tagIncest/TabooA Holiday Surprise Ch. 03 Alt End

A Holiday Surprise Ch. 03 Alt End


This chapter has an alternate ending. Several readers felt the ending I originally wrote was weak. I was trying to close the story as gently as possible. I should know better than to give the story a weak ending, but I wanted a nice happy scenario to close this story out. I've rewritten the ending of this story to give it an edgier flair. I am leaving the original story up for those of you who enjoy the original ending.

Be warned, the ending in this version is a lot closer to what probably would have happen. I apologize in advance if the alternate ending offends some readers. Please feel free to post comments on what you think.

After twenty minutes of fucking his lovely wife, the still sleeping Frank came deep inside Emily. He then rolled off his wife, and continued sleeping.

Emily lay there, basking in the afterglow of being fucked by her sleeping husband. Her thoughts soon drifted to the little girl she would never give birth to. She was still fertile, and able to bear children.

But Frank's decision to be snipped made her fertility a moot point.

Emily hated that she would never carry another child in her womb. However, she loved her husband, and if he didn't want any more kids, then that was her lot in life.

Carol only had the one incident of sleep sex during her stay with her sister. She decided that it must have been brought on by her desire to be stuffed with her nephew's cock, combined with her lack of sleep.

Jess on the other hand had numerous bouts of sleep sex. He filled his aunt's pussy with sperm numerous times during her stay.

Every night after they fell asleep, the sleeping young man would pull Carol's thong panties off, spread her legs, and mount her.

The sexy attorney would usually wake up just as her sleeping nephew shoved his cock deep in her cunt.

Jess would fuck his aunt for twenty to thirty minutes, giving her multiple orgasms. He would then deposit a fresh batch of sperm in her body before rolling over and resuming his slumber. He had given his aunt a hickey one night as he fucked her.

Carol hoped that this was a one time incident. She didn't want to have to explain to her sister how she'd gotten the bruise.

The hickey he had given his aunt was far enough back on her neck, that it couldn't be easily seen.

But any time Carol turned her head just right, the bruise would be noticeable for an instant before her hair once again covered it.

Emily did notice the hickey, but decided to remain quiet. She decided that Carol must have had another sleep sex episode, and Jess being a teenager couldn't, resist the temptation of giving his aunt a little gift. She thought about swapping beds with her nephew, but decided that the damage was already done.

Like Carol had said, if Jess was going to knock her up, he'd probably done so the first time she'd fucked him.

Emily didn't believe her sister would wind up pregnant, yet deep in her heart she knew it was too late to worry about that.

Carol either already was or she wasn't pregnant.

Emily desperately clung to the belief that her sister was probably too old to be easily impregnated.

Jess didn't give his aunt anymore hickeys until the last night before she returned home. That night, he sucked and chewed on the side of Carol's neck until he filled her body with his sperm.

The next morning, Carol snuck into the bathroom to check her neck. She gasped at the sight of the big, purple bruise on the side of her neck. It would be impossible to hide the hickey without covering her neck completely. She was glad that she'd brought a turtle neck sweater with her.

Carol's plane took off for New York nine days late.

The plane wasn't the only thing that was late.

The lovely attorney knew her period should have started a week and a half earlier. In all her years she had never been late or missed a period. As the woman sat in the full 747, she absently rubbed her belly. She knew in her heart that she was carrying Jess' baby in her womb. She would buy a pregnancy test once she got back to New York. She knew however, that the test was unnecessary.

Jess had sleep fucked her numerous times during her stay.

Carol was full of her nephew's cum. She would miss her nightly sessions of being fucked by her sleeping nephew. But she would have a constant reminder of those wonderful sleep sex sessions. Her belly would begin to expand. Sometime during her fourth or fifth month, Carol would begin to visibly show. Then later in the year, she would give birth to her nephew's child. The middle of the night feedings; diaper changes; teething; and the baby's first steps would all be reminders of the incredible sex she'd had with her sleeping nephew. Carol had no regrets.

The next morning Carol sat on the toilet seat waiting for the pregnancy test to give her the results. She stared at the test strip, waiting for it to tell her what she already knew.

After what seemed like a life time, the test strip confirmed her suspicions.

Carol was pregnant with her Nephew's baby.

She started to call her sister and give her the news, but she just couldn't bring herself to make the call.

If Emily hadn't found out about the sex that was going on in her son's room, Carol would have simply told her that she got knocked up by a one night stand.

But Carol didn't know how she was going to break the news to her sister that she was carrying her nephew's baby.

Two weeks after Carol left, Frank came home with some good news.

A friend of Frank's who is also a contractor wanted Frank to fly down to southern Texas to help him with the government housing project he was hired to build.

With the nasty winter weather shutting Frank's jobs down, he jumped at the opportunity to make some extra cash.

Jess had gone over to his girlfriend's dorm to spend the night.

The couple sat at the kitchen table.

"How long will you be gone?" Emily asked her husband as they ate dinner.

"Michael says he has six housing projects to build, so I will probably be gone until the snow melts off here. Once the snow clears off, and the ground dries up, I can come home and start working on my own projects again."

"When do you have to leave?"

"I will be flying out first thing in the morning."

As the couple talked, Jess came in. He was obviously upset. He plopped down at the dinner table.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" Emily asked.

"Chelsea broke up with me. It seems she started seeing her old boyfriend from high school again while she was home for the holidays. They have decided that they are in love and want to get married. She's finishing out the semester, and then she is moving back home to get married."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Emily said, feeling sorry for her son. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"No," Jess replied. "I just need some time alone. I'm going to my room. I'll see you in the morning."

"Son, I will be flying to Houston early in the morning. I will be away on a job until the weather allows me to continue working on my contracts here. So take care of your Mom while I'm gone."

"I will Dad. Have a good time in Houston." Jess got up and left the room.

Emily watched her son leave. "He's really broken up about this. He didn't ask you any questions."

Frank nodded. "He's young. He'll get over it. Soon he'll have another young girl to play with."

"And I will be buying condoms again," Emily replied ruefully.

"Honey, you should make the boy buy his own condoms."

Emily's mind flashed back to the night she saw her sleeping sister fucking Jess. She wished Carol would call and let her know if everything is ok. "I am not relying on that young man to keep up with how many condoms he has. The last thing we need is to have him impregnate some cheerleader because he forgot to make a stop at the pharmacy."

"Ok, I give up." Frank took hold of his wife's hand. "Honey, I know you hate sleeping by yourself."

Emily shrugged. "I'll be ok. If I become too lonely, I'll just sleep with Jess." An impish grin appeared on her face. "It will be different sleeping with a man who doesn't wake me in the middle of the night for sex, but I think I'll make out alright."

Frank leaned over and kissed his wife. "You know you're going to miss my little nocturnal visits."

"And you Sir will probably start masturbating in your sleep. Try not to sleepwalk while you're in Texas. You don't want to wake up walking down the highway heading for home."

"Am I that bad?"

Emily smiled at her husband. "No honey, you are that good."

The next morning, Frank's plane took off just as the snow started to fall.

Emily was driving home from the airport as the first flakes hit her windshield.

The weather service hadn't mentioned the possibility of snow. The heavy snowfall took everyone by surprise. By seven thirty that evening, the city was once again snowed in. The local news was predicting that the city would be snowed in for at least a week.

Fortunately, Emily had planned for such an emergency. She had completed her shopping the day before.

That night Emily lay in the queen sized bed, tossing, and turning. She hadn't slept alone since her wedding night.

Unable to take it any longer, she looked at the clock. "It's three thirty," she muttered in frustration. "I'm exhausted, but I can't get to sleep." She thought about her Son sleeping two doors down. She really didn't want to have to rely on Jess for a good night's sleep, but she was exhausted.

Would Jess object to having her crawl into bed with him? Being eighteen, he might feel uncomfortable having to share his bed with her.

Emily decided she wouldn't wake her son. She would just quietly slip under the covers and let him find out in the morning.

If he was unhappy with the arrangement, he could voice his displeasure then.

Emily threw the covers off, got out of bed, and headed for Jess' room. She stopped and went to the bathroom. As she relieved herself, she thought about the mid thigh length nightgown she was wearing. Emily considered going back to her room and changing into pajamas. But she was so tired that she decided she'd wear the nightgown.

After all it wasn't like Jess hadn't seen her in a nightgown before.

Emily wiped her pussy with a wad of toilet paper. She stood, pulling her panties up as she straightened; and then flushed the toilet. She left the bathroom, and then took the few steps to Jess' room. Emily quietly opened his door and peered inside.

Jess was lying on his side in the center of the bed.

Emily knew it would be a tight fit, but she didn't want to wake her son just to have him move over. She quietly entered the room and slipped under the covers. Lying on her side, with her back to Jess, she snuggled up against her son's chest. Within minutes the exhausted woman was sound asleep.

An hour later, Emily began to slowly awaken. She felt her body being turned over onto her back. The half asleep woman felt her nightgown being pushed up around her hips.

Seconds later fingers slipped into the waistband of her panties, and pulled her undergarment down her long legs.

In her semiconscious state, Emily assumed that Frank was once again having his nightly slumber filled fun. Emily was too tired to enjoy it, but being a good wife, she kept quiet.

Powerful hands grasped her thighs, and spread her legs apart.

Emily knew that as tired as she was, she'd go back to sleep once Frank got started.

She felt the mattress move as he eased between her spread legs.

He grasped his shaft, and slipped the head of his cock between her pussy lips.

Emily started to drift off, as he moved his cock head up and down through the folds of her pussy lips. Despite her exhaustion, Emily's pussy began to moisten.

He eased forward, pushing his cock into her cunt.

Somewhere in the back of Emily's mind a strange thought began to emerge.

Frank's cock felt a little thicker than normal.

Emily's pussy slowly opened up to this intrusion. She couldn't help but notice that her cunt was opening up more than usual. She began to slowly awaken.

The thick cock continued to sink into her.

Emily began to grow confused as the shaft reached its usual depth, but then continued to sink even deeper into her body.

The thick shaft sank deeper into Emily's shallow pussy, until the head came to rest against her cervix.

Emily felt more full than she'd ever felt before. She could feel his ball sack touch her inner butt cheeks. Her confusion increased as she continued to awaken.

The tip of Frank's cock had never reached her cervix before. He'd certainly never stretched her like this.

At that moment, Emily remembered that Frank was in Texas, and she had climbed in Jess' bed. Her eyes popped open. She stared up in horror at the sight of her son, as he began to fuck her. "Oh shit," she gasped.

Jess hovered over his mother. His weight was resting on his elbows. His eyes had that glazed over look that Emily had seen in her husband's features countless times.

Emily didn't know what to do. Her son was obviously asleep.

Jess withdrew his long shaft, and then thrust it back into his mother.

Emily whimpered as the thick cock burrowed back into her body. She felt like her life was coming apart. She was being sleep fucked by her own son.

Jess began to pound his mother, thrusting into her cunt repeatedly. His cock forced her vaginal walls to spread with each inward thrust.

Emily wanted to scream as her son repeatedly thrust his shaft into her. "This can't be happening," she softly cried. She was trapped with no way out. She knew from experience that waking Jess would be extremely difficult if not impossible. She wasn't sure she wanted to wake him.

Jess would most definitely be traumatized if he woke to discover he was fucking her.

Emily knew she had no choice but to let Jess finish. She winced as her son rammed into her cervix again. In an effort to ease her discomfort, she lifted her legs, and wrapped them around Jess' hips.

Jess continued to thrust into his Mom. His cock head repeatedly banged against the entrance to her fertile womb.

Emily wanted to scream, cry, and whimper all at the same time. She had never in her wildest dreams imagined finding herself in this predicament. Tears began flowing down her cheeks.

Jess began to thrust harder into his mother's body. He groaned in his sleep.

Her vaginal walls had begun to grow accustomed to being stretched more than usual. Emily knew it wasn't Jess' fault. She'd read the material. She understood that this is a condition that doesn't discriminate. A sleep sex victim will fuck whoever is available.

After all, Carol had fucked Jess in her sleep.

Emily believed her sister would never do something like that consciously.

As Jess thrust into his mom's cunt, he leaned over and bit into the side of her throat. He began sucking on her flesh.

"Oh shit," Emily hissed.

Jess was giving her a hickey.

Emily immediately remembered the hickey on Carol's neck. She immediately realized that Jess must have given Carol the hickey while he was asleep.

Had Jess been sleep fucking his aunt the entire time she was here?

If so, then Carol had made the conscious decision to let him.

Emily became furious that her sister might have allowed this to go on the entire time she stayed here.

Jess released his bite from his mom's neck. He lowered his mouth to her left nipple.

Like Carol, Emily's nipples were very sensitive.

The moment Jess bit down on her nipple, sexual electricity shot through her cunt.

Emily sucked in a lungful of air. She moaned deeply.

Jess continued to fuck his mom as he sucked on her sensitive nipple.

Emily's body responded to her son's teeth, by thrusting her hips upward to meet his inward thrusts. "What am I going to do?" Emily moaned.

Jess thrust his cock into his mom's cunt repeatedly.

Emily's cunt began to throb as her son pounded her mercilessly. Her body was beginning to enjoy the feel of Jess' cock. She knew it was wrong, but between, his torturous teeth, and his long, thick cock, her body was giving in to the amazing sensation of being fucked by her virile young son.

Jess continued to thrust his dick into his mother's stretched out pussy.

With each thrust, Emily became more and more excited. Tears began flowing down her cheeks as she lay there, loving the feel of her own son's cock in her pussy. "I'm such a whore," she moaned, completely disgusted with what she was feeling. How could she enjoy being fucked by the young man she'd given birth to? Emily tightened her legs around Jess' hips. She grabbed a handful of his hair, and forced his face against her breast. Gazing at the top of her son's head, she whispered, "Baby, please forgive Mommy for liking this."

Jess thrust into his mom, again, and again. In his sleeping state he had no idea he was fucking his mother. He lifted his head, and once again sank his teeth into the side of her throat.

Emily gasped as her son began sucking on her neck once again. She knew the evidence of what was happening would be obvious to everyone who saw her. She also knew that Jess would see the hickey in the morning, and put two and two together.

He would suspect that he was responsible for the bruise. The question is, would he figure out what he'd done to her? Would Jess suspect he had taken advantage of her as he slept?

Emily lay there, torn between her deep feelings of shame, and her need to cum. She'd never had a cock this big stuffed in her before.

The throbbing member was stretching her small pussy more than she'd ever experienced in the past.

Emily's body began to build towards her inevitable climax. She didn't know how she'd be able to look at her own reflection in the mirror if Jess made her cum. Her only hope was to hold off as long as possible, and hope that Jess came in her and pulled out before she achieved orgasm.

If Jess came first, she could lie to herself and say she was just doing her duty as a mother.

Then a horrible thought entered her mind. Emily was in the fertile time of her month.

Carol was just four years younger than her, and obviously she was pregnant, or she would have called by now.

Emily knew that if Jess came in her, he would probably get her pregnant.

Jess is a young and vigorous man, who most likely is full of millions of sperm.

Emily could become pregnant with her son's baby. "Fuck," she whimpered. "This can't be happening. What am I going to do? I can't have my Baby's child. Please, Jess, please don't get Mommy pregnant."

Jess didn't respond. He continued to pound his mother's cunt as he slept. His teeth bit down on her throat as he sucked.

Emily tried to hold out. She tried with all her might not to cum.

But Jess' impressive cock and stamina proved to be too much for her. With each inward thrust, he brought his mother closer and closer to orgasm.

Emily whimpered, cried, and moaned, as Jess pounded her cunt with his cock. She clung to her son as if her life depended on it. Soon her body erupted in an earth shaking orgasm. She clung to her sleeping son as her body trembled with orgasmic joy.

Jess released his death grip on Emily's throat, but continued to fuck her.

Emily came like never before. Her belly tightened, and her pussy throbbed from the release of sexual tension. "I'm sorry Baby," she softly cried. "Mommy is sorry she came." She began to sob uncontrollably. Her heart was ripped apart by her unforgivable orgasm. Yet her body continued to shake because of her unwanted orgasm.

Jess began to thrust harder into his mom's stretched out pussy. His balls were churning for release.

Emily felt Jess' cock begin to swell. "Fuck, he's about to cum." Her voice was tiny. "My son is going to cum in me. He's going to knock me up." Even though her mind was filled with terror, her body began to prepare for a second orgasm. Emily was shocked that the thought of being impregnated by her son could drive her to cum again.

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