tagLoving WivesA HOT Summers Party

A HOT Summers Party


This is obviously a work of fiction. 'Kris' in this story is a loving wife, not a 'slut'. Her and the husband are secure in their relationship enough to accept others into their love life to enhance their shared experiences. So enjoy the fantasy as I have, and 'Kris'.

It was one of the best Summer Celebrations we had thrown yet. Everyone had plenty to eat and drink and fun was had by all. It also helped that the weather had chose to cooperate and provide an absolutely beautiful day and evening. Both my wife Kris and I had invited our usual mix of friends, work friends and clients to our annual party. In all, over 30 people had arrived and taken advantage of some great food and free drinks.

By the end of the evening, most of the people had left but the die hard drinkers. Soon, even they began to tire and sometime after 2:30am all that was left was Kris, myself and a client of hers Ryan. Ryan was in town from out of state and was staying in a hotel downtown. Since he was not sure of the way back and was rather drunk, we convinced him to stay over. This was not hard to do as he has always had a huge crush on my wife. The two of them have a history of flirting and even some heavy petting at past conventions, but nothing beyond some oral sex at the last one. I am fine with this. I love sharing my wife. I love watching her flirt and tease other men, it turns me on to no end.

Kris began to pick up some of the party mess before I convinced her it was late and she needed to relax. I made drinks for the three of us as Ryan and I settled down in the living room to watch some TV as Kris went off the the bedroom to change out of her her party clothes and into 'something more comfortable'. I sat in my favorite comfy chair as Ryan sat on the couch. Nothing much was on the TV as it was so late, so we settled on watching some bad movie on Cinemax. It was the standard soft-core, tits and ass movie they always show, but the girls in it were quite hot and at least made the sex look real. What could be better to watch late at night and drunk?

Kris came out to the living room in a small, loose fitting, nearly transparent night gown. Her large, natural 34DDD breast proudly on display. I was happy to see this and Ryan was too as he stared at her with his mouth open and a look of awe on his face. She had on a pair of frilly panties that showed off her ass perfectly and she took her time to walk around the coffee table and sit in the open spot on the couch next to Ryan. She laughed at what we were watching but insisted we not change the channel when I offered to. I could not stop staring at her, looking at her breasts, her naked legs, a vision of beauty to behold. She looked back at me and smiled. What a delightfully devilish smile it was.

"Do you like?" She asked.

"Yes!!" Exclaimed Ryan rather quickly, "You look amazing!"

"Sexy as hell babe." I said. Still unable to take my eyes off of her.

"Well you said I should relax and get comfortable, and it is rather warm in here, so I thought this would be the most comfortable thing." She said as she reached for her fresh glass of vodka cranberry.

"I have to agree. You sure do look.........comfortable." I said winking at her. Her nipples were erect and it was not hard to guess what was on her mind. She was gonna tease Ryan and maybe even let him fuck her. We had discussed this before. I said I had no problem with it, and it would turn me on to watch her. I also knew that he turned her on and wanted to fuck him. When she had returned from her last convention they had both attended she told me that their flirting and kissing had gone to the point of him licking her pussy until she came and then her sucking his cock until he came. I knew that when he said he would love to attend the party that he was planning on being able to get her alone and possibly fuck her. She had told him that I was OK with it and not to worry. Tonight was going to be the night. I just don't know if Ryan knew it yet or not.

Ryan's eyes were glued to her as she took a long sip of her drink. It was rather warm and the glass had sweat. A drop of water fell off and ran down her chest, between her breasts as Ryan watched the water run down her cleavage. She slowly ran a finger up between her breasts to catch the water.

"Whoops!" She said looking at him with large doe eyes as she placed her finger in her mouth and seductively sucked off the water.

Ryan continued to look at her, unsure what to say, when she suddenly leaned over and gave him a kiss. She cupped his face in her hand and pulled his face towards her. It was a nice kiss, not to long but long enough to definitely excite them both. His hand went to her bare thigh, where he began slowly moving his hand up and done her soft, warm thigh, causing her legs to part slightly. They kissed again and this time it was much more passionate. His hand was now moving higher each time he would caress her thigh, causing her legs to spread until at last she lifted a leg over his.

As I sat quietly and watched, both of them were lost in the moment and I was getting very turned on. Soon Ryan's hand had moved between her legs and gently brushed across her pussy, still contained in the lacy panties, sure that they were thoroughly soaked by now. As his hand ran across her pussy, she arched her back and let out a gentle moan. Ryan then started to kiss her neck and work slowly down across her chest until he was right above one of her large,soft breasts. Suddenly he stopped and looked at me, eyes wide, as he came to the realization that he was doing this to my wife! Right in front of me!

I just smiled and said, "Don't stop now."

He hesitated for a fraction of a second then grabbed the breast nearest his mouth and pulled aside the sheer fabric and sucked a hard nipple into his wanting mouth. Kris moaned a little louder this time and arched her back, forcing her breast into his mouth. Her hands were in his hair pulling him to her and he continued to eagerly suck on her huge tits. Her legs spread even wider as she slipped down a little on the couch. I could see that she was indeed soaking wet. I wanted to jump off the chair and dive between her legs and lick her right then and there, but now was not the time.

Her eyes caught mine as I continued to watch Ryan suck madly at her ample breasts. One of his hands was now working it's way between her legs and it wasn't long until I could see a finger disappear between her soaking lips. She was horny as hell now and nothing was going to stop her. She looked at me and smiled then took his face in both hands and kissed him hard. His fingers were now pushing aside the panties and working their way into her wet pussy much faster and deeper now. He began to press a finger on her clit and rub it causing her to stir more and more. Her hips were moving in rhythm to his fingers and soon I knew she was close to cumming.

"Oh God!!" She moaned as Ryan's fingers worked her pussy. "I'm gonna cum!!" And soon she began to thrust her hips forcibly into his fingers as now two were deep into her pussy as he used his thumb to flick her clit. She rode his fingers hard and began to moan loudly as her hand was frantically searching for his cock as she tried to work his pants open when she reached her climax.

"OH MY GOOODDDDDD!!!!" she screamed as she came. She has been known to squirt when fingered like this and tonight was no exception. She flooded his hand with her juices as she ground her pussy hard into his hand. She turned to kiss him madly as she continued to ride out her orgasm, and soon had managed to free his cock from his pants and now had it in her hand.

As her orgasm slowed, she quickly slid off the couch and moved between Ryan's legs and pulled off his pants and underwear. His cock was fully erect, standing at attention and ready to go as she slowly began to stroke it. He laid back as she continued her slow stroking and started to give soft, gentle kisses to his shaft and swollen head. Her hand squeezing his hard cock every time she would bend in and give his cock a little kiss. Soon she was running her tongue along his shaft and taking just the head of his cock into her mouth, teasing him with her amazing cock-sucking skills.

She looked at me and as she was just about to take the head of his rock hard cock into her warm, wet mouth she said, "You like?"

"Yes!" I exclaimed. I was rock solid and had nearly ejaculated as I watched her orgasm.

"Should I continue?" She asked then sucked his cock a little further into her mouth.

"It would be mean to stop now." I said with a grin on my face.

"It sure would!!" Said Ryan.

"Well then, I guess I should get going then huh?" Purred Kris as she looked deep into Ryan's eyes, then quickly took his entire length into her mouth, causing him to let out a loud moan.

"Oh my God yes!!!!" gasped Ryan as her speed picked up. Her mouth was now moving quickly up and down his cock with her hand working his shaft as well, sliding up and down, twisting her wrists as she did. She was able to take all of him into her mouth and each time she would suck it all the way in, he would moan loudly. Ryan began to move his hips up, forcing his cock deep into her mouth faster and faster. Sensing he was reaching his limit, Kris pulled his cock from her mouth.

"Let's go to the bedroom!" she said and quickly ran to the bedroom. Ryan,left breathless and near climax, quickly followed. Kris was already on the bed, on her knees, her ass up in the air. "Ready?" she said.

"Oh my...." Ryan said while staring at her ass and soaking wet pussy.

I sat down at the head of bed where I could see Kris's face and her large breasts swinging. She had a delightfully wicked grin on her face as Ryan leaned in and began to start licking her ass and pussy. Kris moaned as his tongue darted up from her pussy to her ass, squirming with pleasure on each lick. Soon he had his hands up to pull her pussy lips apart so he could get his tongue deep inside her, sucking and nibbling at her clit. She was starting to moan a little more when he started to slowly slide a finger into her tight ass. She inhaled deeply as his finger moved into her, causing her breath to catch.

"Oh my God!! Oh my, oh my, oh my...." She chanted as he continued his sucking of her clit as his finger began to work in and out of her ass more aggressively.

She was going to cum. Hard. She bit down on the comforter and let out a loud "OH MY GOD!!!" through clenched teeth as she went over the edge. Ryan continued to suck vigorously at her clit as his finger slammed in and out of her ass. She continued her intense orgasm as waves of pure carnal pleasure pulsed through her body.

After she calmed down a little she turned around and pulled Ryan to the bed, "Fuck me. Fuck me now!!!" she said as she leaned back onto the bed and with a hand wrapped around his throbbing cock, guided it into her aching, soaked pussy. His cock slipped easily into her as he began to pump hard into her. She was in total ecstasy as he alternated between soft, slow strokes and hard, fast pounding. She started to move her ass back hard on each of his forward thrusts to force his cock deep into her. Ryan reached for her large breasts as he fucked her, squeezing them hard.

I could watch no longer. I had removed my pants and underwear and moved in front her with my aching cock as she eagerly grabbed hold of it with one hand and took it to her hot mouth. She placed her other hand between her legs and began to rub her clit as Ryan continued banging away at her pussy. It wasn't long until she began to orgasm again, moaning loudly while keeping my cock in her mouth. She began to shiver as the electricity of her orgasm worked through her body. My cock sprang free of her mouth as Ryan stated to pump into her harder than ever until it was clear he was going to cum.

"I'm gonna cum!!" Ryan said as he slammed every inch of his swollen cock deep into her cum slicked pussy.

"Arrgghhhhhh.....Oh my God!!" Ryan screamed as he began shooting his seed deep into Kris's wanting pussy. With this Kris began yet another orgasm and I watched as they both shuddered and Ryan held on tight to her legs as he continued to force his cock deep into her, feeling her orgasm pulsate on his spent cock.

When Ryan pulled away, Kris looked at me and said, "Fuck me NOW!" Her legs parted and she grabbed my aching cock. I could see Ryan's cum dripping out of her as she placed me into her waiting pussy. The feel of her red hot pussy mixed with his hot cum was a feeling like no other. Her pussy was so worked over from the hard fucking and multiple orgasms that she was wide open, and greedy. Every time I pumped into her, we could hear squishing sounds. Much to soon it became too much for me and it wasn't long until I added my own hot juices deep inside her. As soon as I started to shoot my load into her, she again began to ride a wave of intense orgasm. I had never seen or felt her like this before and it was incredible. Her pussy pulsed and sucked at my cock furiously as it worked out every last drop of cum I could produce. I fell onto the bed beside her and tried to catch my breath as Ryan sat at the edge of bed staring at Kris as he stroked his already hardening cock. Kris was lying on the bed with her legs clenched together as the last wave of orgasm subsided. Beads of sweat covered her chest and breasts. Ryan moved on his knees to be beside her as he started to stroke his cock with abandon as Kris held her breasts together, squeezing them, teasing him until he let loose with a hot blast of cum all over her chest.

After a quick clean up, we all snuggled into bed together with Kris in the middle on her back while Ryan and I both snuggled up next her, a hand cupping a breast as we fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning I awoke to the sound of Kris and Ryan making out. I heard them kissing and Kris moaning softly as Ryan moved his hand across her ass. My back was to them as they continued to make out until it began to get more intense. I could tell that Kris was stroking Ryan's cock when the bed began to shake as she did. Soon Kris moved on top of Ryan and continued to kiss him and he slid his cock along her wet pussy lips. Kris's breath caught, and I knew that Ryan had slid into her.

It wasn't long until the fucking began to get a little more involved. Kris was sitting straight up riding him hard as I turned around to watch. Ryan looked at me and smiled, "I guess she's still a little horny this morning." I agreed.

Kris continued to ride him hard as she licked a couple of fingers then began to rub at her clit. She arched her back as she began to get more excited as I rose up and began to suck on one of her large breasts while squeezing the other. She soon was racing toward another intense orgasm as she pulled my head tight against her breast and bucked wildly against Ryan's cock. Soon she was in the midst of another orgasm and I pulled away to watch her. After her orgasm subsided, she looked at Ryan and said, "Your turn."

Ryan wasted no time as he pulled her to him as he wrapped his arms around her and stated to pound into her hard and fast. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.....fuck me...fuck me...FUCK ME!!" screamed Kris as he fucked her hard. He grabbed her hair and pulled it enough to force Kris's neck to be open to him and he began to kiss her neck as his thrusts pounded into her hard and fast and her breasts swung up hitting his chin until he gave a huge, hard thrust and let loose deep inside her.

Once he was spent, Kris moved from him to me. She positioned her wet, dripping pussy over my aching, rock hard cock and said "Are you ready?" then slipped me into her. She was so wet with her cum and his, that I could pull all the way out of her then slam it back in over and over. Each time I pulled out of her, Ryan's cum would drip out onto me. Kris began to stiffen as she once again was about to orgasm when I turned her over suddenly pulling her legs up over my shoulders and fucked her as hard as I could. She came so hard that she screamed in ecstasy as yet another orgasm worked thru her. Her fingernails dug into my back as I slammed into her as I never had before, pumping my cock as deep as I could go into her until I came with such an intensity that I thought I was going to pass out. I filled her eager pussy as I let loose a torrent of hot cum that even I was surprised that I could produce.

We all took turns showering and cleaning up. After several hours of small talk and agreeing that this was the most intense sexual experience of any of our lives, Ryan had to get back to his hotel room and check out to catch a flight back home. Before he left, Kris gave him a long, deep kiss as she pulled his cock out for a quick blow job before he left. He was standing right beside the front door with Kris on her knees sucking his cock until he came. She swallowed his cum then said goodbye as he tried to stand up and tuck his spent cock back into his pants and left saying goodbye. He looked at me and said, "Thank you." and then left.

As soon as he was in the car and down the street, Kris pulled me onto the couch and pulled my pants off as she pulled of hers to straddl me and fucked me right then and there until we both came. "Thank you." she whispered in my ear then went to the bathroom to clean up.

Since then we haven't had the chance to meet up again. Kris and Ryan talk frequently on the phone which often turns into some hot phone sex, but next years party will be coming around and this time there will be no need for Ryan to get a hotel room.

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