tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Hunter Watches Ch. 02

A Hunter Watches Ch. 02


Sheila has attracted the attention of the hunter as she plays in the woods; can she accept the true nature of her desires?

Sheila leaned back against the log for a long time waiting for her breathing to even out and her legs to stop shaking. She felt the autumnal air cool against the juices running down her thighs and shivered.

What was happening to her? Was she really such a slut that she would offer herself to a man she did not even know? Well obviously that was true; part of her wanted to toss down the blue bandana and walk away from it but another part of her already wanted to wrap it over her eyes again so that her watcher would return from the forest and take her again. She closed her eyes against the idea; blocking that part of her that was winning over the more sensible side of her nature.

Taking several deep breaths Sheila moved away from the log, instead of retracing her steps to the cabin she turned and walked further into forest. The path was steep and trees were dense; as she walked she listened hard for any sign of someone following her. She heard nothing.

The trees thinned out to form a clearing around the tumbling waterfall that fed the stream running through the forest. It was another favourite place of hers; she had often brought sandwiches so that she could lie on the riverbank all day dangling her feet in the water. In the heat of the summer she would often take a cooling shower under the icy water fall; Sheila looked at the tumbling curtain of water. It would be freezing today but maybe she needed an ice cold shower.

Gasping as the bitterly cold water hit her shoulders Sheila walked slowly under the torrent; her dress bore the marks of her tree climbing on it and the blue bandana hung damply around her neck. Cool water stung her cheek and when she tested it with her fingers she found she had a graze; she must have scratched it on the log when her mystery man had been fucking her. Memory surged and heated her blood at once; Sheila groaned aloud as she ran her hands through her wet hair. Was there no end to her shameless behaviour? She was washing herself clean having invited a stranger to fuck her and already she was thinking of more.

Sheila dropped her hands to her breasts, the cold was already tightening her nipples to hard buds; the urge to stroke them and pinch at them whilst she shoved her fingers inside her cum soaked pussy made her cry out in shame. How could she still be so horny? Horrified at her own wantonness she climbed out of the stream and ran all the way back to her cabin. Once there she didn't stop until she rounded the top of the stairs and stumbled into her bedroom. She threw her soaking dress to the floor and fell on the bed; wrapping the thick duvet all around her freezing cold skin.

The hunter watched from his place high in the trees; he had a view of her bedroom window. He frowned as he saw the woman huddle under the bedclothes; he considered whether he had been too rough with her earlier. His cock hardened as he recalled ploughing himself between her damp thighs; her cries as she shook beneath him and her screams when she had orgasmed around his cock. Once was not enough; he wanted more. Would she really feel so bad about her sensual nature? He couldn't understand why that should be the case.

The hunter was torn between wanting to go to her and hold close; comfort her and going to her to spread her thighs and make her scream over and over again. He took deep breaths; forcing his desire back down until he felt his control return.

She still wore his bandana round her neck; he saw the blue line of it at the edge of her neck as she relaxed in sleep under the bulky quilt.

He sat guard over her until full dark, with no lights on in the house he could only just make out her outline under the bedclothes. He knew he should leave; he could feel the urge to feed but the need for her was too strong.

His patience was rewarded as she sat up and turned on the lamp next to the bed, the quilted slipped exposing her breasts to the golden light. Her blonde hair had dried matted and tangled giving her a wild look as she idly fingered the bandana around her neck.

Sheila woke tired and groggy; as though the effort of sleeping had tired her out. She turned on the lamp and ran her finger along the bandana around her neck. Already she longed to place it over her eyes; she pulled it up and covered her eyes before quickly tugging it down once more. No, she couldn't; she had to stop acting like a whore.

In her dreams her watcher had pursued her; chasing her through the trees in the dark. She had run from him even though she wished only for him to catch her; when he did he held her down and fucked her. Right there on the forest floor; Sheila shivered unsure how much she wanted to think about the dream; what exactly did it say about her?

She laid her head against the head board in despair.

Tired of over thinking Sheila slid from the bed and stood naked at the window after several minutes of gazing out the window she pulled the bandana over her eyes and fought with herself not to snatch it away. Wear this over your eyes whenever you want a real cock the note had said when she found the blue scrap of cloth; now she knew it was the truth.

Ten minutes later and still she stood braced against the window waiting. She sighed deeply and sank to her knees, tears fell to be absorbed into the cloth at her eyes. She turned herself around leaning her back to the rough wall beneath the window. As she pulled her arms around her knees she felt something brush against the back of her hand. Sheila jumped and gave a startled cry; the motion knocked something to the floor.

"It's you." She gasped.

Again she felt something brush her knuckles; this time she opened her hand out. It was the carved cocked her stranger had left for her the night before.

"You want to watch me? But I..."

"Too hungry." His voice was a strangled whisper, rough like sandpaper.

Sheila struggled to understand his meaning but she gripped the wooden carving tighter in her hand her breathing already quickening. She took her arms away from her knees and let her legs fall open. She could hear his ragged breathing from somewhere near the bed as she gazed into the unnatural darkness of the bandana.

"I dreamt about you." She said quietly, running her free hand over her breast, toying with her hardened nipple. Sheila slid the wooden cock over her skin, sliding it from her knee to her thigh as she tugged and stretched her aching nipple. As the turned the phallus in circles around her slippery entrance she told the stranger of her dream and how exciting she found it

With a cry of delight she plunged the carved cock into her cunt; she was so wet the noise of it sliding inside her filled the room. Sheila began to moan with desire as she stabbed at her core with hard rounded cock. The knowledge that her unseen lover watched her added to her wetness. He had come to her, asked to watch her; a command performance.

"Oh God; I am such a slut." She cried with despair.

She didn't break her rhythm but tears began to fall down her cheeks; the soaked bandana unable to absorb any more. Her sobs mingled with her grunts of desire as she plunged the cock harder within until she could bear it no longer and she screamed as her orgasm swept through her body. Sheila dropped her head to her chest, her breasts rising and falling with each gasping breath.

The hunter was overwhelmed by the smell of her; her hot spicy lust filled the room he could feel her blood rushing so close to the surface that he could see the pulse of it jumping at her throat. He was too hungry; he should have fed over an hour ago but he had wanted her so badly even though he daren't touch her.

She was ashamed of her desire; he understood that she couldn't bear to consciously ask for what she wanted. He took another lungful of her heady scent, drew it in and rolled it over his tongue. It was as close to tasting her as he dared whilst the hunger raged through body.

"Go out to the forest in an hour." He whispered roughly.

Silently he ran from the room and out in the trees; the moon cast silvery shadows in his wake lighting his way.

Sheila pulled the scarf from her eyes; again she was alone. She thumped a fist on the floor in frustration. Carefully she plucked the wooden cock from her cunt and placed it on the floor; it glistened with her juices in the lamplight.

To fill up the time she washed the wooden phallus, brushed her hair and ate an apple. She stood in front of her wardrobe wondering what to wear; she pulled out a red clinging cotton dress. She had brought a few years ago to wear for Mark but they had argued that night and she had never put it on. It clung to every curve on her body, cut low to expose the curve of her breasts and short enough to barely cover her bottom. She put her hair up in bunches and her pulse quickened as she looked at her reflection; she looked like a whore; an innocent whore but a whore nonetheless.

After an hour had passed she stepped out of the cabin; he hadn't told her where to go only that she should go to the forest. She turned the opposite way to her normal treks through the woods; the forest was darker this way and eventually it led to the campsite at the far edge of the woods.

She heard nothing as she walked and she began to panic that she had chosen the wrong way; what if he had been waited at the clearing for her? She wondered about turning around and heading back there when she heard a twig snap behind her. She gasped and fire heated her blood. Instinctively she hurried her steps, stumbling occasionally over unseen obstacles.

Just when she thought she had imagined the noise she felt a hand stroke her hair and that rough voice in her ear.


She did run; she ran as fast as she could. She stumbled over the uneven ground branches reached out and tugged at her hair, her arms and legs. She felt the scratches form as she fled; panic a living thing within her as she thought of the man behind her. She wanted to be caught but she wanted him to catch her for real. Sheila thrashed her way through the dense forest but the man pursuing her barely made a sound. Every now and then she felt his gloved finger touch her arm or her shoulder but there was never a sound.

She could hear the music from the campsite, see the light of a fire, damn she had run too far. Looking behind she began to scrabble up the bank towards the noise; a gloved hand gripped her ankle and she fell on her face in the dirt. The bank was sheer, at the top the campfire flickered throwing dancing shadows over the large trees that circled it. She could hear voices, the deep and slurred timbre of drunken teenagers. As Sheila kicked herself out of her watchers grip she crawled towards the light, glancing behind her. She could see him now; a thick black shadow only inches behind her, as she scrabbled to the lip of the bank she felt his firm grip on her ankle and this time she couldn't break free of it.

The hunter climbed up, roughly gripping the firm flesh of her legs using the leverage to pull himself up over her. He could smell her panic and her lust and the knowledge fuelled him. Only a few feet in front of them the voices grew louder a teenage boy pleading with his girlfriend to be a little friendlier.

"Come on baby," He crooned to the unseen girl. The sound getting ever closer.

The hunter roughly shoved Sheila's thighs apart with his knees as he crawled further up her body, he could see the glisten of her wet cunt, smell her desire even as she tried weakly to turn in his grasp.

Sheila gasped as she saw the two figures appear before her, a young lad and his girlfriend. He was talking to her, pleading and she was resolutely shaking her head. Sheila closed her eyes as she felt a gloved hand close over her breast, felt the outline of his long thick cock pressing on her thigh. If she made any noise then the couple would find her; find them. Her turmoil was resolved when she felt the large gloved hand close over mouth. She sagged against his erection in defeat mingled with relief.

"But I bought you a ring." The boy whined.

"Really?" Asked the girl excitedly. She gave a squeal of delight as he must have shown it to her, she purred happily over it.

"So what do you say? A ring for a ring?" He whined.

The girl made a play of resisting as she held her hand up to inspect the sparkle of the jewellery.

Sheila felt a hand slide between their bodies and the unmistakable sound of a zipper, she gasped and groaned. She couldn't believe what was happening; he was helping to live through her fantasy in front of this couple who were going to start fucking any second; more than that it sounded like the guy was asking for his girl's arse.

Sheila held her breath as she felt pressure on her cunt lips; she was more than aware of the breeze send cool chills over her exposed body. The hand tightened over her mouth as the unseen cock speared her, she arched against him pressing her back to his chest. She felt teeth on her neck and began to struggle once more.

"Watch." Said the hunter directly into her ear.

Sheila opened her eyes and gazed at the two young people, they were on their knees entwined around one another, kissing passionately. Sheila could see they had hands inside each others shirts; and were murmuring their pleasure as they kissed deeply. The boy pushed his girl back and began to pull off her jeans, murmuring encouragement. With her trousers gone he urged her to her front, taking a bottle from his pocket he fumbled for a second before pouring it between her arse cheeks.

Sheila groaned and felt the mystery cock stroke her deeply inside, a tug on her hair had her raising her head and watching the scene once more.

The boy set down the bottle of oil on the grass beside him and pulled out his hard cock; without waiting he pressed it to the girls arse. Sheila could hear the girl whimpering telling him that she had changed her mind. Heard him talking her in to it; all the while he pushed down between her plump cheeks breathing his ragged encouragement.

The girl on the ground began to cry out, giving the odd hiccupping sob as she lay stiffly beneath the boy. He continued to murmur encouragement to her and then gasped as he slipped further inside her. The motion brought a cry from the girl. Sheila stiffened beneath her own man, he flexed his fingers over her breast and ground himself inside her the sensation had her leaning back against him.

"Oh God; baby, it feels sooo..." the young girl cried.

"Oh God you like it? You dirty bitch." The boy called with shocked delight; Sheila watched him in silhouette as he began to thrust himself harder into her. Using longer deeper strokes as his girl urged him on.

Sheila was overcome by the sight and her cunt began to twitch as she watched the pair. The girl moved up to her knees bending forward to give him better access and Sheila could see the silhouette of the boy's cock as it was pulled out and thrust back inside the young girl's eager bottom. Sheila orgasmed, silenced completely by the gloved hand over her mouth.

As the two teenagers began to hump in earnest so the hunter began to began pump inside his woman. He matched the young boys rhythm so that each couple slapped flesh in time; his strokes were long and harsh and the woman beneath him shuddered in appreciation.

There were sounds of laughter from closer to the fire at the campsite; joking about where their friends had disappeared to.

Sheila watched through hooded eyes; heard the boys shaky breaths watched him thrust in and out of the girl on her knees whilst she in turn gasped in amazement at the effect he had on her body, trying desperately to muffle her cries lest their friends find them. At the same time her watcher ploughed into her own wet cunt; matching the boy's thrusts so she almost believed it was his cock that pumped inside her.

She moaned low in her throat; the noise drowned out by the gloved hand. The leather rough and hot over her skin; she gasped in shock when it left lips. Less than a second later soft leather pressed once more her lips this time pushing through into her mouth, he was gagging her with his glove. She let out a scream and no sound pushed through the gag; two hands moved down and gripped each breast. They grabbed and pummelled at her mounds, pinching and twisting her sensitive nipples. It was too much for Sheila she arched up in glorious orgasm; adding even further to her desire she heard the girl in front of her gasp in shock as she too was wracked with orgasm. Her partner cheering her on as quietly as he could.

"Oh yes; you dirty bitch. Come while I'm in your arse; fuck yes."

Sheila thrashed her head from side to side in frenzy as she rode out the final waves of her orgasm only to feel the cock inside her grow harder still before it began to pulse and pump deep within her.

The hunter held himself within his woman as he pumped his seed deep inside her as she spasmed around his cock. He watched the two teenagers adjust their clothing and stagger back to join their friends by the fire; they were greeted cheers and jeers as the others joked about what they had been up to.

He mentally thanked them for the display; the smell of their sex mingled with his own. Reaching out he pocketed the bottle they had left behind before easing out of his woman's cunt and zipping himself up. She lay limp and exhausted beneath him making him smile with satisfaction; he had worn her out. Using her arm to pull her up he bent his knees and pulled her onto his shoulder; with his glove still in her mouth she was unable to make a sound.

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