A Holiday Surprise


I shuddered and put my head down to reciprocate, flicking gently and teasingly at her outer lips. Her sickly-sweet scent was intoxicating, her wriggling tongue unsubtle but wonderful. Letty squirmed, and her hips rose and for a second I glimpsed James standing by the bed, enjoying our scene, stroking his erection. Letty rolled smoothly off me, face flushed and breathing heavy.

"Do you want to see me fuck your brother again?" She whispered. I couldn't respond. I didn't want to see that, yet I badly, badly did. Seeing her being violated by my brother was the most exciting thing I had ever witnessed, and I craved more. I nodded my assent. James lay down again across the bed, while I sat at the other end, drawing my knees to my body defensively.

Letty took her time mounting him, eyes on me all the time, and paused with her opening an inch above the angry purple head of his penis. She smiled at me, encouraging me to enjoy it, bit her lip and brushed her pussy over his member. He groaned with anticipation, but Letty kept her gaze fixed on me,.

"Should I?" She asked breathlessly. Time slowed for me and I tried to make some speedy rational calculation, benefits versus consequences. It was impossible.

"Yes," I said.

"Tell me to do it. Tell me to fuck your brother/"

"...Fuck him."

Letty nodded, prompting me, stood as we were at the gate of no return. "Yeah?"

"Yeah. Fuck him... fuck my brother."

Letty lowered herself onto James' cock, slowing down even more as her pussy engulfed the head of his cock, then drawing a sharp breath as she slid down around his shaft. One of James' hands rested on the top of her right thigh, and another reached up to grope one of her small breasts as she leaned forwards slightly and started to ride him. Her golden hair was sweaty, messy, wild as she thrust herself against him, hands resting on his strong chest. I moved my legs out, uncurling from my cautious ball, entranced by the performance in front of me.

It had been almost three years since I'd been with a man, but James' body, his strength, his hard cock all looked amazing to me. And seeing someone else having sex with my gorgeous girlfriend was incredible. My hand moved , down, down, between my legs, finding the right spot.

I rubbed my engorged clitoris as I watched her move faster, harder, slamming down now, gasping- I could tell it hurt, knew she loved the pain, one of her major turn-ons. James started to arch his back and push upwards, adding to the impact, gritting his teeth .Letty's eyes wer closed, mouth agape in pain and ecstasy as she rode him.

"Oh God!! Oh fuck I'm going to cum!" She cried, pounding him with her fists, on the brink. "Fuuuuuck!!" Her body spasmed as the orgasm burned through her, and I could see her pussy clench around James' shaft as she ground against him, humping him in shallow stokes, a long wail of brutal pleasure escaping from her lips. Moments later it subsided, and she collapsed over him, motionless and drained.

I slipped a finger into myself, gently probing as I rubbed away at my clit with my thumb. Letty remained still for a full minute, James' breath slowing, hands stroking her back, shiny with droplets of sweat. Then Letty extracted herself, lifting away from his cock, still hard and ready. The tops of the inside of her thighs were slick with released fluids.

She favoured me with her usual smug post-orgasm grin, cockily pleased with the world, absolutely in the moment and utterly content. She crawled over to my end of the bed and reclined on her back again, opening her legs wide.

"Clean me up!" Letty ordered. This normally was not something I'd have been keen to do, but at that moment it was somehow more appealing- the sheer beauty of her climax, seen from a new perspective, and her intense scent, combined with my heightened arousal, urged me on, compelled me to return to my hands and knees and place my head between her slim thighs as she ran her fingers through my thick dark hair.

I tasted her- sweet, sickly, strange. I pushed in deeper, my tongue breaching her, stroking her, wriggling around inside of her. I arched my back and licked the length of her pussy in a smooth, cat-like motion. She moaned. I did it again, and again and again.

I could hear her approval, her thrill. I quickened my assault, delving in and out of her, teasing her engorged clitoris lightly, knowing that she could orgasm again, even so soon after the first- something that I'd seen and felt and enjoyed. Just as I began to lose all external awareness, I felt hands on my hips. I froze, then drew my head back, away from Letty's body, prompting a vague noise of protestation.

I looked behind me, and knelt there, hands on me, eyes on me, was James. An expression of intense desire. Sweat on his brow. His fingers dug into my flesh, squeezing, right hand now running over my thigh, sending shivers bursting through me.

"Oh God... let him do it...," Letty whispered. James held my troubled, lustful gaze. His hand moved up my thigh again, and grazed my outer lips. I was wet and willing. I wanted a man inside me, and it didn't matter who. It didn't matter if it was my own brother. I nodded silently, and James took his penis in hand, guiding it to the point of no return, then pulling me back onto him. I felt his cock enter me, filling me deeply, and I clenched around him desperately.

James started to fuck me, deeply but gently, sliding back and forth, as childhood memories raced through my head. Innocent times, cast in a new, sultry light. Letty ad abandoned her position directly in front of me in favour of a better view- I could see her stroking her pussy to the sight of James ' steady love-making, her mouth still formed in a sweet "O" of shock. The tension I had felt as James entered me was slowly ebbing away, as faint but definite ripples of enjoyment moved through me.

He rocked against me for another minute, pace increasing, delicate swaying giving way to forceful pushing, his grip becoming firm as he pounded me, forcing me forward, my breasts pressed against the bed. I couldn't stop a little gasp escaping my lips. Just as the forbidden pleasure started to overwhelm me, he suddenly broke his rhythm and pulled his cock out of my pussy, dripping.

Letty crawled towards us and stroked James' cheek. They kissed passionately, and her hand found his slick erection, massaging it gently as their tongues caressed.

"Suck it," He said. It was less of a command, more begging her. She complied. No teasing this time, she wrapped her lips around his shaft and a second later her head was bobbing, his cock going deep into her throat, a little saliva running down to his balls. I watched them for a few seconds, and then Letty drew back for breath, and James pulled me towards him. He held me down one the bed, and took the missionary position above me, finding my opening and thrusting into me hungrily.

My breasts swayed as he had his way with me, cock slamming in deep, powerful body covering me, trapping me. I took hold of his strong shoulders and surrendered myself to the primal delight. A few moments later, his movements intensified, fucking me faster.

I felt his cock harden even more, he groaned loudly, pressed his face into my neck and then reached down and withdrew. He took himself in hand- two firm strokes and he came, thick white cum spurting out onto my stomach. Warm and disgraceful.My brother's cum. James collapsed onto his back, gasping, spent and probably in disbelief.

I sprung up and darted to the bathroom to clean myself, trying not to look in the mirror, trying not to think about what I'd done, the line we'd crossed. It had felt right and I clung to that feeling. Returning to the bedroom, I found James and Letty cuddled together under the duvet, tired and satisfied. I slipped in with them without a word.

I didn't know what to think, what to feel. I felt sick. I felt dirty. I felt alive.


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a cheating asshole and 2 skank lesbo's. I hope girl friend finds out and dumps boy whore. lesbo's are already into severe mental illness...

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