A Hunting Game


I sit in the car and quickly glance at myself in the mirror. I suppose I look convincing enough, I think. I straighten the cap on my head and smooth down the suit I am wearing. I look again at the door to the club. I swear I must’ve looked at it a million times by now, trying to will you to pass through the door. I can imagine what you are doing inside there at this moment yet can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve when you come outside again.

I hear the sound of the music get louder and again look at the door. This time it is you and you have a very attractive dark haired woman with you. She is short with very long hair. She is wearing a very short skirt with a shirt that showcases her very nice bust line. You motion to me and I put the car in drive, pulling it up toward the door. I am having a difficult time with the car, having never driven a limousine before today so I use care.

When I arrive at the door, I put it in park and exit the driver’s side to open the door for the two of you. The woman with you is completely engrossed in you as you wait for the car to come around. She barely notices that the limousine driver is female. I see her playfully rub your cock through your pants and look up to see that you are looking directly at me as she does so. You wink at me and thank me very professionally as you lead your new date into the car.

I get back into the car and wait for you to tell me where you would like to be taken. You tell me that the lady would like a ride so I should merely drive. “Yes Sir” I tell you and I pull out of the parking lot. By the way she seems to be paying attention to you, I can tell she wants a ‘ride’, I think. The woman that is with you is so thrilled to be in your car, that she doesn’t even pay attention to the fact that the privacy divider is still wide open. I am thrilled because that is the point of this entire plan. This woman has no clue that I know exactly how it feels to have your fingers rub a pussy, like she is getting. She has no clue that you are my boyfriend.

I drive us to a fairly secluded area and listen as she moans and purrs. I see you periodically look at me in the mirror, catching me watch you run your hands across her body. I see you lift her dress to reveal her pussy; her legs are spread so wide almost begging you to stop teasing. The smell of wet begins to fill the car, not only from your dark haired date but from me as well.

The woman leans down and starts to remove your cock from your pants. If I sit up very tall and look in the mirror, I can see your cock disappear into her mouth. Your head is thrown back against the seat as you hold her head with your nice strong hands. I absolutely love to watch you getting head this way. It is very sneaky and very erotic at the same time. I continue to see you look at me in the mirror, assuring I am watching and that I am enjoying the show. I smile at you to let you know that I love every moment of it.

I see you slide your hand across her ass while she sucks your cock. Your fingers are sliding into her pussy as your hips buck up into her hot, wet mouth. She pulls back and starts to stroke your cock with her hand, looking up at you as she does so. You encourage her as she looks right into your eyes. “I told you everyone has a price.” You say to her. We talked about this before you went into the bar. The plan was to see what price women were willing to accept to do things that were out of the ordinary.

“Yes” she says “but who wouldn’t take $ 20 to remove their panties? Especially when I wanted to so you would touch me.” She continues. You smile at her and slide your fingers into her pussy deep and fast at that comment. She moans and bucks her hips and I can tell that she is cumming from your touch. This scene makes my pussy throb as I continue to drive the car, playing my part. Her breathing starts to slow down a little bit. “I didn’t need a dime to come out to your car.” She giggles as she rubs her hand across your nice hard cock. I see a certain look in your eye when she says this and you look right at me in the mirror.

“That is true.” You say and then you lean slightly forward and say “driver, would you mind pulling over?” We happen to be in a fairly deserted place and I pull the car into a small lot and pull over as you requested. I do not turn around at all, just sit and wait for the next request as a good chauffer would. You sit back and deeply kiss the woman who has her hand wrapped around your cock. I watch as she melts right up against you. I carefully slide my hand across my pussy feeling it throb as I watch you.

“How about this”, you say to her, “how about another $ 20 to lick the driver’s pussy?” She looks at you to see if you are joking and I smile at you in the mirror. “Driver, what do you think about that?” You say to me.

Without turning around, I reply “Excuse me sir?” You repeat your suggestion to me as if it were the first time you said it. “What makes you think I would be interested in that, sir?” I reply.

“Oh really?” You say to me and you turn back to talk to your date. “Is $ 20 your price?” She still has her hand stroking your cock and actually feels it harden as you ask her that question. She notices it and you say “I would enjoy seeing that.”

“I have never licked pussy” she tells you. “Would you teach me how?” She looks right into your eyes as she asks this question. Her nice petite hand is wrapped around your cock and you can’t stand it another second. I turn around to look directly at you because I can tell you are about to cum. She looks surprised as your hot cum begins to shoot out of your cock. Her attention is completely on you and she doesn’t even notice I am watching also. You know that I absolutely love to see this. This woman with her hand stroking your nice hard cock and your cum shooting across your body.

She leans down and licks the head of your cock, waiting for it to go soft. She is surprised when it doesn’t. You catch your breath and then look directly at her again. “I really like the idea of that. Driver, come around to the back of the car.” The woman looks at me as you talk to me. I love the look of lust in her eyes as she holds your nice hard cock in her hand. My pussy is so wet, that I can barely stand it. Even though I want to jump out of this car and run to the back of the car, I act as if I am not going to comply. “Everyone has a price.” You say more to her than to me. “I will pay you twice your rate for this, driver. You are working for me, after all.” You say to me.

I sigh deep and act as if I am grudgingly moving to the back of the limo. When I shut the door, you kiss me deeply. The kiss is one that would show the dark haired female that we more than just met, but since she already has your still hard cock in her mouth, she doesn’t even notice. I get into the seat across from the two of you and lift my suit skirt. This reveals a pair of thigh high stockings and very wet panties. The woman continues to suck your cock and I rub my pussy as I watch this. You look directly at me and this only makes me wetter which you can see.

You move her head and pull her up to you. Kissing her and telling her that you want to see her lick that very nice wet pussy that is across from the two of you. She turns and looks at me. The two of you looking at me as if I were a very special dish is a very erotic scene. I spread my legs farther, instinctively and you can see my pussy swell up in anticipation. She giggles and you talk softly to her. Telling her that you would love to see her tongue on my clit and that obviously so would I.

She slowly moves over to me. Being able to see you watch us in the back ground is awesome. The look on your face is of pure enjoyment and I very much enjoy seeing it. When she reaches me she softly kisses me. There is something about another woman kissing me that is wonderful. It is soft and sweet and always sensual. When she backs away and starts to travel down my body toward my wet pussy, I can see you slowly stroking your cock and smiling. You wait to see if she beckons you for assistance/direction.

She slowly, cautiously leans in and licks my pussy. The feel of her warn tongue is amazing. She backs up and turns to look at you, as if looking for approval. You smile at her and nod letting her know that she is doing exactly what you want. She turns back and leans in again. This time licking with more force – this gets her a full taste of my sweet wet pussy. I moan softly as I enjoy the feel of her tongue. “Don’t stop” we both hear you say as you begin to move toward the two of us.

Her tongue licks across my slippery clit and I briefly put my head back as I enjoy the direct attention. I hear you talking softly, giving her some basic suggestions and feel your fingers slide into my pussy as you show her to lick and finger fuck simultaneously. I feel your fingers slip out and feel her feminine hand take over for you. Listening to her lick my pussy and hearing your voice encouraging her is about more than I can stand. I begin to cum. I hear you ask her if she can feel her fingers being pulled in as I cum right on her face. She doesn’t stop to answer you but becomes more engrossed in her task, making me cum twice in a row.

I catch my breath and see that you have moved slightly behind her and have your fingers deep in her pussy. I understand now why she has not stopped. You wink at me and I watch you slowly slide your cock into her pussy from behind. Your nice strong hands are on her hips pulling her back into you as she continues to lick. I watch as the intensity increases and then move my body. I spin around so my pussy is still in her reach but now I can watch as your cock slides into her right over my face. I reach up and lick your cock and her clit as you fuck her. I can hear her moan and feel that she is loosing her concentration.

I pull back and look up as I massage your balls. I can feel them tighten and see your cock start to pulsate right in her pussy in front of me. As you begin to cum, you pull your cock out and cum right down my throat. I can taste her pussy on your cock as I greedily suck every last drop from you. She is breathing heavily and trying to catch her breath. She moves and sits across from us, watching me put your cock in my mouth. Her breathing slows down and she watches intently as I slowly pull your cock out of my mouth. The look on her face is priceless as she notices that your cock is still hard.

“Amazing” is all she says. “Truly Amazing”. She starts to pull her skirt back down and we can see that our friend is done for the evening. I return to the role of your employee and prepare to drive her back to the club that we met her at. As I drop the two of you at the door, she asks you to walk her to her car. I pull the car around and look at the clock. Smiling I realize that it is early still. If I know you well enough, you will go back in the bar and try this game again. Just as that thought crosses my mind, she gets into her car and starts to drive away. You walk toward the door of the club and look at me. You point at your watch, point to the club door and blow me a kiss. Oh boy, I think. I wasn’t done yet and somehow you seem to know that. Happy hunting, baby.

C K & L

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