tagErotic CouplingsA Higher Education Ch. 07

A Higher Education Ch. 07

byval wrangler©

We walked the horses into the barn and had the benefit of gazing at Laurel's glorious jean-clad ass.

"Like the view?" she said, grinning over her shoulder while flexing her buns.

Somehow Laurel could always guess when my thoughts were in the gutter.

"How do you do that?"

"Simple. I can hear your cock getting hard. Come to think of it, if I took my top off, the noise would probably be deafening -- except I don't want to scare the horses."

It was Sunday in early April and the first really warm day of the year. The day before had been spent in Laurel's gardens, raking away the last remnants of the previous fall and getting everything ready for the growing season just on our doorstep.

That morning at breakfast, Laurel had seemed somewhat preoccupied but knew that if it concerned me, I'd find out when she was ready.

I didn't have much on, being well ahead on any schoolwork and studying since she'd been out a lot the previous week. Other than the previous night, we'd only had two rather quick rolls in the hay in the past ten days and I was hoping maybe there was time on her agenda for something more involved before we hit the garden.

As I cleared up the table, she spoke. "Derek, I feel like going out to the stable today and get in a nice long trail ride. Screw the garden! You up for it?"

Two double entendres in a row. Perhaps she was thinking about an al fresco bonk somewhere out in the woods. That would be nice. We hadn't done it outside yet.

Surprisingly, only a handful of people were out at the stable where Laurel boarded her horse, Candy, a rather high-strung filly of 5 years. I was on a horse belonging to a friend. He was a gelding of ten and a rather lazy thing. I suggested we consider switching, but Laurel would have none of it. Having grown up riding, I was itching for a bit of a challenge, even if I hadn't quite gotten used to the dinner plates that the English think are saddles.

We'd been out on the trail which had been predictably muddy for early sprint which is why Laurel was wearing jeans rather than her usual jodhpurs, not that I was complaining. I could gaze at her ass for hours. As a matter of fact, I'd recently bought a camera and was hoping to talk her into a session of posing for me.

The barn was empty of people when we got the horses to their stalls and unsaddled them. That was nice because when people were around we had to keep things stiffly formal.

As the winter had moved on, Laurel and I had become increasingly comfortable with each other, personally as well as sexually. By that point, I felt as if I could make love to her properly and could often guess what she desired, what sort of treatment she needed and do things to her before she needed to ask. And like I said earlier, she had the uncanny ability of knowing what I was thinking most of the time -- teasing aside.

As we groomed the horses, the easy banter kept up.

"Really, Derek," Laurel said, "anyone would think you never got any. How many times did you come last night? Three?"

"Four, counting the blow job you gave me at the dinner table. It's a wonder I'm much good for anything today. Besides, I thought that blow job was payment for my working all day in the garden with you."

That last crack earned me a wet sponge in the side of my head. Laurel had good aim.

"Do you have much homework to finish up tonight?" she asked after a few silent minutes.

"Why? You need servicing again already, you horny witch?"

"I've invited someone over."

That usually meant that I should make myself scarce.

I shrugged. "No problem. I'll just stay upstairs."

"No. That's not why I'm asking. I want to introduce you to her."

This was new. Laurel normally kept her social life completely separate from her, ah, personal life.

"Who is it?"

"My friend Janet."

"You mean that woman who owns this horse?"


I'd only seen Janet Blumquist once or twice around the stables, and one time the previous week when she appeared at Laurel's door suddenly one evening, after which they repaired to the study and spent nearly three hours talking.

Janet was maybe a few years older than Laurel, pretty in a well-padded way, maybe five-five with short blonde hair. She could be a bit talkative, but seemed nice enough.

"Why do you want me to meet her?"

"I'll tell you on the drive home," Laurel answered mysteriously.

I guess I was curious because I finished my horse quickly, and Laurel must have wanted to tell me about her friend because she did the same. Ten minutes later, we were in the jeep she always used to drive to the stable and bombing down the highway.

"So you were going to tell me about your friend Janet."

Laurel blinked and glanced at me. "Right. Janet."

"And?" I led.

"It's sort of complicated to explain."

"In what way?"

"Let's see... Derek, there are couples who have been married for a while, and they, ah, get into a rut, sexually speaking. They might try things to spice things up---"

"What sorts of things?"

"Oh, I don't know, toys, role-playing, things like that."

"What does this have to do with me?"

"Oh dear. This is proving more difficult than I imagined."

"Just come out and say it."

"Well...okay. Janet came over last week to talk to me about something that her husband wants her to do. Actually, he's been after her for quite some time about it and she wanted to ask me what I thought." Laurel looked over at me nervously. "You see, Derek, to be blunt, there are men who desire to see their wives make love to other men."

"That's sick! Janet's husband needs some serious help."

"You should try to be more open-minded. A lot of people would consider what we've been doing to be rather strange. Would it surprise you to know that many happily married couples have lovers on the side? And that it was even more common in the past. Then there are men who can no longer perform sexually, or worse, their equipment won't satisfy their wives."

"Are you saying that Mr. Janet has a small willy?"

"His name is Michael, and yes, I guess I am saying that. What he's proposing that Janet do is actually a very loving thing."

"Letting her screw around outside of their marriage is a loving thing? Where I come from, that's called cheating."

"That's the whole point, Derek. If they did something like this in full knowledge of what's going on, how can it be cheating? No one is running around behind someone's back.

"So why don't we cut to the chase, here? I can guess where this is going. You want me to fuck this friend of yours."

"Not exactly."

"What do you want me to do then? Why am I meeting her?"

"I don't want you to 'fuck her'; I want you to make love to her."

"Why would I want to do something like that? She doesn't even appeal to me all that much!"

"You'd be doing it for me. I want to help my friend."

"I don't believe I'm hearing this. You want to pimp me out?"

"That is not what I'm doing!"

"Well, that's what it sounds like."

"Christ! I haven't explained this well at all. Will you just sit and listen for a moment and park your prejudices at the door?"

I folded my arms in front of me. "Okay. Let 'er rip."

"Thank you. And this is all in the strictest confidence. Michael and Janet are civic leaders in this town."

"Not to mention sick."



"Michael has suspected throughout their marriage that his size was not sexually satisfying for Janet. As time went on, he discovered that the thought of his wife making love to a well-endowed man was also a turn-on for him. Most of that centered around his desire to see her really enjoying herself in the act of love and not putting up with second best -- meaning him."

"There are other things he could do for her."

"He does, and she says he's very good at it."

"So isn't that enough? Aren't they playing with fire here?"

"Let me finish my story. Michael didn't tell Janet about what he was thinking for a long time, years in fact. Their kids grew up and left home and that's when they realized that something was missing from their sex lives.

"Michael began ordering porn flicks for them to watch and Janet has admitted to me that the ones where guys had large cocks were the ones that turned her on the most. She kept that from Michael, not wanting to hurt his feelings, but it seems that he guessed. I pointed out to her that it was probably pretty obvious."

"You think?"

"Finally, they had a heart to heart talk about a year ago. Michael told her he thought she might like to experience another man, and if that was the case, he'd be willing to let her. At first, she was very upset, thinking that he didn't love her anymore or that he wanted an excuse to take up with another woman. Over many months, Michael explained to her that his idea was all for her and all about his love for her. He wanted her to be happy and fulfilled. Gradually, she began to realize that he was telling her the truth. There was no agenda other than her pleasure. The idea began to get her excited, but she was still very apprehensive.

"They bought some toys, large dildos and such, and that was very nice for awhile. But the seed had been planted: Janet was curious about what a real flesh and blood large cock would feel like. After a few more months, it had really taken hold in her head, and that's when she came over to talk to me.

"You see, she's decided she would like to try it. She was a virgin when they married and only did some heavy petting with other guys while in high school. Janet came to me because she didn't want to just pick up someone in a bar, or look on the Internet. For some reason she figured, being a widow and pretty, I might be having liaisons on the side."

"So you volunteered me. That's just peachy. I'm not interested."

"Derek, please. You have a gift. You're someone very special. I've never had a...student like you. No. That's the wrong way to say it. I've never had a lover like you. If you say yes, you can help two very nice people. It would be safe and it would be very good for Janet. Believe me, I can vouch for that! Can you imagine the disappointment if they picked up someone and it turned out to be a flop? That would be worse than not trying at all."

"You keep saying 'two people'. How is Janet's husband going to be involved?"

"He would like to be there."

"He isn't gay or bi or something, is he?"

"Definitely not. He would only watch."

"That would just be too weird."

"Okay, then you can bed her alone. She'll tell him about it afterwards. They both agreed to that if that's the way you want it."

"And you want me to meet her tonight."


"Level with me, Laurel. Do you want me to do this?"

We were stopped at a light and she looked over at me steadily. "Yes, I do. Very much. It's important."

"Okay. Then I'll meet with her tonight, but I'm not promising anything."

"That's fair. And thank you."


Janet Blumquist and I were alone in Laurel's living room. She'd been there for the first half hour of drinks and awkward chitchat, and even brought up the subject of why the meeting was taking place. At no time did Laurel indicate that she and I were on intimate terms. I was introduced as a nice, clean and reliable young man, nothing more.

I had to say, that dressed to kill, Janet was better looking (and thinner) than I had thought. Her make-up was tasteful and understated and she had on a short blue dress that showed off a nice pair of legs quite well. Black pumps, a string of pearls around her neck and pearl earrings finished everything off. In no way did she look like a tart or even a woman on the make.

Laurel had excused herself to go out to the movies, giving us the privacy I think Janet and I needed if this was going to happen.

Both of us were incredibly nervous and had talked sideways around the issue at hand for a good fifteen minutes. Where do you start with something like this? Now I knew what a hooker probably felt like turning her first trick.

I got up and poured Janet another glass of white wine.

"Why don't you sit down next to me, Derek?" she asked. Her hand shook as she raised the glass to her mouth.

"Look at us, Janet," I said. "You'd think we were a couple of teenagers on our first date."

She laughed. "Yes. That's what it feels like. Both of us want the same thing, but neither of us knows how to start."

"Do you remember your first kiss?"

"Yes, I certainly do. It was when I was fifteen. He had taken me to a school dance and on the walk home, we stopped in a dark spot. He took my hands and kissed me. I had no time to be apprehensive"

"You have no glasses I can take off."

"I wear contacts now."

"Then I can't take your glasses off and do this."

I leaned over, turned her head a bit and kissed her on the lips. At first, she was hesitant, and I got the feeling she might bolt. Hell, I got the feeling that I might bolt!

But then, her tongue snaked into my mouth and she had her hands on both sides of my face, pulling herself towards me.

Janet's lips weren't as generous as Laurel's and she wasn't as accomplished with them, but her kisses were very nice and contained a surprising amount of passion, considering how shy she'd seemed moments earlier.

We spent the next few minutes get to know each other's mouths, but then I began rubbing her back and shoulders as my kisses drifted down to her neck and ears.

I put all the things I'd learned during my time with Laurel, and the evening turned out to be more interesting taken in that light. When I decided I wanted to be the best lover possible for this new woman, all my apprehension just drifted away. I hesitate to say that she was putty in my hands, but well, that's the truth. Laurel had instructed me well.

It didn't take long until I was playing with Janet's ample breasts. They were quite a bit larger than Laurel's and more fleshy, but they were intriguing because of those differences.

"Would you let me take your dress off?" I said between kisses near her ear.

Her response was a groan which I took to mean yes, so we stood up, keeping our embrace tight.

To heighten the tension, I did nothing about zippers for another few minutes, simply continuing our kisses as my hands explored her body over her dress. While I did slide my hand over her stomach and upper abdomen, I kept away from drifting lower. When I touched her down there, I wanted Janet to be aching for it.

Finally, I stepped behind her and while I rained kisses on her neck I found the dress's zipper.

"May I pull it down?" I breathed into Janet's ear.

"Oh please..."

The zipper went smoothly down to a point just above her ass. All I had to do was slip it over her shoulders and it would drop to the floor. We both knew that a line would be crossed when that happened, so I naturally dragged out the moment until she was almost squirming with desire and ready to do it herself.

I moved suddenly and Janet gasped as her dress dropped away. I bent over to help slip off her shoes.

She was suddenly self-conscious. "I'm afraid my body isn't as nice as Doreen's."

I had been calling my landlady Laurel for so long by that point that I was momentarily puzzled by the reference.

"Um, I really hadn't noticed," I responded somewhat awkwardly.

Janet was probably fifteen or twenty pounds over her ideal weight, but she looked pretty good. I prefer a nice tight butt on a woman, and unfortunately this is where most of her excess weight had settled. Still, her body was undoubtedly female and interesting.

She still had on a nice lacy black bra and a matching thong.

I stepped close and pressed my body against her, letting her feel my growing erection. She pushed back and wiggled her ass deliciously against it. At Laurel's suggestion, I had no underwear on and the fabric of my pants was lightweight, so Janet could certainly feel me quite well.

I wasted no time unfastening her bra. Once my hands touched the bare flesh of her breasts, she simply caught fire and proved very vocal.

"Oh Derek, that feels so good," she cooed as I caressed the soft skin with open palms, just grazing over the hard points of her nipples.

I began again on her neck with deep sensual kisses. Her hands came back and rubbed my thighs, but made no attempt to go further. I decided she was ready for me to start pulling and twisting her nipples, gripping them firmly between my fingers. As with Laurel, this teasing quickly brought Janet's arousal even higher.

"God, that feels incredible, Derek. Laurel didn't tell me what an accomplished lover you are."

Thinking that I had to be very careful, I answered, "She doesn't know."

"How can she bear to keep her hands off you?"

"I have a girlfriend in the dorms," I lied.

"Lucky girl."

As I continued playing with her nipples and kissing her neck and ears, Janet became more agitated, her breathing rapid and shallow.

"I...I...think I'm going to come," she gasped. "Don't stop what you're doing, sweet Derek. Don't stop!"

Amazingly, about thirty seconds later she did come. It wasn't huge or loud, but it was definitely an orgasm. Janet sagged against me.

"Was that nice?" I said softly into her ear.

"Very nice, and unexpected, too. I guess I'm pretty turned on."

"Mmmm. I'm glad about that."

"I'm ready for you to make love to me."

"I'm not ready."

"What do you need me to do for you?" she asked turning her head and smiling.

"Nothing -- when the time comes."

Janet turned around, her blue eyes smoldering. "Derek, I brought a video camera. My husband was disappointed he couldn't be here to watch. I'm glad you said you didn't want that. I think making love to you in front of him would have been too embarrassing. But do you think we might tape it for him?"

I thought about that. I couldn't see how it would be all that bad. They would be more compromised than I would if the tape somehow got out.

"Okay. Where is it?"

"In the front hall. There's a tripod, too."

The equipment looked brand new, probably bought for the occasion. We had to fool around a bit to get everything working properly and that camaraderie cemented a growing bond between us. Finally, when everything was set and ready, Janet had completely forgotten she was nearly naked with a stranger.

"How should we begin?" she asked, suddenly a bit nervous again.

"How would you like me to take you?"

"Michael would like it best if you were on top. The thought of that really turns him on."

"And you?"

"I guess so. Yes. Like that."

"On the sofa?"

"With one leg on the floor and another flung over the back? Oh, yes, that sounds so sexy and decadent."

"Then why don't I turn the camera on, you can walk over to the sofa, take off that thong nice and slow, then sit on the sofa. I'll join you and you can remove my clothes. After that, we'll do what comes naturally."

She bit her lip. "Okay."

"One more thing. Do you have condoms?"

"No condoms. I want you to take me bare. Michael wants that, too."

"Isn't that sort of risky?"

"Doreen said that you told her you're clean and it's the wrong time of the month for me. I want to risk it. I want to feel everything, nothing between us. Is that all right with you?"

I shrugged. "Sure."

"Okay, then. Action, camera and all that." She hesitated as I stepped over to the camera to turn it on. "This is all just a little surreal."

"Yes, it is," I agreed. "You're sure you want to do it?"

Janet nodded once. "Yes. I'm sure. Turn on the damn camera."

I don't know what it is about women that they seem to be able to turn on a dime. Janet was like a seasoned porn video veteran as she moved into view. Turning around she showed her whole body to the camera, running her hands up over her breasts, down her sides and across her stomach, then gripping the waist band of the thong, she slid it slowly and sensuously over her hips and down her legs. Her actions were so erotically charged that my erection began to throb and I suddenly wanted very much to fuck her.

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