way, but in a short time, probably no more than thirty or so pulls of the handle, he depletes his resources. Angel is still playing from her winnings. The unopened roll of quarters and the open one with no more than ten quarters pulled out lay in her tray. It seems to Bill that he heard her joy and that clinking sound of falling quarters about every second or third time she pushed her button.

Climbing down off his stool he slides up behind Angel wrapping his arms around her waist and placing his chin on her shoulder. He kisses her on the cheek, her ear lobe and along that sensitive spot on her neck making her shiver. Then he whispers, “I’m all out of quarters.”

“Yes, I can see that. It’s amazing how much more you win, when you’re playing three at a time.” She chides. “Would you like some of mine?” she asks, pushing her button again; swish, swish, swish, swish, swish.. swish.. swish... swish... swish.... swish.... swish -- swish --- swish --- bong --- bong --- bong. Cling … Cling, Cling, Cling, Cling… Cling…Cling --- Cling. Winning again only adds insult to injury as she bounces on her stool again with joy.

“No, thanks I’ll just watch and enjoy you.”

“Do you want me to quit and we can go back over to the table. You can help me carry all these winnings.” She continues snidely, rubbing it in.

“No, no. This will be fun for a while.” He replies, continuing to kiss her again on the side of the neck.

His hands find there way up to her breasts and play with them through the soft, silky material of her see through blouse. He rubs the material over her nipples making them swell as he continues to kiss her neck and ear lobes. Angel shivers and with an involuntary impulse cocks her head over to one side in a vain attempt to push him away from her neck. But, despite all the attention she continues to push quarters into the slot and hit her button.

Bill is relentless with his deliberate sexual advances. Dropping one hand from her breast, he reaches down and places it on the inside of her thigh just below the hem of her skirt. Slowly he pulls it up her thigh, circling a little and with each upward curve of those circles his hand gets closer and closer to that warm little nest that they both want his hand to reach.

Angel can feel that telltale tingly feeling building as his sweeping hand continues and his lips nibble at her throat. Although hard to concentrate, she keeps playing her quarters, not winning the way she was earlier. In fact, she has not won anything since he started playing with her, but she does not really care. On the next circle of his hand, he ever so slightly grazes the skin between her legs and the little bit of hair that sparsely surrounds her pubic area. She shivers and wants more. His hand circles again, still just barely grazing the sensual spot. She holds her breath and puts another quarter in the slot. On the third pass of his hand, again just barely touching the spot that needs attention, she just cannot stand it anymore. Grabbing his hand through her skirt she pulls it up into her pussy, leaning her head back, she whispers, “Don’t tease. Play with me. Feel me up good and proper. Come on and finger fuck your little slut.” Simultaneously the swish … swish sound of her last play completes with a swish --- bong --- bong --- bong. Cling … Cling, Cling, Cling, Cling… Cling…Cling --- Cling. Holding his hand in place tight against her pussy she bounces up and down on her stool, more from the sensations derived from his hand than from the fact that she has won yet again.

“So,” he coos in her ear, “I guess that means you want me to play with your slot, while you play with that slot.”

“Ummmm. Oh yes, I would babe. Play with your baby’s slot.” She begs. “Get me all hot and bothered.”

Letting go of his hand, Angel continues playing her machine, while Bill works his fingers in and around her moist, warm lips. Finding her clit, he rubs the tender morsel. She rewards him by stiffening into his body. He plays with her as she plays her machine, when she is able. Every once in while the sound of --- bong --- bong --- bong. Cling … Cling, Cling, Cling, Cling… Cling…Cling --- Cling echoes as another bunch of quarters fall into her tray.

“Oh, God. You’re getting me so hot. We may need to go back to the couch. It’s getting harder for me to concentrate on the game.”

“Will you look at you two.” An attractive older woman, with graying hair tied up in a bun, interrupts them. Her see-through blouse shows off a nice pair of teats that still ride pretty high considering her age. “It looks like you two are about to get it on again. You need to save some of that for the initiation.”

Both Angel and Bill turn with a start, since they were both sort of all wrapped up in what they were doing.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you. We just all – so admired, your performance earlier.” Turning to Angel, she continues, “Now sweetie – not tonight, necessarily – but in the future you are just going to have to share this guy. You can’t keep him all bottled up for yourself you know.” As she said this, she takes Bill’s arm and rubs her hand across his bare chest a little. “Of course there will be a lot guys who will want to get their hands – hell, hands nothing – they’ll be wanting to get their dicks all over you to experience what makes Bill here, such a wild man.”

“Well…. Well, now,” Angel stammers slightly, taken back a little. Finding herself and continues with surprising self-confidence, “I don't know about him - but the thing that makes me so hot - is him. He brings it all out of me, all my inhibitions are gone and he just makes me a wanton creature. I don't know if any other guy could do that for me and I would hope that no other woman could bring it out in him either. But it might be an interesting challenge for us some day."

Letting go of Bill she leans forward and gives Angel a little hug and a motherly kiss on the cheek, saying, “Well, let’s hope that challenge is real soon. Now good luck tonight Angel. We’ll all be rooting for you and we’ll all be jealous as hell.” Turning to Bill, but instead of a kiss on the cheek she gives him her full lips and a lot of tongue deep into his mouth. Her hand drops between his legs squeezing and rubbing. “Good luck you two.” She wishes them as she saunters off, then adds, “Oh - by the way, I’m Nancy Hickerman.”

Angel and Bill watch, stunned, as she walks off. Turning toward each other, they are almost speechless. Finally, Bill is able to mutter. “No wonder Mr. Hickerman has these parties.”

“Yeah, she is preserved well.” Angel nods in awe, still watching Ms Hickerman as she hob-knobs with her other guests.

“Yes – she sure is.” Bill replies almost in a whisper.

“How did you like my answer?” Not waiting for him to reply she continues, “The thing is that it isn't made up, it's completely true. You do bring out the wantonness in me - like nobody has ever done before.”

“Yes – you are my lascivious little bitch – aren’t you?” Bill answers with a grin.

“Well, I certainly hope so.” She answers, feeling very smug.

“You certainly are or at least I think so.” Then breaking the spell he asks, “Well, are we done with the slots.”

“Oh, I don’t know. I thought things were just warming up nicely.” She says, again in that sultry voice, her head held down and her eyes flashing as she looks up into his.”

“Well, then how about we make it really interesting?”

“I don’t know. What do you have in mind?”

Without explaining, he unfastens his pants, letting his erection free and steps up on the stool so he is sitting with his back to the machines. “Why don’t you climb on up here and fill slots from your roll of quarters, while I fill your slot with something the size of a roll of quarters?”

“Ummm, sounds like fun, but – well, I’m not sure.” She says acting a little coy and batting her eye lashes a little. “I’m not all that sure how becoming that might be.” She teases.

“Look around, we won’t be the only ones.” He says pointing here and there. The couple at the nearest table is sprawled out on their couch naked, necking and playing with each other. Down a few machines toward the stage, a woman squats on her knees in front of her partner, sucking his cock while he plays the slots. A few tables away, what appears to be one of the young hostesses, kneeling on and facing the rear of a couch, sucks on a huge, fat cock while another guy takes her from the rear. Almost everywhere they look someone is feeling or playing with someone else.

Angel looks back and forth a couple of times and then acting shyly, just to add to the fun, slowly cozies up next to him. Taking his member in her hand, she squeezes it, while keeping her eyes fixed on Bill’s. Slowly she bends over, still maintaining eye contact and slowly takes his cock into her mouth. She sucks it all the way in and lets it back out a couple of times, until she lets it slip from her lips. Keeping it in her hand like the pommel of a saddle, she puts one foot up on the first rung of the stool and pulls herself up onto his lap as if mounting a horse. Rising high enough she pulls her skirt up slightly and works herself forward until she is just hovering over the pulsing, throbbing head. Slowly she lowers herself, letting the head just ease into her pussy. Slowly she descends, closing her eyes and just enjoying the sensation of being filled one little millimeter at a time. She continues the decent until she is resting pubic hair to pubic hair, completely filled with his tool.

Holding on to his shoulders she leans back and just grinds her pubic mound into his. It just feels wonderful to be this wanton in front of all these people. Bill tries to push as much of his cock up into her pussy as he can. They just wiggle like that for a while, until Angel pulls herself back up close to his body. She kisses him passionately with a full mouth and a lot of tongue for a few seconds, then hugging him; she kisses along his neck, whispering between pecks, “Your roll feels a lot bigger than a roll of quarters in there. Just like always you fill me up so completely – so deep down in my pussy, where no other man has been.”

“Ummm – maybe with all these huge dicks walking around here we can find one to rectify that problem.”

“Stop it!” She cries out, slapping his back lightly and bites his neck. “I mean it. I just love the way you fuck me. Your cock just feels so good inside me. No one has ever thrilled me the way you do. I’ve never cum so hard or as often as I do with you.”

Bill enjoyed the praise, but knew also that it was she and the way that she reacted to his fucking that got them both so high and kept him inspired to fuck her the way he did. “No other woman I’ve ever been with reacts the way you do, to me fucking her. The way you beg and have orgasm after orgasm just inspires me. I think we just feed off each others passion.”

“Maybe, but it is definitely the way you fuck me that gets me going in the first place. Just like know, I know it wouldn’t take much to get me off, even after what we have already been through tonight.”

“Well, with that in mind, why don’t you start playing your machine again? I think if you win some more and bounce around on my dick the same way you were bouncing around on the stool earlier, when you were winning, you’ll be cumming in no time at all.”

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