tagLoving WivesA Husband's Revenge Ch. 02

A Husband's Revenge Ch. 02


In order to follow the story, you need to read chapter #1 to see how it all started.

I raced home and thanked Carol for watching the kids. She'd gotten them changed and off to bed even before I'd even arrived. Checking on the kids, I saw that they were asleep, so I made my way down to the kitchen, poured myself a glass of wine and waited for Ann to come home.

About 30 minutes later I heard her car pull into the garage. She came bounding in, apologizing for being so late. I asked her how the meeting had gone and where it had been held.

"Nick, our principal, had decided to have it at his house as oppose to having it at the school," she replied.

Prodding her for more details I asked how many people had shown up.

"Oh about seven of the teaching staff." She said in a calm voice.

I asked her if she'd like a glass of wine, but Ann refused saying she was tired and just wanted to go to bed. I immediately gave her a shit-eating grin, but she stopped me in my tracks.

"Not tonight hon, maybe tomorrow," She said as she climbed the stairs to our bedroom.

I could see she was moving a little gingerly up the stairs, as though she had a broomstick handle shoved up her ass or something to the effect of. As I came upstairs I could hear Ann in the shower, it figures.

I looked for and found her dirty clothes in the hamper. Looking through them I found her panties. There were globs of everything on them. I took them downstairs, put them into a zip lock bag and hid them in the garage. I figured I would need them to backup my claim that Ann was cheating on me.

As I came back upstairs, Ann was already in bed. I stripped down and moved in beside her. With my body pressing up against her, she instantly rolled over and said she needed sleep. I would have loved to flip her over and stuck my dick in her ass, just to see the surprised looked on her face, when it slipped in without any trouble after fucking Nick's black monster.

I told her to get some sleep and that I'd see her in the morning. I didn't sleep much that night. Everything I'd seen kept going through my mind. The more I thought about it, the madder I got. I just needed to move very carefully from now on to make sure she didn't suspect that I knew she was a whoring slut.

The next day at work, I started to put my plan together. I contacted an out of town lawyer, hired Dan, a private investigator, to follow Ann and film her and changed all our bank accounts. I downloaded the pictures from my camera phone on to my work computer and e-mail them and Nick's address to Dan and my lawyer. If Ann had come home last night, and come clean about everything, we may have had a chance; but now all I felt was disgust.

For the next month I was the typical sucker husband. I was always in a good mood, took care of the kids when mommy went out to fuck her lover and paid all the bills so Ann never knew the accounts had been changed. Finally, I never pressured her for sex, the way I'd done in the past; and it never seemed to even bother her. It looks like she was getting all she needed else ware.

After six weeks, it was all done. All the money was now transferred to a new account in my name only, I left a few dollars in the old account; and Dan had a new video of her and Nick fucking up a storm. Dan had used the same approach as I had, but his was a lot more professional; and it even had sound. I had three copies made and sent one to my lawyer along with Ann's used panties. I was ready to put my plan into place.

There was one item however, that I was bound and determined to have before I dumped the bitch; I was going to tap that sweet ass of Ann's. She'd with held it from me all these years and with Nick breaking it in, I should slide in without any effort at all.

Friday the kids asked to spend the night with their friends so there would be no distractions. I planned it all, including handcuffs for the headboard. With the dinner dishes in the sink, I took Ann by the hand and told her that I had a surprise for her upstairs. I blindfolded her, which really added to her excitement and led her into our bedroom.

I laid her on the bed and proceeded to strip off all her clothes. Ann was now getting into it. She started to sit up but I pushed her back down. "Just relax," I said, "we're going to try something a little different tonight." With that I raised her hands over her head and clicked the handcuffs into place.

I know this wasn't what she was expecting. "Now this is something I don't think I like," Ann said in a concerned voice.

"Relax and go with the flow hon," I countered. I was going to get everything I wanted tonight and I could care less if she even got off. To coin a phrase, "tonight bitch, your ass was mine."

Undressing quickly, I moved to the headboard, cock in hand. Placing it up to her lips I said, "suck it good and deep, I need it extra hard tonight." With that I shoved it between her lips.

Ann had always been a good cocksucker and I think she loved giving oral as much as receiving it. I let her get use to it before I started pushing it deeper and deeper into her throat. I know my 7 inches didn't compare to Nick's 12 inches but I think I made her gag, once anyway.

While she worked on me, I was twisting her nipples and fingering her pussy that was already dripping. I shoved two fingers in her snatch, got them good and lubricated and rubbed them all over her now erect nipples.

I was hard, damm; I was as hard as I'd ever been. Moving towards the rear of the bed, I spread her legs wide. "Eat me she cried out."

"Ya right," I thought to myself. "I'm going top put my tongue into the pussy that Nicks been fucking for who knows how long;" not going to happen.

I lifted up her ass and put her pillow under her; so I could have better access to her treats I was about to enjoy. Moving forward, I pushed in all 7 inches as hard as I could.

I pounded that pussy so hard that my dick started to hurt. Ann was moaning and thrashing below me; the bitch was loving every minute of this. Pulling out, I lubed up two fingers with her pussy juice and shoved them up her ass to the second knuckle.

That came as a real shock to Ann. In 8 years, she'd never allowed anything but a tongue in there and now I was probing her cavity with not one but two fingers.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Ann screamed kicking her legs.

"Relax, you're going to enjoy this, or at least I'm going to," I responded. With a quick flip, I had Ann on her stomach with her ass in the air as I proceeded to shove my dick back into her pussy to lube it up for a pleasure I'd waited too long to have. After a few strokes I was ready.

I pulled out and put my dick head up to her brown hole and shoved it in. God it was tight. I needed a bit more lubrication; so for a couple of minutes I switched back and forth from her pussy to her ass. That worked out real well, and all the while, Ann was lying there with her mouth open gasping for air each time I shoved it in her ass. The fucking whore was getting off on this. Now, I just pounded her ass and God did it feel great; just like a virgin pussy.

After a couple of minutes of this, I was getting too close, so I slowed it down a little. I had no idea if I'd get another shot at her ass so I wanted to make every stroke count. Just as I was about to cum, I pulled out and moved up to Ann's mouth and shoved my prick between her lips. "Here comes your surprise hon," I told her. I'd been saving it for two weeks and when I let loose, she did all she could to swallow every drop. With that I collapsed on the bed next to her and just savored what I'd just done.

"You've got to take these handcuff off my wrists, they're cutting into my skin," Ann cried out.

"Just a minute, I have to remember where I put the key, God I hope I didn't lose it," I chuckled.

"You son of a bitch, you better not have," she shot back.

I got he key and unlocked the cuffs and tossed them onto the dresser. "What got into you tonight." she asked.

"I just thought you might like it if I added a little spice to our lovemaking." "You liked it didn't you?" I quipped back.

"It's just that I never imagined you as being, how do I say it; kinky." "You've always been a meat and potato type of a guy in bed," she said almost cautiously.

"Well Ann, you never gave me the chance to experiment in bed." With that I got up and went in the bathroom to wash up.

After that night Ann became a lot more attentive, and it had been over two weeks since her last "meeting" and I thought maybe she'd dumped him and we had a chance; when she announced the next night she had another meeting to go to.

She said it was to get the progress reports out before Thanksgiving. I didn't care if it was a real meeting or not, it just brought up all the anger I had festering inside; I was done with her.

The next day I went to work and checked my schedule for the rest of the year. Work was slowing and I could take my final two weeks of vacation and take the kids somewhere far away, after shit hit the fan.

I hired a service to come in, and pack up Ann's things and deliver them to her parent's house the day it was all suppose to go down. The only thing left was Nick.

Nick it seems, had been married for about 6 years and had a little girl. His wife was employed as a legal secretary at one of the smaller law firms in town. Even though I wanted revenge on Nick, I didn't want to fuck over his wife Sue and their little girl. However, if someone were fucking around on me, I'd want to know about it.

The next day at lunch, I stopped in to talk to her. I explained to Sue that my wife was a teacher at her husband's school and that I needed to talk to her about something in private.

Sue asked, "Is there a problem?"

I just said it would be best if we discussed it outside; somewhere private.

We picked up a couple of sandwiches, sodas and went into the back seat of my SUV. I started off saying that this is the last thing in the world I wanted to be doing right now, but I thought that there were a few things about Nick she should know about.

Sue asked again, "is there something wrong?"

All I could say is, "Sue, you be the judge."

With that said, I slipped the DVD into my portable player. There was no slow lead into the action, it just started with my wife on her knees sucking Nick's dick and went on from there. The sound and picture clarity were excellent and it left nothing to the imagination.

Sue just stared at the screen with her mouth open until I stopped it after about 5 minutes. I was shocked, she wasn't yelling, screaming or anything; I think for a second I was really scared; you know, someone killing the messenger.

In almost a dead calm voice she asked, "Is this my copy?"

I told her it was one of three copies I had made.

Sue said she never suspected anything, and said all the while they were humping downstairs, their daughter, who he was suppose to be taking care of; was asleep upstairs.

I asked what she planned on doing and all she said was, "he's going to pay." "Oh my God is he going to pay; he's going to regret the day he ever laid eye's on me."

I told her what I had planned for Ann and she chuckled saying, "that's evil, but I like it." I apologized for being the one to tell her, but I knew she'd want to know. We exchanged phone numbers; she thanked me and walked back to her office. All I could think is that poor son of a bitch will never know what hit him.

The day before Thanksgiving I told Ann that my parents were wondering if the kids could eat with them because she knew we'd made plans to be with her parents and family. Ann said, "no problem, this way I'll have you all to myself." I just smiled.

Thanksgiving at her mom's was an event. All the family was there and the house was packed with people cooking or watching the big game on her father's new high definition TV. I limited myself to two drinks because I wanted to keep my head clear for what was about to happen. I planned my move for right after desert and coffee.

While everyone was relaxing, I announced that I had a home video I wanted to share with everyone. My wife looked at me with a shocked look on her face. I explained it was a cute home video that I wanted to surprise my lovely wife with. Everyone clapped and moved into the living room to get a good seat.

Ann asked, "when did you have time?" and "this is so sweet of you." "I really love you." All I could say is for her to move up front so she would miss a minute of it.

I put the disc in the slot, and holding the remote so no one could stop it, I pressed the play button.

Just like Sue, everyone sat there with his or her mouths wide open. By now Ann was screaming for me to, "stop the fucking tape;" but I didn't. Crying she bolted for the kitchen with her mother in hot pursuit.

At this point, her dad came over and said, "I think we've seen enough," and I handed him the remote.

After that, it was like someone yelled "fire" because everyone grabbed his or her coats and left with little more than a goodbye. I told her father that a truck would be arriving shortly with all of Ann's things.

"Son, I know your hurting right now," he started, "but this wasn't the place to air your dirty laundry." I gave him a look that'd freeze a glass of water at twenty paces.

"You don't know shit about how I feel right now." "How would you like to watch a tape of your wife fucking another man?" "If your asshole of a daughter hadn't been cheating on me for the last year, there wouldn't have been any need for this movie premier now wouldn't there?"

"You can tell Ann that I've changed the locks on the house and that the kids and I are going on an extended vacation; so I don't want her calling me." "I just want her out of my fucking life." I never did mention the fact that the bank accounts now had a total of $5.00 in each and I'd removed her from my IRA, medical and life insurance policies.

Ann came out of the kitchen and her mother motioned for her father to leave us alone. "We need to talk," she started rather sheepishly.

"About what?" I replied. "About how you've been fucking around on me with Nick?" "Just how many others have there been Ann?" "How many others?"

With her eyes tearing up," only Nick and that was a horrible mistake but I know we can work through it together."

"Sorry girl, I feel nothing but contempt for you right now." "I treated you like a queen and this is the way you paid me back?" "I hope you really enjoyed fucking Nick, because I think those days are over too."

I told her Sue also had a copy of the tape and I don't think I'd like to be in his shoes either right now. Ann started to cry again, but I had nothing more to say so I just left. Driving away, I could see the moving van pulling into their driveway; "that should keep them busy for the rest of the afternoon."

The next two weeks were great. It was like a huge weight had been lifted. I told the kids that their mother and I were getting a divorce and that they'd be living in the house with me. I told them that they'd still be seeing their mother but not quite as much. I don't know if it was because we were on vacation and having so much fun or it just hadn't set in yet, but they seemed to be ok with it.

Nick wasn't so lucky. Sue got a court order against him and basically locked him out of his own house. She tossed his clothes on the front lawn and then turned on the sprinklers. At least I boxed up Ann's stuff.

She also sent a copy of the tape to the local school board with a complaint on, "how could they employ a cheating bastard to over see their children's education."

Nick and Ann were quietly let go two weeks later. I thought I was tough; Sue gave new meaning to the term "cold hearted bitch."

After we came back from vacation, everything got back to normal; or whatever normal was normal now. Ann didn't contest anything in the divorce and moved away shortly afterwards. She still keeps in contact with the kids but at a distance, through cards and letters.

Nick and Sue's divorce was ugly at best. It turns out Ann was one of many he'd been fucking around with. Nick had to move in with his brother because he couldn't even afford an apartment now.

Sue and I are the best of friends. Our kids play together and we're almost a couple. We're both a little wary about moving too fast but I can see the gleam in her eye when I walk into the room. I don't think it'll be too long before I find out what kind of pussy Nick gave up.

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by Anonymous

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by betrayedbylove06/03/18


In fiction this is what happens. He gets the kids, the house, the money and she gets nothing. Her lover was screwed more by his wife. And they lived happily ever after. When two betrayed divorceesmore...

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by etchiboy05/23/18

Anon 1/04/18 - Re.: 12” dick

Ummm... maybe that’s why Ann was fucking him? I mean, if he was average why put up with his insistence to do anal? Unless, she was a submissive, and Nick recognized it, and got her “going”. In thatmore...

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by Rocketmann2102/13/18

Great Pay off not Pay Back

He did the right thing in this story in getting back on the cheaters. Its pretty ovious she wasn’t forced to do anything. It wasn’t his effort it was his equipment. She was a size queen and they aremore...

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by Anonymous02/10/18


What took him so long to divorce her.He could have done it seems earlier.

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by IaOldTimer02/09/18

3rd read

Too bad I can only give 5 stars once. Great author, and yes, I ignore the little errors.

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