tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Holiday Adventure

A Holiday Adventure


We both took a breath as we exited the changing room, this was it, we were here, we had done it. We stepped out feeling nervous, exposed, curious and excited. Our first trip to a club! We had really done it! You had a short black leatherette dress, naked underneath save for a pair of sheer black lacy stockings and black high heels. I was wearing a skimpy pair of satin shorts. Outfits that excited us in private but we never dreamt would be worn outside the privacy of our own bedroom!

We had been thinking about going to a club for months. They had gone past in a blur, what was talk, what was real, what would it feel like, how would we react? When it came down to it, what we actually do! Where would we go? A warm holiday was booked, sun, sea, sand and sex. In our case and at the time of booking we both just thought it would only be our usual naughty time together, but things moved on. A bored night in and an internet search found that at our resort, near our hotel, was a fetish club. Curiosity got the better of us both, we looked more into it and talked. The club seemed to specialise in exhibitionists and voyeurs. We got braver and one night emailed them saying more of who we were and asking all sorts of basic questions about what went on and how it worked. They got this quite often it transpired and were hugely helpful. They explained it all to us promising a guided tour on arrival, even letting us change in private when we got there.

Our vanilla clothes which had covered us on our journey to the club were now safely in a locker, the key on a band around my wrist,. We stepped forward into the unknown. It was dark in the main area with porn being projected onto the walls, loud euro-beat music and lasers dominated the senses. Sophie the host grinned broadly at us.

"Yes you look nice, I think you will like it here", she purred in her Mediterranean accent.

My shorts already felt tighter. My eyes were on stalks. Sophie, a demure size six but in thigh length red leather boots, with huge silver heels, her olive skin glistening above and below an electric blue corset. On arrival she had been at reception, behind the counter which concealed the full nature of her beauty and outfit. She had looked demure yet very sexy, now her lack of any other clothing was staggering. Both of us were caught staring.

"You both like my outfit? Good." she said smiling.

We looked at her then each other and just grinned and nodded. Sophie showed us to a our table as our eyes became more accustomed to the light. The room was set up with a bar in the corner and small circular table with four to six chairs around each. At the end of the room was a brightly lit stage with a few blank notice screens.

After bringing two complimentary drinks over Sophie sat with us smiling. The tension was quickly rising as was my pulse. Linda, my wife, was looking flushed. Sophie put us at ease yet titillated and teased with her every move and nuance.

"Your table has a small light in the middle, if you turn it on others can sit with you, if its off you want to be left alone. All the action takes place on the stage. There is no sex off stage or its a forfeit, which I will get to later. You can watch or join in any game on the stage. Each new game is explained and has a time limit usually two to five minutes, hence the boards.Some games are more naughty. Some are less. Rules are never changed during the events. Once you agree to a game you can't back out without having to leave the club and face a ban. A forfeit is, you are the next game, which is randomly selected," she purred her eyes drilling deeply into ours.

With that she stood and we both watched her cute pert ass wiggle away as we settled down. The unknown drinks, tasting of coca -cola plus something, cooled us down a little as we prepared ourselves for what was to unfold. We looked around settling down holding each others sweat hands. People had a wide variety of outfits on, some were even naked. There were maybe a hundred in? Some couples, some guys, some ladies, normally in ones and twos but some threes and fours. A few tables had lights on. But our eyes were drawn to the stage.

"The next game is one for a couple", announced a voice from the stage.

It was Sophie. She moved to a board and spun a timer and then a wheel beneath it. The spinners stopped. The timer said, "Three minutes", the other board read, "BJ your partner, he has to cum in the time or forfeit."

"Are the rules clear?" asked Sophie.

"Yes," roared the crowd.

"Our first couple is?" announced Sophie.

A young thin lady clad in only stockings and six inch heels approached the stage hand in hand with her partner. She knelt on the floor side on the audience and released his erect cock from his shorts. It wobbly obscenely infront of her face.

Sophie moved behind them with a video camera so the action was projected clear for all on the wall. The detail on his cock was fine showing pulsing veins and when it panned to her mouth it showed her lips wet with anticipation.

"Get ready,...Go!" exalted Sophie.

With that the lady impaled the meaty head of a huge cock in her mouth, wanking him at the same time as her partner stood by holding her bobbing head. His head tilted down in bliss and pride, her eyes fixed lustfully on the cock. She glanced briefly around at him, the screen and the audience who watching her expertly suck him . Up and down her hands and mouth moved, flecks of saliva dribbling in the light. There was a telltale twitch and a groan. She drew her mouth back and he started to pump hot semen into her receding mouth. She grinned like a kitten, her mouth full of cum, to the camera before gulping it down. Then after wiping her face with a finger, then licking that clean she moved forward and cleaned him up with her tongue. Cheers broke out, they stood, bowed and left the stage.

We sat open mouthed.

"Oh my god!" was all you could say.

My cock was rigid and my hand was on Linda's thigh, gently stroking. The dress prevented my hand going much further. She dropped her hand into my groin and rubbed my swollen straining cock. We were both massively excited and dazed by the speed of events and the open forewardness.

The next game was for a single guy to play with their hard cock for two minutes without cumming. Within seconds five guys were moving towards the stage and the winner was selected by drawing the highest card from a deck of cards. A short chubby guy in his late fifties proudly strutted on stage wearing a black leather catsuit. He quickly unzipped the front and produced a small, maybe five inch cock hard which he rubbed in delight under a the glare of the camera and bright lights to his and the crowds delight. Clearly this place wasn't just for the young, perfect and beautiful!

After that a game for a single girl were she had to play with her breast for three minutes she could orgasm if she liked. Again several volunteers of all ages, shapes and sizes. The lady chosen was in a clingy but respectable dress that might not have been out of place at a restaurant. She caressed, squeezed, kneaded her breasts which remained hidden under the dress the whole time. A hugely erotic show and again a surprise as she never showed any nudity. She did however quite loudly groan as she orgasmed and was caught as she slumped by a discrete helper who had stood in the background wielding the video camera so we could all see in better detail.

The games continued at a breathtaking pace, we saw live sex act after act in close detail and we were getting more and more excited. One of these games was for two single girls to play with each others breasts using their hands only. Again five or six volunteers, two chosen randomly, again at the end of each event wild cheering and applause with the participants taking a bow.

Between each event a tall blonde in a French maids outfit and yellow marigolds came on stage to give everything a theatrical or necessary wipe and her helper a strong muscled man with gold shorts who operated the camera when Sophie wasn't engaged with it.

The evening wore on, it was now a game was for two guys play to with each others cocks, number one could use their mouth while the other was only allowed to use his hands only. Again no shortage of takers and we noticed the ceiling was mirrored and gave a spectacular view as well. To my surprise my Linda's hand became more insistent in its massage of my cock.

Suddenly a bright light was shown at a table on the far side of the room.From the gloom behind two large athletic men in gold shorts were approaching discreetly but purposefully. We looked at each other confused.

Sophie's voice from the stage, "Oh and tonight's first crowd forfeit for a sexual act not on stage is our friends in the spotlight!"

A middle aged couple looked nervous but stood and slowly approached the stage as the men melted back into the shadows. We both had been too overawed to have engaged much with each other and now were so glad that we hadn't.

"Their crime dear audience was playing with a cock," Sophie explained. Startled we realised just how close we had come ourselves to breaking this rule. "And now I would like to invite our latest guests to the stage to help choose the forfeit." Sophie continued as the light swung onto us.

We froze rigid. Fear and surprise radiated obviously from us!

"Relax," we heard Sophie say, "you will just help us spin the forfeit wheels, you will not be involved but you do get a ring side seat!"

We paused and exchanged looks.

"Well?" I asked.

"Go on, it's not us doing the forfeit!" Linda replied.

"Sure?" I checked.

"Yes", replied Linda taking my hand.

It was a strange exhilarating experience walking towards the stage, hot hand in hot hand, the audience's eyes fixed on us and applause.

From beside the stage another muscled gold short clad man, pulled back a curtain revealing a selection of padded chairs tables and what could only be described as a sets of stocks from the middle ages. Each piece had a number on it and by the side was a spinner.

"For our naughty lady?" Sophie said and gestured.

Linda span the wheel which stopped on a the number four. A large golden number four was lifted from the stocks by a muscled man to the wild cheers of the crowd. He stepped forward and led the unresisting lady forward to the stocks which she stood docilely by before bending forward to have her hands and head placed through it and it being firmly closed. A similar routine followed for the guy who ended up sat on a plain stool, his hands and feet free. I could feel my cock swelling straining in my shorts.

Now I stepped forward to the forfeits wheel and span the wheel for each of them, again two numbers but what did they mean? My curiosity was soon answered. Sophie produced a box labelled couples and produced two envelopes corresponding to the numbers.

"Now my friends you will each read clearly to the crowd what it says!" she commanded.

We exchanged nervous looks, this was a strange twist. What would happen if we didn't read clearly? Sophie announced that Linda would read the Lady's forfeit first.

She stepped forward and cleared her throat, "No holds barred, time unlimited, access unlimited, male partner must make a guy on stage cum in his mouth and then swallow, then forfeit ends...no male card needed."

We both stood dumbstruck for a minute as we took it in and looked at her eyes widening in the stocks. Sophie quietly whispered to us that couple got caught deliberately and often do this. However she went on, it was a little rigged and it was a new twist, especially for them and because he was straight but the both liked to be very submissive.

"You both can have first try with her if you like, but no pressure and ladies and gentlemen form a queue and lets get this started! Let's have a huge hand for our victims Alberto and Cassandra and our newbies or club virgins as we prefer, John and Linda."

I paused and looked at Linda as she looked at me. An eternity passed in a second then as Linda took hold of my hand and stepped forward she whispered, "When in Rome...", and we set foot on the stage.

Slowly, gingerly with the blood pumping in my ears and my hand burning hot in Linda's sweating hand we approached the defenceless lady from her rear. The captive Cassandra was gently panting and thrusting her naked hips up, legs parted. We could see the moisture on her inner thighs and her scent was profound. She was most definitely up for it while her husband looked nervously and unhappily at me. Linda led our entwined hands towards Cassandra's bottom which glistened with her sweat. Contact and a gasp from all three of us, before we parted hands, each caressing one of her firm buttocks. Subconsciously we mirrored each others moves over her bottom and thighs until after sharing a look and a nod we worked up her thigh, gliding over the wetness between her legs and stroked each side of her labia. She was soaked and pushed down against our fingers. Needing little more prompting our fingers entered her wet warm hole as she groaned in delight. I was in heaven, onstage fingering a stranger with my wife who had never shown any side of being bi equalled engaged in the act.

"Two minutes before I open up the stage to all!" called Sophie. "Oh and you two, no touching each other!"

My cock was hard and ached. I longed to fuck Linda and lowered my shorts allowing my cock to spring free. Linda smiled and knelt behind Cassandra who was in the stocks, then began kissing her legs and thighs moving steadily up more exciting ground. I rubbed my own cock gently, and moved round to face the lady, to my shock I felt a hand wrap around my shaft. Kneeling by my cock, in front of his wife was the man, Alberto.. His eyes pleaded and closing them he impaled my cock. I instantly I felt it wilt. This prompted a deep slurping tonguing of my cock from him as his hand firmly tried to pump life back into me. Linda looked up grinning and open mouthed. Her grinned widened as she saw my cock in Alberto's mouth. The sight of her delight and interest caused my cock to stiffen. Lust was written clearly on her face. As she approached my cock swelled further and my knees weakened. A bell rang vaguely in the background and the stage filled with four guys who pounced on Cassandra. Cassandra gasped after a cock was driven noisily into a squelching pussy and began to pound away, another brushed past me before her head was pulled back by the hair and a cock thrust into her gagging mouth. The third thrust his hands under her body and began to play with her breast and search out her clitoris. She sagged and twisted under the onslaught, gagging on the cock, gasping for breathe, groaning when she could. Her husband's eyes were wide, this was more than he bargained for. He whimpered slightly before going at my hardening cock with renewed zest. Linda looked on at me drooling. The fourth man stood quietly by her.

Sophie spoke gently, "Do you want to help your man cum?"

My wife nodded, "Do you want him to touch you?"

Now she almost pleaded, "Yes..."

"Then do as I say. Let us all see you, raise your arms you will be undressed!"

A quick look at me, my hands now holding the man's head as my rigid cock slide in and out of his mouth and her arms raised.

The fourth man bent down grabbed her hem and lifted her dress high over her head. A cry by my shoulder and the man having his cock sucked by Cassandra had clearly cum. The cum dripped from her mouth which hug open as she gasped and moaned. He was immediately replaced by another cock and her pounding continued. The other man fucking her pussy looked near finishing. The fourth man took Linda's arms and lowered them behind her back turning her for all to see. She breathed heavily, panting, looking at my cock.

"Now you may kiss your husband, if he sits down and you bend over .."

Frantic to kiss my wife I sat, as Alberto knelt and continued to suck away. I was lost to the world as Linda bent forward took my head in her hands and kissed me deeply. My tongue sort out hers as her hand moved to cover my hands which were on the back of Alberto's head. I felt her gasp and then she began gently bouncing and rocking as we kissed. Aroused beyond expectation I drew her mouth hard into mine as I pushed one final time into his mouth exploding my seed. The man quickly withdrew his mouth as my Linda replaced it, sucking up my remaining cum. I looked up to see the fourth man firmly but gently fucking a bent over Linda, Cassandra with new men either end and her partner open mouthed in front of Sophie. A bell rang and all the men exited the stage except the man pounding Linda pussy and the Alberto. Cassandra in the stocks looked exhausted, cum dribbled out of her mouth and smeared her face, her legs were weak and cum was dribbling down between her thighs. How many had cum in her? Linda's face was rapt in delight as she cleaned my cock.

"Naughty newbie!", Chirped Sophie. " Your forfeit for sucking your husbands cock without permission. You will let Alberto and Cassandra dribble their cum into your mouth, but first lie on your back as your pussy will still be in use!"

Almost instantly she lay flat on her back as the fourth man re-entered her pushing her legs higher and wider apart. She gasped reaching out for my cock to suck but Sophie brought Alberto up. He knelt over her before Sophie pushed me away and he dribbled my cum into Linda's open mouth. Greedily she slurped it down before resuming on my hardening cock. Moments later Cassandra was brought to us and again Sophie pushed me away. Cassandra was covered in cum. Sophie began to wipe huge lumps of it from her face and place them into Linda's unresisting mouth. Hungrily she guzzled it down. Then Cassandra bent over and showed her pussy, it was red, swollen and oozing huge amounts of cum. Down she squatted on Linda who began to slurp away to her delight. My cock was again hard and I could not resist rubbing it. Linda was breathing faster and faster, as the stranger continued to pump her pussy. Her hips bucking in time to his thrusts until she screamed in delight as a huge orgasm ripped through her as he flinched groaned and removed his still spurting cock to cum over her face.

"Now your final forfeit, wank these 5 guys over your face", Sophie purred camera in hand to Linda

Linda wasted no time as the guys approached almost leaping to grab their cocks which she started to pump vigorously. Her face was a picture of cum covered lust as her hands work steadily on the cocks. Her tongue flicked round her mouth chasing any spare globules of cum. One after another, to everyones delight, exploded on Linda's face. Her mouth hung open in rapt greed and delight. Each man managed to cover her face and fire some of his seed into her eager mouth. The last one came to huge cheers from the crowd. I was in shock and delight, my wife Linda had changed into a cum hungry slut and I loved it! I wanted nothing more than to fuck her but knew we risked more forfeits. I led her by the hand to the changing rooms. She sat naked as I dressed. She sat naked, grinning gently rubbing her clit and breasts.

"I need to get you home to fuck!"

She stood and we turned to exit, then it dawned on me she was till naked and cum covered!

"That's so horny hunny but let's not get arrested!"

I passed her my jacket which she left open and it just covered her ass. I was so proud of her, so surprised and so excited. With that we left.The taxi driver could not take his eyes off her on the way back to the hotel and I deliberately got Linda to ask the night girl on reception for a spare key, even though I had the original in my pocket.

"Is that what I think it is?" said the receptionist.

"Yes, you know the room number if you want to lick it off."

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