tagLoving WivesA Husband's Secret Lust Ch. 01

A Husband's Secret Lust Ch. 01


Lula nervously paced from one part of the house to the other. Torn between what to cook and what to wear. For the evenings meal she settled on a simple meal of steak and potatoes. As for what to wear she decided on one of her favorite outfits, a simple but very sexy peach sundress with matching high-heeled mules. The dress was one of her favorites because it made her feel so sexy. Composed of an almost sheer linen fabric, it buttoned down the front and flared out to the hem that settled just above her knees. What really made the outfit so sexy was the body that was in it. Lula was a stallion! At 5'6" tall and 145 pounds she was perfectly proportioned. Full 38C breasts that stood out like proud soldiers at attention, a tiny waist, and a big bubble butt that combined the perfect amount of jiggle and firmness. And on top of that, she was gorgeous a true cocoa skinned beauty.

Lula's anxiousness and preparation were the result of a phone call she'd received from her husband Ray. He'd called to tell her he was bringing home a guest for dinner. But this wasn't just any guest. It was Sgt. Paul Martin, Ray's squadron leader in the Army. Paul was a big strapping white man at least 6'2" tall and strikingly handsome. By contrast Ray was black like Lula and rather small in stature. He'd been raised in the south and had a natural deference to white people that always irked Lula. But that wasn't the only thing about her husband that bothered Lula. Ray was at least 20 years her senior and as Lula was coming into her sexual prime at 28 years old, Ray was seemingly becoming less interested in sex.

Lula found Sgt. Martin both appealing and appalling at the same time. His confidence bordered on cockiness but he could also be very charming at times. And it was at that those times that Lula couldn't help but fantasize about fucking Sgt Martin. He'd made no secret of his attraction to his charge's sexy young wife. She'd caught him blatantly staring at her lush body on more than one occasion. There was no mistaking the look in his eyes. Lula was pretty sure he was sharing her fantasy when he looked at her that way.

Being the natural flirt she was, Lula enjoyed to no end teasing Sgt. Martin mercilessly, and most recently right under Ray's nose. Lula liked nothing more than to get the sergeant all hot and bothered. She would wear skimpy outfits on sisits to the office that showed plenty of her ample cleavage or short skirts that stopped just short of revealing her juicy round buns. Sgt. Martin always rewarded her with a big stiff hard on. He seemed to take pride in showing off the huge bulge to Lula.

Their sexual game of cat and mouse reached it's peak at a recent pool party at the home of one of the military wives. Lula had worn a thong bikini that would have been illegal if not for the sheer cover she wore around her waist. The tiny bra top of the bikini only covered the nipples and under swell of her full breasts. Both Lula and Sgt. Martin were the toast of the party. The sergeant also wore a thong, his prominent bulge displayed in all its glory. There was plenty of partying, drinking, and flirting. In fact, Ray, who could never hold his liquor, was well on his way to being totally wasted. Sgt Martin's date that night was a sexy blonde with huge tits. She too had drank a bit much and set a sexy tone for the party as her tits spilled from her tiny bikini top while she danced. Being the only single woman at the party, she was the center of attention for the husbands there, especially Ray.

A slow sexy tune was playing and most couple took advantage by belly dancing with their spouses. Sgt. Martin maneuvered his partner next to Lula and Ray. He tapped Ray on the shoulder and quickly swapped dancing partners. Lula was also a little tipsy from drinking, not drunk, but high enough to make her horny as hell. Lula felt a rush of lust heat between her legs as Sgt. Martin crushed her into his muscular chest. As she melted into his embrace, Lula cast a glance in Ray's direction. He was lost in a sea of tits as he squeezed his new dance partner.

Lula's focus was quickly returned to her partner because of his throbbing erection poking into her stomach. She looked up into Sgt. Martin's eyes and blushed as she felt his fat cock pulse against her warm soft body. "I've been waiting all night to get my hands on you!" he said. Lula felt his strong hands slide smoothly down the small of her back until he reached the round globes of her juicy ass. As he ground his erection against her, Sgt. Martin palmed and squeezed her ass through the sheer wrap that covered it. Lula felt a rush of pussy juice between her legs and hoped her excitement was not obvious. She felt her body start to react as if it had a mind of it's own. Her hips started to slowly rotate against the near naked sergeant. She could feel the first rumblings of an orgasm begin to build within her. "What are you doing?" she thought to herself "You've got to get a hold of yourself!"

With all the willpower she could muster, Lula forced herself to break their sensual embrace. "I...I'm sorry," she stammered, "I'm not feeling well. I think I'd better go lie down." Before the sergeant could react, Lula turned and rushed from the patio into the house. She passed her husband on the way but he was so caught up into the blonde's big tits that he didn't notice her distress. But Sgt. Martin noticed, he noticed how enticing that ass looked as it jiggled as she bounded away.

Lula was quite flustered as she found a empty bedroom and flopped face down against the bed. Her hot damp pussy was doing flip flops as images of the big white man fucking her with his giant cock danced through her mind. Her body was on fire with desire. She tried to soothe her aching pussy by grinding it against the bedding eventually slipping a hand underneath her down to her aching pussy. The first touch only further inflamed her lust and an audible moan escaped her lips. Lula's hips were rolling her juicy ass in delicious circles as she imagined herself being fucked. "Oh Shit!" she moaned, "I need to get fucked!" Ray only fucked her on rare occasions these days and tonight all the neglect had come to a head. As she slid a finger underneath the soaked thong and into her leaky pussy, Lula caught a flash of movement in the shadows of the room. As her eyes focused she realized she was looking into a mirror that reflected a view of the bedroom door. And in the doorway stood Sgt. Martin. He silently stepped inside the room closing the door behind him.

Lula found the idea of him watching her masturbate only made her hotter and at that point a wicked thought crossed her mind. "If he wants a show then I'll give him one!" The sheer cover was bunched around her waist now, exposing her glorious cheeks to his ardent gaze. Lula heard Sgt. Martin gasp as she raised her big juicy ass into the air and slid two slender fingers deep into her dripping pussy. As she looked into the mirror Lula could see him release at least 10 inches of stiff white cock from his tiny swim suit. Sgt. Martin slowly stroked his stiff rod as he watched Lula's big ass rise and fall over her cum coated fingers.

"It's so fucking big!" Lula thought as she rapidly approached her biggest orgasm in recent memory. In her fantasy she was not riding her fingers but the sergeant's big white cock. The vision of the beautiful black woman masturbating on the bed was too much for the sergeant. Although he wanted nothing more than to jump on that juicy fat ass and fuck the shit out of her, he was frozen to the floor as he frantically pumped his raging hard-on. "Oh Shit!" he gasped as he felt his balls tighten in preparation for ejaculation. Lula's own orgasm came first causing her body to spasm out of control. As if on cue the sergeant's big cock began spitting jet after jet of thick white sperm. The sight of the big spitting white cock caused a second major orgasm to erupt in Lula. " I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" she cried.

She was about to tell Sgt. Martin to come and fuck her when she heard Ray's drunken voice from somewhere inside the house, "Lula, Lula, where are you?" Lula and Sgt. Martin gave looked at each other with knowing glances before they gathered their wits about then and returned to the party, separately of course.

These were the thought that permeated her being as she prepared for dinner of a lifetime.

...to be continued.

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