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A+ in Reproduction


"What in the hell are you doing, Ms. Goodbody?"

Nina's heart raced with both fear and excitement as she slid into her school desk at the front of the class. As innocent as you please, Nina looked up at her scowling Advanced Biology teacher and said, "Just taking my seat, Mr. Cox."

"No," Mr. Cox said, pausing to take a deep breath, obviously marshaling his patience. "I mean—why aren't you wearing any clothes!"

Snickers, whispers, and catcalls from her classmates combined with the roaring of her own blood pounding wildly in her ears nearly deafened Nina. She looked down at herself and not only felt, but also saw her bare skin flush with embarrassment. Even the cold plastic seat beneath her wasn't enough to squelch the searing heat of her humiliation. At that moment, she dearly wished a giant hole would open up in the floor and swallow her, whisking her away from the stupidest thing she'd ever done.

No, this wasn't one of those anxiety-induced nightmares we've all had about showing up to school or work without a stitch of clothing, exposing our most private selves to the ridicule of the world. No, unfortunately for Nina, this was very, very real.

You see, Nina was sick and tired of being Miss Goody-two-shoes Goodbody. It wasn't that she was unpopular exactly. It was just that—at eighteen and three weeks shy of her high school graduation—she wanted to break free of her responsible, A-student, perfectly-behaved image and do something wild and crazy. The idea had been niggling at her for some time, but it wasn't until her Social Studies teacher had given them a project on national holidays that she finally found a way to decimate her good-girl reputation once and for all without ruining her GPA or getting expelled. After all, she was only fulfilling the requirements set forth by her teacher, right?

"Well, Ms. Goodbody?" Mr. Cox demanded. "I'm waiting for an answer."

Despite her initial nerves, Nina was determined and emboldened by the knowledge that her plan was flawless. Let them snicker now, she thought, but by the end of the day, this stunt is going to become the stuff of school legend!

Lifting her chin defiantly, Nina explained, "Mrs. Homely gave us a project on national holidays that is due today. We were supposed to pick a holiday, write a ten-page report, and give an oral presentation dressed in a costume representative of our holiday."

"And what holiday is this," Mr. Cox asked, waving his hand to indicate her nudity, "supposed to represent?"

"National Nude Day," Nina answered proudly. "July 14th."

There was an awed murmur throughout the classroom and Mr. Cox's eyes narrowed dangerously. In his mid-thirties, Mr. Cox was a good-looking, tall, trim, powerfully built man with dark-brown hair and green eyes. Even though he was a stern, difficult teacher, Nina had always had a crush on him because he reminded her of Ben Affleck. But Nina knew he didn't appreciate her disrupting his class and found his expression downright intimidating.

"You're making that up," he challenged, piercing Nina with his unwavering gaze.

"No, sir," Nina said, pulling her report from her backpack. "See for yourself."

Mr. Cox snatched the well-researched, ten-page, footnoted report with color photos and bibliography from her hand. A tense silence filled the room as Nina and her classmates held their collective breaths while Mr. Cox scanned her history on National Nude Day. She took some satisfaction in watching his eyes linger on the photos she'd downloaded from the Internet of people celebrating the holiday in the buff.

Once satisfied, Mr. Cox tossed the report onto her desk and said, "I don't think Mrs. Homely had National Nude Day in mind when she gave that assignment."

"That may be," Nina conceded, "but she never specifically excluded it. And although the student handbook does makes limitations on what we can wear, it doesn't say we can't attend classes in the nude."

There were a few hoots and hollers at this, but a deadly glare from Mr. Cox quickly quieted them. Then Mr. Cox turned his burning green eyes on Nina, slowly scrutinizing her naked body from head to toe, giving special attention to her breasts and pussy before returning to her angelic face and settling on her hazel eyes.

Leaning over her ominously, Mr. Cox said in a low, steely voice, "I guess you think you're pretty smart, huh?"

Oh yeah, Nina thought she was an absolute genius. Here she was, flouting the authority of the school and one of its most feared teachers, making a spectacle of herself, earning the admiration of her peers—and they couldn't touch her. Sure, Mr. Cox could send her to the principal's office, but as soon as she explained, he'd have to send her back to class. The worse they could do, would be to tell her father what she'd been up to. Nina was prepared for that and had decided this walk on the wild side was well worth her very likely grounding.

But Nina was also smart enough to keep her gloating to herself. She knew she'd bested Mr. Cox. And Mr. Cox knew it—although he'd never admit it. However, there was no telling what he'd do if she made him look like an idiot in front of the entire class, so Nina widened her eyes, adopting an expression of sincere innocence and said, "Gosh, Mr. Cox, I haven't really thought about it."

Mr. Cox gave her one last, long, highly skeptical look before straightening and walking to the blackboard. Facing away from the class, he picked up a piece of chalk and began writing on the board. "Today, we begin our last unit before final exams—reproduction. As many of you are aware, the primary female reproductive organs are . . ."

As Mr. Cox spoke, a muted chatter began as the students commented on Nina's nudity and how she'd escaped punishment.

The goth girl to her left whispered to Nina, "You are friggin' brilliant."

"I wish I'd thought of it," murmured the school tease to Nina's right.

The boy directly behind Nina, leaned forward and breathed in her ear, "You've got a great ass, Nina."

Nina blushed at the last comment, but she had to admit—she loved getting this type of attention. Because she hadn't wanted her father to foil her plan, she'd arrived to school dressed as she normally did—in jeans and a T-shirt—and no one had said anything to her. She'd stood out as much as the school's colorless floor tiles. But when she came out of the girl's restroom without a stitch of clothing, everyone noticed her. As she walked down the hall to Advance Biology, her first period class, the whistles, lewd jeers, and giggles of her schoolmates energized her in a way nothing else ever had. For the first time in Nina's life, she felt like a rebel and she understood how being bad could become addictive.

Suddenly, a loud slam startled Nina and her classmates, snapping their attention to the front of the classroom where an extremely irritated Mr. Cox had just thrown his heavy Biology textbook onto the floor to silence them.

Moving in front on his desk, he glowered at the class and said, "Being an outspoken proponent of seeking inventive ways to teach coursework so it's more interesting, I've decided a live demonstration is in order. Since Ms. Goodbody seems to enjoy being the center of attention, perhaps she'd like to volunteer."

Nina felt like the bottom fell out of her stomach as a sense of foreboding replaced her former elation. "No, sir, I'd rather not."

"If you refuse, Ms. Goodbody," Mr. Cox began, his gaze now firmly fixed onto hers, "I'm afraid I'll have to give you an 'F' in class participation. And as you know, class participation is twenty-five percent of your final grade."

"B-but, s-sir," Nina stammered in outrage. "You can't do that!"

His eyes gleaming with triumph, Mr. Cox said, "If you'd thoroughly read your student handbook you'd know that I can give any grade I deem appropriate."

The air between them fairly crackled with tension. He had her and they both knew it. The only reason Nina had gone through with this stunt was because she'd thought she'd conceived a foolproof way to shed her prissy image without marring her impeccable school record or perfect GPA. But Nina had underestimated Mr. Cox's deviousness. Although exceedingly wary of what this "live demonstration" would entail, Nina saw no other choice but to submit to Mr. Cox's demands.

Breaking eye contact, bowing her head in defeat, Nina asked, "What do I have to do?"

"Stand up here next to me and face the class."

Nina nervously tucked a lock of her long blond hair behind her ear before following his order. Nina's heart was beating so hard it felt like it was going to burst through her chest. However, Nina realized she wasn't really experiencing fear so much as . . . anticipation.

Her fellow students had been conspicuously silent throughout the exchange between Nina and Mr. Cox, but she could feel their undivided attention and curiosity focused on her. Even though it excited her to be so blatantly on display, Nina wasn't quite confident enough to meet their hungry eyes, so she kept her head bowed slightly.

"Ms. Goodbody is an exquisite example of a sexually mature female," Mr. Cox said to the class. "Actually, I think her name should be Irresistibly-fuckable-body."

Sounds of agreement erupted from most of the male students and Nina couldn't stop herself from blushing. She was so surprised by Mr. Cox's vulgar compliment that she lost some of her self-consciousness and looked up at him. The smoldering desire she saw flaring in his eyes took her breath away.

Mr. Cox stepped behind Nina, moving so close the crisp cotton of his shirt and slacks brushed against her skin, causing an involuntary shiver of awareness to ripple throughout her body. At 5'9'', Nina was a head shorter than Mr. Cox, so he was able to rest his chin on the crown of her head. He pressed even closer, practically enveloping Nina with his much larger, very masculine body.

"I'm going to use Ms. Goodbody to demonstrate some of the more interesting female reproductive organs."

Nina gasped when she felt the electric touch of his fingers on her waist. She looked down in surprise and saw that his hands were so large they easily spanned her narrow waist. Nina watched in disbelief as his fingers slowly skimmed over her ribcage to cup her ample breasts.

"First, there are these large, firm, mouth-watering breasts." His warm breath feathering her ear, Mr. Cox asked Nina, "What are they? A C-cup?"

"Yes," she rasped.

"They're topped with these succulent pink nipples," he continued, pinching them and forcing a whimper of pleasure from Nina. "See how sensitive they are and how they harden and become more prominent when stimulated? This is not only useful for breastfeeding infants, but also in arousing the female."

No one had ever touched Nina so intimately and she found it surreal that her severe Biology teacher was so openly fondling her in front of the entire class. She knew she should be ashamed of herself for allowing this to happen. She knew she should protest or think of some way out of this situation. She should feel degraded or violated—but she didn't. All she could think about were the wonderful sensations assaulting her, the delicious warmth that ignited in her lower abdomen and quickly invaded every cell.

One of Mr. Cox's hands left her breast and traveled down her stomach to her lower abdomen, while the other continued to massage her breast and pluck her nipple, making her body burn even hotter. He eased her closer to him so every inch of her back pressed against his front, nestling her backside into his groin. Nina had never felt—or even seen—an erection in the flesh, but there was no mistaking the hard bulge prodding her ass. Her heart thundered with the realization that she was the cause of his arousal.

"What you can't see are her ovaries and womb," Mr. Cox said, tickling her as his fingers traced the location of the organs on her bare flesh. "The ovaries release the egg that once fertilized by the male's sperm becomes a fetus, which grows in the womb until it develops into a full-term baby."

Mr. Cox threaded his fingers through Nina's pubic hair, purposely tugging it enough to make her cry out with an unusual mixture of pleasure and pain. "Who can tell me what this nice pelt of neatly-trimmed pussy hair says about Ms. Goodbody?"

"That she's a natural blonde," said the boy who sat behind Nina.

"Very good, Mr. Archer." Mr. Cox nuzzled the hair tucked behind her ear, inhaling her scent, while maintaining a firm grip on her pussy hair. "I believe I also heard you comment on Ms. Goodbody's shapely ass. Although it's not directly involved, it does have an important role in the reproductive process in that a great ass grabs a man's attention. Who can tell me why men are so attracted to large breasts and a round, shapely ass, even though they have nothing to do with reproduction?"

"'Cuz you gotta have somthin' to hold on to while you're bangin' the bitch," said a jock named Randy from the back of the class.

His buddies slapped his back and gave him several high-fives, while more than a few girls gave him the evil eye and made sounds of disgust.

"Well, there is that," Mr. Cox said, his voice laced with uncharacteristic amusement. "But the real reason is much more elemental than that. You see, on a primal level man seeks out fertile women who are best able to carry and rear his offspring. Large breasts and a shapely ass are indications that a woman is healthy and will be able to nourish her young."

Nina was startled when Mr. Cox suddenly released her and stepped away. He'd gotten her in such a state she was weak-kneed and could feel her pussy getting wet.

"Hop up here," Mr. Cox commanded, guiding her back onto his desk. "Lean back on your elbows and spread those lovely legs so we can get a good look at your pretty pussy."

Revealing herself like that would have been unthinkable just an hour before, but now she obeyed his command without question. Nina found it exhilarating the way her classmates were looking at her. Surveying the room, she saw expressions of undisguised lust and curiosity on the boys' faces and expressions of awe and envy on the girls' faces. Nina was amazed to see that Sally—the school tease—had actually pulled her skirt up to her hips so she could rub her pussy through her panties.

One at a time, Mr. Cox lifted her legs, propping her heals on the edge of the desk to completely expose her pussy.

"See how, when aroused, the outer lips of her pussy swell and separate, opening it for penetration and insemination. Look at how fat and distended her clit is and how her pussy is soaking wet," Mr. Cox said, his tone growing more harsh and vulgar. "Oh yeah, you're ready for a good fucking, aren't you, bitch?"

Nina was caught off guard by the question and the change in his demeanor, but before she could respond, he turned back to the class and said, "Let's say Ms. Goodbody isn't ready and needs some encouragement. What are some ways to get a bitch hot and wet and ready for fucking?"

"Why do you need to get her ready at all?" Randy scoffed. "Just rape the bitch."

There were more than a few angry hisses from the female students, but they were drowned out by shouts of encouragement from the males.

"Yeah, just rape the bitch!"

"Fuck the slut hard!"

"Man, the cunt's been askin' for it!"

Nina couldn't believe what she was hearing or how much the idea of Mr. Cox raping her, on his desk, in front of the entire class really turned her on. God, she thought, I really must be a slut, after all.

"All right, settle down!" Mr. Cox ordered. "Now to answer Mr. Wood's question, you could just rape her, but fucking a dry slut is as painful for the man as it is the slut. It's like scrubbing your dick with sandpaper. And it takes a lot of effort to overpower a woman and force yourself on her. It's much easier to get her hot and begging for your dick. So what are some ways to get a slut nice and wet?"

The students called out a number of answers: kissing, playing with her nipples, dirty talk, spanking, fingering her clit, etc.

"Those are all excellent answers," Mr. Cox said, "but let's focus on masturbation. Now, each bitch has her own way she likes to get off. Ms. Goodbody, why don't you show us how you finger your pussy."

Nina knew Mr. Cox wasn't really asking her, he was commanding her. But could she really do it? Could she actually finger her pussy in front of all these people? Even though she was a virgin, she'd often rubbed her clit until she came—but only at night, in her darkened bedroom, when she was all alone. She didn't know if she had the nerve to do it in public.

Although . . . hadn't she found the courage to take off all her clothes and parade around the school buck-naked? If she could do that, so could do anything, right? And this is what she wanted, wasn't it? To ruin her reputation as a goodie-goodie and do something wild and reckless? What better way to do that than to masturbate with her whole Advance Biology class and teacher watching every flick of her finger? And her pussy was wet and aching for relief . . .

Biting her lower lip, Nina closed her eyes and, putting all her weight on her left elbow, she slowly inched her right hand down over her hip to her pussy. At first, she simply rubbed her outer pussy lips, but soon she was rubbing between them, collecting the moisture seeping from her vagina, spreading it over her inner folds and around her clit. It felt so good to touch her pussy her breathing quickened and her pussy produced even more cream. Nina couldn't remember ever being so turned on.

Unbidden, an image of Mr. Cox standing before her crept into her mind. As her fingering became more purposeful—her index and middle fingers circling her clit with gradually increasing pressure, occasionally dipping into her virgin hole to collect more juices—Nina's fantasy Mr. Cox began taking off his clothes. Thanks to her Internet research on National Nude Day, Nina had seen pictures of nude men, so it wasn't too difficult to visualize Mr. Cox's beautifully naked body.

Once naked, he knelt between her legs and her probing, teasing fingers became his soft, slick tongue and voracious mouth. His tongue delved into her narrow passage, consuming her sweet juices as fast as her pussy produced them. Then he flattened his tongue and licked her slit in several broad strokes from bottom to top before his lips captured her engorged clit. He sucked, nibbled, and licked her tender nubbin so wickedly, Nina's body arched violently off the desk, her hips grinding her pussy against his face. In no time at all, Nina was crying out as she experienced the most intense orgasm of her young life. After the convulsions of pleasure ceased, Nina collapsed in a languid heap on Mr. Cox's desk.

When she finally recovered, Nina opened her eyes and lazily sat up. She'd been so absorbed in her fantasy, she hadn't realized her classmates had enjoyed the show so much they'd joined in. Some wore a dreamy, satisfied look and slumped in their seats, suggesting to Nina that they'd come right along with her. Several girls were panting, their hands still stuffed inside their panties while they madly rubbed their pussies. Several boys had their dicks out and were furiously whacking off. Hypnotized by the display, Nina watched as Randy came with a loud shout, shooting his cum out so far that it landed on the little redheaded girl who sat in front of him.

At that moment, scattered gasps and shocked exclamations jerked Nina's attention away from the copious amount of cum streaming down the side of the redhead's face.

"Oh . . . my . . . Gawd!"

"Would ya just look at that bad boy!"

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