tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Hot Summer Night

A Hot Summer Night


Rebecca arrived home after work and quickly went to the air conditioner and flicked the switch to the 'on' position. The heat outside had risen to well over 100 degrees in the Arizona desert and her mobile home was hotter then hell. She felt a drop of sweat run down between her breasts and another quickly followed. Dropping her purse, then pieces of clothing as she went into the bathroom for a cool shower. The spray of cold water felt wonderful. Her nipples reacted to the stimulation of the sting of the water hitting them. Rebecca tilted her head back and let her day wash away.

She worked in a Gambling Casino as a 'Drink' girl and had just spent eight hours on her feet, listening to people bitch and moan as they sat in the air conditioning and threw money away for hours. It wasn't all bad though, there was the nice, elderly gentleman that had tipped her a total of fifty dollars! Drinks were free on the floor, but he had given her a tip each time she brought him a drink, which was three times. She smiled, thinking of the twinkle in his eyes as he thanked her and gave her the tip, letting his eyes run down her body each time.

Rebecca looked good at thirty years old. She was a natural blonde and wore her hair long, way past her shoulders. Her body was tight, legs long and shaply in the little, short costume she wore at work. The outfit was low-cut, allowing a lot of cleavege to the enjoyment of the male customers. Rebecca's amble breasts swelled from the top of the blouse, while the skirt just covered her nice ass. Of course some women didn't appreciate her appearance, but hell, a girl had to earn a living.

And if her looks helped bring in a few extra dollars, so be it. Her face was just as nice as her body. She had an innocent look, like the 'girl next door' that most men wished were their neighbor. Full lips and beautiful, sky blue eyes. When she smiled, her whole face seemed to light up.

Stepping out of the shower, Rebecca twisted a towel around her hair and walked back into the livingroom. The air conditioner had done it's job well, the room was cool and inviting now. She got herself a cold soft drink and turned the television on before going to the couch to lay down and relax awhile before thinking about dinner.

Outside it was pitch black now. The trailor park, like most in Arizona, had no streetlights and many of the trailors were dark. The owners were 'weekenders' and wouldn't be around for a few more days. Up and down her street, there were only a handful of residents that lived there year 'round. She smiled, thinking of the teenage boy that lived with his parents three trailors down from her. He was probably about nineteen and got all tongue tied whenever she had spoken to him. Rebecca stooding looking out the window as she thought about the teenager. He was really a good-looking guy, well built and tan. His sandy, blonde hair was cut short and his facial features were very nice, without a doubt, he would be a very handsome man. She sipped on her drink, forgetting she was wearing nothing but a towel on her head as she stood there thinking.

Movement across the street caught her eye, she watched the person move behind some bushes directly across from her. She saw it was the teen she had been thinking about! "Oh my God, he's spying on me!" she said softly to herself. She pretended she hadn't seen anything and casually turned and walked over to a big overstuffed chair and sat down. Her heart was racing as she realized it excited her to know he was outside watching.

Rebecca bent forward and took the towel off her head, then shook her hair out, running her fingers through it to smooth some of the tangles out before tossing it back over her head again. Then she shifted in the chair, putting one leg up over the arm, leaving her pussy exposed. She had shaved, as she always did, and now she reached over to the table next to the chair and picked up a bottle of body lotion. Uncapping it, she poured a small amount of the lotion into the palm of her hand. Rebecca started to apply the creamy lotion to her breasts first. She used her fingertips to rub the lotion over her big tits, paying special attention to her nipples as she did.

Using long, slow strokes, Rebecca applied more lotion to her stomach and then her legs. She sat the bottle back on the table and started rubbing the lotion over her exposed flesh in slow, even strokes. First across her firm belly then down further to her pelvic area. Her fingers brushed her pussy lips and sent a thrill coursing through her body. From the corner of her eye, she saw the boy moving closer to her trailor, trying to stay in the deeper shadows.

Rebecca continued to rub the body lotion on with deliberate strokes that were very seductive. She felt her pussy getting damp as her hands moved back up to her heavy breasts. She cupped them, one in each hand, and squeezed them together while rubbing the nipples with her thumbs. Knowing she had an audience was really getting her turned on! She lifted a breast and her tongue darted to lick it's extended nipple, which made her pussy contract.

Rebecca suddenly stood up and went into her bedroom and returned with a vibrating dildo. She sat back in the chair, this time spreading her legs and placing one on each arm of the chair. Using her fingers, she massaged her pussy lips, then spread them so she could rub her clit. Her breathing had gotten faster as she grew more excited.

Her head rested on the back of the chair and her eyes were almost closed. She was actually looking through them carefully, trying to see the teenage watcher outside. Yep, there he was, just outside her fenced yard, crouching behind the bush. Only one light was on in the room and it was behind where she sat. This made it easy for her eyes to adjust to the darkness outside and she could see the boys face. His expression was one of stark lust and desire. Rebecca could see movement and knew he was jacking-off as he watched her.

Rebecca was really getting turned just knowing he was looking at her and thinking she wasn't aware. She picked up the dildo and put the end into her mouth, getting it wet with her siliva, the positioned it at her already juicy cunt. She moaned softly when she started sliding it into her snatch and fliped the little switch on the bottom on. The vibrations against her clit were delicious. She raised her ass up and started moving the dildo back and forth against her little nub. One hand carassed her tits while the other worked the dildo in and out of her tight pussy.

The sensations that flooded her were so erotic and intensified by being watched that it didn't take long for an orgasm to rocket through her body. She jerked her hips and started thrusting the dildo deep into her hot cunt. When the orgasm reached it's peak, she shuddered and trembled from it's force, her juices running out her pussy and down to the crack of her ass. The dildo was soaked with her cum.

As her orgasm subsided, Rebecca continued to rub the dildo up and down her wet slit. The humming noise and her breathing were the only sounds in the room. She let the little toy linger at her clit, it's vibrations sending thrills through her. Without looking directly at him, she could still still the teen outside, watching and waiting to see what she would do next. She smiled to herself and put a finger in her pussy, then to her lips so she could lick her juice from it. She used one hand to rub some of her juices on her asshole, then inserted her finger in it. It felt so fucking good...she put the dildo back in her tight snatch and started to fuck herself with it again. She started moving the dildo, first to her pussy then to her asshole. After a while she pushed the tip of it into her asshole and held it there, letting the vibrations course through her again. She stopped, removed the dildo and stood up once more, walked back to her bedroom and returned with a second dildo. This one was larger then the first one. She got a pillow from the couch and put it under the small of her back, lifting her ass up and forward some.

Rebecca used the vibrator on her clit again before inserting it in her ass once more. When it was deep inside her, she took the other dildo and started to push it into her soaked pussy. She groaned loudly as she started fucking both of her holes. The big dildo in her pussy rubbed against the smaller one in her ass through the thin skin seperating them. It felt wonderful. Her body jerked, trying to get more of the pretend cocks inside of it. She started thrusting the one in her pussy in and out fast, while she pushed down on the one in her asshole. Rebecca fucked herself steadily for a good fifteen minutes. Another orgasm was building and it was gonna be a major jolt!

She cried out when the orgasm shook her to the core. Her hips jerked and bucked against the dildos that impaled her pussy and asshole. Both legs drummed against the arms of the chair while her head thrashed back and forth. "Oh oh oh oh..ooooooooooh FUCK YEAH!" she screamed as her whole body reacted to waves of pleasure. She felt like the orgasm went on and on though it was only for a minute or two.

When it was over she went limp in the chair, breathing hard, her eyes closed. She peeked under her eyelashes and saw her teenage peeper, still watching her and couldn't resist waving at him. He fell backwards onto his ass. This made her giggle despite her weariness at the moment. Then she watched as he jumped to his feet and ran down the street towards his house, trying to zip his pants up as he ran. This caused her a fit of laughter that lasted a good five minutes.

Finally getting herself under control, Rebecca went to take another shower to wash up again. She kept getting a mental picture of the boy's shocked face when she had waved, which started her giggles again. Her stomach was starting to feel tender from laughing so much. "I bet he won't be forgetting that action for awhile" she murmured to herself as she dried off and dressed in shorts and a tank top.

The whole scene played over and over in her mind the rest of the evening. It had really be a turn on and Rebecca knew she would be 'putting on a show' again soon, unless she had scared the boy away for good. Somehow, she didn't think so. He'd be back, and she'd be waiting...

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