tagLoving WivesA Husband's Fantasy Come True.

A Husband's Fantasy Come True.


This story is a continuation of the previous stories My Wife's Fantasy Comes True and My Wife's Fantasy Comes True – Chapter Two.

After Seth left that Saturday and my wife offered up the opportunity to experience a threesome with another woman, I knew I was going to experience every mans dream. I have never specifically worked toward the goal of enjoying my wife and another woman at the same time but my wife's suggestion told me that she was thinking of my pleasure as well as her own. This pleased me tremendously.

We relaxed the rest of the day and then went out to eat that evening. It was a warm night so my wife wore a simple yet sexy dress that really showed off her legs. During supper, I told her that I was going to take her up on her suggestion. "I know," she replied. I asked her whom she had in mind and she said, "I don't know, I can't think of anyone right now but I'm sure we can come up with someone."

"Yeah, I guess we'll have to think about it for a while," I replied. "Mmmmmmmmmmm, it will be worth the wait to see you with a another woman in bed," I said coyly. Slightly embarrassed she said, "I've never been with another woman and really have no desire to do so but I also had no desire to swallow cum or have anal sex either and you know what happened. So what the hell, I am your slut and will do whatever is takes to please you. And if I didn't enjoy being your slut, I wouldn't have suggested it." I just smiled at her devilishly. I know this kind of talk gets to her and while my wife might not care to do certain things, she does truly enjoy being treated like a slut.

We finished dinner and got in our Grand Cherokee to head home, on the way I decided to have some fun. When I turned to get on the Interstate near our home, Melissa asked, "Where are we going?" My only reply was, "Strip!" She looked at me in surprise and then just smiled. She immediately unbuckled and started pulling up her dress and removing her lacy bra and panties. "Mmm, you do know how I like exposing myself to the truckers, it gets my juices going."

"Go for it," I replied. "Here comes a lucky trucker." I pulled into the left lane and got up next to the semi and my wife rolled down her window and let her right leg hang out the window. In letting her leg hang out the window she exposes her shaved pussy to the driver. When she is sure she has his attention, she begins rubbing her pussy and playing with her tits. I keep even with the truck as she inserts her finger in her pussy and gives him quite a show. The driver blasts his horn in appreciation. She laughs and says, "He's hollering for us to pullover." "Well, he's out of luck," I said as I hit the gas to pull ahead. "My pussy is aching and I want you to fuck me now. NOW!," she pleaded. Laughing at her I said, "Damn baby, Seth and I hammered you earlier today and you still want more." She groaned, "Yes, yes!! I'm so hot. Don't tease me, fuck me! I don't care where you do it, I just want your dick in me."

Pulling off the Interstate, I drove into the darkest corner of a motel parking lot and parked between two big rigs. I got out, went to her side, pulled her out and dragged her to the back of the SUV. In a sexy voice, she says, "So you're going to fuck me here between these trucks? Maybe a big, handsome, truck driver will be watching."

Opening the tailgate I yelled, "Bend over so I can fuck you good." I lifted her dress to expose her ass and cunt and proceeded to unfasten my pants and expose my already swollen cock. My dick was hard from her exposing herself to the truck driver and playing with herself. I rubbed the head of my dick against her pussy, "Is this what you want, slut?"

"Yessss, quit teasing and fuck me," she screamed. With that I thrust deep and hard into her. "Ooohhhh god, yes, fuck my pussy." I started to fuck her hard, no foreplay, no kissing, just held her hips and thrust my cock into her. I sensed someone watching us but ignored the feeling, to intent on what I was doing at the moment to worry about it. I kept slamming into her make her groan and swear. "Damn, your dick feels good. Oh fuck, oh fuck, yes," she said.

My wife must have sensed someone watching because she looked to her left and her eyes widened in surprise. Glancing in that direction, I realized there was a lady truck driver standing at the front of her rig watching us. My glance told me she was about 5'8", had a nice figure with tanned skinned and dark, straight hair. A second glance told me she was leaning against her truck, hand in her shorts fingering with herself.

"She's enjoying herself too. You like her watching us, don't you? You like being watched as you get fucked, don't you slut?"

"Yes, oh yes," my wife screamed. I suddenly realized I, too, enjoyed being watched. With that knowledge and my wife squirming beneath me, I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. At that moment my wife said, "Shoot that cum in me." Those words put me over the edge and slamming into her once more, I put my load deep in her cunt. At the same moment, I heard the truck driver moaning and looked over to find her with one hand in her panties and one playing with a nipple. I withdrew from my wife and pulled up my pants. My wife slowly picked herself up and gave me a "thank you" kiss, and goes and grabs her panties from the front of the SUV.

A little more composed, we looked over at the lady truck driver who still had her hands on her body. To my surprise, my wife walks over and hands her sexy panties to the lady truck driver and says, "Thanks for watching," and gives her a kiss on the cheek. To my wife's surprise, the driver had other ideas.

She grabbed my wife and returned the favor with a kiss on the lips. I was shocked when my wife didn't resist and waited to see what would happen next. The woman wrapped her arms around my wife and fondled her ass with both hands as they kissed. My wife broke the kiss and whispered something to her and the driver whispered something back. They kept this up for a few moments, whispering and lightly kissing each other, and really got my curiosity aroused, not to mention something else. Wanting to know what was up, I walked over as my wife turned to me and said, "Honey, this is Marisa and she wants to know if we would like to continue our fun with her." I introduced myself to Marisa and she said, "I'm Bi and really got off watching you together. My wife said, " I told her we would love to but I am tired and sore after today."

Marisa looked disappointed but I told her we might be able to get together at a later date, once we got to know each other better. Marisa smiled and offered her cell phone number and e-mail address so we could keep in touch. As she climbed into the cab of her truck to write down the information, I suddenly had a great idea. Both women looked at me questioningly when I told Marisa to climb down and told my wife to sit on the steps to the truck. "Baby, I know you are tired but I want you to sit on the steps and spread your legs. I want to watch Marisa clean you up. She can get a taste of both of us. I'm sure you both would enjoy that." Surprisingly, my wife just said "Sure, Honey, whatever you want" and proceeded to sit down and spread her legs.

I said to Marisa, "Melissa is my wife and slut and besides the fucking you just saw, she was screwed several times by me and a friend of mine earlier today."

Melissa spoke up then and said, "Yeah, I sucked and fucked them both and even let them fuck my ass too. I am his slut and have agreed to a threesome with another women but not today."

Still speaking to Marisa I said, "What happened tonight was spontaneous and while tonight isn't right for our threesome, we will get together in the future." Marisa smiled and said, "Ok, that's cool." With the smile still on her face she knelt between my wife's legs and positioned her to have better access to her pussy. I leaned against our vehicle and watched as she started kissing my wife's thighs, licking up the juices that had dripped from her pussy. My wife moaned and put her hand on the back of Marisa's head to pull her closer. I watched as she licked my wife's pussy clean and played with her clit. After a few minutes, Melissa started shouting, "That's it bitch, eat my pussy, oh god, I'm cumming." I was a little surprised by her outburst. Marisa continued to lap up her juices as her orgasm passed. She finally raised her head and got to her feet, stopping long enough to kiss my wife and thank her. Marisa then came over to me and put her arms around my neck and kissed me, whispering as she did so "Thank you for sharing your wife. I look forward to sharing you next time."

We got Marisa's information, promised to get in contact soon and said our good-byes. As we got in our vehicle and left the parking lot, I asked my wife if she enjoyed herself. "Honey, I can't believe how I enjoyed being taken in public and being watched," she replied. "Knowing someone was watching me having sex was even more of a thrill. This was definitely different than our threesome with Seth."

I laughed and said, "I was not expecting this. What did you think of Marisa? With me watching you with another woman?"

"In the heat of passion I found myself attracted to her and enjoyed you watching us but I still prefer men and a nice hard cock," she said. "Damn, my pussy feels used and abused. You and Seth fucked my pussy, my ass and my mouth, using my body like I was a common slut. And now I've had my pussy eaten by another woman."

"You enjoyed every minute of it too," I said. "Just remember you're my slut and I will continue to use you for my pleasure."

Getting back on the Interstate, we headed for home. It had been a long, tiring, yet exciting day. "Who will be the right woman for our threesome?" I wondered. I couldn't wait to find her and little did I know I would find the right one sooner than I thought.

The answer it turned out was blinking at me from our caller ID and the message light on our phone...

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