A Hickerman Party Ch. 04


Angel explodes in one of her giant orgasms, there is a flash of bright light and all is darkness. Every spasm arcs through her entire body like electric shocks, each beginning with a flash of light. A long guttural "Aaaauuughhhhh!" escapes from her mouth as the spasm trails away, quickly replaced by another shock, a flash of light and a gasp.

Bill continues to suck on Mrs. Hickerman's large clit, rolling it back and forth with his lips and attacking the end with his tongue. "Oh, you are good, Bill. You know just how to push my button." Letting go with his lips he attacks the whole length with his tongue, whacking back and forth as fast as he can.

Enjoying the pleasure Mrs. Hickerman pushes her self down on his face and begins to rock in a fucking motion. "That's it Bill, lick me good." Turning and looking behind her to the next lady in line, she says, "Miriam, don't just stand there watching, introduce yourself to his cock. Give it a good sucking and then come up here and introduce yourself properly."

Miriam turns, reaches between his legs grabbing the base of his cock. Bending slightly she lets the nipple of her right tit slide across his thigh as she takes the head of his cock into her mouth and starts sucking. She bobs up and down, taking almost its whole length into her mouth. Bill gasps into Nancy's pussy, but keeps working on her clit.

Bill hears Angel still moaning and periodically asking to be fucked, thinking, What happened to not wanting to be fucked by strangers. He smiles to himself, wishing he could watch. Instead, he concentrates on Mrs. Hickermans clit again, wrapping his lips around the fat little morsel. Spreading his lips open, he takes his teeth and lightly bites down at its base. Slowly he drags his teeth up along its length.

Mrs. Hickerman gasps, "Oh My God!... That's it.... That's perfect... You do that just right... Just the right amount of pressure. Not to light, no pain, just pure pleasure."

"Hi, I'm Miriam. I was just sucking your nice fat cock. Can't wait to get it in me sometime."

Bill tries to pull away; but as he does, Nancy grabs his head, pulling him tighter into her pussy. He sort of manages an "A ha," and keeps working on Nancy's clit.

"Miriam! Why wait for sometime? Climb up here behind me and take him for a little test drive." Mrs. Hickerman suggests, reaching out with a hand to help her up. Grabbing hold, Miriam pulls herself up on the bed, stands with her feet straddling Bill's hips. Squatting, she slowly impales herself on his cock.

"Hal!" Mrs. Hickerman calls over to the guy still humping Angel like a bitch in heat. "Hal! Take a break. Give the girl a chance to breath. Besides there is a whole string of guys behind you waiting for their turn. Hal reluctantly pulls out at Mrs. Hickerman's command and starts to walk away. "Hal!" Mrs. Hackerman calls to him again. "Get back over there and introduce yourself properly to Angel." Then pausing for a breath she turns her attention to Angel asking, "Angel dear. Have you had enough cock for now?"

"No! No!" Angel exclaims immediately. "Keep them coming – please. I really need more cock."

While all this is going on, Bill continues to lick, suck and bite at Mrs. Hickerman's clit. Miriam is bouncing on his cock as if she might not ever get another chance. Mrs. Hickerman can feel her own orgasm beginning to build. And Hal returns to Angel to properly introduce himself.

"Angel, my name is Hal. And thanks, you have one really tight pussy."

"Thank you Hal, you gave me one great orgasm. I only wish you could have cum. Somehow it just doesn't seem fair, that I got all the pleasure."

"Aw, that's okay." Hal

"No it's not. Now why don't you just put that nice cock of yours up here by my mouth, where I can return a little of that pleasure?"

Without hesitation, he grabs his meat and hoists it towards her mouth. She feels it hit lightly against her lips and instinctively opens her mouth to take him in. Just as she feels the head of his juice covered cock slide along her tongue and is about to close down with her lips, she gasps and throws her head to one side.

She is taken completely by surprise, when the next guy in line slams a huge cock up her pussy. His cock feels like it must be at least three inches across, although in reality it is only two. But what really astonishes her is the depth to which it penetrates. She can feel its big head push up hard against the very bottom of her cunt, right to mouth of her womb. She is totally filled and instantly into another raging orgasm.

Forgetting all about Hal, she rolls her head back and forth screaming, "Fuck me!... Fuck me!... Oh, God! Fuck me!"

Almost at the same moment, Mrs. Hickerman launches into her own orgasm. Much more refined, much more lady like, she just whimpers, throwing her head back and then forward again as the waves of pleasure strum through her body like hands on a harp. Biting her bottom lip, she lets out a little, "Uumm." and throws her head back again. "Uumm!" a little louder this time, tossing her head forward. "Uumm!" her head going back now. Again and again, until finally she almost yells, "Enough! Enough! I can't take anymore," She swings her leg back and over, almost hitting Miriam behind her, to stand on the floor next to the bed.

She takes a couple of deep breaths and quickly composes herself. Bending over next to Bill's head she whispers, "Thank you so much. Angel is very lucky to have such a talented tongue at her beck and call."

"Thank you. It was all my pleasure Mrs. Hickerman."

"Nancy! I told you." She slaps him on the shoulder to make her point, as the next lady in line jumps up on his chest to take Mrs. Hickerman's place and lady after her straddles his cock to take Miriam's place.

"Yes Ma'am." He responds automatically.

"And none of that either. You have a real nice time for the remainder of the evening Bill. Oh, by the way, you are in for a very – and I mean, very – big surprise yet this evening. Enjoy."

Before he can answer, the gal on his chest slides forward filling his mouth with her pussy. "Hi there sweetie. My name is Juneau. My parents named me that, because Dad knocked up my Mom somewhere near the base of that mountain up in Alaska. Umm, Mrs. Hickerman was right – you do know how to eat pussy. You can always tell how good a lover you have, by how well he eats your pussy." She just continues to drown on like that, nonstop, while rocking slowly across Bill's face as he does his usual magic. He works his tongue through the folds of her pussy lips to find her clit, which he assaults by whipping his tongue as quickly as he can across the hard little head.

Juneau continues on with her monologue, until the girl riding his cock finally breaks in as Juneau takes a breath, introducing herself, "And I'm Jamie. You have a really nice fat cock. Just the right size."

"Yeah, Angel must really enjoy getting fucked by that, after she's been eaten out by this marvelous tongue. I'll tell you what, Jamie, as soon as I cum, how about we trade places?"

"No you don't ladies," the female judge interrupts. "You're not Mrs. Hickerman and you're fifteen seconds are up.

A few words are spoken under their breaths, but both bounce on down off Bill, say there good-byes and are gone. Immediately the next two inline imitate their predecessors, taking their turn on his mouth and cock.

Angel's orgasm has diminish into one slowly rolling procession of surges. Each stroke of the big, fat cock fills her completely, like nothing she has ever felt before. In addition, with each stroke, another wave of pleasure radiates through her body.

Suddenly she realizes that she has forgotten about Hal. "Hal! Hal! Are you still here?"

"No Ma'am." The guy thrusting the big cock into her pussy says, in a deep slow paced voice. "He left as soon as you started cumming so hard. By the way, my name is Jim."

"So nice to meet you Jim. You really sent me for a loop there," she compliments.

"Thank you Ma'am. I do have that effect sometimes. Especially when she's really hot already. I think Hal, just got you ready for me."

"Enough of that Ma'am stuff, call me Angel. And no, Hal got me a lot more than ready."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Angel!" she corrected again.

"Okay. Fifteen seconds are more than up there Jimbo," interrupts the male judge.

"Alright Horace." Jim complies, pulling his meat out of Angel's pussy with a noticeable – plop. "Enjoyed this immensely, Angel. Hope to do it again real soon."

"Me to, Jim. Where will I find you?" Angel inquires.

"Our table is in the third row, all the way to the right."

"Jim?" she asks with a little hesitation in her voice. "Are you black?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he returns in voice mixed with pride and a little bit of what difference does that make.

"Please, it's Angel. You're making me feel like an old lady. I suspected you were black by your voice and knowing that for sure, will make you a little easier to find."

"I'll be looking forward to it – Angel," He has to hesitate in order to say her name, instead of Ma'am.

"Me too, Jim."

Ms Hickerman has been waiting patiently and as Jim leaves, she goes around to Angel's side of the bed. Kneeling down on one knee she whispers into Angel's ear, "What ever else happens tonight, rest assured, nothing will happen to you that you don't really want. Just go along with the program, it's not about you."

"Alright, I understand." Angel replies although she really didn't. Still thinking about Jim she continues, "Can you imagine, Jim calling me Ma'am like that – now I know how you feel."

"It all goes with the territory as we get older, my dear." Mrs. Hickerman consoles her. "Just remember, what ever happens, it'll be alright." Before Angel can answer Mrs. Hickerman is gone.

"Gee, that was strange." Angel comments turning to Bill. "How are you doing?"

He can only mumble at first, but then the lady on his mouth, jumps off saying, "Thanks Bill. They're all, right – you are a great pussy eater."

"I'm doing fine sweetie. How about you?" Bill finally responds to her question.

Before she can answer the next guy in her line steps up asking, "A-a-a-angel? M-m-my name is M-m-m-merle. D-d-d-do y-y-you mind i-i-i-if ...."

"Not at all Merle," she interrupts before he wastes his whole fifteen seconds trying to ask. "Give me that big cock of yours."

"What happened to not wanting to get fucked by a bunch of strangers?" Bill quips just before the next lady in his line plops herself down on his face.

"Ah, shut up." She comes back kiddingly, not knowing what else to say. As Merle's cock slides into her she thinks, Sometimes a girl gets so hot she looses all control. And that can be fun too. Over the next ten minutes, one woman after another comes by introducing herself either as she sits down on Bill's face or after she finishes giving his cock a quick 15-second ride. Some of the gals ride his cock with their pussy, while others use there mouth. To Bill it does not matter, it all feels great.

Angel's line moves a lot slower, since she is only accommodating one man at a time. Each one comes up and slides his cock right in to the hilt. She is so hot even the big ones slip in with no problem. Every once in while one of them instead of jack hammering straight into her, will pull up on the outstroke so his cock slides along her clit. If he does it fast enough, she gets one of those quick little orgasms that Bill gives her when he is just fooling around.

"That was great, Babe," says the last gal to get down off Bill's face. "I can't wait to get the full treatment. My name is Charmaine and the man over there giving your wife a good fucking is my husband Mike."

"Nice to meet you Charmaine, but Angel's not my wife. She is just a really close friend." Bill corrects and explains, while wondering why this lady seems to be lingering and why another gal hasn't piled on already.

"Yes, I would say she's a really good friend. You guys are so hot. I think we need to get together for a foursome sometime and give Angel those two big pricks she has fantasized about for so long."

"How do you know about her fantasy?" Bill questions, puzzling.

"Ahhhh – weren't you listening? Didn't Tonya say something like, 'as long as Angel gets a couple of cocks in her at the same time?'" grabbing hold of his cock and smiling down at him. Still blind folded he cannot see that smile, but smiles back at the gentle sensation he feels from her cool hand. Without saying another word, she bends over taking the length of his cock in her mouth. Then pulling her lips up until they are just below its crown, she swirls her tongue rapidly around its head.

The sudden sensation makes him jump, but he quickly calms down enjoying this new titillation. After so many pussies climbing on, taking a quick 15-second ride, but never giving him a chance to get close, it had almost gone numb. This really felt good. She knew exactly what she was doing.

Unfortunately, she stops all too soon, letting the end of his cock slip out of her mouth with a slight plop. Taking it again in her hand she strokes it a few more times, lets go and moves up next to his head. Bending over she slides a card under his head as she lowers one of her huge breasts onto his face.

He finds the large, hard nipple right away and sucks it into his mouth gently. As he nurses, wishing his hands were free to massage the globes of warm, wonderful flesh, she says, "I've put a card under your head with our e-mail address, hoping to her from you first thing tomorrow so we can set up a date for our own little orgy. I want you to eat me like you ate Angel. Mike wants to learn how, and practice with Angel. Isn't that right, sweetie." She pauses looking up for Mike. "Gee, he's gone already." She pulls her breast from Bill's mouth, continuing, "I better hurry up and catch up with him, before he's got that hot pecker of his drilling some other babe." Her voice trails off with, "You e-mail me right away now, you hear," as she runs away after her husband.

There were still about four men lined up to introduce themselves to Angel. Each one took his turn giving her 15-seconds of cock. Angel was beginning to get a little sore. She had cum – those little quick climaxes about a dozen times – but now she was somewhat numb, like Bill had gotten. Turning she asks, "Are they about done?"

"Hell, if I know. I'm as blind as you are. But, there's no one riding my cock or fucking my face, so I guess my line is empty. Yours can't be too much longer."

"Your line isn't quite finished yet," comes a voice from the nearest set of steps – a voice that turns his heart cold and makes his face flush. His mind races and screams, No!... Can't be.

"Hello honey. How is my adulterous, good-for-nothing husband tonight. Surprised to see me here – I guess you can't see me, can you?" Walking up beside him, she reaches out and pulls off his mask. The sudden influx of light blinds him, he blinks and squints unbelievingly. Slowly her shape and then her features come into focus. Speechless, his chin almost dropping to his chest, he can only think, Where the hell... How did you... What's going to happen....

She is a good-looking woman, with blond hair cut just above her shoulders, parted on the right; it sweeps sensually down across her brow, almost covering her left eye. She is fifty-five. However, she easily passes for her early forties. Full figured, her medium size breasts sag only a little. Reddish, brown areolas the size of silver dollars, surround thumb size nipples. There are a few folds of skin around her tummy; however the sheer gown that hangs from one shoulder, leaving her left breast exposed, hides most of that from the less discerning eye.

Bill, still speechless, is trying desperately to think of something to say, but can only utter unintelligible little gasps of air, while Angel tries to sink down into her side of the bed

What's the problem, honey?" Bill's wife asks him in a soft, gentle voice, filled with sarcasm, "The cat got your tongue?" Grabbing him by the cock not very gently, she pulls it back and forth a few times. "You bastard! Out sneaking around behind my back.

"What are y-y-you doing here?" he finally manages.

"I guess, I could ask the same thing, but I don't have to ask. I know what you are doing... out whoring around!"

"Yeah,... but... ah... but...." Bill stammers again.

"Save the bull crap, sweetheart." She interrupts in that soft voice again, but quickly changes to a harsh, "You, fucking bastard!"

"H-h-h-how did you find out?" still stammering a little. "A-a-a-nd, how are you in h-h-here? Are you a member?"

Without answering, she slides up on his chest like all the others, straddling his ribs, and then says looking down at the woman tied up next to him, "So this is the little bitch you're whoring around with."

"It's not like that. We just..."

"Shut up! I'll tell you exactly what it's like. You got tired of the same old model, but for sentimental reasons or just because you... you... you... I don't know what – you couldn't trade me in on a new model, so you locked me in the garage. And now you are out sporting around with... with?.... With this?... I don't understand," shaking her head as she finishes.

"We just..."

"Never mind! I don't want to hear it. I'll tell you why I'm here, you cheating son of a bitch. Remember last year at your office Christmas party, when you went off with your boss for a couple of hours?"

"That was business. I couldn't very well..."

Hey! I told you to shut up," she scolds, reaching back and grabbing him roughly by the cock. "You're in no position to make me mad."

Your not mad already, he thought.

"O' Ms Bobbit had the right idea," and she gave his cock another good hard tug to emphasize her point. "Your pal, Jimmy, came up and started talking to me after you went off with your boss. He got me a drink and we talked. Then he got us another and we talked some more. He went off for a third. When he came back, he suggested we go out on the patio. After a little while, he made a pass. He kissed me hard with a lot of tongue, pushing me up against the wall, one hand all over my breast. I could feel his cock, stiff between my legs. He kissed me the way you used too and it felt wonderful. I wanted it to go, but I stopped him. I told him, I didn't do that sort of thing. He told me about little miss slut here."

"Listen..." Bill tries to interrupt

"Shut the fuck up!" she screams.

Bill could not believe his ears. She never talked like this. She's really pissed.

"That really pissed me off. Not so much that you were sleeping around with another woman. What really pissed me off is that you were bragging to your friends."

"But I wasn't brag..." She interrupts him with a fast, hard slap across the face.

"Just shut the fuck up and listen!... Bill's wife screams at him again.

"You bragged about me to your friends?" Angel interrupts, becoming a little upset herself.

"Oh, yeah, baby." Bill's wife responds. "This bastard her, he's a real kiss and tell son of a bitch. He told Jimmy how he likes the way he can make you cum and cum. He calls you the best piece of ass he has ever had. That to help him get off you call yourself a whore and a slut. And he tried to talk Jimmy into joining you two to fulfill your fantasy of having two cocks at the same time. Oh, yeah. And that your husband not only approves of all this, but encourages to go out and fuck around."

"You told him all that? Why the hell did you... " Angel asks in disbelief, shaking her head, unable to finish. . Now where was I. Oh, yeah. I guess the combination of anger and too much to drink lowered my resistance, so I snuck off with him to his car. He went down on me right away and then I let him take me from behind in the back seat. To make a long story short, he came up with the plan to make us members and punish you. But then, he's in to that kind of thing. You know all those Thursday nights? The ones that I was supposed to be going to those PTA meetings – well, guess what? I've been coming here and I mean cumming. And you know what else? I like it."

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