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A Holy Guide


Anne felt so peaceful as she laid next to that stranger Bedouin under that big carob tree on their hike route. They were laying on a tattered carpet, which Salem, their tourist guide, brought last year in a hike with a Swedish group. He likes sitting there, overlooking the Lake of the Galilee, every time he passes by on his tours up to Nazareth.

She was looking up at the serene sky and sighed out of joy and moved closer to Salem. She didn't know how she felt then, such a strange experience for her; so sad, so happy, about to cry or to giggle, a kind of a vacant soul like a hermit full of God's celestial love, a kind of mysterious lascivious lust filled her body and hungry heart. She felt a sweeping love and lust that can't be quenched, a twitching feeling of nothingness like being naked nowhere in the steamy heat of sun.

She looked lovingly toward that stranger laying next to her, whom she didn't know but last night for the first time; he was lying on his back still putting his backpack on with his tanned athletic body. She moved closer till she touched his strong muscled hand and felt safer as she remembered how he held her with one hand to lift her on his broad shoulders and walk along with the group that morning.

She liked riding his shoulders as she felt her twitching thing over his neck and played with his long hair. He told her that it is a Bedouin tradition to have a long hair as she felt his mounting chest moves up and down, and she cherished his broad shoulders and felt a sweeping desire to hug him. She remembered when she was a little child how she used to cling to her father's neck and smiled at that childish thought.

She sat up now, leaning on his flat but sturdy belly and looked down in the steep valley but there was no trace or sound of the group. She then looked at the glistening lake on that hot day. She rummaged around the open nature dreamingly and noticed no trace of modern life and felt as if they both were cut off from the whole world; two, a young man and a girl living a solitude life in the hills of Galilee. She remembered Jesus and the ancient folk and how they were living here, how they were singing joyfully while ploughed their fields, how they were walking these winding roads among the charming orchards and cliffy hills.

She was about to cry and wash her thirsty soul with hot tears as she watched the yellowish hills of Herodes when she saw a big cave at the opposite hill. She gazed at the cave and felt a hot tear fall from her childish cheek, and as if she saw Jesus at the mouth of the cave waving his hands, breaching his flowers who were hundreds standing and looking at him. She felt like crying but turned to her stranger mate saying: "I love you Salem." And turned over to burry her face in his chest and burst in tears.

"Calm down dear, don't be sad, I am hear to help and protect you," said Salem, an expert on how a tourist would feel in such a magical atmosphere of the heavenly land, and hugged her tight. "It a holy land here Anne. It is full of hidden celestial energy, countless memories of people who were doomed here and their souls are hungry for ease."

She was resting between his legs and her head was leant on his broad chest, she felt him panting as his hands held her tight over him and caressed her hair. He was still laying on his backpack. Her belly was pressed over his bulge, but it didn't get bigger. She felt her nipples twitching over his belly and her cheek was still stuck to his muscular broad chest.

"I love you Salem, I feel so safe with you." Said Anne while still feeling the hot tears on her cheeks dripping down and soaking his T-shirt and warming his tanned skin which had the ancient aroma of Palestine.

"Take it easy Anne, cheer up" he said smilingly and went on: "I know the way you feel now... its not the first time I see people cry and even weep bitterly as they see this holy land. They come happily in a vacation to be trapped at the enchantment of this majestic beauty, of solitude, of the ancient times of our ancestors.... I love you too Anne, but... but believe me, there is nothing like the puritan love..."

Anne wasn't listening to him but to the inner voice of horny lust inside, a queer feeling of her very body that she has never experienced, and stuck to him. She started biting on his chest and pulling his T-shirt off. She didn't use her free hands but was trying to feed her thirsty mouth and lips for what she didn't know exactly. He was embracing her tightly as if he too was hungry for her young body. She felt the bulge under her belly getting bigger and she started to rub her belly between his strong thighs.

"No Anne! Enough dear, the group is waiting down there to complete the tour..." but Anne didn't listen, she was listening to her twitching thing, and he went on: "We got to reach Almatallah forest and camp there before dusk..."

"I need you now Salem!! I want to feel you fill my horny pussy..."

Salem couldn't take it any longer with her lascivious words that he never heard, and the throbbing rock that started bulging under her belly. She pulled his T-shirt up and slipped her hands in his undies and cried "Oh G-D! So big!" It was really big and Salem was wild as he hadn't been with a woman for a long time, though he meets tens of gorgeous girls everyday. He surrendered as she pulled his shorts down and started licking his belly. He loved that sweet sensation of her tongue swirling on his lower belly as she held his fat big cock with her two hands. She loved licking his tanned skin of the ancient aroma as she smelled the orient scent filling her nose. "Oh, lovely deck!" and she started kissing his shaft.

"Oh honey, I love you Anne!" and held her head lovingly to rub his throbbing deck with her steaming lips.

"So sweet and big!" She said smilingly and started biting on it to give it deep throat thrusts. He jerked and gave a load of precum which she licked lusciously to give it to him in the mouth, then he sat up, took his backpack and shorts off to lay over her. She was still dressed as he started sucking her neck and biting on her lips, then slowly went down to bite on her nipples. She rubbed her pussy and belly and only then remembered to take her T-shirt off and she was still in her Jeans. He went down licking her belly and with his teeth released her belt and licked between her Jeans and skin. In hot short breaths, he unbuttoned and unzipped her Jeans with his teeth and like a horny dog started pulling it down, and then she looked down to see his throbbing fat deck dangling down there between her tights. She helped him pulling her jeans and laid on her back begging.

"Fuck me Salem... fill me with your fat shaft..." But for Salem there was other work to finish first

He bent between her thighs and started biting her hair down there, and then opened her pussy wide with his trembling fingers and sucked her clit strongly. She felt a hot fury running in her veins as he sucked in her pussy then slipped his tongue inside to drive her frenzy. She pulled his head strongly on her pussy and jerked, "Oh sweety! Fuck me now, I am burning hot."

He came up slowly, held his bursting hard cock to rub its head between her pussy lips, and started whipping her with his deck little strikes as he felt her hot juice dripping down over her tiny brownish whole. She felt dizzy, gulping for air as she screamed, " Oh please! Now..Fuck me..." and thrust her ass up to meet his hard rock. "Oh sweety Anne!!!" and shoved his big meat inside her dripping pussy as she met him his thrust with violent jerks of her waiving waist. "Oh harder... deep inside my pussy!!!" and soon a full load of cream filled her steamy whole at the time she trembled and gave out a horny cry "Oh Holy Gosh... Cummmmm" and load after load filled her pussy deep and he slumbered over her biting her reddish cheeks and lips lovingly.

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