tagInterracial LoveA Husband's Proposal

A Husband's Proposal


Diana opened the new prescription and took one of the tiny pills and placed it on her tongue while reaching over to pick up the small glass of water and swallowed the little pill down her throat.

Diana opened the kitchen cabinet placing the little packet of pills on the cabinet shelve before heading back into the bedroom. The prescription of birth control pills would be the last thing Diana thought she would ever need to take considering her husband Joe's low sperm count.

Diana and Joe had been married for nine years straight out of college and both were successful working at the same marketing corporation for several years before venturing off on their own and forming there own company.

Diana would be turning twenty-nine this June and her and Joe had wanted to adopt a child for the last two years but the demand on venturing out on their own had left them with less time right now for children and Joe wanted to wait another two years before giving it another thought.

Diana had a great looking figure and worked very hard at it by working out in her own gym Joe had set up in the basement. With blonde hair and five foot two inch frame and one hundred and five-pound Diana was proud of her 34-22-34 figure which made her the envy of all of her friends

Joe had to fly out to Atlanta this morning on business and would be back home in the late morning tomorrow. Diana looked at the clock knowing she had to go online in about thirty minutes to talk to Tony.

Tony was a man Diana had became friends with as a pen pal a few short months ago. Tony had served nine months over in Iraq as a Sargent in the marines and just returned home a few days ago.

Diana got involved as a pen pal for lonely soldiers with a group she had herd about and they had become friends over a period of time. Diana got so comfortable talking with Tony that she finally told him about this crazy idea her husband Joe had about swinging.

Diana went on to reveal to Tony that her husband had a fetish to watch her make love to another man and that he had this fascination to be a cuckold. Diana told Tony she didn't want any part of that kind of lifestyle and worried about her husband's behavior.

Over the coming weeks Tony and Diana discussed different idea's how she might convince her husband to reconsider his wild proposal. One night Tony suggested to Diana to give in to her husbands desires and go along with the idea as if she loved the idea.

Tony mentioned that perhaps if she were to pretend she wanted to try swinging and perhaps even meet another man that her husband would get cold feet and back out on his own.

Diana was a little reluctant at first but thought that Joe just might change his mind once he saw that she was going to go through with the idea.

A couple days later Diana told Joe she would give the swinging idea a try under her conditions in which he would let her find the man. Diana even went to her doctor to obtain a prescription of birth control pills to help convince Joe she was really going through with it.

Joe would be home tomorrow morning and Diana knew one of the first things Joe was going to ask, "Honey, have you had any luck finding a lover yet?" Tonight she was going to ask Tony's opinion about avoiding that question.

Later that night Diana was online chatting with her friend Tony and asked that question. Tony said that perhaps if she went out shopping and bought a revealing dress and model the dress for her husband when he arrives home that it might make him jealous. Tony said to make sure she told him it was for her first date.

Diana thought Tony's suggestion might work on her husband Joe and she told him she had to sign off and go shopping before the stores close. Diana thanked Tony for giving her the idea and would leave an email tomorrow on how well it turned out.

Diana went shopping that night and found the perfect dress and when she got home she slipped into the dress with heels and paraded around in front of the mirror admiring the item she had bought. The dress was green with a low plunging neck line that revealed plenty of cleavage and was short enough that when she sat down the dress would hike up to her ass.

Diana picked up Joe at the airport the next day and it wasn't an hour after they returned home that Joe asked the question Diana knew he would ask. Joe said, "Were you able to find a stud to fuck you?"Diana told Joe to wait in the family room and she would show him what she had bought while he was gone.

Diana came out of the bedroom a few minutes later wearing the revealing dress and turned around in front of Joe and waited for his opinion. Joe was smiling and Diana thought she would ad a few words to try and shock him.

"All I have to do is lift this up and my lover can fuck me while I'm wearing it." Diana was pulling up the dress to reveal that she was not wearing any panty's under the dress. "I'll shave my pussy nice and smooth for him and maybe spray some perfume down here and drive him wild."

Joe got down on his knee's and crawled toward me and started to kiss my legs down to my ankles. Joe was licking around my ankles now as he looked up and said. "You look so beautiful in this dress and I can't wait to see you getting fucked by your stud."

Joe kissed his way back up my legs gently placing his hands up to hold onto my hips and smelled my pussy through the thin material of my dress.

Joe got back up off the floor and told me, "You don't know how much I love you." Joe smiled as he left the room leaving me standing in the room wearing this revealing dress. I'd have to talk to Tony tonight and seek some advice.

That night when Joe was in bed, I got online and told Tony all about what had happened today and let him know it only seemed to encourage my husband more. After several minutes' Tony made the suggestion that maybe, I should find a man that would go along with the idea.

I was stunned by Tony's remarks and told Tony I couldn't go through with meeting a strange man for sex. Tony said that I should find someone that would just play along with the idea and not really go through with the sex part of it.

Tony said that my husband would surely be jealous once he saw me getting fondled by another man. I answered Tony back and said I didn't know anyone that would do such a thing.

Tony answered back saying that he knew someone that was willing to help me out and I asked him who it was that he knew. Tony said he would be glad to help me out and to just let him know when I wanted to do it.

I was sitting there looking at the computer at the words that Tony just typed trying to decide what I should write him back. I typed back say, "You would be willing to help me?" Tony typed his phone number up on the screen next and told me to call him.

My hands were shaking as I typed out, "I'll sign off now and give you a call in a few minutes." I copied the number down that Tony had wrote and signed off the computer. I sat in the chair trying to decide if I should call Tony. After talking to this man all of these months, I would actually be hearing his voice for the first time.

I knew Tony was stationed about one hundred miles from where we lived so maybe he could help me. Once the night was over and maybe my husband would put all these crazy ideas out of his head than I wouldn't have to see this man ever again.

My hands were trembling as I dialed his number on my cell phone and walked toward the kitchen so my husband wouldn't hear me. I listened as the phone rang a second ring and a man answered saying, "I knew you would call me." His voice was really deep and husky and I said, "Hello, this is Diana calling."

Tony responded, "It's really nice to speak to you after all these months and I'm looking forward to meeting you and helping you out with your husband."

We talked for over an hour that evening until we decided on a place and time to meet. We decided on the following weekend at a hotel that was located half way between us. I had sent Tony a picture of myself at my ten-year high school reunion from last year so he knew what I looked like.

I'd never asked Tony what he had looked like until now and he replied, "I'm six feet five inches tall and I have short curly dark hair and I weigh two hundred and seventy-five pounds." He reminded me that he worked out every day with weights and it was all muscle.

I was surprised when Tony told me how huge he was and I felt a little afraid to meet him but he reassured me that he was considered a gentle giant at the base. We ended our conversation after planning the events for that evening. We pretty much had planned the whole evening and Tony told me not to be afraid that everything would go well.

I didn't get much sleep that night thinking about meeting Tony next weekend. The next morning I told Joe that I had a date for next weekend. Joe said, "How is he and what's his name?" I told Joe, "He's a soldier I corresponded with while he was in Iraq and his name is Tony."

Joe than asked, "What does this man look like and did you tell him about me?" I answered, "Yes Joe, I told him all about your desire to watch me make love with another man." Than I answered the second part knowing, I would have to tell a little fib."He's tall and very muscular and very handsome and I can't wait to fuck him."

Joe put his hands on my shoulders and kissed me and said, "Please darling, don't forget to take your birth control pills." I said, "Don't worry honey, I didn't go to the doctor to end up getting pregnant."

I hope that Tony had made the right decision about my husband backing out at the last minute. What if he gets there and expects me to go through with this whole thing. I better get sick in a hurry.

Friday cane around pretty fast and Joe looked nervous as he watched me putting on my new dress without any panty's or bra. I had shaved my pussy smooth and applied perfume around my belly and just a little above my pussy mound. I had my nails done the day before along with my toe's and all matched in a bright red.

I dried my hair and applied my makeup while Joe hung around the bedroom watching every move I made. I looked in the mirror and hoped the neighbors wouldn't see me walk to the car tonight. The dress was tight and I could see my nipples through the dress. I bent down to grab my heels and looked in the mirror while bending down and noticed how much of my titty's were showing. The dress barely came up above my nipples and I thought Tony was really going to get an eye full of me tonight.

Joe was going to be disappointed tonight if I have to pretend I'm getting sick. Joe was packing his video camera and was already dressed and ready.

We got on the expressway and were on our way and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as we got closer to our destination. We got off the expressway ramp and I could see the hotel straight ahead and my legs started to shack.

Joe spotted the hotel but pulled into the parking lot next to the office. I glanced around and didn't see the car Tony said he would be driving. Joe said, "I'm going into the office and check in." I pulled down the vizor and checked my makeup, reapplying my lip stick while I waited for Joe to return.

Joe came back and said, "The room number is 108 and it's the first one across the parking lot." Joe moved the car around and started to back in the parking space when I saw Tony's car pull up and along the side of our car and park in the next space.

My heart was beating fast as I tried to look over in his car and get a look at the man I had been chatting with online all these months. It was already dark and all I could make out was a dark figure in the driver's seat. Joe opened his window and motioned for Tony to roll his window down.

Tony's window rolled down as my husband introduced himself and Tony answered him back in that deep husky voice I herd on the phone last week. Joe said, "I already checked in and the room is right here."

I was shacking and my heart was racing as my husband opened the door and walked around to open mine. I got out of the car as my husband took my hand and we walked around to meet Tony. Tony was just getting out of his car and looked tall as he started to walk toward us.

I was holding onto my husband's hand as tight as I could as we walked toward Tony and he started to come into view. My heart almost stopped as I looked up at this huge black man standing less than five feet in front of me.

Tony reached his hand out to shack my husbands first as they introduced each another and Joe turned to me and said to Tony, "This is my beautiful wife Diana." Tony reached for my hand and said, "I'm very pleased to meet you."

Tony was looking at me straight in the eye's and I could see him glance down toward my tits than down toward my legs and said in his deep voice, "Look very beautiful tonight Diana."

We all walked toward the room and once inside my husband said he wanted to bring his things inside and walked back out leaving me with Tony. There were a small table and chairs and Tony and I sat down across from each other as my husband walked back into the room carrying his camera case and wine.

My husband put everything where he wanted it and poured all of us a drink. Tony was the first to speak saying, "You're much more beautiful than I would have ever imagined."

My husband started a conversation with Tony and they started talking about the war and Tony told him every place he had been. I sat and listened to them because I was too nervous to speak and crossed my legs.

I noticed that Tony was looking at my legs now because the dress was hiked up so far part of my ass was now showing. Tony was a handsome man and had a nice smile besides having a sexy voice. As Tony and my husband got acquainted, Tony would glance toward me and give me a smile every so often.

Joe kept pouring more wine into my glass as I drank to settle my nerves. Tony than told my husband, "You have a beautiful wife here, I bet you're really proud of her." Joe answered, "Yes, I'm very proud of my wife and how she keeps herself in shape." Joe continued and said, "My wife bought this dress she is wearing tonight just for you."

Tony leaned over and looked around the table and said, "Your wife looks very stunning in that dress and I love the heels." I took another drink of my wine as I saw Tony looking at my ankles. I started to panic as he leaned forward lifting himself off his seat and grabbing my leg at the ankle and gently rubbed his finger above the strap on the heel and said, "I've always thought high heels made a woman's legs look very sexy and appealing."

I was relieved when I felt Tony's hand let go of my ankle and sat back down in his chair. Tony said he had brought another bottle of wine out in his car and walked out to retrieve it. There was a love seat next to me and thought it might be more comfortable and moved and sat down while my husband went to the bathroom.

Tony walked back in and put the bottle of wine on the table and said he had it chilling in a cooler and opened it and poured another glass and handed it to me. Tony than poured a glass for himself and walked toward the love seat and sat down next to me starring at my legs.

Tony leaned over toward me and whispered, "I know you're nervous, just relax and let me handle everything when your husband comes back out." I was feeling the effects of the wine as I looked over at Tony and told him, "I'll be fine, I was very nervous when we first got here but I'm feeling better now." Tony was sitting just inches away from me as he answered, "You'll be just fine tonight Diana, we'll give your husband a little show here in a few minutes."

Although the wine was making me feel more relaxed, Tony scared me the way he said we would put on a show for my husband. Joe stepped out of the bathroom and starred at us as he walked back to his chair and sat down.

Tony was the first to speak, "Diana and I thought we would get a little better acquainted here." Tony moved his had around my shoulder and gently gave my arm a squeeze as he smiled over at Joe.

Joe was looking as if he were waiting for Tony's next move as Tony looked my way and said, "You picked out a lovely scent to wear this evening." I could feel his hand starting to stroke my bare arm as he slightly tilted his head over to smell my perfume.

Tony looked over at my husband and said, "Joe, have you ever seen a black man fuck a white woman before?" Joe just starred at Tony for a few seconds before giving him an answer and said, "I've only seen a couple adult videos but never seen it in person."

Tony was laughing and said, "Its going to be a real treat for you tonight." Tony leaned over and placed his wine glass on the table and took mine and placed it along the side his glass and sat back and pulled me close to his body.

Tony looked back at Joe and said, "You better get your camera setup if you want to catch all the action here tonight." Joe got up and took his camera out of the case and started to place it on the tripod. I was getting more scared as Tony held me close to him.

Tony asked Joe, "Would you mind if I gave your wife a kiss." Joe answered, "I don't mind, go ahead and kiss her." Tony looked over at me and moved his head toward mine and placed his lips on mine. He felt warm as he gently parted my lips and I could feel his tongue pushing forward trying to enter my mouth.

I parted my lips a little and he pushed more of his tongue inside my mouth as it touched the tip of my tongue. I could feel Tony's hand on my leg now as he slowly began to stroke my thigh as we kissed. Tony pulled his tongue back and whispered, "Give me your tongue." He than started to kiss me again as I slowly pushed my tongue out and he sucked it into his mouth.

Tony's hand moved from my leg and under the hem of my dress and was now feeling around toward my pussy. For some reason my legs gently parted for Tony as he felt his way up and to my pussy mound and he moaned into my mouth as his fingers felt the soft skin around my shaven pussy.

Tony broke the kiss and whispered, "I love a shaved white pussy." Tony continued to kiss me as I felt his fingers gently trying to part my pussy open. Finally Tony's finger had found its target and he gently started to insert it inside me and rubbed my clitoris. My pussy was getting wet by this time but Tony withdrew his finger and pulled his hand out from under my dress.

I didn't feel as afraid as I was but wondered to myself how far Tony was going to take this little show for my husband. Tony looked over at Joe and said, "Your wife has a nice tight little pussy here and she's getting wet thinking about having my black cock inside her."

Tony's words caught me by surprise but I knew he was trying to shock my husband into changing his mind. So far I haven't seen any changes in the way my husband was reacting to Tony's advances on me.

Tony's hand moved up and cupped my tits through my thin dress and started to move his hand from one to the other as he looked over at Joe and said, "You're a special kind of husband to be letting another man take your wife and do as he pleases."

Tony looked at me again and said, "You have nice titty's Diana, I bet you like showing them off to other men don't you?" Tony than moved the thin material of my dress away to expose my left breast and moved his hand onto my nipple and started to rub his thumb around in little circles and said, "Diana's nipples are getting hard for me Joe."

Tony bent his head down and placed his lips directly over the nipple and started to nibble and circle his tongue around. I was scared but aroused at the same time as Tony worked his tongue around my breast.

I couldn't help getting aroused as Tony gently started to lick and kiss his way up to my neck and under my chin until his lips were on mine again and his tongue back inside my mouth. I slowly sucked on his tongue as he slowly worked his hand around pulling the straps of my dress down over my shoulders.

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