tagRomanceA Holiday Romance

A Holiday Romance


"Ho damn ho," thought Nichole, "doesn't this sum up Christmas fun?" She had been sitting at the LAX baggage claim for two hours, waiting to pick up someone she had never met and take him to her family's Christmas.

"He'll be in at 7:15, honey" her mother had said on the phone earlier that evening, when she had sprung this delightful excursion on her youngest. "Well no, Margie didn't give me his description, but she did give him yours- short, single redhead with a sour disposition. You know Aunt Margie, always good for a laugh!"

"Aunt Margie indeed"she glowered, scanning the crowd for someone who, according to her extremely limited information, was male. Not much to go on.

All things considered, this was probably one of the less offensive "jobs" being dolled out to the younger members of the family this season. It was her brother, Michael, who would have the task of bringing grandma over from the retirement village in two days for Christmas dinner. Nichole had to undergo that experience last year and was still trying to forget the humiliation of Grams demanding to be served a penis at Wienerschnitzel.

"You said I could get a wiener here, dammit!" she had cried.

"Definitely could be worse," she thought, remembering the ordeal. Still, she had no idea who this guy was she was picking up. More disconcerting was the fact that she would be inviting him into her home that evening before heading down to Orange in the morning. If he ended up being a psychopath, a prospect she originally concocted to amuse herself but had since developed into a full-blown fact, she doubted that her cat would have the courtesy to interrupt his strict regimen of sleeping all day to call the proper authorities.

Her company for the evening was the son of her lovely Aunt Margie's new boyfriend. Given Margie's taste in men, this certainly increased the likelihood of Nichole being dismembered this evening. "Assuming he shows up," she thought, attempting to picture this potentially psychopathic non-punctual male. At this point he was little more than a human incarnation of the Simpson's "Snake", but she was sure he wouldn't be quite as articulate. She certainly hoped he wouldn't be a smoker.

"Nichole?" She spun around, searching for Snake but finding a six foot three bronze sex god. With short blonde hair and deep blue eyes, he made her forget she was capable of speech.

"Uh, yeah," she stammered, "You must be..."

"Ethan," he said, shaking her hand. "Nice to meet you." He paused, "You look nothing like Margie said you did."

"Why, not short enough?"

"Nah, though she did mention that. No, she said you were sour?"

Lovely, Margie. Poison his mind. "Yeah, well, you know Margie. You have your stuff?"

"All set."

Nichole led the way to the parking structure still not believing her luck. She was still in denial three hours later, after discovering that Ethan was not only beautiful but certainly not a psychopath, as well as insightful, well-read, and entertaining. Even Moltar, her typically lethargic feline companion, had made himself a fixture in Ethan's lap- a privilege Ethan accepted with great pride.

The two had talked about everything from books to movies to favorite Christmas memories. He had even served her eggnog, and after a few glasses she was sure she sensed a connection between them.

At about one in the morning Nichole showed Ethan to his room, and in a moment of alcohol-induced bravery she found the courage to speak her mind.

"Look Ethan, I don't know if it's me or if its just the eggnog talking, but I am really attracted to you and I'm getting the feeling that you feel the same way about me so if you want to act on it great but if I'm totally off here then you can just dismiss all this as the drunken ramblings of an idiot, n'kay?" she stopped to catch her breath.

"Um, Nichole... there isn't any alcohol in the eggnog."

Shit. "What?"

You only had the mix and I couldn't find the liquor cabinet... so I just served it straight from the carton. I thought you knew."

During the awkward silence that followed Nichole searched for any possible way she could get out of this without looking like an idiot. Finding none, she said,

"Well, fuck it. I still dig you. I'm off to bed. Let's never speak of this, shall we?" and she turned to leave the room.

"Nichole, wait." She stopped, imagining the she had somehow tucked her nightshirt into her panties and made her humiliation complete. She turned back toward him, red in the face. "Look up," he said.

Above her was a sprig of mistletoe she had hung in the doorway. She was still looking at it as Ethan crossed the room to her.

"You were right," he said, turning her chin up to him, "I am attracted to you." Having said this Ethan lowered his face down to Nichole and kissed her, holding her tight to him.

Nichole all but went limp in his arms. She shivered at the sensation of his tongue in her mouth, teasing the corners of her lips. She returned his kiss wholeheartedly grasping the back of his neck with both hands. When this kiss ended the two gazed at one another for a moment, and without a word Ethan took her by the hand and led her to the bed.

"Are you still interested in acting on our attraction?" he asked, sitting down. Nichole didn't have to answer. Instead, she leaned over and kissed his forehead, tossing her long, red hair to the side as she straightened up. The motion disturbed the neckline of her nightgown and it slipped down her right shoulder, exposing a few inches of flesh below her collarbone. Ethan looked into her eyes, and without speaking leaned forward and gently kissed along the skin showing above the fabric. Her breath caught in her chest, and she felt as all her nerves tingled to life.

He continued kissing below her shoulder, lingering on the slight swell of the top of her breast. Ethan could feel her shiver, and as he leaned back he caught a glimpse of her nipples rising below the thin nightgown. He wrapped his arms around her back, drawing her to him, and gently nibbled at the right nipple.

She gasped. Ethan ran his tongue over the tiny button and sucked it, enjoying the sensation of the fabric. This time she moaned aloud, throwing her head back and gripping his shoulders. "Please," she begged, "more."

Slowly, Ethan slid his hands up her thighs and under her gown. He traced his fingers along the elastic bands of her panties, cupping her firm buttocks for a moment and returning to the front. He slid his right hand between her thighs and felt moist heat emanating from her crotch. With one finger, he prodded at her sex beneath the cotton. It was wet.

Unable to resist any longer, he pulled her onto the bed beside him. He positioned himself above her and lowered his face to hers, kissing her passionately.

"Merry Christmas Nichole" he said between kisses.

"If this is the only gift I get this year, it'll be the best one by far," she laughed.

"Well", he smiled, "just remember to write a thank-you to Aunt Margie."

Before she could express that his comment was a bit dirty, Ethan pulled the neck of the nightgown low under Nichole's right breast and took it into his mouth. He slid his hand up her right thigh and pushed her nightgown above her belly. With one last fierce suck at her breast he moved down toward the exposed stomach, taking time to remove the nightgown altogether.

Ethan paused for a moment, stunned by the magnificent body before him. Her slight frame was dominated by her breasts, the hemispheres rising softly from her chest, each topped with a perky pink nipple. Her tummy was flat and smooth, leading down to the panties he yearned to tear of and separating into her smooth, lean legs. Her red hair was fanned out beneath her head, and her vibrant green eyes were hooded with desire.

"Taking it all in?" she asked coyly.

"It's amazing," he said, "you're amazing."

"Thank you," she replied and looked into his eyes "It's yours," she added, huskily.

As though waiting for this cue, he kissed her again, then moved over her body with his mouth, determined to experience every inch of her flesh. He took her breasts into his hands, squeezing them gently in his palms before tracing down her ribs to her hips. He flicked his tongue along the low waistline of her panties while taking the sides of them between his fingers.

"Mistletoe here, too?" he asked, taking note of the print on her holiday panties. "Very festive. Too bad they have to come off."

Tenderly, he pulled them down and spread her legs, positioning himself between her feet that were now dangling off the edge of the bed. Gently, he pulled her toward him, edging her exposed sex to his mouth.

He buried his face into the bare skin of her shaved vagina, savoring the juices that now flowed freely. Locating her clitoris, he took the tiny pleasure center into his mouth and sucked, gently at first, gradually increasing the pressure with her demands of "harder!" He felt her body writhe with ecstasy. Determined to bring her to orgasm, he thrust a finger into her dripping chasm, then another. Her moans increased as he pumped them in and out of her, rubbing up against the sensitive front wall of her moist insides.

Nichole screamed as her body erupted with orgasm. It seemed to carry on for hours and left her gasping for air. She wanted more.

He stood up from where he had been kneeling at the end of the bed, and she sat up and kissed him. She enjoyed the flavor of her wetness in her mouth, and licked the juices from his face. Fully aroused, she licked the tip of his ear and nibbled at his earlobe. "Get inside of me" she demanded.

She peeled his shirt from his torso, revealing his muscular form. She traced over the grooves of his muscles then reached down to his boxers. His penis was throbbing to life, anticipating the warmth inside of her. She removed his remaining garment and took him onto her mouth, tasting the bittersweet droplets of pre-cum. When his member reached full size Nichole resumed her supine position, spreading her legs to receive him.

Ethan stepped up to her ready vagina and nudged the moist slit with his penis. He moved into her slowly, not wanting to cause her any pain, and began thrusting. With each pump she moaned, raising her hips to better accommodate his member. She felt him deep inside her body and the sensation set her nerves on fire. His thrusts grew more aggressive, and she smiled as she felt his cock ram into her. "Give it to me!" she pleaded. "I want it all. Fill me!"

He grabbed her hips for better leverage and pushed her further onto his shaft. All he was aware of was the exquisite sensation of his dick sliding in and out of her tight, wet pussy. Nichole moaned louder, clutching at her breasts as her second climax of the evening approached. Her noises compelled him to drive into her harder, and in moments the second orgasm rocked her with a greater force than the first. The vaginal contractions of her reaction were all Ethan needed, and with a groan of pleasure he released into her throbbing cavity.

Still quaking from the effects of his climax, Ethan took Nichole in his arms.

"You are the greatest gift I've ever received," he said, stroking the long red hair that cascaded over her bare shoulders. "Merry Christmas Nichole".

"Merry Christmas Ethan", she responded, looking up into his eyes. They kissed once more and fell asleep, their bodies entwined.


The next twelve hours were agony. Aside from waking up in Ethan's arms that morning, Nichole could think of very few things that had gone right. They had slept late, canceling their plans to make love before heading down to Orange County. Nichole's attempts at road head on the drive down had failed miserably, due to the low position of her car and the honks from several truckers on the road beside them. When they finally arrived at her parent's house, Ethan was immediately whisked off for a tour of the neighborhood with Aunt Margie. When he got back for dinner he sat down at the table next to her.

"That was quite the experience."

"I'll bet. Did she show you the park where she lost her virginity? She never fails to point it out to most guests."

Ethan laughed, "No, I didn't have the honor."

"Consider yourself lucky. She goes into detail." The two stopped talking as Nichole's father took his position at the head of the table. As he began to say grace, she felt icy fingertips grace her thigh. She shifted her eyes toward Ethan, who had a sly grin on his face as he bowed his head for the prayer. She caught her breath as the fingers continued to make their way up her leg and crossed down the slope of her thigh beneath the hemline of her skirt. She straightened as her father's voice ceased and suppressed a cough as Ethan's hand strayed to the crotch of her panties.

"Ethan," her father's voice boomed from across the table. She tried not to laugh as Ethan's hand hit the table with a loud smack as he removed his fingers from his host's daughter's skirt. Not noticing the sound, her father asked, "Are you a breast man or a thigh man?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"Turkey, son. Do you prefer breast meat or thigh?"

"Oh, he responded, relieved. "Breast."

Nichole raised an eyebrow as Ethan accepted his plate. "All things considered, I would have guessed thigh," she whispered into his ear.

"You are so going to get it later" he responded, plopping a mound of mashed potatoes onto her plate. "You just wait."

Ethan didn't dare fondle Nichole at the table again after their close call, but it didn't take long for the opportunity to caress her again would present itself. She was stuck with dishwashing duty that evening with her mom while Ethan played checkers with her father. Margie and Frank, Ethan's dad, were on a walk.

After finishing up in the kitchen, Nichole went into the living room to find Margie and Frank returning from their stroll.

"It's so lovely," her aunt exclaimed, "you and Ethan should go out."

Not requiring any further encouragement, the pair grabbed their coats and slipped out the front door. They walked for a while, not saying anything as they admired the intricate scenes of twinkle lights adorning her neighbors' lawns. In one of the houses a family was watching "It's a Wonderful Life", and they could hear Jimmy Stewart's voice as he promised Donna Reid he's lasso her the moon. Nichole smiled, she loved that movie.

After they rounded a corner Ethan drew Nichole hastily to him, kissing her passionately on the lips.

"I need you right now."

"I know," she paused, thinking, "I know a place. There's a park, not too far away. The equipment should be empty at this hour."

She led him through several more streets, weaving in and out of alleys until they had reached their destination. A jungle gym sat before them, flanked by slides and two swings. Nichole climbed up the steps of the slide and stopped on the platform in front of the opening of the slide.

"Margie's infamous park. It's the best I can do without driving"

"This is perfect" her replied, and took her into his arms. Nichole could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she struggled to wriggle out of her jacket. She was panting now, desiring nothing but the feeling of him inside of her. Hastily he unbuttoned the cardigan she was wearing and leaned her upper body against the rounded top of the slide, pointing her heaving breasts skyward.

Ethan brought his face into Nichole's exposed cleavage, nuzzling her breasts before unhooking her front-closed bra. He took one into his mouth and sucked furiously while using a free hand to push her skirt up to her navel.

"Wait," she said breathlessly, "let me."

Nichole got to her knees and unzipped his pants, unfazed by the chill wind that bit into her exposed flesh. She pulled out his already turgid member and plunged it into her mouth. Ethan moaned as his penis swelled, filling Nichole's mouth with it's salty mass. She slid her mouth up and down the length of his shaft, circling the head with her tongue. After about five minutes she stood up and pointed to the floor.

"Lie down," she commanded.

Ethan obeyed her order, and as he lay down Nichole removed her panties. She remained standing for a moment and caressed her breasts, pinching at her perk nipples. Ethan moaned.

"Please..." Nichole returned to her knees and gingerly lowered herself onto his cock. She moaned as his length filled her, and began rocking back and forth. Ethan's hands rose to her breasts and squeezed them.

"Sit up, please," she moaned.

Ethan sat up and Nichole leaned forward, increasing contact between her clitoris and his abdomen. She felt the nerves tingle and twitch as the orgasm overcame her.

"Touch me," she panted, "squeeze my tits!" Her back arched in ecstasy and Ethan sucked and groped her breasts while she moaned. Collapsing onto Ethan she granted him full reign of her body. He slipped his hands beneath her buttocks and raised and lowered her exhausted form along his penis. Nichole contracted rhythmically around his cock until he too finished. Nichole nuzzled at his neck.

"That was worth the wait."


Everyone in the house was asleep by the time the two got back, and a note was out for Nichole to leave a key under the mat for her brother. She led Ethan to the back bedroom where he would be staying the night.

"This is it. Make yourself comfortable. The bathroom's over there, and it has a shower and everything so you should be set."

"Mmm. A shower sounds nice," he said, embracing her from behind. "You interested?"

Nichole took a minute to consider it. Margie and Frank were out in the guesthouse, and her parents were upstairs so there was no way they'd be interfering.

"Sounds great" she said. I'll just get the water going and you can come in when you're ready." She stepped into the adjacent room and turned on the light. After closing the door she turned on the shower and undressed herself. It was a good thing that no one had been up to greet them; Nichole's rumpled clothing was more than enough evidence of their activities, and the traces of their ejaculations had dried on her skirt.

As she waited for the water to get hot, she inspected herself in the mirror. Her hair always looked best after good sex, and her red locks still looked decent after their romp in the park. She brought her hands to her face, cupping her cheeks then slowly slid them down her neck to her chest. As she reached her breasts she recalled the sensation she had been experiencing only moments before with Ethan as he sucked and kneaded her, and began massaging her breasts on her own. One hand strayed down to her vagina, locating her clitoris. Absently she fondled the button, arousing herself as she stroked it and pushed at her moist sex.

Nichole hadn't heard Ethan enter the bathroom, and he was certainly glad for it. Watching her please herself was a fantasy he had kept to himself, and seeing it take place was getting Ethan aroused. He watched for a few more moments before cutting in.

"Ahem," he said, startling Nichole from her play. "That is honestly the hottest thing I have ever seen."

Nichole glowered at him playfully. "Well, it's a good thing you got in here when you did. I had almost replaced you."

Ethan acted hurt, "You are so cruel." He pointed to the shower. "Shall we?"

He entered the shower took Nichole's hand as she stepped in, making sure she didn't slip on the slick surface. Bending over, he picked up the soap and then began to lather up Nichole's back. She leaned against the textured glass of the shower wall, enjoying the cool, dimpled sensation touching her still perspiring flesh. She hadn't had anyone wash her since she could fit in a sink, and she knew that couldn't have been anywhere near as marvelous as what she was feeling now.

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