tagInterracial LoveA Husband’s Proposal Ch. 05

A Husband’s Proposal Ch. 05


It was after noon by the time Joe got up the next day, Lisa was up finishing a cup of coffee and had to get back home with her husband and kids. David had to fly out of town on business and both were ready to leave the house. “Tell my sister to give me a call later today.” Both were out the door before he could respond to her message.

Joe sipped his coffee wondering if his wife were up yet. He was able to slip on a robe that he had been hanging in the hall closet but needed to take a shower. Joe took another sip of his coffee before deciding to take a peak and see if they were up and out of bed yet.

Joe walked gently toward the bedroom door and eased open the door until it was cracked open enough to see inside. Joe saw that his wife and Tony were awake and as a matter of fact they were standing up near the bed locked in a deep passionate kiss. Tony’s hands were cupping her ass cheeks and her tits were smashed up against his lower chest. They started to break apart and Joe eased the door shut and walked out and sat on the sofa.

The bedroom door opened and Diana walked out into the living room wearing a short nightie that barely covered her tits and ass. She leaned down and kissed her husband on the forehead and gave him a gentle hug. Her tits hung down in front of his face and Joe could see the bit marks all around the full globes. She walked out into the kitchen and poured a cup of coffee and Joe followed right behind her until he stood next to her by the counter watching her drink her coffee.

Joe picked up the small packet of birth control pills and punched one of the last two pills that were in the sleeve and handed it to his wife. “You better take one of these this morning before I forget to give it to you.” Diana took the little pill and placed it in her mouth and swallowed it along with her coffee.

“Your sister left early this morning and wants you to give her a call later today.” Diana moved closer to her husband and put her arm around his waist and he bent down and kissed her on the lips. She looked like she was hung over from the drinking she did last night.

Diana placed her cup down on the counter and put both arms around her husband. “Tony is taking a shower and wants to spend the day with me and I wanted to make sure you were fine with it.” Joe hugged his wife back and hesitated a moment before giving her his reply. “Are you planning to spend a lot more time with Tony from now on?” She relied. “It’s just that its Saturday and we didn’t have anything planned and he asked me if I could spend some time with him today.”

“What are you planning on doing with him today?” She replied. “I don’t think he has anything planned on doing, wait until he gets done with his shower and I’ll ask him.” Joe looked at his wife’s left hand and noticed her rings were still missing. They were still in his pocket in the bedroom. Joe gave her a kiss on the lips and said he’d get them from the bedroom.

Joe returned from the bedroom with her rings in his hand and slipped them on her finger and gave her another kiss. By this time, Tony had stepped out of the bedroom wearing only his boxer shorts. Diana said. “I better go and take a shower.” Tony grabbed her by the waist as she walked past him and gave her a kiss before letting her walk past.

Joe could see him whispering to his wife and she shook her head back and forth before she continued toward the bedroom and shut the door. Tony walked toward the kitchen and glanced over at Joe standing in the living room and nodded his head as he walked by him.

Tony poured himself a cup of coffee and noticed the birth control pills setting on the counter. He quickly picked up the packet and looked inside. He noticed there was only one pill left which meant that Diana took one of the last two he had left last night.

He sat the packet back down on the counter before Joe caught him looking and wondered if he should have done what he did to the rest of the pills last night. It would serve her old man right if she got knocked-up with a black kid.

Tony drank down his coffee fast and poured a second cup and walked into the living room and saw Diana’s husband sitting on the sofa. He sat across from Joe where they sat quietly for several minutes until Joe asked his first question. “What do you have in mind on doing with my wife today?” Tony chuckled as he thought about Joe’s question and thought to himself that he wanted to spend most of the day with his cock buried to the hilt in her tight little white pussy.

“There is a jazz festival down in the park near my place that I wanted to take your wife to today.” Joe sat starring for a moment thinking to himself that it seemed innocent enough for Tony to take his wife to the festival. “Do you plan on being gone most of the day?” Tony answered. “The music starts around five and lasts until eight tonight and we might get a bit to eat afterwards.”

Tony was starring down between the opening of Joe’s robe and he knew that he was still wearing the cock cage that he saw last night. He really wanted to ask the man how it felt wearing the thing while watching his wife fuck last night, but he couldn’t bring himself to mention anything about it.

Joe was also starring at Tony who was only wearing the thin boxer shorts and he could see muscles all over this man’s body. “You must work out every day to get yourself in shape?” Tony replied. “I did weight lifting for many years and worked my body up over a period of time.”

“I’m going to run out to the garage and get my suit case, I need to get some clean clothes.” Joe watched as Tony got up and walked out to the garage to retrieve his clothes. Tony was back inside with minutes with the suit case open on the living room floor. “You don’t mind if I change right here do you? Your wife is getting dressed in the bedroom and I don’t want to get in her way.”

Joe shook his head indicating he didn’t mind and watched as the big guy slipped out of his boxer shorts. Joe couldn’t help notice how big this mans cock was and he didn’t even have an erection. Joe figured it must have been three times as big as his own if not more and it was just hanging straight down between his legs.

Tony was fumbling through his suite case when Diana walked out of the bedroom dressed in a short yellow sun dress with slip-on heels. “Are you planning on going out the way you are now?” Tony responded. “I’m trying to decide which shirt I should wear today.”

Diana walked past Joe as she knelt down on the floor and picked up a shirt from the case and handed it to Tony. Joe noticed that the dress was very short and barely covered her ass cheeks when she bent down. The dress was also very low cut but held her tits out giving the appearance they were out on display.

Diana walked out into the kitchen shaking her little ass as she left the room. Joe couldn’t help but notice that Tony’s cock was standing straight out with a rock solid erection. Joe excused himself from the room leaving Tony get dressed and followed his wife out to the kitchen.

Diana was standing by the refrigerator eating grapes when he walked in and put his arm around his wife. “What about my cock cage?” Diana sat the grapes down on the counter and opened Joe’s robe and took hold of his cock with her left hand. “We’ll have to sit down next week and get you on a schedule for prostate milking.”

Diana continued to play with his cock while taking her other hand and placed it around his neck and pulled him down and gave him an open mouth passionate kiss. She broke the kiss and kneeled down while keeping a hold of his cock and lifted the cage slightly up and gave his testicles a little lick. Joe was getting himself exciting feeling his wife’s tongue and hot breath around his balls.

Joe starred down at his wife licking his balls and noticed her left hand was bare, she wasn’t wearing her wedding rings. Joe was just about ready to say something when Tony entered the room. “Are you ready to go?” Diana stood up and grabbed her purse and gave her husband a peak on the cheek. “I’ll see you later tonight.”

Joe watched his wife’s ass sway as she walked out the door with Tony leaving him standing in the kitchen alone. Joe placed his fingers where his wife had just licked him and felt her saliva on his balls. Joe thought his wife would feel sorry for him and unlock the cage but she must be planning on playing the roll of a dominant wife and a cuckold husband more than he expected.

The drive to the festival took over an hour and the conversation between Tony and Diana was very pleasant. Tony had felt he had put to much pressure on Diana the night before when he confessed his feelings to her. Tony decided to lay off telling her anything further and jeopardize the good relationship he had developed with her over the past few months.

Tony had a sharp eye for detail and noticed Diana’s wedding rings missing from her left hand. This was another subject he decided not to question her about after saying the things he did last night. The whiskey he had consumed last night played a factor in his behavior. He would have liked to ask Diana if she decided not to wear her rings because of what he said to her last night or did she decide to not wear them to play with her husband’s mind. She had told him about a book she read on how to become a dominant woman which all played a part in this fantasy playing her husband wants her to do.

Tony chuckled to himself as he thought back to last night and seen her husband walk into the room with that silly cock cage locked around his cock. He didn’t understand why a man would want his beautiful wife to go out and fuck another man. He also couldn’t imagine a man wanting his wife to lock his cock up so he couldn’t have sex.

They spent the entire afternoon listening to music than going to dinner and where now walking on the pier watching the sun set. Tony had his arm around her waist as they walked along the pier and spent most of the time talking about their childhood, college, and many other chapters in their lives.

They were holding hands now and walking back to the car when Diana turned and faced Tony and put her arms around him as they locked in a passionate kiss. When they broke the kiss, Diana continued to look directly into Tony’s eye’s as she massaged his big shoulders. Diana said. “I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed being with you this weekend.” Tony responded. “The pleasure has been all mine.” He bent down and kissed her again, only this time the kiss was more intense than before.

Tony said. “Would you like me to take you back home before it gets too late?” Diana responded. “Could we go back to your place for a while?” They kissed again before walking back to the car. Tony couldn’t believe she wanted to go back to his place instead of going home.

Once they arrived at Tony’s place, they settled themselves on the sofa with drinks under candle light and had a very intimate conversation. Diana opened up to Tony telling him all about the book that Joe had brought home for her to read on how to become a dominant woman. She spent the next two hours explaining everything she had learned from reading the book to Tony and explained how her life had changed over the past few weeks.

She even went as far as explaining how the book went into detail about keeping your husband on the edge by not allowing him to orgasm. She also explained how the woman that wrote the book kept her husband guessing about her relationships with other men. Diana even confessed to Tony that she was sexually aroused doing some of the things in the book. Than she explained, the purpose of the ankle bracelet and Tony acknowledged that he knew something about that practice of the bracelet being a sign of a dominant cuckolding wife.

Diana than put her drink down on the table and leaned back on the sofa and got ready to tell Tony even more.

“The book explains that women that take lovers in these situations will either have multiple partners and only keep a man for a short period of time or limit the amount of time they have with one lover so they don’t get emotionally involved with that person.” Tony replied. “Does this mean that you want to see other men?” She replied. “No, I don’t want to see any other men at all.”

Tony moved really close to her on the sofa and put his arm around her and pulled her right up next to him. “I’m I the only man that you want to see and do you plan on limiting the amount of time you have with me?” Diana sat there for a few seconds looking down at the floor before finally looking up at Tony and responding to his question. “I thought you were a wonderful man ever since I started to correspond with you when you were stationed in the middle east.” She went on to say. “I didn’t intend to have sex with you that first time we made love at that motel a few weeks ago. But I felt something special that night and I just let it happen.”

Tony waited for her to continue as he held her close and took hold of her left hand with his and held her tight. “Tony, I wanted to tell you that you’re the only reason why I decided to continue with my husband’s fantasy.” Tony leaned over and gently kissed her on the lips and she responded by slipping her tongue in his mouth. They were soon locked in a heated passionate kiss as Tony held her tight in his arms.

Tony got the answer he had been looking for last night, she did have feelings for him and the way he saw it. She was in love with him. She didn’t exactly say it, but he knew it would be a matter of time before she completely belonged to him.

Tony didn’t want to take a chance and move too fast so he broke off the kiss and continued to hold her tight in his arms. “I feel very honored and special right now and I’m very glad that we meet the way we did.”

Diana began to move her hand up to Tony’s chest and felt the ripples of his big muscles as she looked into his eye’s. She had a very serous look on her face when all of a sudden she started to giggle. “Joe wants to be locked up in his cock cage and just before I left the house I could see the look on his face that he wanted me to take it off so he could make himself cum.”

Tony responded. “Did you take it off before we left tonight?” She giggled. “I didn’t have any intention to take it off him. As a matter of fact I told him I was going to work out a schedule to do a prostate milking on him.” Tony laughed. “That poor guy doesn’t know what he got himself into does he?” She replied. “He was the one that started all of these wasn’t he?” She looked into his eye’s before they locked themselves in another hot open mouth kiss.

Once they ended the kiss, they held each other for several minutes than Tony took a hold of Diana’s left hand and started to rub her ring finger. “Your not wearing your wedding rings tonight?” She replied back to Tony’s remark with a laugh and said. “Don’t you remember telling me last night that you didn’t want me to wear them when we went out?”

Tony laughed. “Since when did you start listening to me?” She responded. “If I remember correctly, it was the very first night that I met you.” Diana started to unbutton his shirt, working her way down to his pants and motioned for him to stand up. She than worked on his belt and zipper and let the pants drop to the floor as he sat back down on the sofa. Next, she pulled the shirt off his shoulders and started to rub his big chest with her fingers, running her hands in circular motions.

Diana bent down and pulled off his shoes and socks causing him to laugh when she touched his feet. She giggled. “I didn’t know you were so ticklish. I would have done more last night.”

Tony was almost naked except for the boxer shorts he was wearing. Diana slipped her heels off her feet and kneed down on the floor in front of Tony and started to kiss his thighs as she placed her hands on his hips. She worked her way up slowly kissing his legs until she reached the shorts and started to kiss them as well.

Tony looked down and saw her tits ready to spill out of the top of her sun dress as Diana moved her hands around to his crotch and gave his cock a playful squeeze with her hands. She than moved up and kissed him on the lips running her tongue in little circles around his lips. Next, she motioned for him to stand up while she pulled the boxer shorts down his legs and pushed him back on the sofa.

Diana went back to kissing his thighs and worked her way up to his cock but stopped short of touching it at that moment. She moved up a little higher and started to kiss his belly while taking a hold of his shaft with her hands and gave it a little tug. Tony was rock hard as Diana continued to tease him with her mouth.

She raised up again and kissed him gently on the lips before bending down and giving the head of his cock a fast lick. Diana repeated this several times until she finally took the head into her mouth and started to suck it. She than started to work her head down the shaft leaving a trail of saliva along the sides, than working back over the same area licking her saliva back into her mouth.

Tony had reached down and was massaging her tits under her dress as she continued to suck his cock. His cock seemed to swell even more as she started to rotate her head around in circles and pulling on his cock with the suction of her mouth.

Without warning, Diana stood up and slid her panty’s down her legs but left her dress on as she climbed in Tony’s lap digging her knee’s into the sofa cushions. She kissed Tony on the lips while reaching down between her legs and taking a hold of his cock with her hand. Diana raised herself up enough to place the head of his cock at the entrance of her wet pussy.

She moved the thick mushroom head around until it popped inside her and lowered herself down until her ass touched his legs. Tony had stretched her pussy the night before and she didn’t have any trouble accommodating him with one easy thrust.

Diana sat in Tony’s lap without moving for several seconds giving her pussy time to adjust to his massive cock. Tony kiss her probing his tongue in her mouth as she slowly began to rotate her ass on his lap. Tony hiked her dress up over her hips enough to place his hands on her hips to control her movements.

“You cock feels so good inside me, I could keep you in me the rest of the weekend.” Tony replied. “I may stay inside you the rest of the weekend right here on this sofa.” Tony was kissing her neck, giving her goose bumps as she moaned with pleasure. He started using his tongue licking his way around her neck down to her shoulders.

Diana had her arms wrapped around his neck as she squeezed his cock with her pussy. She could feel him all the way inside as the head of his cock touched her cervix. Her pussy was soaked from the stimulation and coated Tony’s cock and dripped down his shaft to the sofa cushion below.

He fucked her deep as Diana wiggled her little ass around on his lap. Tony began to kiss his way down her shoulders and took his hand to peel her dress down a little further giving himself more access to her tits. He gently pulled the dress down until her tits popped free and started to lick above her nipples.

Tony seen all the bit marks on her tits from the night before as he continued to lick around the nipples. “Where did all these bit marks come from?” Diana replied. “If I remember correctly, I got fucked by a fantastic lover last night.” She gave her pussy another squeeze as she flexed her belly muscles causing Tony to moan with delight.

“Do you mean that you spent the entire night with a man and you let him bit you all over these beautiful tits?” Tony flexed his legs making his cock bend in different directions making her squeal with pleasure. Diana was grinding her hips down onto his shaft giving him as much pleasure as she could until she finally playfully answered his question. “Open your mouth and let me see your teeth, I want to see if they match the marks on my boobs.”

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