tagInterracial LoveA Husband’s Proposal Ch. 06

A Husband’s Proposal Ch. 06


Diana asked Joe to just wear a robe tonight without anything on underneath because he would be staying home while she went out to dinner with Tony. She emerged from the bedroom wearing the black dress and heels and thought she was radiant as she looked for his approval.

"What do you think Joey? Do you think the big black man will like my dress?" Joe stood there for a moment noticing his wife was continuing her baby talk to him.

Diana pointed her finger at him as if she were scolding a child and said. "You remember to use the douche later tonight and give yourself an enema and make sure you smell really clean for me. Do you understand young man?"

Joe noticed his wife had taken her wedding rings off again just like she said she would do. Joe could smell the sweet scent of her perfume as she walked right next to him. "Your Mama fixed you a dinner and put it in the refrigerator." She kissed him on the lips as the doorbell rang.

Diana walked to the front door as Joe watched his wife as she opened the door and let Tony inside. He was holding two dozen roses in his hand as he kissed her on the lips and gave them to her.

She called out to her husband. "Come and put these beautiful flowers in a vase for your Mama." Joe took the flowers out of her hand as Tony wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. Joe could hear them kissing as they remained locked in the embrace as he furiously probed his tongue inside her mouth.

Tony broke the kiss but still held Diana in his hands as he said. "I've got some great news to tell you." Diana looked at him with anticipation and said. "Tell me the great news."

Tony looked at her as he said. "I bought the house right next door to you." Diana looked excited and replied. "That's wonderful. We'll be neighbors."

Diana turned to her husband and said. "Isn't that wonderful Joey? Your Mama's boyfriend is going to move right next door." Tony chuckled when he listened to Diana speak to her husband like a little boy. She had told him on the phone that she was going to give it a try.

She turned back to Tony and asked. "When did you buy the house and why didn't you tell me about it?" He replied. "I came back last Sunday and made them an off the same day and they accepted my offer the very next day." He continued. "That was the surprise I had to tell you tonight." Diana asked. "When do you move into your new house?" Tony said. "I'll be moving in at the end of the month."

She kissed him on the lips and gave him a hug before turning to look at her husband and said. "Isn't that wonderful Joey? Now we can leave that gate unlocked so Mama's boyfriend can see her anytime he wishes"

Joe had mixed feelings about it as he thought about Tony spending more time at his house. He loved the way his wife settled in making him a cuckold and their role playing but didn't intend on this man to move in right next door.

Tony said. "I have reservations for dinner so we better get going." Diana walked over to her husband and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Now I want you to be a good boy tonight while Mama is out with her boyfriend." She continued. "Tony told me he bought you a new toy to play with tonight so do what I asked while I'm gone or you'll get punished when I get back."

Joe watched his wife walk out the door with Tony's arm around her and kept an eye on Tony's car as it disappeared from sight.

Joe ate dinner and took the douche like his wife had asked him to do before they left. He hadn't used one of those since his Mother gave him an enema when he was a child when he was sick.

He waited up until midnight for his wife to return with Tony and finally feel asleep on the sofa. All Joe could think about before going to sleep was what his wife had in mind to do tonight.

Tony walked through the front door carrying Diana in his arms who was still awake but very drunk. Tony also had a large bag in his hand which contained some things he bought for Diana to use with her husband. Lucky Diana was a small woman because he could carry her around as if she were a child. She had her arm around his neck and was trying to speak to Tony. Diana finally spoke slurring her words. "Where is my little Joey tonight? Joey has to help me."

Tony replied. "Joe doesn't need to help you. I can manage to carry you." Diana tried to respond but only a murmur came out of her mouth as she dosed in and out of conscience.

Tony saw that Joe was sleeping on the sofa and figured he would leave him sleep right there. He continued to carry Diana into the bedroom and switched on the light and dropped the bag he was carrying on the floor and placed her on the edge of the bed.

Diana could barely sit straight up without falling over as Tony lifted her ass slightly off the bed and pulled her dress up to her hips and let her back down as he continued to pull the dress the rest of the way off and over her head.

Her body leaned forward as Tony held onto her to keep her from falling off the bed as he gently leaned her back until her head was resting on the bed. Tony lifted one leg up at a time and unbuckled her heels which took a few moments as he fumbled with the tiny clasps with his big fingers.

Tony took his clothes off as he listened to Diana trying to talk again. She was trying to say something about her husband but couldn't get more than a word or two together in a sentence. Tony pulled her around on the bed so her head was resting on the pillow and laid down on the bed next to her.

He pulled Diana next to him turning her body so she was facing him and lifted her leg up and placed it over his ass as he kissed around her mouth. Diana could hardly respond in her current condition but she did respond to Tony's kissing by opening her mouth as he placed his mouth on hers. Diana probed her tongue into his mouth and moaned slightly as Tony cupped her ass with his big hand.

Diana put her hand on Tony's face and stroked it letting her fingers play with his ear and laughed. She mumbled some words again only this time she got out a whole sentence and spoke as she taped her finger on his cheek as she said. "Mamas' got find her little boy so you're not naughty with me tonight."

Tony kissed her on the lips and moved his hand around to squeeze her tits before he responded back and said. "Don't you want to get fucked tonight?"

She started to giggle and hesitated a few seconds as she tried to get the words out of her mouth and finally said. "I don't mean that. I have to find Joey so you don't get naughty."

Tony lowered his hand down to her pussy slit and felt how wet she was with his finger. He couldn't figure out what she was trying to tell him but it didn't matter because he knew she wanted to get fucked. Diana was too drunk to do any of the work herself so he placed her leg back around her ass and grabbed hold of her back and rolled her on top of his body.

He had his hands on her ass as he held her from falling back off his body. Her tits were smashed against his chest as she playfully tried to lick around his neck. She was trying to reach down between their legs and grab his cock but she kept missing and laughing at him.

Tony reached down and placed the head of his cock at her pussy slit and moved it around until the head popped inside her. Diana let out a moan and wiggled her ass trying to get more of him inside her. Tony grabbed a hold of her ass and lifted his as he pushed forward sending a couple inches inside her pussy.

She wiggled her ass a few more minutes as Tony held her tight as more of his cock went inside her. Diana was kissing around his face and neck as she continued to rotate her ass around on top of him.

Her body seemed to respond almost normally compared to her speech as she tried to tell Tony something about her husband. She continued to kiss around his neck until she bit him and laughed. Tony said. "I'll fix you for doing that to me."

He playfully started to kiss around her neck leaving bit marks and making her squirm around even more on his cock. Diana finally tried to speak again and said. "You're going to be naughty with me tonight. Mamma needs to get her little Joey in here soon so I don't have one."

Tony was still puzzled and couldn't figure out what she meant by having one and asked. "What are you worried about having? An orgasm?"

Diana kept squirming around on his cock making little sounds as Tony rotated his hips making his cock hit different area's of her pussy. Her pussy had tightened on Tony's cock making him moan as he squeezed her ass checks and held her tight against his cock.

Diana finally responded to Tony's question which seemed to be half serous and the other part which seemed to be caught in this cuckold fantasy thing with her husband. With all the booze she drank tonight, it's any wonder that she was still awake. Diana said. "Joey and I want to have a baby someday. Are you going to give me a baby?"

Tony's cock seemed to enlarge more when he listened to Diana talking about having his kid. His mind drifted back to a few days ago when he had punched out a few of her birth control pills from her packet. Tony started to fuck Diana more furiously as he squeezed her ass cheeks in his big hands.

Tony rolled over while holding onto her ass being careful not to put too much of his weight on her as he adjusted himself so he could put her legs over his shoulders and enjoy the tightness of her pussy which was clamped down on his cock.

Diana was moaning louder now as Tony started pumping his cock inside her faster and deeper than he had when she was on top. Diana said. "Please find my Joey so he can get your baby out of me."

Tony finally answered. "Do you want him to lick the baby out of your pussy when I pump it inside you?" Diana responded a few seconds later with a still confused sentence. "I don't know where he is right now, he should be here making sure you don't put a baby in me."

Tony kissed her forehead as he sweated above her little body grinding his hips into her ass and holding her legs high above her shoulders. Her pussy was making suctions sounds with each stroke of his cock inside her.

Tony said. "I don't know where he is right now, I guess he's gonna miss this load of black baby seed." He kissed her ankles as he continued to pound his cock into her pussy. Tony was holding back from dumping his load inside her wanting to prolong the pleasure of her pussy muscles that were clamped down on his cock.

Tony picked up more speed as he fucked her pussy banging his thighs into her ass with each stroke. Diana responded to Tony's thrusts and said. "Fuck me. Fuck me harder."

That was all the encouragement Tony needed to hear as he pumped his cock inside her even faster than before. He was breathing heavy and sweating and trying to hold back from cuming for a while longer. Diana was responding more verbally and physically as her legs wrapped around his ass and she held on tight with her hands around his shoulders and said. "Please give it to me hard and deep. I need you to fuck me hard and cum inside me."

Diana continued to say as her voice fluttered from the pounding she was receiving from Tony. "Fuck me deep. Fuck me and cum inside my pussy."

Tony finally started to grunt as his strokes slowed down and than he held himself deep inside her pussy as his seed jetted out inside her pussy hitting the back of her cervix with each spurt. Tony slowly rotated his hips as his cum finished spurting and held himself deep inside her until it stopped. Diana was still panting too and he realized that she had cum at the same time he shot his load deep inside her belly.

Tony was still out of breath as he slowly let her legs down off his shoulders and worked himself around so that Diana would be laying on her side with her ass backed up to his cock. He was still hard and deep inside her pussy as Diana calmed down from her orgasm and seemed to be going to sleep.

Tony knew she was long overdue for sleep with the amount she had to drink at the club tonight. He had gotten so turned on hearing Diana talk about a baby tonight that he completely loosed it for a while as he fucked her. He knew that Diana wouldn't remember most of the things she said tonight but it didn't matter.

He had just fucked the shit out of her and he was still laying next to her with his cock planted deep inside her. In addition his seed was still plugged up inside her little tummy maybe searching for her eggs. Tony was getting tired himself as he started to dose off to sleep thinking that he may have already knocked up his new neighbor. He chuckled thinking what a house warming that would make.

Joe woke up around mid morning and thought about was his wife and where was she at and was she safe. Joe got up from the sofa and looked out the front window and saw Tony's truck parked in the driveway. So he knew they had got home safely and walked toward their bedroom and stood outside the doorway listening for any sounds coming from inside the room.

Joe didn't hear anything coming from the room but suspected that's where they were slipping or screwing. He slowly eased the door open and looked inside. He saw Tony first laying on his side and the only thing he could see of his wife was her white hand resting on his ass. He was a big guy and his size prevented Joe from seeing the rest of her body which was on the other side of the bed.

Joe slowly shut the door letting them sleep and walked into the kitchen to make himself some coffee. Joe figured they must have come home late and that must have been the reason they didn't wake him up.

It was Saturday morning so Joe figured he'd just drink coffee and read the paper until Diana woke up. He figured that Tony would be gone within a couple hours but it wouldn't be very long before this man would be living right next door to them. Joe wondered how often they would see him around the house.

Joe was sitting out in the back yard reading the paper and enjoying the sun when the sliding door open and shut. It was Tony walking out the door as he watched him approach the pool area where he was sitting. Tony walked over and sat on a chair next to him and said. "Good morning Joe."

Joe just nodded his head when Tony sat down next to him and continued to read the paper. Tony got up and walked over to the gate that passed through to the house that he was buying and opened it and walked though to the other side.

Joe saw him walk back through into his yard and saw Tony laugh as he closed the gate. Tony walked back over to the table and sat down and said. "That's going to be really convenient on those hot days if you let me use your pool."

Joe sat there thinking that Tony was already screwing his wife, why not use the pool too. Joe figured he'd at least talk to the man and said. "When do you think you'll be closing on the house and moving in?"

Tony replied. "I should be able to move into the house in a couple weeks from today." Joe sat there before asking Tony the next question and said. "Did you two get home late last night?" Tony replied. "Yes we did get back late last night and we saw you sleeping on the sofa last night and wanted to leave you sleep."

Tony continued. "Your wife had big plans for you last night to join us but she didn't have the heart to disturb you." Tony knew he wasn't telling Joe the truth but what did it matter, Diana was so drunk when they got home last night that she wouldn't remember anything anyway.

A few seconds later, the door opened and his wife walked out holding a cup of coffee in her hand. Joe saw that she was wearing a short pink rob he had bought on her last birthday. She walked directly over to her husband and bend down and kissed him on the cheek and sat on his lap as she sipped her coffee.

Joe put his hand around his wife's waist wondering why she didn't walk over to Tony but figured they must have screwed most of the night anyway.

Diana leaned back on her husband and put her arm around him and whispered in his ear and said. "How is my darling little Joey feeling this morning?" Joe noticed she was still calling him Joey but gave her a kiss on the lips and said. "I'm doing fine this morning. Did you get any sleep last night?"

Diana replied. "I had a few too many drinks last night and we must have gone right to bed when we got home last night because I don't remember a thing."

Tony sat listening to Diana as she mentioned that she couldn't remember anything when she got home last night. He remembered everything she said last night including the way she begged him to screw her last night.

Diana's robe was parted open and Joe had a good view of his wife's bare pussy including a small patch of dried cum on her legs. Joe hugged his wife tight as she sat on his lap looking over at Tony.

Tony smiled back at Diana and said. "I was telling your husband that I should be moving in the house around two weeks and it would be nice to be able to use that gate and use the pool."

Diana responded. "Why Tony, you can use that pool anytime that you like and that gate will always be open for you and your brother."

Joe sat listening to their conversation thinking about the gate always being left open. He knew that Diana meant more than using the pool. Joe figured she must be happy that Tony is buying the house next door. Than he figured he might as well join in on the conversation himself and said. "Sure, the gate will always be unlocked Tony. We want you to come over anytime and make yourself at home from now on. Isn't that right Diana?"

Diana kissed her husband on the cheek and said. "Of coarse Tony, you can come over anytime to use the pool."

Joe sat there thinking what to say next and made a sarcastic remark and said. "We want you to feel right at home and whenever your feeling horny, you can come over and screw my wife." Diana tightened her arm around her husband and giggled as she said. "Joey, I already told Tony how convenient its going to be if we want to get together and fuck."

Diana laughed as she continued to say to her husband. "Do you know that Tony told me this morning that we went right to sleep when we got home last night and didn't even screw?" She went on to say. "I think he fucked me last night and doesn't think I remember anything."

She looked over at Tony and playfully said. "Don't you think I know you by now? You just wanted to get some more white pussy this morning."

Joe listened to his wife the way she spoke so bluntly and how she had changed in the last few weeks. Joe asked his wife. "Did you end up giving Tony some white pussy this morning?"

Diana sipped her coffee and sat her cup down on the table and took Joe's hand and placed it on her bare pussy mound and said. "I didn't get a chance to do what I wanted last night and wanted to take care of you first."

She kissed her husband on the lips and said. "Why don't you finish drinking your coffee and we'll go into the bedroom and relieve a little pressure for you?"

Diana stood up and walked over to Tony and gave him a peck on the cheek and said. "Why don't you wait out here until I need you?" Tony put his hand on her ass and gave her a squeeze as she walked back into the house wiggling her ass as she walked away from the men.

Joe got up and followed his wife into the house and right into the bedroom as she shut the door once he entered the room. Diana said. "Let me help you take off that robe for you." She helped him take the robe off and motioned for him to lie on the bed.

Diana walked over and took off her robe until she was totally naked and climbed onto the bed next to her husband and kneeled down while stroking his belly with her hands. She leaned forward and kissed her husband on the lips and said. "I want you to scoot over and lie in the center of the bed and get comfortable while I get something."

Joe got himself positioned like his wife wanted him to do and watched as she got the cuffs she used on him the day before. She snapped each cuff onto Joe's wrists and moved each hand up over his head and snapped them onto the bars of the iron bed.

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