tagNonHumanA Hunter Watches Ch. 05

A Hunter Watches Ch. 05


The Hunter had captured Sheila's heart even when she found out that the wolf lurked within him; she embraced them both.

Sheila woke alone in her rumpled bed in the cabin. She had made the long trek to store yesterday and used the phone to call work. She would not be going back, ever. A week with Hunter and she knew she could never return to her old life.

Hunter had left her late last night to feed, the hunger within him loosened his control and her limbs ached from her exertions. Each ache was a reminder of how intensely he had loved her and her intense satisfaction kept a smile on her lips.

She had smiled a lot this last week. Just thinking about him made her want him, her mouth watered for him; she wondered where he was. He had not left her side for long over the last week; merely a few hours occasionally so that could hunt and feed. Though he would have meals with her the beast within him demanded fresh meat two or three times a week; a rabbit or small deer. A few times when she had been alone she had heard the sharp cry of an animal and wondered if it were him. Her love for him made it easy for her to accept these bizarre anomalies.

She stretched her arms, smiling once more at the ache in her shoulders, and rolled out of bed to find her man. Lupus was his name, his given name, but he called himself Hunter and she liked the sound of it so she used it too. Sheila used the bathroom, brushed her teeth and pulled on a short loose dress over her naked body, the soft cotton rubbing against her nipples as she walked through the cabin.

The cabin was empty; Sheila stood in the silent kitchen and wondered what to do. Worry nagged at her insides; what if he was hurt somewhere? Once she thought it the fear grew inside her. After another half an hour of waiting and pacing Sheila decided to go look for him, she simply couldn't bear to passively wait any longer.

She threw open the front door and was about to dash down the stairs only to see him standing at the bottom of the flight dressed in only cut off combat trousers and looking up at her with surprise. With a cry Sheila launched herself at him; something she would never have dared to do with any other man. Hunter's ability to shift forms made him far stronger than ordinary men. Indeed he caught her with ease and Sheila wrapped her arms and legs around him, burying her face into his neck. Within moments of being held in the security of his arms Sheila felt silly for having allowed herself to become so worried about him; he was Hunter, what could possibly happen to him?

She pulled back and blushed as she looked up at him.

"Sorry, I got worried." She murmured.

"I'm sorry I worried you but it was a wonderful welcome." His rich deep voice sent shivers along her skin, he tightened his arms around her waist, she was still wrapped around him.

Sheila leaned back in his arms to study him; confident that he would not drop her. When she was sure he was unmarked she smiled broadly and curled her arms tightly over his shoulders, leaning in to kiss his lips. She crushed her mouth to his, running her tongue along the sharp edges of his teeth, with a sharp intake of breath Hunter curled his hand to cup the back of her head and met her tongue with his. Sheila ran her hands along his neck until she held his face in them, she moaned deeply as his tongue tasted the inside of her cheek.

Sheila pressed her centre to his bare stomach and rubbed herself against him, enjoying the feel of his chest hair prickle against her breasts through the thin material of her dress. Hunter slid his hands along her thighs bring them to rest at her bottom, cupping and squeezing them in his large hands.

With a growl of desire Sheila slid her legs to the ground, stroking the length of his legs with the soles of each foot. Still clutching his head to keep his lips bonded to hers she took a step backwards pulling him with her. When she felt the edge of the steps at her ankles she deepened the kiss and nudged him with her hips to force him to turn around. When she had backed him up to the step she began to slide down his body, lips still locked forcing him to lower himself to the step with her or break the kiss. Once he sat down Sheila gave a triumphant laugh and climbed onto his lap, instinctively settling herself over his hardened cock. She rocked slowly, sending tingles through her body as she stroked herself against the hard ridge of him.

She could hear the approving noises he made in his throat and pressed harder to him, leaning into him until he lay back fully with her stretched along the length of his body. When he was prone she slithered down his body her eyes watching his as she unsnapped his shorts.

Hunter watched her with aroused amusement. Her eyes glittered with desire as she tugged on his zip exposing his hardened cock. She never failed to steal his breath; the way she reacted to him. He gasped at the sensation of her tongue lapping at his cock as she spread open his shorts, small firm licks marked her slow, slow progress. As she lapped and kissed her way to the mushroom shaped head she tugged the shorts from him; never moving her mouth from him.

Sheila stole all control from him as she ran her tongue across the head of his cock; sighing at the taste of his pre-cum. His breathing shuddered and he could feel the beast rise within him. He had just returned from hunting; his control should be stronger than this but Sheila robbed him of it; more than that she revelled in his lack. Never had he been so free with a woman before; he had hidden himself from Sheila at first but her acceptance of his beast was so complete he could only wonder at the time he had wasted. He watched her triumphant expression as his eyes turned from human to wolf. He knew without looking that the whites had been swallowed up by the dark chestnut colour irises.

He dragged his clawed fingers across the wooden step, gouging deep trails into the old wood as he struggled for control. It was not his beast he struggled with but the need for release now as Sheila closed her mouth over his cock and began to suckle him. The slow insistent heat of her mouth, her own unsteady breathing that ruffled the tightly curled hair at the base of his length and the irregular flick of her tongue combined in a maelstrom of sensation that made his chest heave with each panted breath. He opened eyes he hadn't known he had closed as he felt her shift her weight; he looked into her hooded eyes as she pressed him further inside until he could feel the head of his cock rubbing the back of her throat. The intensity made him shudder and the sight she presented had him gasping. He stroked the back of her throat and still she bore down on him; it was a game she enjoyed. Each time she took him into her mouth she would try to take more of him than before; he gazed down the length of his body to see only an inch of his cock unsheathed, feeling the convulsions of her throat as she swallowed repeatedly to keep from gagging stole the last reserves of his control and he sprayed his heated seed into the depths of her throat. He let loose a ferocious snarl as he bucked beneath her; amazed as always at the tremendous shift in his fortune to have found this astounding woman.

Sheila held the twitching cock deep within her mouth, stroking the velvet skin with her tongue to coax the last drops of salty cum from it. The musty smell of his desire and the thick viscous taste of him chased away all thoughts from her mind. Sheila ran her tongue over him one last time before raising herself up to gaze down on his wolf eyes. It made her heart trip in her chest to see the sated expression in those animal eyes. Lupus was a werewolf, a shapeshifter, his control was superb except during the throes of passion.

The only parts of him that marked his true nature were his clawed hands. When they had first met he had worn gloves so that he could touch her and not reveal his secret. He had also made her wear a blindfold so that if his control slipped she would not be scared by his beast but it was that beast within that she measured herself by. In passion his control slipped and his beast rose closer to the surface; the more his inner beast showed the better the sex. Sort of like a supernatural ten in ice skating. The furthest she had pushed him so far was when he grew paws and a muzzle but that had been on the night of a full moon and he had been late to feed; but it still counted as an 8.5 to her.

There was a lot to remember when your lover was a werewolf; apparently if he hadn't been a hereditary werewolf then he would have passed the condition on to her by now and Sheila was unsure as to whether she was saddened or relieved by that. She had never had reason to question her humanity before but it was that very fact that separated Hunter from her. He needed to change form every few days, he didn't need to hunt animals in the forest but the fact that he did gave him yet more control.

It was the animal nature within him that he called his 'beast' and he had the ability to turn into a full wolf or a man wolf, this was a half wolf -- half human form. Hunter said that the full wolf was less predictable towards her but he was more secretive about the man wolf side of himself as he felt even less human in that form. Sheila had tried to explain that she was comfortable with any and all of his forms; preferring to wake next to his man wolf than to an empty bed but Hunter was hard to convince on that front.

Looking down into his warm brown eyes she smiled down at him lovingly; just how had she got this lucky? She leant down to his face and licked the corner of his mouth; a wolf's gesture of submission. He grinned back at her and shook his head.

"You can't submit only seconds after you have over powered me." He laughed, his voice still a rumbling growl.

"You could have stopped me any time you wanted." She sighed and ran a finger over the hair on his chest.

"I was holding out until I wanted to stop you." He let out a long breath; watching her with hooded eyes. "About another forty years or so."

"You won't want me when I am sixty four?" She pouted at him forlornly until she could hold the face no longer and burst out laughing. Hunter grinned and then looked solemn; reminding her that the joke was not all that funny. When she was sixty four he would only look forty; werewolves age much slower than humans. Sheila's smile slid from her face as she realised just what she had said.

"There are other werewolves that I can catch it from." She murmured, it was a repeat of a statement she had made since she first found out he was wolf.

Hunter sighed and raised himself onto his elbows watching her solemnly.

"It's too dangerous." He said quietly.

"It would be worth it." She hissed.

"Would it?" He looked up at her searchingly as though trying to reading something inside her, behind her expression.

Sheila narrowed her eyes, "You know something. You've found one haven't you."

Hunter looked away but Sheila straddled him and put her face in front of his, still not meeting her eyes he gave a brief nod.

Sheila sat bolt upright, her heart thudding sharply in her chest. Hunter had refused when she had asked him to find another wolf but he must have looked in secret, for her.

"It's too dangerous." Hunter said calmly, still not looking her in the eye.

Sheila wriggled until she was pressed against his cock, she pulled her dress over her head and dropped it to the ground. She lowered herself until she lay pressed to his body.

"We could consider it." She urged. Hunter shook his head resolutely. Sheila dabbed her tongue at the corner of his mouth once more. "Please." She drew the word out over many syllables, smiling as she did so.

"You would use your body to change my mind?" Hunter frowned down at her.

"No; I want you to use my body to change your mind." Sheila couldn't help but laugh at the shocked expression on his face.

Hunter hardened immediately; Sheila's boldness stole his breath away. He searched her face for a moment before he closed his eyes and sank into the sensation of her moist folds pressing against his thick cock. The feel of her juices coating him, readying him to push into her. His breathing was already ragged when, with a slight movement of his hips, he slid inside her warmth. Hunter moaned at the sensation, a sound from deep in his chest, she was so wet, so ready; for him.

He thought about the other wolf he had met, Ash, and thought about the man's offer. Hunter appeared reluctant for Sheila to change because he refused to sway her decision. He wanted nothing more than to be able to spend the rest of his days, not just her short years, beside her. Well; beside, inside, over and under her really but it was not his decision to make.

All reasoning left him as Sheila ground herself against him hard, her hands were pressed to his chest for leverage as she rotated her hips. The shifting pressure around his cock made him twitch within her making her gasp in delight. He repeated the action deliberately a second time enjoying the way Sheila stopped still, her eyes wide and glazed looking.

"I thought you wanted me to use your body?" he growled.

Sheila gave a mild squeak as Hunter lifted her from him. He slipped from beneath her to behind her, a flat hand on her spine guiding her body down. She stood before him with her bottom thrust out and her head and hands pressed flat to a higher step. He thrust deep almost before she was braced making her stagger against the steps. Once she was stable she pushed back against him, Hunter ploughed deep inside making her cry out as his cock filled her.

A cool breeze blew across his bare skin, cold over his thighs which were wet from Sheila's juices. Hunter paused for just a fraction and gazed into the dense undergrowth only a stones throw from when they stood. He could smell wolf and knew that Ash was watching them, Hunter narrowed his eyes in the direction of the trespassing wolf and thrust once more as though staking his claim on the woman below him.

Sheila moaned appreciatively at the firm stroke of his cock and the smell of her desire overwhelmed his senses once more. On the air Hunter could smell the other wolf's arousal, knew the effect that watching Sheila had had on him and it convinced Hunter that Ash was not a threat so he allowed himself to focus once more on Sheila's body and bringing her to satisfaction.

He stroked his hands along her ribs until his hands cupped her full breasts, weighing them as they swayed to the rhythm of their bodies colliding. The feel of his claws scraping the sensitive tips of her nipples was enough to make Sheila buck hard beneath him. Hunter couldn't help allowing himself a smug smile; Sheila was a very vocal bed partner. A previous boyfriend had made her embarrassed about it but Hunter couldn't get enough of her sex talk. She became very, very positive the closer she got to orgasm and right now with her hot wet cunt clenching him like a fist she was calling all manner of glories on him and his cock. Hunter gripped her hips tightly, holding her still as orgasm coursed through her body. He made small shallow movements with his hips, tickling her walls and sending fresh contractions thundering through her.

Sheila gave a satisfied moan, her breath still forming in heavy pants in her chest. She rolled her head back to gaze at Hunter from the corner of her eyes and grinned at him. She felt his hard cock flex within her and she had to cry out at the million sensations that fluttered though her. Her legs felt so weak she crumpled to her knees still clinging to the open steps with her fingers so that she looked as though she were bowing beneath him. Instinctively she mover her knees wider apart to allow him even further access to her body.

Sheila had barely caught her breath when she felt Hunter to begin moving within her once more. She gave a sigh of anticipation as his movements grew stronger, he lowered his body so that his chest covered her back and he curled his arms around her belly. He pulled her tightly to him, placing his mouth to her ear; she could feel his breath hot against her neck. When his tongue flicked out and teased the lobe Sheila closed her eyes and let herself revel in the myriad of sensations flooding her body. She could feel her own juices trailing her thighs, she could feel the thick hardness of his cock stretching her opening and she could feel every inch of his body that pressed against her flesh. He surrounded her and filled her and when he held like this she knew that she loved him with every fibre of her being.

The growl that rumbled through his body into hers made her shudder with anticipation; it was a signal that his control was slipping. Sheila thrilled with the knowledge, she arched upwards against him as his hands clenched tightly around her breasts possessively. She could feel the claws at the end of each finger digging into her soft flesh felt him pull away from her just enough to pull his cock back until it barely grazed her entrance.

He held himself very still, the fat head of his cock brushing every nerve ending of her folds. The tension of that pose ate at Sheila's control and she began to coax to him move again, murmuring, pleading and begging. The hands on her breasts held her so firmly that she could not thrust back against him and end the waiting herself.

Claws played over her nipples, dragging the puckered flesh until they flicked back to their attention position only to be captured under that curved nail once more. Suddenly he pinched both nipples between each thumb and forefinger, Sheila cried out as both nipples were pulled taut and then twisted sharply. Again and again he repeated the action until her juices flowed over his cock and the scent of her desire nearly overwhelmed him. Just when Sheila thought he would make her come by his touch on her breasts alone Hunter rammed his cock deep into her cunt; all but lifting her from her knees.

Raising her head she saw his hands gripping the step beside her own white knuckled grip. Shifting her gaze sideways she watched the short soft fur covering the skin of his forearms. Sheila instinctively began to call out her encouragement once more, she wanted him to fuck her, to split her in two with his long fat cock and cum all over her.

She felt Hunter shudder as he fought for control and then he began to pound his flesh into her, the angle such that she thought he might pierce through her. She gripped the step to stop herself from falling on her face. Hunter bit down on her shoulder and Sheila threw her head back in passion. She could feel his control slipping and only her deep trust stopped her from trying to crawl out from under him.

His cock had grown harder with the depth of his desire and he hammered his length into her again and again until Sheila could only grunt and gasp at the strength of him. Her ability to speak lost in the power of his body over hers. Hunter's feral growl made her open her eyes a second before she felt the shudder run through him as he sprayed his hot cum deep inside her, the feel of those hot jets triggered her body to clench around him. Her cunt contracted as though trying to suck more seed from his cock as he ground against her.

"Oh my God; you are amazing." She sighed, rolling over to look up him. Her eyes widened as she looked up his black haired muzzle. His face barely recognisable; he wore a full wolf's muzzle, pointed wolf ears and his eyes showed no whites. "Jesus, looks like we scored a ten." She said with a half laugh.

"Twelve." He hissed. Shifting his body slightly he turned to reveal a curled black tail sprouting from just above his buttocks. Sheila laughed with her delight as it wagged.

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