tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Hot Halloween

A Hot Halloween


My wife Colleen was in bed after I put a couple of kids hyped up on a good haul of candy. She was wearing her usual silk teddy and she was sound asleep. I tried to get her hot for some good Halloween sex but she shrugged and was not in the mood. So I figured what the hell and went to sleep myself.

Around midnight I woke up to the sound of her footsteps going down the stairs, I also heard some voices outside the house. I got up and looked out the window and saw three high school kids smashing pumpkins and throwing toilet paper into the trees. The same immature crap I did when I was their age, Colleen was probably nervous about her new car so she probably got up to keep an eye on it so I started to go back to bed. I almost made it when I heard the front door open and footsteps on the porch. So I figured I better put my robe on and go down and see what the hell is going on.

I went down the stairs and stopped to look out the front door window and see if I could hear what was going on outside. Colleen was telling the three boys that they had to go home or she was going to call their parents, I recognized two of the boys from the neighborhood one was Kenny Smith a star football player and Bobby Miller a shy kid who mowed the lawn of every other weekend. The third boy was a tall young black kid who they must have known from school cause no black families lived in our neighborhood. "Hey Mrs Harris we were just having fun." said Kenny

"Sorry Mrs Harris" said Bobby "What are you boys doing out so late anyways there is a curfew for eleven and it is after twelve."she said

I could not help to notice the boys were checking her out in her short silk robe that she must have thrown on. Her nipples were hardening through the material for it was only about forty degrees out. Colleen has a forty two double d size chest with a nice round ass and decent legs. "Sorry lady these two shit for brains told me there was all kinds of good pussy in this neighborhood and we would have a good time tonight man was I wrong." said the black kid "What the fuck do you call Mrs. Harris she was hot looking lady." said Kenny "Kenny what the hell are you saying" she said "I'm going in and you boys better be gone"

As she went up the front lawn she was tackled from behind by Kenny and the black kid helped him hold her arms down as he rolled her over onto her back. Kenny pulled open her robe and tore away her teddie from her chest to reveal her beautiful set of tits. I wanted to go out and help her but I also wanted to see what would happen if they continued. Colleen tried to struggle but they were too strong for her and Kenny began to lick and suck on her hard nipples.

Kenny undid his jeans and slipped out his hard cock, he teased her pussy with it and then slid it into her wettening pussy. Colleen yelled out for help but Bobby quickly came over and covered her mouth. Kenny fucked her at fast and furious pace that only an eighteen year old could do and soon he was shooting his come into my wife. The black kid and Kenny switched places and he pulled out a big eight inch cock that he easily slid into my wife much to my disbelief I could hear her moan with pleasure as he slid it in and out of her soggy cunt. "Hey I think Mrs. Harris is getting into this"said Kenny"Here clean my cock off"

Colleen loves to suck cock and she took his semi hard member into her mouth. She graciously licked the combination of come and pussy juice off his cock while the black kid was fucking her at a nice steady pace. "Oh man Oh man"he began to cry out "This white pussy is going to drain the come out of me."

Now it was Bobby's turn and he nervously stood between my wife's legs. The other two were coaxing him on knowing how shy he was and Colleen even told him to hurry up and get it over with. Bobby pulled down his pants and pulled out a twelve inch long three inch thick cock. The biggest I ever saw and the biggest Colleen has ever seen as well. Colleen reached down and grabbed her legs from behind the knees and pulled them up to her chest. This allowed Bobby to slide his huge member into without much trouble for she was really lubricated.

Colleen was now screaming out loud moans of pleasure as he fucked her with a deliberate slowness. She let him fuck her like that till she had a good orgasm but I knew what she wanted and she rolled over onto all fours. Bobby fucked her doggiestyle while the other two boys sucked on her big tits. Colleen was now moaning in a steady precession of moans and groans of pleasure. She cums several times and usually has her most powerful orgasms this way due to the increased penetration. She collapsed on the ground after a good five minutes steady of his good hard cock and Bobby collapsed on top of her as he shot his wad up inside her.

Colleen told the boys to run home before she remembered that they had their ay with her. She put her robe back on and I ran upstairs into the bedroom feigning sleep. She slid into bed next to me cold as ice and I rolled over to cuddle with her my cock still very hard for I had not come yet. I told her I had something she could warm up on and she crawled u under the covers and sucked my cock till I came in her mouth something she never does. "I think this weekend I will have Bobby Miller over to help me clean the garage"she said.

"Good idea" I replied"I have to help the neighbors put storm windows on so go ahead." I said. I hoped she would take advantage of him again so I could watch her and that huge cock.

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