tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Jedi's Training Ch. 07

A Jedi's Training Ch. 07


Author's note: My apologies for the long delay in getting this chapter out. Final exams and other life issues imposed a rather heavy case of writer's block on me for awhile, but hopefully that has passed! Enjoy!

Chapter 7 – Homecoming

Breaking down camp was quick work for Jacen and Star. By mid-day, they had everything packed into the shuttle and were ready to go. Their last task was to traverse the obstacle course Jacen had run during his first day on planet, resetting each of the waypoints so that they would be functional for Star's next training mission.

"Let's split up," Star suggested. "I'll take the first half, you take the second half. We'll finish earlier that way."

"Good idea," Jacen said, stripping off his shirt after remembering that the second half of the course involved a lot of climbing and jumping. "I'll meet you back here when I'm done?"

"Sounds good," Star told him. "I'll probably get back a little before you do, so just head for the shuttle if you don't see me."

The two took off into the jungle, searching for the small black boxes. As Jacen ran through the trees, he reflected on everything that had transpired during the week and acknowledged that, in addition to having more sex than he had ever had in one week, he felt much more in tune with the Force. The leaps and bounds that were difficult for him when he first ran the course came naturally, as if the Force were a mere extension of his legs and arms. He reset the way points sequentially, until finally he reached the last one – the one overgrown with vines, covered with bright flowers.

Jacen chuckled to himself. Did Star intentionally send him along on the last leg of the course? Slightly amused, Jacen contemplated his options. Sure, covering himself in nectar from the Flower of Paradise would make their trip home quite interesting. On the other hand, Jacen didn't particularly feel like having to cleanse himself of all that sticky nectar before getting back home. Standing a safe distance from the vines, Jacen extended his hand and closed his eyes. He reached out beyond the vines, through all the plant life to the metallic black box below. He flipped a switch with the Force, and a small red light began to blink. Satisfied, Jacen turned to leave.

Then he stopped. A second thought struck him, and he turned back toward the cluster of vines. He pulled a small capsule from his belt, an empty food capsule that he had been carrying around until it could be refilled. He popped the top off the capsule and carefully approached the Flower of Paradise. He selected a single vine and snapped it. The plant bled from its fresh wound, dripping sweet sap. Jacen brought the vine to the food capsule, letting the sticky fluid fill the capsule. Once that one was expended, he filled another, and another. His task finished, Jacen released the vine and looked at the small amount of nectar that was on his fingers. He shrugged, and then wiped the fluid off around his neck. He felt his skin tingle a little bit, but there wasn't quite enough of the nectar to affect him beyond that.

Jacen clipped the three food capsules back onto his belt and headed toward the jungle clearing, toward the waiting shuttle. He could hear the sublight engines running already as he approached, so he picked up the pace and ran up the boarding ramp. He headed to the cockpit, where Star was waiting at the controls.

"Run into any problems?" Star asked, looking over her shoulders as she closed the ramp.

"None whatsoever," Jacen replied, settling into the co-pilot's seat. "We ready for take-off?"

"We are now – strap yourself in!"

The shuttle gave a lurch as it lifted itself against the planet's gravity. The vessel took off vertically, rising above the tree line. Star then angled the ship's nose upward, and with the flip of a switch, the shuttle rocketed into the atmosphere. Jacen and Star were briefly pressed back into their seats as the ship streaked through the clouds. When they broke clear of the planet's gravity, Star allowed herself a chuckle.

"What?" Jacen asked, looking over at her.

"Just wondering what it would be like, getting fucked right here during take-off."

"You like being pressed against things?"

"The ground, walls, chairs...," Star sighed. "Mmmmmm."

Jacen just shook his head and laughed. Star pushed a few buttons on the control panel, and for a few moments the only sound in the shuttle was the humming of the engines and the occasional beeping of the instruments.

"Okay, I've got the hyperjump coordinates laid in," Star said. "The main navigational route is full of traffic, probably from returning students and their masters. We'll take a side-route – it's a bit longer, but we should get home about the same time."

Star pulled a lever. The stars outside the cockpit streaked into lines, and the shuttle was gone. Jacen leaned his head back on the seat. He closed his eyes, feeling the subtle vibrations of the shuttle as it raced through hyperspace. He thought about getting home, taking a hot shower for the first time in a week, eating real food, sleeping in a real bed...

Before long, the exertions of the previous week had caught up to Jacen and he was fast asleep in his seat. As he slept, he again dreamed of Eryn. She was sleeping, too, but in her bed. In his dream, Jacen appeared to approach her from above, circling around her like a bird. She was lying on top of a thin sheet, completely naked. Eryn rolled over slowly as Jacen watched, her toned thighs falling open to reveal her neatly trimmed strip of pubic hair, pointing the way to something more. Jacen descended, settling his gaze between her legs. Her pussy lips were slightly spread, like a delicate flower just beginning to bloom. Jacen slowly reached out a hand to touch her, watching as his fingers drew closer and closer to her vagina. Somewhere in the distance, he could hear a quiet beeping. It got louder and louder, until suddenly his dream shattered.

"Ughh," Jacen groaned, opening his eyes a little bit. He could see the red light flashing on the instrument panel. "What is that?"

"Sorry," Star said, reaching over to silence the alarm. "The computer was telling me I needed a slight course correction."

"Stupid computer," Jacen grumbled.

"If you're tired, you could go sit in the passenger area," Star suggested. "The alarms aren't as audible back there."

"Good idea," Jacen said hoarsely, unbuckling his straps.

He didn't realize until he stood up that he was hard. As Star suppressed a laugh, Jacen glanced at the chronometer.

"How long was I out?" he asked, hoping to change the subject.

"Awhile," Star said, playing along. "We only have about an hour or so left."

Jacen walked awkwardly to the passenger section, his pants tenting slightly from the hard-on beneath. He flopped down in the first row of seats and closed his eyes, but he couldn't get back to sleep, unable to get the image of Eryn out of his head. He closed his eyes again, but this time without the intention of sleeping. He reached out into the Force, through the rapidly shortening distance between him and Coruscant. He followed the lines of influence in the Force back to the source of Eryn's influence, reaching out through walls of stone and layers of clothes until her soft womanhood was again before him. He reached out his hand again, this time touching the warm skin. He slowly ran his fingers up and down the narrow slit, watching her pussy lips part under his touch. The soft flower opened further as Jacen continued. His fingers became wet from her moisture.

In the middle of her lecture on diplomacy, Eryn gasped softly and her back arched as she sat straight up in her chair. Fortunately she was in the back of the room, her gasp just beyond her instructor's audible perception. But that didn't change the fact that she was, sitting there in the most boring of boring classes, getting wet. Her vagina tingled, sending gentle shockwaves of pleasure throughout her pelvis. Eryn bit her lower lip, trying to focus on what the woman at the front of the room was saying about negotiations. Her pussy seemed to have a mind of its own, getting wetter and wetter despite her intentions.

Jacen smiled. He could see Eryn's tight entrance now, glistening with wetness. Her inner and outer lips were swollen and puffy, almost holding themselves open for him. Her clitoris had become visible as well. The small nub of flesh seemed to call out to him, begging to be touched. Who was he to deny it that much?

Eryn suppressed a squeal as she grabbed the edges of her desk tightly. When the urge to cry out passed, she let her mouth drop open, almost gasping for air. What was her body doing? Her lecture had faded into the background by now. Her mind was rapidly being consumed by the need for sex. One hand dropped between her legs and she pressed herself against the palm, feeling the heat radiating from her pussy. As she looked around the room frantically, desperately searching for a fellow Asirian who might be willing to escape class and join her in relieving the sudden urge, Eryn regretted wearing tight pants that morning.

Jacen was just about to slip one finger into Eryn's opening when he was interrupted by Star's voice.

"Hey, what's going on back here?"

Jacen's eyes snapped open and he looked around. Star was standing at the entrance to the passenger area, staring intently at his crotch. When he looked down, he saw that his erection had definitely made itself visible, straining arduously against his pants.

"Thinking about Eryn again?" Star asked as she sauntered toward Jacen.


"Well, we've got about twenty minutes left before we enter Coruscant airspace," Star said, standing in front of Jacen and slipping out of her top. "Maybe I can help you motivate her a bit more."

As Star's breasts slipped free of her clothing, she got on her knees between Jacen's legs and began working his pants down. His penis sprang free and Star immediately captured it in her mouth. Jacen closed his eyes and settled into his seat, reaching out with his mind and finding Eryn.

Eryn breathed a sigh of relief as she tried to focus her mind back onto the lecture. The deluge of sensation from her genitals had been unexpected, and even though it had stopped she had difficulty thinking about anything but sex. But as she tried to focus on the instructor, her vision faded away into darkness. In the blackness, Eryn felt something warm pressing at her lips. Almost instinctively, she parted her lips and took it into her mouth, feeling its warmth as it pulsated against her tongue and mouth. Her tongue traced its shape, which she recognized quickly. Somehow, her mind lost any thought of the fact that she had been in class just moments before. The lust that had been building inside of her, coupled with the remnants of passion from Jeena's visit, spilled over and she indulged herself hungrily.

Star's head bobbed up and down between Jacen's legs. She slurped and sucked loudly, making sure Jacen could hear her. She stopped occasionally to run her breasts up the length of the hard rod, trailing her own saliva all over her chest. She could hear Jacen groaning and murmuring under Star's attention.

"Don't stop sucking me, Eryn," he moaned.

Star smiled and lowered her head again.

'Lucky girl,' she thought as she sucked him back into her mouth.

"Oohhh, Eryn... Eryn..." Jacen whispered.

Eryn could hear a voice moaning her name as she suckled the hard cock in her mouth. She strained her ears, listening. Jacen?

"Eryn...," the voice was hoarse, masculine. "Aahhh, suck me Eryn... Eryn..."

Eryn sucked harder and faster, and she was rewarded by more repetitions of her name. Slowly though, it became higher, more feminine. Suddenly, the darkness was pulled away and Eryn sat upright in her seat. Someone was shaking her shoulder and calling her name.

"Eryn! Eryn?"

Eryn looked over and saw a friend with curly blonde locks peering down at her.

"Lorna?" Eryn said, suddenly aware that class was out and people were leaving.

"Hey, you okay girl?" Lorna asked. "You're really out of it."

"I, I'm fine, just a little tired," Eryn lied.

She quickly clamped her legs shut, realizing that she was soaking through her tight cotton pants.

"Okay then," Lorna said. "You wanna come get something to drink with us?"

"I think I'm going to go home," Eryn said, acknowledging that she should probably change her clothes. "I'll meet you at the diner, though."

"Sounds good!"

Lorna took off out the door, with a small group of friends. Eryn slowly gathered her belongings and stood up, stretching.

"Blast!" she said quietly, realizing that her nipples were erect and poking through the fabric of her tank top. She hadn't put on a brassiere that morning since her top had some built-in support for women of her size, but she also hadn't planned on becoming aroused. "Guess I'll have to put something on when I get home."

Eryn shivered as a residual tingle seared through her vagina.

"What has gotten into me?"

On the shuttle, Star stopped licking Jacen's cock when he suddenly tensed up.

"Are you all right?" Star asked, looking up into Jacen's hazy eyes.

"I'm fine," he said, his voice hoarse. "I just lost my connection to Eryn through the Force."

"It happens sometimes," Star said, softly caressing his penis. "I'm impressed you kept it for this long, seeing as how our position is constantly changing and she's still a ways out."

"Sorry about that, it's just a little disorienting."

"It's okay," Star whispered, licking the length of Jacen's cock as if it were candy.

Then she stood up, turning around and bending over sensuously at the waist. She slowly pulled her pants down, sliding them over the sexy curve of her buttocks. Her utility belt hit the floor of the shuttle with a loud clang as she turned around to face Jacen.

"Up for one more good fuck?" Star asked, raising an eyebrow.

Without waiting for Jacen to answer, Star approached him and turned her back to him. She spread her legs around his, spread them wide, lowering her vagina to the tip of his penis. Jacen could literally see droplets of wetness accumulating on her pussy lips. When his penis touched her vagina, the moisture streamed from her skin to his. She started to lower herself onto him, slowly engulfing the engorged head into her body.

"Aaaahhhhh," Star moaned, bracing herself on the armrests of the chair.

As she sank down, her fingers curled around the cool metal of the arm rests.

"Oh this is going to be good," she sighed as Jacen reached deeper into her. "I can feel it."

Before she could prove herself correct, though, Star was interrupted by the faint beeping of an alarm.

"Damn," she said, frustrated. "Dammit."

Jacen, ignoring the alarm, thrust himself into Star. Star responded in like, bouncing frantically in his lap – stricken with frustration.

"No!" she cried, her face contorted in a mixture of pleasure and anger. "No, no, no!"

"What is it?" Jacen asked.

"The arrival alert," Star said. "I can't ignore it. We'd risk plowing through a planet or a ship."

She reluctantly leaned forward, pulling herself off Jacen.

"Why now?!?" she questioned out loud as she threw on a top, running bottomless to the cockpit.

Jacen got up and, completely naked, followed Star into the cockpit. When she got there, Star was messing with controls.

"Hold on, we're dropping out of hyperspace now."

The shuttle lurched suddenly as stars reappeared in the cockpit windows. Coruscant appeared in sight, along with several other shuttles. All of them were descending in the same general direction.

"Looks like your fellow students are coming home," Star said, piloting the shuttle from a standing position.

Her bare ass and pussy were well within Jacen's view. Her vagina was still parted slightly, glistening with moisture.

"Coruscant air control, this is Jedi Academy shuttle theta three," Star said into the comm system. "We are on approach to the Jedi Academy."

As Jacen watched Star, bent over the controls, he was struck with an idea. As the reply came in from air control, he walked up behind her.

"Theta three, this is Coruscant air control. Be advised that air lanes to the Academy are backed up – you'll have to wait in line."

"Loud and clear, control. Re-directing to.... Aaahhh!"

Star moaned loudly as a hard impact surged through her body and her pussy suddenly stretched around a hard intrusion. The comm microphone clattered to the ground as she planted both hands on the instrument panel to brace herself. She looked over her shoulder and saw Jacen standing with his hands gripping her hips, his cock buried deep inside of her.

"Theta three, repeat last transmission – we did not copy," the comm system squawked.

Star reached out for the microphone as Jacen pumped in and out of her slowly.

"Control, this is... aahhmmm... this is theta three... oh... re-directing to... uh... unh... uuunh... re-directing to holding line." As she finished, Jacen slammed into her again and she hissed through gritted teeth.

It was then that she realized she still had her finger on the transmit button. She released it, and control responded immediately.

"Is everything all right up there, theta three?"

"Yes," Star squeaked out, feeling her breasts jiggle each time Jacen slammed against her ass. "Just some interference."

Making sure her finger was off the button this time, Star arched her body and pushed back against Jacen, hard, driving him deeper in.

"Jacen, what are you doing?" she asked, as he fucked her slowly. "Trying to get us both in trouble?"

"Just didn't want to leave you hanging," Jacen said, sinking into Star again.

"Oooohh... you altruist, you," Star replied, her voice dripping with sarcasm... and lust.

Star reached her hands over to the controls and changed the shuttle's course, directing it toward the waiting line of academy shuttles.

"You going to give me a rest while I pilot?" she asked. "Or are you going to risk crashing us both?"

"I trust your skills," Jacen replied, moving the tip of his cock in and out of her pussy, subjecting it to the constant need to stretch around his girth.

Star moaned as she shakily brought the shuttle into place behind the last shuttle in line. It was only then that she saw the queue was double-filed, just as another shuttle pulled up next to them. They were so close she could see the two people in the cockpit – Liana and Master Vera.

"Jacen, stop!" Star commanded harshly, even as she pushed back to take his length into her again. "Master Vera is right over there!"

"So finally I get to teach the teacher something," Jacen said with a chuckle. "The cockpit windshields are heavily polarized and slightly reflective to protect occupants from cosmic rays and star shine. It's essentially a one-way mirror. All they see is their own reflections."

Star's response was to jerk her hips back and forth, letting herself slide over Jacen's cock more quickly.

"I knew I liked you," she said as her entire body jerked to and fro. "Fuck me now!"

In an impressive display of gymnastics, Star lifted herself on her hands and pulled her legs forward. She slowly and carefully rotated herself around until she was facing upward, her legs wrapping around Jacen in a standard man-on-top position. She rested her buttocks on an empty portion of the control panel and pulled Jacen to her.

"Fuck me right here on the instruments," she demanded. "Fuck me!"

Star's hand groped around on the instrument panel until she found the controls she was looking for. She pushed a few buttons and the shuttle's central computer verified the input:

"Controls locked."

Star frantically peeled off the robes she had so haphazardly thrown on just moments before, letting the garments crumple into little piles on the floor by their feet. With an animal growl of passion, she grabbed ahold of Jacen and fell back onto the now-locked control panel, pulling him on top of her. Her legs clamped tightly around his waist and she pulled herself against him, her entire body pumping and rubbing against him. Jacen matched her urgency by pounding her with short, quick strokes that filled the cockpit with delicious slapping sounds each time their bodies met.

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