tagInterracial LoveA Husband's Proposal Ch. 02

A Husband's Proposal Ch. 02


Diana turned off the water and stepped out of the shower reaching for the towel she had hung on the door. Diana starred into the mirror as she started to dry herself off and could see the little red marks left on her tits by Tony this evening. Placing the towel around her waist and walking into the hall, Diana noticed the light in the bedroom was already off. Diana reached for the bedroom door and started to close it as she listened to her husband Joe snoring away. He must have fallen asleep from all the tension tonight watching her get fucked by Tony.

Diana made her way into the family room toward the computer and sat down in the chair pulling the keyboard out and reaching for the mouse. Diana started to sign on the internet when she realized her pussy was still oozing some of the sperm that Tony had shot into her tonight. Diana still had the towel around her and reached down and padded her pussy where the liquid had seeped out.

Diana placed her fingers at the opening of her pussy feeling the way it was still gapped open after the fucking she had received tonight from Tony. Her pussy was a little sore to touch but Diana continued to rub her clitoris as the computer went to the welcome page and herd the voice telling her she had mail.

Diana clicked the box that read mail and saw that it was from Tony and hurried to open it as she clicked the button. Diana’s eye’s focused on the letter as an image that had been inserted started to load. Diana read the letter.

Diana, I had such a wonderful evening with you tonight and hope everything works out with you and your husband. I know we became friends as pen pals while I was stationed in the Middle East and I will never forget your friendship and all the kind words you wrote over time. I would really like to see you again, maybe for dinner. It would give me great pleasure to be able to pay you back in some way for keeping my spirits up while I was away from home. Would next Friday work for you, say around seven? It was signed, sincerely your friend Tony.

Diana scrolled down to the picture that Tony inserted in his email, it was a picture of him in a tank top with his muscles bulging out around the chest and arms. Diana sat and thought about Tony’s letter again and thought to herself there would be no way she could go out alone with him after what had taken place tonight.

Diana didn’t know what to say to Tony at the moment so she signed off without answering his email and went over to the sofa and sat down tossing the towel down next to her. Diana moved her hand over her breast touching the little bit marks that Tony had left on her tits tonight. Her hand slid down over her belly and slowly ran her hand over her pussy mound which was still smooth from shaving it this morning.

Diana moved her fingers to her slit as she spread her legs feeling the wetness at the opening. Her pussy was still gaping open from Tony’s thick cock as she slowly slipped a finger inside. Diana gently touched her clitoris with her index finger moving it in little circular motions as she thought back too just a few hours ago when Tony was deep inside her. Tony had stretched her pussy more than any other man with his huge black cock.

Tony had been gentle with her that evening as Diana remembered how Tony had entered her for the very first time. Diana could have never dreamed of fucking another man just a few short weeks ago let alone a black man she had made friends with online while he was stationed in Iraq. Diana kept up the soft circular motion with her finger as she spread her legs out on the sofa resting one leg up over the back while scooting herself down flat.

The room was dim with only the glow from the computer screen and the moon shining in through the window as Diana continued to play with her pussy. Diana’s pussy was getting more wet as her finger slowly worked over her clitoris and gently moving down inside until Diana thought she could still feel a small trace of Tony’s cum inside. Tony had shot her so full of cum that night that it had dripped out of her pussy during the ride home with Joe and continued to drip out while she took her shower.

Diana could clearly see Tony’s perfectly huge black body above her as she worked her fingers around the entrance of her pussy. Diana was almost ready to cum as her body started to quiver as her little finger rubbed all the right spots. Just as she arched her back up off the sofa, Diana was there as her body started to shake. Diana let out a moan as she reached her orgasm pulling her legs back until her knees were pushed up against her tits.

As Diana’s body started to relax again, she lowered her legs back down and thought about her husband Joe slipping down the hall in the bedroom hoping she didn’t wake him up. Diana got up from the sofa and walked down the hall to check on Joe and cracked open the door and could hear his snoring and closed the door again.

Diana walked back into the family room and sat down at the computer desk hesitating for a few seconds before signing online. Diana watched as the welcome screen came and clicked the old mail box bringing up Tony’s last email.

Diana clicked the written mail box and hesitated again as she thought about what she should write Tony. Diana started to write Tony back saying she was sorry she couldn’t meet him this Friday but thanked him for the offer and wrote that she had a wonderful time tonight and thanked him for helping out with her husband Joe’s fantasy.

Diana paused for a few seconds looking over what she had just wrote and started to back space the lines she had just wrote to Tony. Diana started to write a new sentence but Diana’s hands seem to freeze on the keyboard as she thought about what she was about to write.

Than without any further hesitation, Diana started to type out the words that were on her mind. Dear Tony, I had a wonderful time tonight and I would love to have dinner with you night Friday night. Diana typed out her cell phone number onto the screen and told Tony to call her during the week to let her know the place and exact time to meet. Diana quickly signed her name to the email and pressed send before something else told her to stop and signed off line.

Diana turned off the computer and made her way back to the bedroom to join her husband thinking about what she had just wrote to Tony. Diana lay down on the bed next to her husband as she felt him reach over and place his arm around her. Diana couldn’t help but think of what she had just done and thought about Joe watching her getting fucked by Tony tonight. Diana soon fell asleep thinking about that video tape that Joe made of her with Tony and what kind of perversion Joe might want her to do next.

The following week went by fairly normal as both her and Joe worked each day and spent typical evenings at home as they normally had done. Tony had called her on Monday and told her, and he would meet her at seven at the seafood restaurant next to the hotel where they had met last weekend.

Thursday evening Joe came home from work and told Diana that he had to fly out of town on business for the weekend and wouldn’t be home until Sunday evening and wanted her to drive him to the airport in the morning.

Diana’s first thought was that she wouldn’t have to lie to Joe about going out Friday with her friends. Diana figured she would meet Tony for dinner and spend the weekend working in the garden.

It was Friday morning and Diana had just finished dropping Joe off at the airport kissing him goodbye and started to drive toward her job when a thought accord in her mind. Why not take the day off and have a long weekend this way she could spend sometime doing things at home and maybe go shopping for a new dress for her dinner date with Tony.

Diana arrived home and walked in the door placing her purse down on the counter when she noticed the packet of birth control pills next to her purse. Diana picked up the little packet and slid the sleeve open and noticed that she had forgot to take those little pills all week.

Diana quickly punched one out and placed it on her tongue and poured a glass of water and swallowed the tiny pill. Diana thought for a second about what she should do about the others she had forgot and decided to place the little packet inside her purse so she wouldn’t forget to take the next one.

Diana figured she wouldn’t need them any longer but figured after having sex with Tony last week and the amount of sperm he had pumped inside of her that she should continue taking them until they were gone.

Diana had another thought about her sister Lisa seeing the birth control pills inside her purse and decided to place them inside one of the tiny compartments inside the purse. Diana’s sister Lisa who was two years younger than she was always going through her purse looking for things to borrow and use.

Diana grabbed her purse and walked out to go shopping for a new dress to wear that evening for her date with Tony. She would have the whole day to get ready and wanted to look her best tonight.

Late that afternoon Diana was just finishing her shower and stepped into the bedroom looking at the dress laying on the bed she picked out to wear that evening. It was a green dress which was very low cut with hardly any back to it at all and came down too above her knees. Diana bought a matching pair of green heels and panty’s to wear that night, not that Tony would get a chance to see those but thought they matched the dress perfectly.

Diana dried herself with the towel as her mind slipped back to last Friday with Tony and that’s when she thought about the video tape Joe had made of her and Tony. Diana walked over to Joe’s dresser and opened the top drawer and saw the tape sitting right on top of his underwear. Taking the tape out of the drawer, Diana walked into the family room and placed the tape inside the VCR and switched on the television and pressed play.

On the screen Diana could clearly see her and Tony on the bed together and it looked like the tape had been stopped at this point. Diana could clearly see Tony’s huge cock slicing into her pussy. Joe had taken some very good closeup shots and could see her legs wrapped tightly around Tony’s massive legs. Diana could see her feet resting on Tony’s ass and move with each stroke Tony made inside her.

Tony started to groan and Diana watched herself taking Tony’s huge load of sperm inside her last Friday. Diana watched as Tony’s strokes slowed until he finally raised up and Diana could see the huge load of sperm as her husband zoomed in catching a closeup of Tony’s load as it lay inside her pussy and plugged the entire opening.

Tony’s finger came into view as he inserted them inside her pussy and started pushing the white fluid inside her. The camera panned out as she watched Tony holding her legs back keeping the huge load inside her belly.

Diana felt herself getting turned on as she watched the scene that took place last weekend and decided to turn the tape back off before she got herself worked up. Diana took one last look at Tony’s large arms holding her legs in the air. Tony was really built and his time working out had payed off.

Diana pulled the tape back out of the machine and took it back into the bedroom and placed it back in the drawer. Diana wondered how many times Joe may have watched it himself so far since the tape was stopped toward the end.

Diana finished getting ready for her dinner date with Tony looking at herself in the full length mirror. Diana ran her fingers over her belly and down over her mound feeling its smoothness. She was very proud of her figure never having children and still wore a size three dress.

Diana squirted her favorite perfume around her navel and a little dab near her neck and shoulders as she walked around the bedroom and reached for her dress. The material was very light and the color was a mint green since it was very hot outside Diana assumed she wouldn’t need any jacket tonight.

Slipping the dress over her head and carefully adjusting its length by pulling it down over her hips, Diana looked at herself in the mirror again turning around admiring how well the dress fit along her curves.

The material was very thin and Diana hoped the outline of her panty’s wouldn’t be seen through the thin material. Reaching over onto the bed, Diana picked up the small pair of green panties’ and stepped into them and pulled them up carefully not to wrinkle her new dress.

Diana looked into the mirror once again turning around until her back was showing in the full length mirror. Just what she had figured, the panty line was very visible through the thin dress. Diana slipped the panty’s back down her hips until they fell to the floor and stepped away and decided she would just have to go out without them tonight.

Diana figured Tony wouldn’t even notice the fact she wasn’t wearing any panty’s since the dress came down just above her knees and didn’t think anyone would notice. Diana sat on the bed and reached for her heels placing each one on her feet and buckling the little straps. They were very high, around five inch spikes and the same mint green as the dress.

As Diana stood up again walking toward the mirror and twisting around, she couldn’t help but think how sexy she appeared in this dress and hoped it wouldn’t have too much of an effect on Tony tonight. Diana wanted to look her best but yet she was afraid she may have picked out a dress that was a little too enticing.

Diana stood in front of the mirror again checking her hair before walking into the bathroom to apply her makeup. A few minutes later, Diana started to switch a few things from her old purse into a new one she had bought on her shopping spree this afternoon. Looking at the times and saw that she was starting to run late, Diana hurried to pull out, her every day thinks from the purse before placing it with some other older purses in the closet. She didn’t have time to completely clean it out now. It would just have to wait when she had more time.

Diana stepped in front of the mirror again taking one last look at herself and noticing how much cleavage was showing in this dress. The dress was very low cut in front and had a pushup bra which helps show off Diana’s full breasts. In fact almost half of them were exposed in this dress.

Diana left the bedroom as she glanced at the time on the dresser and hurried out to the kitchen to grab her cell phone. The place where she was meeting Tony was more than an hour away so she had to hurry if she was going to make it on time.

Diana was a little nervous as she drove the car to the destination thinking about her husband Joe out of town and what he might think of her meeting Tony for dinner tonight. Joe had called her early in the day to let her know he was all right and he would see her Sunday afternoon.

The way Joe had been acting about swinging these past weeks made Diana wonder if he would even care if he knew about it. Maybe he would even try to encourage her to have sex with him again knowing the way Joe has been. It seemed a little strange that Joe didn’t even mention last weekend at all during the week and it made her wonder now if by some strange reason that he might know about her date with Tony.

Could Joe have set this up knowing he would have to fly out of town this weekend? Maybe he was testing her to see how far she would go on her own with Tony. Diana remembered what Tony had said to Joe just before they left the hotel that night. He told Joe to call him if he wanted to see his wife getting fucked again.

Diana couldn’t be sure of anything right now as she continued to drive the car toward the restaurant. Diana felt she would just go along with this dinner date for now and knew that Tony would be a perfect gentleman tonight.

Diana could see the parking lot straight ahead and pulled in and saw Tony’s car parked between the hotel and the restaurant. Diana pulled into a vacant spot next to Tony’s car and but didn’t see anyone inside. Diana pulled the viser down and checked herself in the little mirror before stepping out of the car.

Diana opened the door and stepped out and turned around only to be startled when she saw Tony standing directly in front of her. Diana let out a small sound from being startled when Tony spoke the first words. “You look very nice in that green dress Diana. I was looking forward to seeing you again.” Diana stood smiling at Tony and took his hand and said, “Nice to see you again, you look very handsome this evening yourself.” Tony took hold Diana’s hand in his with a gentle grip and leaned over to kiss her cheek.

Tony kept holding Diana’s hand as they started to walk toward the building together. Tony was leading the way and started to turn toward the right which lead toward the hotel. Tony said, “I hope you don’t mind but I got a room here tonight and thought we would have a glass of wine before we went to dinner.”

Diana smiled over at Tony and replied, “That’s fine, I’m just a little nervous tonight.” They stopped in front of the room and Tony looked toward Diana and said, “You have nothing to fear with me here tonight, just relax and be yourself.”

Tony opened the door using the little card as he motioned for her to step inside the room. Diana walked into the room and noticed that Tony had already put the wine and glasses on the table. Tony walked around behind Diana toward the bed and picked up a bunch of roses that had been waiting for her on the bed and handed them to Diana. “The roses are so beautiful Tony, thank you very much.” Diana stepped close and gave Tony a kiss on the cheek

Tony motioned for Diana to set down and waited for her to be seated before walking around to the other chair and reached for the wine and started to pour some into the glasses. Tony than picked up the glasses as he sat down next to Diana and held one out to her and said, “This is to a wonderful friendship.” Diana took the glass and started to drink the wine smiling over at Tony.

Tony kept looking over at Diana very intent with a smile as she drank her wine. Tony asked Diana, “You’re so beautiful do you have any brothers or sisters in your family?” Diana responded, “I have a sister two years younger than I named Lisa.” Reaching for her purse, Diana took out a picture of her sister Lisa and handed it to Tony.

Tony looked at the picture and replied, “Your sister looks just like you if not a twin.” Diana said, “Yes, everyone thinks we are twins because we wear our hair the same way and about the same size in every way.” Tony went on to say, “You see, my brother just broke up with his girlfriend and moved back into town with me and he doesn’t know anyone.”

Tony reached back into his pocket and took out his wallet and presented a picture to Diana that looked like Tony with another man that looked just like him. Tony said, “This is a picture of my twin Brother David and I took just last week.”

Diana spoke, “I’m really sorry I can’t help you, if your brother is anything like you I know my sister would be happy to go out with him.” Tony replied, “Maybe she would go out with him sometime as a friend sometime in the near future.” Diana looked a little stunned by Tony’s proposal than answered. “I’ll be sure to ask my sister and I’ll let you know.” Diana laughed and said, “You see, my sister is married and has two children.”

Tony’s reply, “I’m really sorry to hear that, but if you could arrange for your sister to meet him I’d be more than grateful.” Diana paused and than said, “I’ll see what I can do for you.”

Tony kept looking at Diana as he spoke again, “Your husband must be worried about you here with me tonight.” Diana hesitated for a moment before giving her answer to Tony and said. ”Actually, Joe is out of town this weekend and didn’t know I was meeting you tonight for dinner.”

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