tagNonHumanA Hunter Watches Ch. 08

A Hunter Watches Ch. 08


Hunter had watched Sheila for many years before he worked up the courage to risk her rejection. Sheila now has the opportunity to join her lover as a wolf changeling. She could live another one hundred years with her lover if she can survive the change and the man who can give that to her.

It was a week before full moon and Ash watched as Hunter left the small cabin in the forest. The broad shouldered wolf had asked Ash if we would bestow his curse on Hunter's woman. Ash had laughed in his face when he had first heard the story. A woman so deeply in love she wished to join him in his cursed existence just for the extra years it would give them together? He had thought Hunter was telling him an elaborate tale to use him to revenge himself on some tart who had crossed him.

The story had piqued his curiosity enough that Ash had followed the wolf home. He did indeed have a hot woman waiting for him at the small cabin. Ash had damn near drooled at the sight of her throwing herself into the arms of her man. He had only been gone a matter of hours and she treated him as though he had been away for months. The memory of her warm wanton greeting could still make him roll his eyes to back of his head.

Ash had watched the pair of them for the last week. They were so deeply in love it hurt to see them. He wondered at the chance of a woman ever looking at him the way Sheila regarded Hunter. Ash gave a bitter laugh; he had been on the receiving end of a woman's lust turned to scorn. Life was fine when you light fire within their bodies, make them hot and tight and then turn limp in your arms. It was another story when they saw the first sign of his beast.

To become a werewolf, or changeling, was to become physically stronger. To have enhanced senses. It was to live with a beast inside your own body. At times of heightened emotion or sensation that beast rose closer to the surface; even breaking through that surface occasionally.

Ash had had more than one woman run screaming from his bed because his wolf had broken loose. Maybe just the eyes would run to amber and reflect a little in the dark. Or his claws would burst through his fingers, once his ears had shifted from being neatly at the side of head to furred points.

He had learnt to take a woman deftly in the dark; not to linger over her pleasure since there was no gratitude to found in it. It had cut deep to watch Sheila take such profound pleasure in bringing forth her lover's beast. To actually see joy in the place of horror because she knew her lovemaking had driven him beyond his control. He had seen the lithe blonde proudly stroke her fingers along the sensitive seam of furry pointed ears whilst Hunter lay buried inside her.

Ash had made his decision; he could watch no more. He would end this torment tonight. Once more Ash paced a short distance and back again. He had bargained with Hunter that they would meet in a few days and that Hunter would share his woman with Ash. He had spent the last week salivating over the promise of burying himself inside her. Simultaneously planning on how he would pleasure and punish her beautiful body. He had even thought to take her back with him but any fool could see that Sheila was devoted to her wolf. She was not tied to Hunter through the merest desire for a hot fuck.

With a hiss of frustration Ash forced himself to walk up the wooden steps to the front door of the cabin.

Sheila lay on the couch with her book. She rolled her neck to one side to ease the gentle ache there. She placed her book face down and open on her stomach; too distracted to read. Her lover was out hunting. He had left her to go and change forms and quench his blood lust in the darkness of the forest. It was the only time they were apart and Sheila missed him. She gave a smile when she thought of the changeling wolf that Hunter had found, his name was Ash and in exchange for sharing their bed he would gift Sheila with the ability to join with Hunter fully. Hunter's status as a hereditary wolf meant he could not create werewolves except to father them.

Sheila turned her head towards the window at a sound from outside. A glance at the clock told her that it was too soon for Hunter's return. She wondered if he prowled outside their cabin and toyed with the idea of looking for him. Sheila gave a sigh; she had made a promise to Hunter that she would not leave the cabin without him whilst Ash was in his territory.

Abandoning her book Sheila decided to fetch her self a glass of wine. She gave a stretch and smiled as her aching muscles protested the movement. Slowly she moved from the sofa, smoothing down her dress as she rose. The autumn air was chill in the cabin, she wore only a sleeveless white shift dress since she had planned to light a fire for the dark evening alone. She looked at the fireplace but couldn't raise the interest to light the fire; it seemed like a waste without Hunter to share it with. Pulling a shawl from the back of the sofa she wrapped it around her shoulders to warm of the cold.

As she turned she caught sight of a movement through the door pane. Frowning Sheila closed the distance. There was only one lamp lit in the room but it threw its glare on the glass and she could only see herself reflected. Sheila pulled open the door. She gave yip of surprise and stepped back. The tall man before her started and looked back at her with an equally stunned expression.

To Sheila's surprise the man turned and hurried down the steps. As he passed through the small strip of light from the window Sheila caught a glimpse of dark gold hair.

"Wait." She called. "Ash? Is that you?"

The man stopped two steps from the bottom and half turned towards her. His face so wary that she could almost believe he was afraid of her.

"Please wait. You are Ash aren't you?" Sheila spoke softly not wishing to startle him any further.

He turned fully towards her, one hand on the rail. Very slowly he raised his pale eyes to meet hers. He nodded his answer but didn't move.

"Won't you come in?" Sheila licked her lips nervously. Hunter had worried for her safety with this new wolf nearby and she was asking him into their home when Hunter was away. This man before her may well be a wolf underneath his battered jeans and t-shirt but he still seemed more afraid of her than she of him.

Ash hesitated before slowly retracing his path up the steps. He cursed himself for not leaving sooner. He took a calming breath and reminded himself of what he came to say. Resolute he walked towards the wolf's woman.

As Sheila closed the door behind them she waved a hand towards the plump sofa for him to sit.

"I was getting a glass of wine, would you like one?" She watched the young man perch at the very corner of the sofa and wondered at the disparity between him and the devilish wolf that Hunter had described.


She smiled as she walked around the breakfast bar and into the kitchen. He was a handsome man of about twenty she reasoned. He was tall and slim, not yet filling out those broad shoulders. His face was still boyish, slightly plump in the cheeks and soft around the jaw line.

She fetched two glasses of rich red wine and set them on the coffee table. As an after thought she moved to the fireplace, making a few needless adjustments to the wood piled there in readiness; she finally set a match to the paper. She stayed on her knees watching the tentative flame catch to the kindling. Sheila stood up and returned to the sofa, she smiled softly at Ash as she moved. When she sat she reached for his hand.

"I wanted to say thank you. For your kind offer."

Ash frowned at her in confusion. His 'kind offer' has consisted of him saying to Hunter that if he wanted him to pass on the disease in his blood then he wanted to 'fuck his bitch six ways to Sunday'. Obviously the other wolf had only given her a vague translation.

"You really want to be ... like us?" He asked.

"Very much, yes." She smiled more broadly. "Do you think it so terrible?"

"Yes I do. Do you know how you'll be forced to live if you change?" He leant towards her his face a picture of confusion. Sheila blinked at the question but Ash waved any words away. "You will be forced to change into an animal, to hunt smaller helpless animals, to eat them. If you don't do it, if you resist, then you will have to risk changing against your will and attacking and maybe killing a person." Ash grimaced with disgust.

Sheila gripped his hand tightly and it shook beneath her grasp. His skin was so cool she began to rub her other hand over his knuckles to warm him. She nodded at his words, she did know what to expect.

"After a while you don't even care about the animals that you hunt. You enjoy their fear; it excites you. Enjoy the feel of its struggle as you sink your teeth into its flesh." Ash turned his face away but not before she caught sight of his disgusted sneer.

"Ash that is what wolves do. I know it isn't going to be soft and fluffy; heaven knows that is not why I want to do this." She smiled warmly at him. "I want to be with Hunter for as long as I possibly can. If I don't do this then I will be forced to watch myself age whilst Hunter does not. He will still be young and strong when I am old and feeble, then I will die and he will be alone again."

Ash had been ready to make a sneering remark about her vanity before she finished but it stuck in his throat. She didn't want her wolf to be alone, again. To witness the depth of her love would surely be a delight if you had any hope of finding something similar for yourself. But he didn't and the sight made him ache for what might have been.

He blinked, she was moving that lush mouth of hers again, and he struggled to catch her words.

"I know that nobody would really choose this life if they didn't have to but I do have to. I'm sorry that it hurts you to live like this."

Ash snorted derisively. He wanted to tell her about hurt; to see her face as she saw all that he had lost. Almost as much as she would gain with the same curse. Anger flared inside him and he could taste the need to cause her pain. It was as thick as heart blood and it was so strong that he could almost choke on it. One glance at her open honest face and he knew that he couldn't do it.

"I have to go." He said abruptly yanking his hand from between hers. His skin felt so much colder as the air brushed at the heat she created.

"Ash wait."

He turned and saw the panic on her face. "You really would sacrifice your own humanity for him."

There was such a sense of power from having what she wanted so badly. Before he became wolf he never would have pictured what he could now. He wanted to command her to her knees and suck him and once her throat was raw with taste of him he would force her to bow before him so that his wolf could fuck too.

The images so clear in his mind that he trembled with the effort to remain still. He could see so clearly how she would look up at him from her knees begging him to scratch her so that she could keep her beloved wolf. She would take every inch of his meat into her throat and she would thank him for it. Ash shook his head; as disgusted as he was at the part of himself that could wish for such a scene his body had already begun to respond. Blood coursed through his body raising his cock to painful proportions.

Sheila was kneeling on the sofa leaning against its back as she reached out to him. Her arm was bent and Ash could not tell if she had just begun to reach for him or if the look on his face had made her begin to pull back. He lifted his hand to grasp her outstretched one.

The front door crashed open. It cracked once more as the wood hit the wall. A black blur of frenzied rage flew from the doorway to the centre of Ash's chest. His fingers were wrenched from Sheila grasp as he was knocked to the floor. His head bouncing twice on the wooden floor. Blinking hard he fought to bring his vision into focus.

Standing over him was the biggest blackest wolf he had ever seen. Its whole muzzle curled back in a snarl. The growl rumbled so deeply that Ash could feel the vibration of it in the floorboards. He could see every tooth in that long wide jaw and he flinched as saliva dripped on to his chest.

Sheila fell over the back of the sofa in her rush to help Ash. She landed on her shoulder and hip with pain sharp enough to take her breath. She had to get between them before Hunter hurt him. Without thinking she half-crawled half-lunged at Ash, placing her head at his throat blocking Hunter's aim.

The black wolf snarled as her nose touched his. Sheila recognised those deep chestnut eyes; the very eyes of her lover when lost in lust. Taking a calming breath she nuzzled her cheek along the length of those terrible teeth. The wolf sat down abruptly as though in surprise.

Sheila wrapped her arms around Hunter's huge neck and hugged him. Her hands clutched at the loose folds burying her fingers deep into luxurious fur. With one last smile for him she turned to face Ash offering her hand to help him up from his back.

"I'm very sorry."

Ash scooted backwards away from the huge wolf. He touched fingers to the back of his head and when he looked at them they were smeared with fresh blood. He inhaled deeply before placing both fingers in his mouth.

"He was right to protect you. I would have hurt you." Ash hung his head as he spoke.

Sheila tilted her head and smiled at him. "It was sex you were thinking of." She said quietly.

Ash turned his face away from her. "It is the same thing." His voice was rough with humiliation.

Hunter growled and shifted forward. Sheila placed her hand at his neck without looking at him. Instinctively she touched her other hand to Ash, tracing her fingers over his cheek. His eyes narrowed and flinched back from her. The action brought another growl from Hunter.

"Hunter stop that." She flicked an impatient glance at the huge wolf. "Can you either butt out or change form so you can talk to me? I really can't read you very well like this."

The black wolf slunk back with his head low; the sight of him caused Sheila to bite her lip to stop from laughing. Even she could read his apology. She looked back at Ash, the sheer pain and self-loathing on the man's face tore at her. She had seen a similar expression on Hunter the first time he risked showing himself to her and she longed to soothe it from Ash's features.

"Are you saying you wanted to hurt me Ash?" Her voice was calmly neutral.

Ash shifted uncomfortably and gave a reluctant nod; he still would not meet her eyes.

"For God's sake woman he wanted to force you." Hunters voice was thick and rough as though he were using a different part of his throat to talk from. Sheila turned and saw him sitting a short distance from her in his man-wolf form. The sight of his new form distracted her enough that she had to close her eyes and look away.

"Well I do not like pain but I can enjoy a degree force." Sheila blushed as she spoke.

"You would do this to gain my curse."

"I would do this and you can keep your curse if I hurts you to give it to me." Sheila spoke with a firmness that forced Ash's eyes to hers.

"Then why?"

"Because it wasn't long ago that I was ashamed of what my body desires and I would not wish that cage for anyone." Sheila slid her hand behind her, reaching blindly for Hunter. She found his short clawed hand and tightened her fingers around it. When He returned her squeeze she tugged him closer to her until his stomach pressed against her spine. She twisted her neck to look up at him; he was at least a foot taller in this form. She mouthed 'thank you' to him and let him see the heat in her eyes.

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