A Jackson Family Christmas


"And you're okay with her and I?"

"There's nothing I can do about it. You two have had a thing for a long time, right?"

"Yea. It kind of elevated tonight. I'm not sure what it is now?"

"That's cause you're a guy. She loves you. Loves you as much as I love you. She's a single mom and you grab Kyle every chance you get. Not really rocket science to know how that makes her feel."

"I'm screwed aren't I?"

"You don't love her?"

Dillon heard the accusatory sound of her voice with a bit of hope along the edges. She was torn between wanting to be happy for Samantha and being jealous of her. He was screwed in more ways than one. "I kind of have to love her, she's family. We had a lot of firsts together. The same way I have to love you. Amazing sex with you will just have to be something I suffer through."

The comment registered after a thirty-second stare down. Alexis' lip twitched before her shy smile appeared and her cheeks turned rosy. "Sex? You want me that way? It wouldn't be too creepy for you?"

"I assume that's what you want from my penis. Unless you just want to play dress up with it." He leaned in and kissed her forehead and left his lips against her skin. "I'd rather you be with someone I trust not to hurt you or use you. Besides, I like creepy and slightly twisted. We'll take it slow. If either of us gets weirded out, we'll stop. It'll always be your choice how far this goes. But sex isn't gonna happen tonight. Tonight we take a shower and share a bed. See if you like me. Like the way I touch and kiss you. You might not get a good night's sleep, but it should be pleasant. We'll start with little steps, Penguin."


"You need a nickname, don't you?"

"I need a lot of things. I just don't know how."

"How? How far have you gone?"

"Michael's hand barely touched my pubes before I freaked out and push him away. He felt me up a few times, but didn't like my breasts. Said they were tiny."

"Lucky me. I love pretty little breasts. They tend to be the most sensitive. Does that mean you're still a virgin?"

All she could do was nod, her eyes staring at him to see his reaction. A slow smile spread across his face as his eyes traveled down her body to stop between her legs. His tongue ran across his bottom lip. He was having trouble swallowing. When he finally spoke it was in an odd tense voice.

"Well, the table saw is off my Christmas list."


Dillon pressed his forehead to hers. "Nothing. You sure you want me to be your first?"


Taking her by the hand he led her to the foot of the bed and turned on the shower. He felt her hand shaking in his. It could have easily been his shaking. The light switch was flicked off as the steam of the shower began to build in the room. The room's only illumination was the bright green numbers of his alarm clock. "Arms up." He instructed as he found the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up her body. She didn't hesitate. Her arms reached for the ceiling, trusting her brother completely. Her shirt was dropped at her feet. He tugged his off and dropped it. Pulling her closer, he felt her hardened nipples pressed to him and a shiver run through her. For some reason, his breathing was wore erratic than hers. His cock was hardening rapidly. He lowered his head and kissed the bare skin at the start of her neck and shoulder. "Would you like me to kiss you?" He whispered into her skin.

"Hmm. Yes." Her hands found his back, gripping tightly.

"Where would you like me to kiss you?"

"There. Everywhere."

"Your lips?"

"Please." Her voice was shaky.

He didn't kiss her lips, instead, his hand trailed down her sides. The tips of his fingers lightly glancing off her skin. He could feel tiny goosebumps erupting under his touch. When he got to her waistband, he knelt, pulling her flannel pants down to her ankles. One foot at a time, he took off her socks, and pulled the pants away. Once done, he placed a kiss on her flat stomach just above her navel and another one just below. Her body jerked slightly from the wet warmth of his tongue as he let it explore her navel. He took a deep breath, smelling her obvious arousal. His jaw clenched to stop himself from simply pushing her back and driving mouth first into her panties. With just his fingertips, he pulled down on her panties, letting his thumb run down the front of her legs. "You don't know how amazing you smell, honey."

"Really?" She stepped out of her panties and watched him toss them behind her on the bed.

"Hmm. I hate to ruin you with a shower."

His own flannel pants fell with his underwear. He pulled her into the almost too hot spray and positioned her in front of him to take the full force of the water. Dillon started with her back. Slow soapy caresses running down her spine, kneading muscles slowly relaxing under his touch. His hands slid around her and ran across her stomach. Up between her breasts and back down. Working in smaller and smaller circles until his hands were gently massaging her breasts. He pulled her wet hair away from her back and draped it in front of her. His lips found the side of her neck as he ran his fingertips down the length of her arms. "Okay so far?"

"So far."

"Still scared?"

"No. I trust you."

"You can smack me in the head or tell me to stop anytime you get scared. I promise, I'll stop."

"Keep going."

His hands became even gentler, only placing a kiss on her skin when the spot he'd worked on was perfectly clean. Her moans were becoming more frequent. He pulled gasps from her when his fingers then tongue slid between the crack of her ass briefly. Alexis leaned forward and braced herself against the wall in front of her, her arms outstretched. She pushed her butt towards him as his lips kissed her soft cheeks and his hands were sliding higher and higher between her thighs. Her legs were spotless, thin, delicate, and absolutely beautiful. Dillon was shaking more than she was when his finally grazed the outside of her labia with his the tip of his tongue. The groan it brought out of her made his cock twitch. His fingers spread her, barely brushing against her inner lips. His tongue reached out and then his lips began tiny kisses.

He had to stop himself. Dillon stood and turned her around, his eyelids heavy, staring into the darkest depth of her eyes. In the barely lit room he could just make out a thin smile on her lips. The heavy thump of his heart crashed against his chest. "I'm not sure you'll stay a virgin if I don't stop. Go dry off and put your panties back on. Wait for me in bed."

She was panting, her lips parted as she stared at his and wondered why they weren't on her body. Stiff legged, she obeyed. She was just crawling into bed when she felt his presence behind her. He must have broken the land speed record to finish his shower. It brought a nervous giggle out of her. "In a hurry?"

"Sorry. I missed you."

Alexis scooted under the covers with him pulling the covers over them. She felt his naked cock pressed against her as he pushed her to her back. His fingertips found each and every curve of her body. She arched her back when her nipple was sucked into his mouth; his tongue doing little circles as he gently suckled her. His knee slid between hers and pushed her legs wide, finding no resistance. Sliding over her, he nestled his cock between her legs. Her panties were soaked through. He pushed a few wet strands of hair from her face, happy to stare down at her. Tracing her eyebrows with a fingertip and kissing her softly on the cheek. His weight was barely noticeable. The heat from their bodies was building. Her eyes locked on his lips. Raising her head up, she let her tongue barely slip between her lips in hunger, needing his kiss. She caught the twinkle in his eyes just before his hands threaded into her hair and pulled her head back down to rest on the pillow.

"We haven't kiss properly, have we? First kisses are kind of important." His thumb ran across her bottom lip, letting her kiss it softly. He stared down at a face so angelic it shook him. His little sister was a goddess. He should be feeling guilt or shame or something. All he wanted to do was kiss her. Taste her. "How did you get so beautiful? So precious?"

Alexis' heart fluttered at the sound of awe in his voice. She closed her eyes and ran her tongue out to lick her bottom lip, and then pulled her teeth across it before biting it softly. A tiny smile curled the left side of her lip when she felt his grip tighten in her hair. She felt the warmth of his breath as his lips found hers. Whatever his plan was, the force of the kiss shook them both. They both had a similar reaction to the sensation of their lips parting and their tongues reaching out to meet. It felt like electricity arced between their bodies. Their muscles strained. Her knees came up as her arms and legs wrapped around him tightly. His left had reached down and gripped her ass trying to press her tighter to him. The right pulled her head back to stretch out her neck. Their lips pulled and sucked. Tongues danced first in hers and then in his. The timid little girl he'd loved to tease and torture and protect was gone. He held a lusting animal trying to tear him to pieces. His hips began to grind into her. It wasn't the slow build up he wanted, it was forceful, sliding faster and faster. Her entire body responded. The thin piece of material she considered panties was the only thing separating them. He could feel the heat boiling off of her. It wasn't just from the wet heat his cock was sliding against it was everywhere. Her lips nearly burnt his tongue.

His weight was now pinning her to the bed. The hand that had pulled her hair was now on a breast. Teasing and rolling the nipple. Her gasp from the sharp pain he caused didn't concern him. A throaty sigh followed it and then another gasp as he did it again. He could feel her heels against the back of his legs, coaxing him. Her body was trying to force him inside her. He felt her nails dig into his ass. Her lips finally ripped away from him for the first time when her body arched despite his weight. He felt warm liquid seep through already soaked panties. Her body twitched and shuddered underneath him. The only sound she made was a tiny whining grunt over and over. He tried to keep his eyes open to witness his sister's face as she rode out her orgasm, but his own orgasm surprised him. His belly tightened as shot after shot of cum erupted from him to coat her belly. They took turns with twitching aftershocks until he lowered down and found her ear with his lips. "Sorry. I didn't mean to do that."

Her voice was light, stress free for the first time in months. It was a happy little girl's voice. "Seriously? You didn't mean to make me cum?"

"Your cumming was what I wanted. I mean, I didn't mean to."

She gripped his face between her hands and smiled happily up at him. "Don't worry, sweetie. I understand a lot of guys prematurely ejaculate. We'll just have to practice a bit more." She kissed him, happy to feel his laugh shaking the bed underneath them.

With a mock grunt of exasperation, he rolled off of her and grabbed the towel from the side of the bed. He cleaned her belly first. She tucked a second pillow under her head and watched him. Her eyes followed his hand as he slid over himself and finally making sure his cock was all pretty and shiny. He dropped the towel and then snuggled up close to her on his side and pulled her closer until their faces were barely separated. His hand found her hip and pulled her tighter before it began to trace circle on the soft skin of on her ass.

"Can I ask you something?" He said as he kissed her softly.


"Is there any chemistry between us?"

"I didn't feel any." She ran a hand down his side. Her shy smile reappearing on her face.

Dillon sighed. "Damn. I guess I don't get what I want for Christmas then."

"You might. What did you want?"

"Something you can only give away once."

"I've already promised that to you. You don't have to wait."

He ran the tip of his nose along the side of hers before he kissed her again. It was supposed to be a quick little kiss, but it lasted five minutes. His cock was already decided it hated the idea. "I want to. I kind of like the image of opening my present up at midnight, Christmas morning."

"That's eight days away. What are we supposed to do for eight days?"

She felt him smile as his lips found her neck and then moved to kiss between her breasts to finally settle on a nipple. The voice she heard was different than any she'd ever heard from him. It sent a happy shiver down her spine. "Things."

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