tagInterracial LoveA Hike by the River Ch. 02

A Hike by the River Ch. 02


Her kiss was long, wet and ignited a desire to bring her more pleasure than she had ever felt. We made out like teenagers for what seemed like hours. The sun was baking us, so we decided to slip into the water. Once in the water, I held onto the ladder and Lisa held onto me as we continued to explore each others mouths and bodies. Her breast were a work of natural perfection. The were big D's or DD's and just the right size for her frame. They floated freely in the water. I had a hard time deciding were I wanted to look, her nicely shaped breasts capped with oval shaped slightly darker aureoles and nipples or her gorgeously brown eyes. She was extremely pretty with a sultry and sexy look about her. I couldn't wait to watch her face as she orgasmed.

Lisa let a hand slip down to my cock and found that I was semi hard. With a couple of stokes, I was fully erect. She wrapped her legs around my waist, reached between us to position my cock at her pussy and slowly lowered herself. The contrast between the cool water and her molten pussy was enough to drive any man crazy. She stared at me with lust as she lowered herself further until I was fully in her. When her clit rubbed against me, she closed her eyes and quickly sucked in a breath. She hooked her heels on my ass and pulled me in deeper. She used her muscles to repeatedly grip my cock and her legs to vary the pressure on her clit.

I managed to get a foot on the ladder along with one hand to stabilize us in the water. I used my free hand to grab her ass. She opened her eyes half way and a slight smile formed on her full lips. I gripped further down with my fingers grasping her ass crack and she smiled wider and started making short strokes on my cock. When I put my finger against her asshole her mouth formed an "O" and she stopped moving at the top of her stroke. As my finger pushed past the rim of her ass and into her, Lisa's eyes rolled up a little then closed and she pulled down hard into me. I took control of the stroking by pulling her up and letting her fuck herself down on my cock. Every stroke resulted in my finger going deeper and deeper in her ass until my middle finger was buried in her tight, hot ass.

I increased the pace of our fucking and slowly started stroking my finger into her ass. She crushed her breasts against my chest and pulled hard with her legs. Her climax started slow and peaked for a long time. I could feel her pussy convulse around my cock and her ass tightened around my finger. The good thing about the cool water was that it kept me from cumming. The bad thing about the cool water was that it kept me from cumming. After she began to relax, I slowly pulled her off of my cock and directed her to the ladder to climb out. I was right behind her.

Lisa laid down on her back on the platform and I knelt between her knees. I pushed my cock into her beautiful and smooth pussy. She was still wet and her lips were swollen. After a few slow strokes, I pulled out of her pussy and positioned my cock at her ass. She angled her pelvis to give me better access to her ass, raised her knees and pulled on her legs until her thighs flattened her breasts. It was a position of complete submission. I lodged my cock in the crack of her as and gave a slow and steady push. I could feel her ass yielding to my cock as the head stretched her ass open. Just as I was getting concerned and almost pulled back, she let out a quiet "ungh" through clenched teeth as the head of my cock slipped in. Damn she was tight. I started to slowly ease my cock further into her. She looked at me with her dark eyes, her brow furrowed as she slowly breathed out through pursed lips and whispered "slowly" to me. I answered her with a kisses on her neck and slowly pulled out a little then back in. I made slow progressive strokes easing more and more into her each time. Once I was fully into her ass, she hooked her legs over my shoulders. I kept a slow and even pace while fucking her tight ass. Her eyes remain close except when she would occasionally open them to look at me and smile. My cock began to harden even more. Her nipples stayed hard. She slid one hand between us to her pussy and the other to her nipple. Lisa's breathing quickened as she pulled on her nipple and clit. This was too much for me. I started to increase the pace and force of my cock in her ass which caused her to cry out and moan. I could feel the first shots of cum leave my balls as i filled her ass. This caused her to use one hand on her pussy and the other on her clit as she climaxed once again. I continued stroking into her ass until her orgasm finished and didn't stop until I was too soft to push back in. Even after fucking her ass, it was still tight.

I laid down beside her and closed my eyes. She laid her leg and arm across my body and started kissing my chest as we rested in the hot sun. Lisa was absolutely amazing. I suggested that she get out of the sun before she burned to a crisp.

"Are you trying to get rid of me?" she asked.

"Not at all," I replied, "it would just be a shame for a body like yours to be untouchable."

"In that case OK. Lets get inside. In fact I have a better idea. Go back to your campsite, pack up your stuff and come back here," she suggested. I kissed her for a long time exploring every part of her mouth as my hands roamed her body.

"I'll be back as soon as I get my stuff," I told her. I got up and jumped into the water to cool off, grabbed my shorts, swam back to the pier and got dressed. As I headed off we waived as I watched her moving around the platform naked while picking things up.

This was going to be a hell of a vacation.

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