tagNonHumanA Hunter Watches Ch. 07

A Hunter Watches Ch. 07


Sheila and Hunter have found one another. Sheila has found a man who treasures her sensual nature and Hunter has found a woman that loves him and his beast. They have found Ash, a changeling werewolf able to turn Sheila into a wolf too so that she and Hunter will never be parted. But can they afford the price he asks?


Hunter watched over Sheila as she slept. She lay curled tightly to his body as though afraid he would leave her. He smiled deeply at her sleeping form, that she would ever need to worry about him leaving her; it was simply too ridiculous. Stroking long clawed fingers along her spine he gazed out of the window. Just beyond the glass the forest moved and danced in the breeze. Hunter took a breath laden with the scents of the woods; full of leaf mulch and rich damp earth. And wolf. Narrowing is eyes he concentrated on the scent of wolf; he was nearby and likely to be able to see them.

Sheila had begged to join Hunter as a werewolf but as a hereditary wolf he was unable to pass the condition to her. Despite the risks he had given in to her pleading and found one who possessed that ability; Ash, but the wolf wasn't going to give them his 'gift' for free. Hunter had initially refused but Ash had followed him back to Sheila's cabin.

The idea of Sheila wanting somebody other of him sent his very soul into panic. Sheila loved him; she didn't want anyone but him and the idea of somebody touching her was not a threat to them. He had been aware of the depth of her sensuality before they had even met. Could he really watch her with Ash?

He looked down at her as she shifted in her sleep, the feel of her skin moving against his aroused him painfully. Maybe the price for her change would be harder for Ash to pay than for either of them. After all he could wake up next to Sheila every day and Ash would only have a brief taste of paradise.

Hunter moved one clawed hand to Sheila's naked breast. Even in sleep she responded quickly to his touch. Her large pink nipple puckered under the light touch. Sheila murmured in her sleep, her arm tightening across waist. Increasing the pressure Hunter dragged the edge of his claw over the taut peak and felt a wash of triumph as the scent of Sheila's arousal drugged his senses.

Sheila stretched and sighed against him. Instinctively pressing her pussy to his thigh as she wrapped her leg between his. The feel of her juices on his skin made his breath tight in his chest. Hunter tightened his grip on the flesh of her breast, his claws dugs deep channels in her soft skin. Sheila's eyes fluttered open with a sigh. One look at him had her gasping at the naked desire in his eyes. She arched against him presenting her breasts for him and making him growl with lust.

Throwing back the duvet hunter pushed her to her back, one breast still gripped tightly he lowered his mouth to the other. Opening his mouth wide he sucked on the soft flesh where her breast met her ribs. The skin so sensitive that Sheila cried out under the assault of teeth and tongue. The way she moved so swiftly from sleep to sensuality made Hunter's senses swim. Sheila wrapped her legs around him and stroked his thighs with the soles of her feet as she writhed under his attentions.

Hunter ran the flat of his hand along her ribs, over the flatness of her belly until he could tangle his finger tips in the curled hairs of her core. Sheila bucked her hips begging him to touch her more deeply. The sound of her breath panting and the feel of her skin heating beneath him drew a moan from him that was all but a growl. With a glance towards the windows Hunter drew himself up over her. He lifted her by her bottom opening her to him then pushed her knees back. He held himself there to marvel at her hot liquid centre before lowering his face to her.

Sheila screamed as he pierced her with his tongue. Again and again he stabbed her with the point of it. He flicked and lapped at her hot walls coaxing more and more juice from her until both his face and her thighs were coated. He licked her from arse to clit with the flat of his tongue over and over until he thought she may drown him in her musky moisture. Sheila threw her head from one side to another whimpering as her body contorted with passion.

Hunter latched his mouth around her hard clit and began to suckle, flicking and stroking with his tongue, grazing her with his the edge of his teeth until Sheila was mindless. She wrapped her thighs across his shoulders pressing herself ever closer. Hunter shifted and without breaking his contact with her pulsing nub he plunged three fingers into her as deep as he could go. Sheila's upper body was wrenched from the mattress as she screamed at the sensation. Hunter began to fuck her hard with his fingers until they were slick with thick sticky wetness. He didn't stop, not even when she screamed with her orgasm. He pumped and pumped as she contracted around him, shuddering beneath him. The feel of those fingers inside her and the sensation of him suckling at her clit intensified her orgasm so greatly that she was torn between trying to pull away from the overwhelming fire he lit within and pushing herself ever closer.

Her shudders had barely quietened when Hunter drew himself back to take in dishevelled state. Her hair was damp and knotted, her face flushed and her body was slick with sweat. With an expression of fierce possession he pressed the swollen head of his cock to her entrance. Sheila watched him intently as he raked her with his hot stare. He pushed her knees back to her shoulders and held them in place as he slowly pushed inside her. She gasped as a million nerve ending rippled at the feel of him.

Instead of plunging deep into her as she expected he pulled back and repeated that initial penetration again and again until she feared she would go mad from it. Without warning he did plunge. Her cunt was hot and tight but so wet. He filled her with his hardness all the way to her cervix, his sack slapping against her bottom. He pulled back and slammed back inside and buried himself to the hilt. He watched her eyes roll as she contracted around him in orgasm. She clenched him so tightly it felt as though she were trying to expel him from her body. Hunter threw his head back and ground deeply into her revelling in her shocked gasps.

When she went limp beneath him he pulled out and roughly tossed her onto her belly. He straddled he thighs and pressed himself to her tightly puckered hole. Sheila turned to look over her shoulder at him, her eyes glazed with desire. He nudged at the entrance to her tight hole he didn't move until he felt her give a deep moan of passion.

Very slowly he pushed downwards and he watched that tiny pink star reluctantly give way to his cock. It stretched wider and wider as he relentlessly pushed into her. The thick coating of her juices eased his way somewhat but still he had to fight his way into her tightness. Sweat beaded his forehead as he struggled not to plunge himself into her.

Sheila steadied her breathing so as not to tense up beneath him as her stretched her almost painfully wide. They had made love this way once before and she knew that it had felt like nothing else she had ever experienced so she lay still and waited for that first spark of dark desire.

He had slowly forced nearly half his cock through her intensely tight passage, his cock pulsed strongly with the urge to start fucking in earnest. He heard her gasp and issue a deep moan as her body responded to his. She began to babble into the pillow, a habit she found embarrassing but he thought extremely arousing. He leaned his head closer to hear her better as she muttered her love for his cock and begged him for more.

He let out a ragged breath, pulling out a little so that he could plunge himself into her. She gave a scream of desire as he pressed his crisp hairs to her abused hole. He ground himself inside her, twisting and circling his hips, pushing against her tightly muscled walls. He could feel her pushing back against as though trying to take him even deeper within her.

It was all he needed to begin to fuck her narrowest passage. Sheila screamed and growled as he began to thrust. Pushing herself off the bed in offering begging and crying as her body was overwhelmed with the strange sensation of his cock filling her arse.

It felt so good to have his cock gripped so very firmly he withdrew fully just so that he could bury himself within her in a single thrust. She babbled such sweet nonsense that he repeated the move until he felt his control begin to slip.

He covered her, laying his stomach to her spine. Grinding himself against her as placed his mouth to the back of her neck. He licked the salt from her skin, nibbled at the tightly drawn skin of her neck and shoulders and he listened to her frantic murmurings. He bit down on the muscle of her shoulder and felt her begin to shudder with fresh climax. He could feel her womb contracting through the thin wall that separated him and he lost his control to the feel of her body holding him.

Sheila gasped anew as she felt every spurt of his hot seed against her walls, her toes curled as wave after wave of orgasm rocked her body. She sighed under the delicious weight of him as he pressed her into the mattress, his semi hard cock still teasing her as it twitched within her body. Sheila moaned her disappointment as he pulled himself from her.

"I'll crush you." He said with a smile.

"But you feel so good." She whined smiling at him.

Once he had rolled to his back she curled up against him, rubbing her face in his chest she inhaled the salty scent of satisfied man.

"Mmm; that was a wonderful wake up call." She purred to him softly, shivering as aftershocks tingled through her. She looked up him to see him gazing out of the window. "What's up?"

Hunter looked down at her and grinned happily. "From the smell I would say somebody else enjoyed that almost as much as we did."

Sheila blushed and then laughed. "I forgot he was there, you can smell him?"

Hunter nodded.


Ash had found the strong branch that Hunter had once used himself to watch Sheila in her bedroom. Twice Ash had nearly fallen the twenty foot drop to the ground as he watched the wolf with the human woman. His mouth watered for a taste of her. His cock was still hard from watching the pair of them even though he had already spilled his load once already. He could not wait until it was his cock pounding inside that tight arse. Soon, he thought to himself, very soon.

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