tagGroup SexA Hickerman Party Ch. 03

A Hickerman Party Ch. 03


The Hickerman Party – The Initiation

Sensual EntAngelments Inspired by Angeleyes

In the
Hickerman Party – The Invitation Bill is given an invitation to an orgy. He invites his lover, Angel, to accompany him. At this initial party, they must be initiated to become members. During the first segment, Angel and Bill tour the club facilities and enjoy an exotic and titillating show as well as giving quite a show of their own.

In the
Hickerman Party – The Competition both Angel and Bill enjoy the erotic competitions between the other members, while they try to determine what they have to do during the initiation. In between times, they provide even more entertainment for the members adding to their growing erotic reputation.

Finally, in this segment you will learn along with Angel and Bill what the initiation entails. Enjoy!!!

Without hesitation, Teneka, the winner of the fellatio contest, steps forward and points into the audience just to the right of the stage, saying, “Right after the initiation, I want our two new sweethearts – ahhh, it’s Phil or something like that and Angel, isn’t it? – to make love to me, right up here on the stage.”

“Well, ladies and gentlemen, you heard it. Our two newest initiates, assuming they accept and pass initiation – after steeling the show twice already this evening – they are being asked for an encore exhibition of their carnal talents.

Bill and Angel turn to each other and just stare, mouths a gap. The whole audience stands up and applauds. Tonya and Jeff stand up joining the crowd and slapping the stunned couple on the back in congratulations.

“Well, initiates!” The MC continues, as four double beds are wheeled out onto the stage. “It is five to eleven, and as you know, you are all scheduled up here for your initiation at eleven. So get those clothes off and get your asses up her.

Still taken back by Teneka’s announcement, Angel says, “What are we going to do about this?”

“Just go up and get initiated, I guess.” Bill responds nonchalantly.

“Not the initiation.” She slaps him on the arm, then lowers her voice, continuing, “I’m talking about having to make it with that cock sucking bitch up there. I don’t want to be having sex with another woman.”

“We have two choices or I guess three.” He responds, pauses, looking up at the ceiling as if there might be an answer up there, although he was just trying to avoid Angel’s eyes. “We can leave right now.”

“You, know I don’t want to do that.” She interrupts, starting to take off her unbuttoned blouse.

“Then we can just go along with it and see what happens.”

“I don’t want to do that either.” She protests unfastening her skirt and letting fall to the floor.

“I know. I know. And neither do I. But, you said yourself we were going to have to share ourselves a little if we planned to join and come back again.”

“Yeah, but I was expecting to share myself with another man, not another woman.” Continuing to protest, standing there in her black garter belt and smoky black stockings, with her hands on her hips defiantly.

“Well, like I said, we have a third choice.”

“And what is that.” Bringing her arms up and crossing her breasts more in a pouting mode.

“We can explain to her, that you’re not really into that.”

“Yeah! And then what?” Now not a quiet as before and returning her hands to her hips. “You take her and I sit around twiddling my thumbs.”

“I doubt that would happen for very long in a room full of naked people. But, she’s got to have someone here. Maybe we could sort of swap.”

“I did that a couple of times with my husband, never really enjoyed that either, very much.” toning it down again and recrossing her breasts with her arms.

“Well then, we are back to our two basic choices. We can leave now or we can go along with it and make it as best we can.”

“I guess your right.” She finally acquiesces taking Bill’s hand. “Let’s go make the best of it. At least the initiation will be fun. She turns into Bill’s arms and kisses him full on the mouth with a lot of tongue. Now that he is nude also, she palms the length of his dick slowly lowering her hand until her fingers reach under and squeeze his balls.

“Come on you two.” Jeff calls as Tonya lightly pulls on Angel’s shoulder. “Save that for the stage.”
Angel breaks their kiss, pulls Bill’s hand up and places another pill in it. “You better take another one just to be safe. Don’t need you petering out now.” She chuckles a little at her slight play on words.

“But, I’ve already had two.” He protests.

“Another one won’t hurt you.” She argues bending over, picking up his drink and handing it to him. “Trust me – I’m a nurse.”

Bill shrugs, pops the pill, following it with a swig of water from his glass. Putting it back on the table, he turns, takes Angels hand and follows Jeff and Tonya toward the stairs going up onto the stage.

The beds all face sideways to the audience. One-foot boxes raise the backside of the beds so they tilt toward the audience, giving them a better view. On the floor near the foot of each bed is a sign with the initiates name printed in bright red script. The bed on the far left of the stage has Bill and Angel, next to it to the right has Jeff and Tonya, then Tony and Marsha, and finally Bob and Sylvia.

Taking Jeff and Tonya’s lead Bill and Angel position themselves arm in arm just to the left of their names in front of the bed. Tony and Marsha do the same at their bed on the other side of Jeff and Tonya. However, no one is standing by Bob and Sylvia’s bed.

“How are we going to do this?” Angel whispers to Bill.

“Just like we always do. I guess.” Bill shrugs.

“Yeah, I know. But, don’t you think we should have some sort of strategy or do something special?” She suggests.

“Nah. Not really. We have always had a good time just doing what comes naturally.”

“Yeah, but this time it’s competition.”

“I know, but I think we should just enjoy ourselves and if we win so much the better and if you don’t win, who cares as long as we had a good time.”

“I guess. But I sure would like to win.”

“Ladies and gentlemen. It is time for the event, that we all have been waiting for. The event that is most enjoyed by all of us. The initiation.” The MC announces as he steps out onto the stage between the second and third bed. “Can a have a wonderful round of applause, welcoming our new initiates.”

Most of the crowd on the floor comes to their feet applauding and whistling with great enthusiasm. As the applause dwindles and the MC continues, “As our custom, we have the four beds out here where everyone can watch our new initiates compete to see which couple are the best lovers. Unfortunately, couple number four, Bob and Sylvia, have decided not to become members.”

Pausing a moment to greet three scantily clad couples, breasts and cocks swinging free, “And, as always we will have our judges, one male and one female per initiating couple, to determine which of our couples can fuck and screw and suck and eat the best. Our lady judges will determine how many times our female initiates cum, awarding five points each time. She will also count the number of orifices accommodated, awarding five points per orifice. The male judge will determine how many times the male initiate climaxes awarding five points for each stream of cum that is completely ejaculated away from the end of the cock. Oozes, drip or dribbles don’t count, thus the males must pull out before cumming to score any points.

“Changing positions,” the MC continues, “is awarded with five points as long as the previous position was maintained for at least two minutes. The male judge will keep track of that. The judges in collaboration, can also award zero to twenty-five points for the erotic dialogue exchanged between the couple. I will try to provide as much of that as I possibly can by roaming the stage with my microphone as I did during the fellatio contest. Finally, zero to twenty-five points will be awarded for eroticism, based on the audience’s applause at the end of this phase of the initiation.”

“See, I told you we should have developed a strategy.” Angel turns and whispers into Bill’s ear.

Turning to the center of the curtain behind the beds the MC raises his hand in a waving gesture, commanding, “Mullica, please wheel out the score board.” As the curtain opens, an extremely large breasted brunette with hair flowing down off her back almost to her knees, pushes a white board with a grid that has the initiates names professionally printed across the top and the scored events down along the left side, with room for totals at the bottom.

“Yeah, but we didn’t know till just now, what was going to be evaluated.” Bill argued in return.

“I will keep a running total as the initiation progresses. The female judge will hold up a hand every time her female contestant climaxes, she will hold up one finger each time a new orifice is used and wave her hand for me to come over and eavesdrop in on their erotic chitchat. The male judge will hold up his fingers to indicate the number of times the male initiate squirts his ejaculate and will hold up his fist every time the contestants change position.

“Well, we know now.” She said smugly. “How do you think we ought to play it?”

“So to review:” The MC counting off on his fingers, “five points every time the female climaxes, five points for each visible squirt of the males ejaculate, five points for each new orifice penetrated, five points every time they change position for at least two minutes, zero to twenty five points for erotic dialogue and zero to twenty-five points for their eroticism as evaluated by the audiences’ applause.

Waiting for the MC to finish, while trying to figure out how to answer Angel’s question, Bill finally ventures in a whisper, “I still think we just ought to do exactly as we have always done – get it on and just let it happen naturally. I’m afraid if we start thinking about it and planning it, we will loose some of the passion or eroticism.”

“For incentive,” shouts the MC, turning towards and addressing the initiates, “we allow the winners to pick any one individual in the house as their sex slave for the remainder of the evening and attend the next party free of charge. Second place gets to pick any one individual of the opposite sex, from the individual picked by the winners, for their sex slave and receive one free pass to the next party. And third place just gets one free pass.

“But we need to take advantage of all these alternatives to maximize our score.” Angel presses her point during the quick pause to the MC’s instructions.

“Initiates you will have thirty minutes from the moment I say, ‘Start,’ to give us all you can give.” He pauses to let this sink in.

“Alright,” Bill finally acquiesces, “I’ll go down on you like always. Keep eating you until you just can’t stand it anymore. Then I’ll fuck you to as many orgasms as I can. I’m sure he will tell us when we have ten minutes left. I’ll try to cum then, pull out, have you suck me for two minutes and then change position every two minutes after that. How does that sound.”

Even before Bill is done, the MC continues, “Do the initiates have any last second questions?’

“Okay,” Angel whispers back, “but, what about my ass?”

“Anything at all?” the MC looks from couple to couple.

“No problem. During one of those two minute changes I’ll take you up the ass as well.” Bill assures her.

“Then if there are no more questions – initiates – starrrrrrrt fucking!

All three couples are at it in an instant.

Marsha, who had been stroking her husband’s cock the whole time the MC was talking immediately collapses to her knees, taking his whole cock deep into her mouth. Soon her head is bobbing the length of his cock relentlessly, like a jackhammer.

Tonya turns around, bending over on the bed and while still standing, Jeff takes her from behind. Slowly, without falling out, they crawl up on the bed, turn to give the audience a great profile, continuing to fuck doggy style. Jeff grabs her hair as if he is riding a horse and the long blonde flowing tresses are the reins.

Angel just hops up on the bed lying on her back. With her legs spread wide and dangling over the side of the bed, Bill kneels down between those soft warm thighs. Without any further foreplay he lowers his mouth to what he believes is the most wonderful place on earth. There is no place in the world he would rather be than kneeling between her legs, tasting her nectar and reveling in her sweet scent.

Angel’s hands quickly clasp the back of his head and pull him tighter and tighter into her already throbbing pussy. She pulls her legs up over his shoulders and crosses them at the ankles on his back. Rolling her hips in this position, she has the leverage to really thrust her pelvic mound up into his mouth. She is literally fucking his face.

At first, she just moans, indicating her contentment. However, it is not long before there is a certain sense of labor in her breathing. Pulling on the back of his head and thrusting up into his mouth with even more force, she praises his action between breaths, “Oh, yeah, babe…. That feels so good…. Eat me, babe…. Eat my pussy good…. Your whore…loves to have…her pussy eaten…. Oh yeah!... Yes, Babe!... Eat me!... Eat me!... Suck my clit!... Suck it!... Lick it!... Come on, make this slut –“ She halts abruptly hearing her words over the PA system. Opening her eyes, she starts away from the large dildo shaped microphone, thrust into her face by the MC.

“Don’t stop now girl,” implores the MC,” it’s sounding so hot. Sounds like he is giving you just what you want.”

Blushing slightly, Angel just nods affirmatively and closes her eyes again.

Suddenly the MC rushes across the stage as he sees Tony and Marsha’s female judge waving her hand. The male judge raises his hand with one outstretched finger, then two. He arrives just as the judge raises a third finger to indicate how many times Tony has spurted his load into her face. As soon as Tony began to cum, he pulled out of Marsha’s mouth. She continues to pull on the length of his fat, long cock. The first burst hit her right above her left eye, the second on her right cheek and now the third right on her lips, which she quickly captures with her tongue.

Thrusting the mic at Tony’s face the PA is filled with, “…fuck yes!... Oh yeah, girl!... All fucking right!... Augh!... Oh yeah!... Fucking A!... Ah!... Aah!... Oh, yeah!” as Tony continues to assault Marsha’s face with gobs of his spunk. The fourth hitting her on the chin, the fifth on her other cheek and finally the sixth landing on her right breast.

“Way to go Tony and Marsha!” The MC shouts as he turns to the score board. “That gives you two an impressive thirty point lead and we’re not even three minutes into this erotic affair.” Mullica marks down there score.

Marsha swallows his cock whole as soon as it stops spitting and pumps it with her mouth, while Tony’s orgasm winds down. The MC is right back with his microphone so that the whole audience can listen to Tony. With his eyes squeezed tightly closed and his head rolling back he is still yelling, “Oh, yeah, bitch!... Suck it some more!... Keep it hard!... So I can… fuck you good!... Oh, yeah!... Suck it!”

Recovering a little, Tony opens his eyes. Looking down at his frantically sucking wife he sees the cum slowly oozing down her left cheek. He takes a finger and wipes it up. Continuing to suck on his still hard cock, she looks up at him as he dangles the cum covered finger between his stomach and her eyes. Letting go of his cock immediately with her mouth, she takes it in her hand and continues stroking it, while she gobbles up his finger, cleaning it free of all the cum. He repeats the process over and over again until all the cum is cleaned off his wife’s face and breast.

Jeff and Tonya’s judge raises his fist, for Jeff has pulled out of Tonya and is sprawled out on his back next to her. Tonya swings her leg over him and quickly mounts him, sliding down his pole completely and begins riding him hard. The female judge waves her hand and the MC comes running over to capture their words as Mullica adds five points to their score.

Jeff encourages his wife, saying, “Fuck me, girl! Ride my cock. Come on! Come on! Give it to me good. Make me cum good… good and hard.”

Bill continues to love Angel’s hot pussy. As she thrusts up into his face, he keeps rotating his head back and forth and slashing his tongue against that hard little morsel buried deep between those lovely lips. Those lips are swollen full of blood, from two very hard orgasms induced earlier by this same method and from the two fuckings he gave her. Those also generating several series of quick, less intensive orgasms.

Angel recovered from her earlier embarrassment with the mic, encourages Bill with her usual erotic chatter, “Come oh, you bastard…. Make me cum…. Eat me!... Eat this slut!... Make me feel like a real woman…. Eat me!... Eat me!... That’s it…. Eat me good!”

Bill does just that, relishing the encouragement and the taste of all the juices exuding from her hot pussy. Her need for him just makes Bill hotter and hotter. He loves all her slutty talk and the way she continues to fuck his face and pull his head into her pussy. Right now, he could care less about winning, all he wants to do is to please her and get her to cum. He cannot wait to feel her cumming and begging to be fucked. He cannot wait to sense his power over her as she begs him to stop, but he just keeps flicking her clit with his tongue holding on to her for dear life.

Tonya and Jeff’s female judge is waving her hand again and as the MC’s mic is thrust in front of Tonya’s face. The auditorium is filled with, “Oh, God!... Yes!... Yes!... I’m cum… cum… cumming!” Tonya is down hard on Jeff’s cock, rocking hard back and forth, pressing her pelvic mound down against his, trying to stimulate her clit as best she can.

Jeff’s hands are up squeezing her large, round breasts roughly, sometimes taking her fat, swollen nipples between his finger and thumb and twisting them savagely. He adds his erotic encouragement to her orgasm, saying, “Cum girl!... That’s it!... Fuck me hard!... Cum, babe!... That’s it!... That’s it, girl!... Cum!... Cum!”

Keeping the mic between the two them the MC turns to the female judge. He watches and watches while Tonya and Jeff shout out her orgasm. Finally pulling the mic away, he asks the judge in a cynical, almost scolding tone, “I haven’t seen your hand go up to score her orgasm.”

“Sorry sir;” – almost flinching away from his accusal tone – “but, I don’t think she came.”

“Pardon me?” he questions in a softer, surprised voice.

“I think she’s faking it.” The judge responds meekly.

“Whhhaaaaat?” Comes a screech from behind the MC. Tonya swings her leg over Jeff, landing with both feet on the floor, her breast bouncing from the sudden stop. With a hand planted on one hip and slowly bending over with an outstretched finger towards the judge, she yells, “What the fuck do you mean, faking it! You listen to me you little bitch!”

The MC quickly steps in front of Tonya, pleading, “Please, please, Mrs. D_______. We don’t need this. Calm down. I’m afraid that the judges ruling is final. Now….“

“Final!” turning on the MC now and sounding a lot like Miss Piggy. “I’ll give you final.”

By this time Jeff is on his feet, grasping his wife at the shoulders. She shakes loose of his grip and the MC takes a step backward. Nevertheless, before she can follow, Jeff grabs her again with more force this time, swinging her around and pushing her onto the bed, ordering, “Enough! Get up on that bed! Get those legs spread!” – she complies – “Wider!” – she pulls her knees up and lays them over, opening herself completely – “Now get ready to get fucked!”

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