tagNonHumanA Husband of Many Talents

A Husband of Many Talents


Jesse looked down at herself, sweat glistening on her perfect skin, her triple-d breasts bouncing up and down as her husband thrust himself into her. She couldn't have been happier. It had taken her a while to get used to him, but she loved her husband more than ever thought possible. While she didn't know if he returned the feeling, if he even could feel that way, she knew he'd never leave her. It had been almost a dozen years since they had met, during her first year in college, and she hadn't aged a day since.


About a month into her first semester Jesse's roommate had been arrested for possession of marijuana. It was a miracle that the cops hadn't found her stash as well, but just to be on the safe side she gave everything she had to her friend a few doors down. In any event, she had the dorm room all to herself and despite feeling lonely some times it worked out better in the long run. She was able to study in relative peace and she didn't risk coming home to catch her friend in bed with someone (something she had done a few times already)

Jesse was even more surprised when the university hadn't partnered her up with someone else at the beginning of the second semester, but it didn't bother her one bit. Actually, something had started to nibble at the back of her mind a bit. She was lonely, not desperately enough to grab someone and sleep with them lonely, but lonely all the same. Fortunately, she didn't have long to wait.

A week into her spring courses, Jesse was sitting in a lecture hall pretending to learn math when some type of ooze dripped on her paper. Since she was far in the back no one noticed, so when Jesse leaned forward to get a closer look of the fluid, more dripped on the back of her head. She quickly put her hand on the spot where her hair felt wet and her hand came away with some transparent slime coating her fingers. She looked up to see what was dripping on her but all she saw was an air vent.

Jesse collected her books and left the class, with only about five minutes left she wouldn't miss anything important. Hoping that no one saw the wet mark on the back of her head; Jesse weaved her way back to her dorm and stripped off her clothes. Grabbing a towel she turned around to take a shower but her movement was stopped by something wrapping around her leg. She looked down to see something that was just on the pink side of flesh colored coiled around her leg. As she bent down to see what it was the rest of it moved towards her.

Suddenly Jesse could see about a dozen tentacles come out from under her futon and wrap themselves around her arms legs and torso. Too scared to scream out at first, Jesse took a deep breath, but when she opened her mouth a tentacle flew inside, muffling any sounds that may have come out. The tentacle in her mouth traveled down her throat into her stomach and stopped. Tasting the oddly relaxing appendage in her mouth, Jesse felt it begin to move in and out of her at a slow gentle pace.

Realizing that this thing was fucking her Jesse began to squirm in her bonds, but only after a minute or so she gave up to the futility of it all. As she stopped moving the tentacles around her started to massage her body, arousing Jesse and making her feel dirty at the same time. Two tentacles nearest to her breasts kneaded them with special care and affection until Jesse's pussy started to get damp. As the heat inside her body grew the tentacles slowed gown to a gentle rub, but never stopped their motion.

Jesse was almost on the verge of an orgasm when she felt one of the tentacles begin its push into her vagina. She was far to hot to really want the thing to stop but her conditioned mind still made her squirm a little. The tentacle inside her cunt felt different than the one in her mouth, this one felt a little thicker, and it seemed to be ribbed as well. Either way, the tentacle continued to force it's way in her body and only stopped when it reached her wall, what Jesse thought was a good foot into her. As soon as it touched the back Jesse convulsed in the best orgasm she had ever had, which wasn't really saying much considering that she had only had sex a handful of times.

As she continued to rock in the creature's soft grips another tentacle began to push against her anus and eventually was able to snake it's way in. Jesse's eyes bulged as she felt the pressure and for a second she wanted it to leave her, but after a few thrusts form the front and back Jesse conceded defeat and just let the thing fuck her. Jesse hadn't felt sexier in her life and she wished that this feeling would never end, she was almost scared of someone coming into her room and finding her in this awkward position, but hardly anyone came into her room, and even then the door was open.

She remained in that position for a long time, three tentacles moving inside her. She hadn't even tried to count the number of time she had come but even if she had she would've lost count. What she could tell is that she was getting tired from the workout and she started to feel sleepy. However, the tentacle in her mouth engorged slightly and she felt something being pumped in her stomach. She realized that the creature was now coming inside her, and against all logic she was happy at that fact. Soon after the other two tentacles came in her as well and the marathon fuck ended with her being gently set on the ground.

Sitting up slowly, Jesse reached out and touched the creature on one of its tentacles and felt the heat radiating off of it. She shifted her weight so that her back lay on the creature and it slowly encompassed her in a hug. Jesse fell asleep and couldn't believe how good she felt. She knew she should be scared, but after the sheer pleasure she had just received she couldn't possible feel anything but joy.

When she woke up the next day she was alone in her dorm, looking up at the ceiling from her bed. She had just had a bad dream. What was so odd was that she didn't want to wake up from it. She had felt so good being violated by that thing and she didn't want that feeling to end. She sighed heavily as she got out of bed and took a shower. That day in class had to have been the longest day she had ever experienced, despite only having to go to two recitations. All she wanted to do was get home and find her dildo, a feeling she had experienced before, but not to this magnitude.

As soon as she made it to her dorm she locked the door and tore off her clothes. Reaching under her elevated bed she searched for her phallus but was stopped dead in her tracks by something slinking up her leg. She looked down in wonder as the same tentacle from her dream slowly creped out from under her futon the same way it had the night before. Jesse dropped to her knees and grabbed one of the tentacles. It gently coiled around her arm and as she brought it up to her mouth it slithered between her lips and down her throat. A few more tentacles move out from under the cushions and crept their way into her other holes.

Jesse didn't resist this time; in fact she grabbed a few more tentacles in her hands and began to rub them like she would a cock. She felt the tentacle in her mouth push past her stomach into her intestines and the one in her ass follow suit. She felt an odd sensation as they traveled through her until they touched somewhere in her belly. The other tentacle in her vagina was wonderfully probing every inch of her pussy until it found the entrance to her womb. She cried out in joy as the appendage pushed further into her and suddenly stopped. She continued to feel immense pleasure, but the tentacle didn't move. She looked down to see the tentacle retreat from her cunt and hover at the opening.

The rest of the creature came out from under the futon and slowly wrapped her in an embrace while the two tentacles inside her began to come out as well. Searching for a reason why it wasn't fucking her Jesse's hand subconsciously moved to her stomach. She began to feel just over her uterus and she suddenly realized that she must be pregnant. The thing wasn't going to risk injuring its child and Jesse knew neither was she. She enfolded the writhing mass of whatever it was with a hug and sat there until she fell asleep once again in it's grasp.

Over the next nine months Jesse's body grew to accompany the size of what she assumed was her child. Everyone she knew wanted to know who was the father but all she told them was that it was her boyfriend from high school. Meanwhile the creature had acted like the provider parent and brought Jesse whatever it thought food was. It took a month or two for it to get the right things, but eventually it started to bring parts of cows and chickens that it had probably had killed.

In her ninth month Jesse was working on some homework when her water broke. She immediately got up to go to the hospital, but the creature prevented her from going anywhere. She tried to push her way past but something inside her began to move. Jesse stopped and pulled up the skirt she was wearing to reveal a small tentacle protruding out of her pussy. It was quickly followed by another then another and then her child began to pull its way out of her. In only a couple of minutes her son (or daughter, she couldn't tell) was out of her and cradled in her arms. Jesse looked in contentment as her child wiggled in her arms, and as it's father came over to inspect it the creature also enclosed Jesse in a loving embrace.


That was twelve years ago. They had had ten more children since then, all resembling their father, and they were trying to make a twelfth. Jesse's kids would hang around the two of them for about eight years and then go off to find their own mates. While Jesse had never seen them again, she knew she must be a grandmother by now. Continuing to be handily fucked by her husband Jesse wrapped her arms around him and relished the feeling of the tentacle inside her that had grown over the years. It was now at least four inches thick and would go least eighteen inches into her. As she came once again she knew she couldn't be happier.

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