A Jedi's Training Ch. 04


"Oh, YES! Yes, yes yes!" Liana screamed over and over again, her body submitting to the utter turmoil of her orgasm. "Star! Jacen! Ooooooooohhhh, yes!"

"Oh, she's a squirter," Star gasped, barely able to form words under Jacen's constant assault on her pussy.

Star leaned in and let Liana cover her in her wetness, still lapping at the blonde's sex even as she released several smaller streams of her come. Star savored it all, never missing a beat.

"Jacen," Star moaned, "by the Force, you feel good. I'm so close!"

Jacen, too, was finally close to another orgasm. He settled into a steady rhythm of short, quick thrusts, keeping his cock buried deep within Star's trembling body. His legs slapped against her ass cheeks frantically as Star began to push back with her own body. Within moments they had both reached the breaking point. As Liana recovered, Star curled her fingers into the flooring of the shelter and arched her back, a cry building in the back of her throat. Finally, with one heavy thrust, Jacen exploded inside of her and she cried out, her entire body bursting with orgasmic pleasure as Jacen's seed spilled into her yet again, coating her pussy with hot fluid.

With an exhausted but satisfied moan, Star, slumped forward, resting her forehead between her arms on the floor of the shelter. She could hear Liana breathing heavily a little ways in front of her, the young woman's sex still trembling occasionally from her immense orgasm. Still buried inside Star, Jacen fell forward onto all fours, laying his head on Star's back, which was now sticky with a thin sheen of sweat. Jacen closed his eyes, listening to the frantic beating of Star's heart, coupled with her rapid breathing and occasional whimpers of satisfaction. The atmosphere within the shelter was thick with the smell of sex, and Jacen could still feel the lingering passion in the air, tugging the three of them together as if magnetized.

"You can feel it, can't you?" Star whispered, after a few moments of silence accentuated with heavy breathing had passed.

"Feel what?" Liana asked, her voice still lazy and drawn out with lust.

"The Force," Star said, closing her eyes. "Binding us all together."

"You're sure that's not just the sex?" Jacen asked, wrapping his arms around Star's waist and falling backward so that she was sitting in his lap, his penis gradually softening within her.

"That's what I thought, the first time on Dathomir," Star said, leaning back against Jacen. "But then the women I was with, we all came so hard that it was like the world was standing still. We could close our eyes and still see each other, clear as day. That's when I realized it was the Force, flowing between each of us. It may not be the form we're used to, as students of the Jedi Order, but that's what it is."

Jacen closed his eyes again, and Star was right – he could indeed sense her aura, right there with him. Wanting to make sure he wasn't simply being deceived by the proximity of her body to his, he reached out to Liana, who was shakily sitting up at the foot of the shelter. Sure enough, he could sense her aura as well – the brilliant, glowing presence of a young woman after her first true sexual encounter. Jacen opened his eyes again, looking upon the two naked women with him.

"Not the kind of teaching I was expecting at all," he said to Star.

"But it works, no?" she replied.

"Yes, it does."

They sat silently for a few more moments before Star spoke up again.

"What?" she demanded of Liana, playfully. "You've been staring at me for awhile now."

"I've just... never been with a woman before," Liana told her. "Plus, you've got my come all over your face."

The three of them laughed out loud as Liana crawled up to Star on all fours, licking Star's lips with her tongue.

"You taste like me," Liana giggled, leaning in and gently licking Star's face and chin.

Star leaned forward, giving Liana several moments of access to her face and neck before lacing her fingers in the blonde girl's hair and pulling her in for a deep kiss. As the two women locked lips, Jacen let himself slip out of Star and stood up.

"Oh my word," Star murmured against Liana's lips before breaking off the kiss and looking down, finding a thick mixture of her and Jacen's come slowly running down her thighs. "Don't you ever run out, Jacen?"

"Not with you two here to motivate me," Jacen retorted. Then he yawned. "Although I am rather beat."

"Same here," Liana said. She tipped her head forward and let her blonde hair spill over her shoulders, a damp mess of sweat and jungle humidity. "I don't know if I have the strength to get dressed and climb onto the shuttle to go back to Master Vera's camp."

"Stay here tonight," Star offered, absently running her hands over the young blonde's body. "I'll take you back in the morning."

"You can stay in my tent," Jacen murmured, already lying on his back, eyes closed and ready for sleep. "I don't mind. I doubt anything short of a rampaging rancor will wake me up tonight. You can stay too, Star."

"Will there be enough space for the three of us to sleep?" Star asked. "Sex is one thing... sleeping is a whole different story."

"Sure," Jacen groaned. He opened his eyes briefly and grabbed Liana by the waist, pulling her down on top of him. "See? Plenty of room for you."

Star chuckled quietly as she spread out on the remaining space in the tent, as Liana wrapped her arms and legs around Jacen and laid her head down on his shoulder. Within moments, all three were out cold for the night.


More chapters to come! Jacen's wild week on Yavin IV continues...

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