tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Housewife Ch. 05

A Housewife Ch. 05

byMsia Exhibitionistยฉ

Edited by Notemale.

After I received 2 outfits from my secret sender, I was eagerly waiting for my third surprise. Meanwhile I was getting more daring at home after my hubby gave me a green light not to wear a bra nor panties. One of our favorite get together times has been me telling him what I wore and how man got to see my breasts and pussy. I have to admit many were fictitious, but my hubby loved to hear it. He always became very hard after listening to my story and we fucked like rabbits.

One afternoon before I went out to the mall the bell rang again. The same box appeared and I was so excited I even started removing my cloths at the guest room instead of rushing back to my bedroom first.

It was a mini denim pinafore dress and the back was rather bare. The pinafore was matched with a small body hugging, round neck, white shirt. Nothing else. The tight white shirt was short and ended just below my belly button. I put on the pinafore and found that the front panel covered only half of my chest and also exposed part of my hips from the side.

But there was another item that stirred my imagination, a straw sun hat Does it means that the sender wants me to go outdoor with his outfit? The outfit was pretty modest and with the white shirt inside, I could wear it to the mall safely. So I decided to wear it to the mall, if that was what the sender wanted. I wore my white G string panties. I love the idea that everyone could see the thin white string that wrapped around my hips indicating the type of panties I am wearing.

The mall was quiet as it was a weekday, just after a school holiday. But still a few people did take extra stares at me. It was fun! I aimlessly strolled around and later I went to a cafรฉ and enjoyed a cup of coffee. The cafรฉ was at the middle of the mall on an elevated platform above a pool with a small fountain.

I sat on the bar table that was located at the edge of the platform next to the pool. There was nothing separating the platform and the pool. Sitting at the high chair on the elevated platform made me feel like center of attention.

As I was slowly enjoying my coffee I received a photo from CY, the young man who lives opposite me. A photo that looked like it was taken in a mall.

Me: What?

Soon another photo came.

Me: Sent to wrong person?

CY: Look closer ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

I took a more detailed look and I found myself in the photo wearing a pinafore. It was photo of me in the mall when I was doing the window shopping just s few minutes ago.

Me: Hey u around here?

CY: Yes...

Me: Where u?

CY: Around u...

Me: U stalking me? Hehe...

No reply but a while later another photo came. A photo of me sitting on the high chair at the cafe.

I quickly scan around to search for CY.

Me: Where u? Come out...

CY: Nice outfit. I like.

Me: Come out. I belanja coffee.

Then another photo came. This time was zoomed much closer, focusing on my body. I could see some curve of my side boob wrapped in my tight white shirt.

Is CY the secret sender? My heart beat faster after the thought.

Me: Stop stalking me! I report u n u die... haha...

CY: U wearing underwear, babe?

We were often sexting after the nude basketball event and it was common that he asked me about what am I wearing. Sometime I bluffed and sometime I told him the truth.

Me: Yes. G String...

CY: U know what u should be wearing... nothing...

Me: No way

CY: yes way...and why not. ppl can still see everything at the end ๐Ÿ˜

me: No... and pls come out...

CY: Nahhh.. why dont we play a game. ๐Ÿ˜‹

Me: Game? In mall here?

CY : Yeap! . im sure you'll like ๐Ÿ˜

Me: What game?

CY: remove ur panty

me: What? ๐Ÿ˜ 

CY: Yeap... U dont need any panty. So not u lah. ๐Ÿ˜

Although I reply with angry face the idea did aroused me. I wanted to remove my panties as soon I entered the mall.

me: No way...๐Ÿ˜ฐ

CY: Pls michelle... make my day pls...๐Ÿ˜ Make every man in the mall happy pls.

me: Noooooo...๐Ÿ˜

My pussy became moist imagining that everyone can look down at my hips and can't find any trace of my underwear.

me : OK... u hv to pay for my meal then...hehe

CY: ๐Ÿ˜Ž

me: Let me finish coffee first.

CY: No... remove it now n put it on top of the table ๐Ÿ‘

me: ๐Ÿ˜ฒWhat! U pervert ๐Ÿ˜ . Crazy? That's a man sitting just opposite me n few more around me.

CY : Thats y u should remove your panty ๐Ÿ˜ˆ


CY: Come on... been awhile not seeing u show off... pls.

Although the idea of putting my panties on top of the table was embarrassing but it was very arousing at the same time. Especially the G string was one of the tiniest of my collection.

me: No photo when I remove my panty. Promise?

CY : Sure ๐Ÿ‘

I scanned my surrounding, other than the man sitting opposite me, there was another young couple sitting on sofa behind me. There rest of the cafe customers were away from me.

I began to reach my G string via the side of the pinafore. Pulling the string down was not easy as the string was elastic and not much space to maneuver underneath the dress. But slowly I managed to pull both side of the string down passed my hips. The string was surrounding my lower body and in between my bottom and the chair.

In order to pull the string off I have to reach my hand into my dress from the hem and at the same time lift up my bottom allowing the string to pass. That would be big and obvious actions.

CY: Go on...

I took another look around and quickly I reached underneath the left side of my dress, slightly lifted my bottom and pulled the string down to my thigh. The string slid over my bum and was released. Left side done and now only the right side!

I quickly repeat the same action on my right side. But as soon as the string slid passed my bum and before I could pull my right hand out of my dress, a man came and sat of the high chair beside me!

I was mortified when I looked up and met him eyes to eyes.

"Hi... hi..."

He was wearing his sweetest smile and he looked down at my lower body where my hand was still sneaking inside my dress.

"Ummm... excuse me... I'm... err..." I was trying to explain but lost my words.

"Never mind... carry on please..."

"Ummm... so embarrassing..." My face turned full blush and my heart pumped like wild horse.

He continued to take out his mobile phone and was reading something.

I slowly pulled out my hand and my face continued to experience a hot flash because of this embarrassing situation.

Now my string panty was stuck at my thigh. I just need another pull from the hem of my dress to end my embarrassment.

CY: Go on... u doing great ๐Ÿ‘

I gathered my courage and in one swift action I grasped my panties and pulled it out. The panty stopped and rested at end my thighs around my knees.

The sudden contact of my moist pussy to denim fabric sent a thrill throughout my body. My nipples stiffen.

The man beside me noticed my action and watching me from the corner of his eye.

Shit! I still need to free it from my legs! Not a difficult job but certainly not a decent job to do in the middle of a mall!

I quickly leaned down and pulled the panties down my ankle and released it from my leg. I could feel my fist throbbing with my tiny panties firmly grasped inside.

Done! But my arm was frozen. Must I put it on top of the table? Why would a lady like me want put my panties on top of the table with 2 men sitting around?

But then the pervert in me was extremely excited about showing off my panties to them. I want to show them how tiny my panties were; I want to show them I am that kind of slut wearing such tiny panties to the mall and then take it off; I want to show them the moist cotton patch that was buried inside my pussy crack just now; I want them to know that I am now without my underwear!

I was very anxious but at same time extremely aroused. My pussy was soaked with my love juice.

I did not know how long I hesitated but I finally I lifted my hand and put my tiny string panties on top of the table. The tiny panties uncurled and rested naturally on the tap for everyone to see.

My face turned full blush again.

The man opposite me saw my action. He took a quick glance and his eyes popped out in surprise. Then he pretended like nothing. But I noticed him kept peeping at my panties and then me.

The man on my right turned to look at my panties too. "That's a sexy pair of panties!" He whispered to me.

"Thank you." I softly replied with a sheepish grin.

CY: Great job ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ now prove it.

I took a photo of my panties and sent back to CY.

CY: Not like tis

me: How?

Then a photo came, a young girl sitting on a bench in the mall with her legs spread and raised high up in the air. Her clean shaven sex fully opened and completely on display.

I quickly pressed home button to exit from the photo view.

me: Crazy!

CY: Do it. I know u love to do it.

I could not help myself and clicked open the image again. The girl in the photo was smiling innocently, her pink pussy was swollen, glistening and obviously wet! But showing off my own excited pussy in the mall?

My heart was pumping very hard and fast, my body on fire and my pussy was flooded. I knew it was Indecent, but the idea was just too tempting!

I get down from the high chair and I whispered to the man, "You can keep my panties." Then I walked out from the cafe and sat on the side of the fountain.

Soon CY came and he sat on the garden chair opposite me across the walk way. We smiled to each other. Then he took out his mobile phone pretend to be reading. But I saw his eyes were peeping at me.

I spread my knees and let him peep up my skirt.

He shook his head indicating a NO.

Then I straighten my ankles to raise up my knee hoping to give him more view into my crotch.

He still shook his head indicating a NO.

My heart was pumping fast and my pussy began to leak.

Then he sent me another photo. The same girl with her raised legs spreading wide, was pulling her pussy lips to reveal her love hole. Her swollen clit was visible and her inner lips were completely exposed. Even the beginning of her love tunnel was visible.

CY: Do it... NOW

I was extremely excited by his tease and the explicit shameless show off by the girl in the photo. My urge to exhibit my sex grew unbearable!

I scanned around and found nobody. I moved my bottom to the front and leaned my body backward. My right hand reached behind my buttock to support my body. Then I raised and spread my both legs. My pussy immediate exposed. My left hand went below my thigh and reached my aroused sex. My pussy lips was so wet and slippery!

My fingers pulled my lips aside to reveal my love tunnel just like the nude model did. I did not know how much I was showing but I saw CY gave me a thumbs up sign. I told myself that was enough of showing off but my fingers defied my mind and reached deeper into my wet love opening! I began to finger my love hole and my swollen clit involuntarily. I wanted to stop but my heart refused!

There was a couple walking towards me now and I could not stop. Gosh! I was masturbating in the mall with CY watching intensely. After a few seconds the couple saw me and my orgasm immediately rolled in and I cum right in the middle of the shopping mall!

Soon as my orgasm over I stood up and rushed away in total embarrassment. I ran to the nearest washroom and hid inside a toilet.

Cy: where u?

Me: washroom... fuck... u made me do crazy thing!!

My hands were shaking in excitement.

CY: u did so well u so sexy.

Me: shit!

Cy: BTW don't be angry I will keep it a secret. Promise.

Then he sent me a video clip.

I was shocked as it was the recording of me showing off my sex to him. I was too excited and never thought he was actually recording me. I thought he was just using his phone as disguise!

I watched the clip in total disbelief; I saw the lust all over my face; I saw myself revealing my most private parts to CY in the middle of the mall; I saw my wet puffy pussy wide opened and my fingers playing intensely with my aroused sex; I saw my eyes shut as I bit my lips in excitement when I cum!

The excitement came back to me while watching myself, I unclipped my pinafore and striped off the tight white shirt and started playing with my still erect nipples while I kept replaying the clip. My nipples grew even bigger and harder.

The more I played with myself the more I wanted to expose myself again. I wanted to go out again so badly with no bra and no panties! I clipped my pinafore back on and walked out from the toilet leaving my shirt behind. I checked myself in the mirror.

The pinafore only covered half of my breast and the swell of my upper chest was obvious. Although I wanted to so much to expose myself I did not want to get into trouble with the security guard. So I adjusted the pinafore higher to cover more of my breasts. Then I walked out from the washroom.

A few shops passed and I immediately realized that I have underestimated the level of my exposure. The tight white shirt that I wore earlier gave me a fault sense of decency, now without my tight shirt, my breasts swayed and bounced freely and kept sneaking out from the side when I walk. And the reflection from the shops mirror told me that the front panel did not cover my side boob at all! And the dress rose even higher up after I adjusted it up to cover more of my breasts.

But all this only added to my excitement!

Soon CY found me and followed me along in the mall. I walked aimlessly as my focus was more towards my own self; the sensations of my dress caressing my body and the constant stimulations of exposing myself. CY continued using his phone to capture my exposure either by photo or video and sending them to my phone. I did not object to his wicked attempts because I was enjoying myself.

Then he pulled me into a quiet corridor.

"Don't move."


He adjusted the suspenders and made the dress hanging even higher up my chest.

"NOOOO... Too short already! NOOO." I pulled the hem down and found that the dress was just enough to cover my crotch leaving my legs complete bare. I checked my back and found that the hem was ended right at my butt crease! My aroused sex was at edge of exposure!

"NOOO... People can see me any time!"

"You are just fine. Trust me." He turned my shoulders and pushed me out to the mall again.

"All rite CY, when I say stop, we stop. OK?"

"Fine, OK. You say stop, we stop."

"Thanks CY." Silly me to thank him as he was obviously taking advantage on me.

"Escalator, go." CY pointed to the escalator.

I have seen many woman upskirts voyeur clips captured at the escalator and also nude models exposing their bottom at the escalator. With my dress now adjusted higher up my chest, anyone behind me will get to view my bottom unobstructed! My heart was pumping extremely fast as I began to step onto the escalator.

"Spread your legs." CY commanded from behind and I spread my legs wider immediately as if I was under his spell.

"Bend." I followed his command like a robot and I bent forward. I knew my pussy will be fully exposed to any one behind me, but I could not resist the temptation nor his command.

Very soon I received his photos and video clip of me giving upskirts flash at the escalator.

CY: luv your ass ๐Ÿ˜

Me: ๐Ÿ˜ 

CY: That fat pussy ๐Ÿ˜

Me: pervert ๐Ÿ˜ 

Yes, pervert! He was a pervert commanding me to exposure my sex in the mall. But I was scolding myself. I was a pervert too, because I was really enjoying doing it for him!

After walking passed a few shops, we came to an amusement center. The amusement center was rather quiet, well it was noisy with all the music from the games machines, but otherwise quiet, only one couple and a few men inside.

I walked around aimlessly checking out the arcade and video games machine. I saw CY bought some tokens at the counter.

When he came back to me I was standing near an air hockey table. I gave him a mischievous grin and I grasped the striker and pretend to play. CY understood me and he quickly took out his phone and started shooting. I did a few posts pretending to play but mainly to show off my naked bottom and my side boob.

"Wait." He put in some token and get the puck out and put onto the table.

"Now continue."

"Just me playing?"

"Yes. I am sure you know how."

I started hitting the puck and soon the rapid puck movements forced me into real action.

"Hi, can you guys help me?" CY spoke to the 2 men who just walked past the air hockey table.

"Hi. How may I help?" They looked at CY and myself.

"We are having a photography session... can you be Michelle's opponent? She needs an opponent. Otherwise she cannot play." They took a more detailed look at me and answered "Sure."

The game resumed and I was playing again, this time with an opponent. CY resumed his shooting. Soon the 2 young men realized what was happening because CY was often video recording way below the hem of my dress and my exposed side boobs. The other young man not playing came to our side and watched me closer.

My exposed side boobs were dangling and bouncing and swaying vigorously because I have to lean forward and move fast in the game. My ass was partly exposed too. Soon one old man and the couple also walked nearer to us and checking me out too. I was getting embarrassed because everyone was watching me but I kept playing.

Eventually the game ended and they reluctantly left us.

"You are fucking hot!"

"Shut up!" Although I scolded CY but actually I felt so sexy.

We continued to look for new games until we came to the bike racing game machine. We exchanged smiles and I approached one of the bike machine with my heart racing fast.

"Good idea... you should ride this!"

"Pervert! I know what you are thinking..."

"Don't tell me you are not thinking what I am thinking." CY challenged me.

I scanned the surrounding and found that we were at a hidden corner and no one nearby.

I walked up the platform and holding one of the bike handle bar and I looked back at CY. I have seen a few nude series on the bike so I had some posts in mind. I leaned my butt on the bike and holding the handlebar with one hand and CY immediately started taking photo of me.

I knew my pussy was on show because CY had adjusted the dress too high.

"Fantastic! ... Beautiful!" CY kept praising me while taking photo of me.

"Great! Now climb onto the bike and show you ass."

I climbed over and sat on the cold bike. I leaned forward to reach the handlebar and my dress rose up and revealed my stretched bottom.

"Opppsss..." I looked back at CY and gave him a naughty surprise expression while I used my hand to pull the hem down as if to cover my exposed pussy.

"Fuck! Michelle... that was good!"

"But you actually blocking your pussy... Michelle, move your hand to the right a bit so I can see your pussy."

"Like this?"

"Fuck yes! So hot!"

"Now pull you dress up and show me more, show me everything... I wanna see you asshole as well." His commands aroused me even more.

"Like this?"



"Yes! Now give me the same surprise look."

"Oh my GOD!"

"Don't move... I wanna shoot some side boobs."

"Great! Fantastic!"

Suddenly a man came to our area and I quickly came down from the bike.

"I think that's enough." I was panicked.

"Enough? NO YET."

"Too dangerous... see... people is around."

However the man soon left our area and we were alone again.

"Michelle... today is the day... one last... total nude."

"Total nude! You ARE CRAZY!"

"Yes, look at this girl again. Do you think she was just showing off her breasts and pussy only?" CY showed me the photo gallery in his phone.

"See, she removed her clothes, completely." He scrolled down the gallery and soon photos of her in total nudity appeared, Every pose of her displayed her sex completely!

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