tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Jedi's Training Ch. 10

A Jedi's Training Ch. 10


A quick response to comments: thanks for all those who have posted comments and those who have commented anonymously! Hopefully this story will continue to improve to your liking.

And Star Wars nerd moment, in response to one comment: Yavin was indeed the name of the red gas giant in Episode IV, but Yavin IV was the name of the forest moon on which the rebel base was located. Dantooine was the planet where Princess Leia told Tarkin the current rebel base was, but it was actually the site of an abandoned base. In any event it doesn't really matter, because this story takes place in a different time frame.


Chapter 10 – The Upper Hand

The first chime of the comm console sounded as if it had just passed through a dense fog, muffled and distant. The second chime was louder, more distinct. The third sounded as if it were right in the next room.

Slowly and rather reluctantly, Jacen opened his eyes. His first instinct was to glance over at the chronometer sitting on the bedside table. It was early, but he still had a several hours of sleep left before he needed to get up. It was a weekend and there were no classes scheduled, but he had decided prior to leaving for Yavin IV to regularly attend the voluntary hand-to-hand combat courses held on weekends. Despite his overall physical exhaustion, Jacen was determined to hold true to his decision. He looked across the room and noticed that the comm was blank, realizing that he was in Eryn's bed. He could hear the message system kicking in on his comm across the hall, and momentarily considered getting up to check it. He decided not to, however, when Eryn stirred beside him and reached one arm across his chest, pulling herself closer to him.

"Mmmm," Eryn groaned groggily. "What is it?"

Jacen pulled her close and let her rest her head on his shoulder.

"Nothing babe, just someone on the comm. I'll check on it later."

"'Kay," she sighed, as she drifted back to sleep.

She shifted some as she snuggled up against him, and he couldn't help but notice that both of them were still sticky. She had basically crawled onto him and gone to sleep after they had finished masturbating together, so both of them were still covered with a layer of come. As he closed his eyes and went back to sleep, he made a note to himself to shower before he went to classes that day.

A few hours later, Jacen tapped the off button on Eryn's chronometer alarm and pulled himself out of bed, careful not to disturb the young woman sleeping beside him. He paused for a moment to look at her, resting peacefully. Her arms were drawn up above her head, causing her smooth, firm breasts to point straight up toward the ceiling. She had her sheet pulled up just above her navel, but it was twisted around her legs so that everything below mid-thigh was visible. There was an inherent beauty about her, even as her chest and legs were streaked here and there with dried trails of fluid. He chuckled softly to himself and left the room, heading across the hall to his own bedroom.

Once there he sifted through his belongings, eventually pulling out some clothes that would be comfortable for his workout: a short-sleeved tunic, a pair of loose exercise pants, and a pair of soft boxers to go underneath. He headed back out into the hallway to get to the bathroom, but when he exited his room he found that Eryn, wearing only a towel, had somehow beaten him to it.

"Good morning sleepyhead," she greeted him cheerily, walking into the bathroom. "Looks like I get the shower first."

"Hey!" he exclaimed, "I need to get cleaned up before my class."

"Uh huh, well, I guess you'll just have to wait your turn!" she teased, sticking her tongue out before turning around.

With her back turned to him and the door open, she let the towel drop, treating him to a view of her smooth back and perfectly rounded ass while she leaned over the bathtub, adjusting the water temperature to her liking. Once she was satisfied, she stood back up and looked over her shoulder, nodding in the direction of the door. The door immediately swung shut, nudged along by the Force.

"Clever," Jacen grumbled, standing naked in the hallway. "Now what do I do? I could make myself some breakfast or something, but I really just need to get in the shower."

As if to rub it in even more, at that precise moment, Eryn began humming a tune in the shower.

"That's it!" he shouted through the door. "I need that shower, whether you're in it or not!"

"You wouldn't dare!" she shouted back, over the sound of the water.

"Watch me!"

Jacen pushed the door open and strolled into the bathroom, tossing his clothes on the counter as he whisked open the shower curtain.

"Jacen!" Eryn squealed, giggling, as she grabbed the curtain and tried to conceal herself, simultaneously blocking his access to the shower. "Get out of here! I'm naked!"

"Like that's ever stopped you!" he countered, wrapping his arms around her, trying to wrestle her out of his way.

Water splattered off of both of them as she wrestled back, squealing and laughing, until finally he got the upper hand and backed her to the far end of the shower, following her into the narrow stall. He pinned her to the wall, watching her squirm as the cold, wet tiles shot chills through her body. Eventually she let up completely and hugged him, laughing as water cascaded down on them.

"Oh, Jacen," she laughed, "I can't believe you did that! I... oohhh, somebody's awake."

She looked down in between them, where his penis was beginning to make its presence known, poking against her smooth stomach. She watched as it grew to its full erect length, as he backed away from her into the spray of the shower.

"Doesn't that thing ever need a break?" she asked.

"Yeah, after awhile," he told her, lathering up his body wash on his chest and arms. "I'm surprised I can still get it up, after the workout you gave it last night."

"I guess you're more resilient than you would think," she replied, watching Jacen's hands run over his own body as he cleaned himself off.

"Or maybe seeing you naked is just unbelievably exciting to me."

She bit her lip for a moment, eyes still drawn toward his penis.

"Something on your mind?" he asked, rinsing off his hair.

"Do you... I can't believe I'm going to ask this... can I touch it?"

"Isn't that against the rules?" he asked, secretly hoping that it wasn't.

"Well technically yes... but ... I want to. And I figure as long as nobody knows, it'll be okay with me."

"Well then the answer is yes," he told her. "By all means, yes – touch it."

Eryn reached out one hand – he thought he saw her trembling a bit – and gently curled her fingers around the shaft of his cock. Her grip was loose and cautious as she ran her hand up and down the shaft a bit.

"It's okay to hold a little tighter," he told her. "It won't shatter."

She laughed nervously as her fingers closed more tightly. She continued to stroke up and down the length of Jacen's cock, somewhat fascinated by the shape of it.

"Is this how you usually do it?" she asked. "You know, when you... masturbate?"

"That's the basic movement, yeah," he replied, watching her hand move up and down his shaft. "Sometimes I go faster or slower, depending on how I feel."

'For someone who's new to this whole touching thing, she is doing pretty good,' Jacen thought to himself.

"But water doesn't slip and slide like my wetness," she observed, rather naively. "It probably doesn't feel that good."

"I will admit, the feeling of your pussy was amazing. But that's not all due to the way you wet. There's probably very little in this world that can compare to the feeling of you all around me."

Eryn grabbed her bottle of body wash and popped it open, squeezing a sizeable portion into the palm of her hand. She rubbed it around in her palm with her fingertips, then looked up and smiled.

"This feels like it'd work."

It was only after she began stroking it onto Jacen's cock that he remembered he had spiked the body wash with sap from the Flower of Paradise. Almost immediately, he felt a tingling sensation that spread from the tip of his cock down into his balls. His erection twitched in her hand, eliciting a laugh from her slightly parted lips.

"You like?" she asked, stroking his hardness back and forth.

He could only nod as the aphrodisiac effects of the Flower of Paradise started taking control of his body. He began moving his hips in small motions, thrusting gently into Eryn's curled fingers. Just as it was getting good, though, she withdrew her hand.

"Oh no, Jacen, you're going to be late for your class!" she said. "I've taken up too much of your time."

"It's only the first class," Jacen groaned, his penis straining for contact. "I can miss it."

"No, you really shouldn't," Eryn said, rinsing off her hand. "I promise you, we'll finish this later. But you have to go – now!"

"All right, fine," he grumbled, pulling aside the shower curtain. "But you promised!"


She stopped him for a moment, wrapping her hand around his cock one more time to stroke it as she rinsed off the body wash suds under the spray from the shower.

"Tease," Jacen muttered, grabbing his clothes and towel as he exited the bathroom.

Eryn was right though, he was late. Jacen dressed as quickly as he could and walked at about half speed until his erection died down, then picked up to a brisk jog toward the training area. When he arrived, the class was just splitting up into instructor/student pairs. He approached the person who appeared to be the lead instructor, a young woman with wavy auburn hair in a workout tank top and pants, holding a data pad in her hand. Her skin was tan, evidence of the time she must have spent in the sun teaching combat and physical training classes.

"Hello latecomer," the woman said, smiling at him as he approached her. "You must be Jacen."

"Yes I am," he replied. "I guess I'm the only person late huh?"

"Yes," the woman smiled, "and Star told me about you."

"You know Star?" he asked.

"Yes, she and I were in the same class here at the Academy. I'm Cora, by the way. Since you're the last one here, I guess we'll be pairing up."

Cora led Jacen out to an open space on the training floor, where the other students and instructors had already begun to work out.

"We'll start with basic warm-ups and stretches," she said, standing in front of Jacen with her back to him. "Follow my lead."

The first few exercises were pretty basic – stretches for their triceps, deltoids, and quadriceps, things Jacen had done countless times growing up as a Jedi student. Cora followed those with bent-forward toe touches. She had no difficulty with them, bending almost perfectly in half as she reached for her toes. Jacen, however, found them a bit troubling – his toes seemed just a bit out of his reach at all times.

"Feeling your muscles loosen up yet?" she asked, still bent over.

"You bet," he replied, lifting his head a bit to look forward at his instructor.

He couldn't help but notice the way her exercise pants stretched smoothly over the surface of her tight buttocks. His attention was immediately drawn to the lack of defined panty lines – Cora was either wearing a thong of some shape or another, or no underwear.

"Let's mix it up a bit, ready?" she called back, interrupting Jacen as he began to stare. "I want you to spread your legs and reach as far forward as you can."

With that, Cora proceeded to space her feet out at about twice the width of her shoulders. She stretched her arms out straight before her and reached forward, bending until her ass was essentially thrust up in the air. Had she been naked, a good portion of her womanhood would have been visible as well.

As Jacen did his best to mimic her movements, he concluded that Cora definitely was not wearing underwear. He saw no trace of undergarments whatsoever, despite the fact that she was bent over so far with her legs spread that her tight pants would almost surely have made their way between her tempting ass cheeks. After holding the stretch for several moments, Cora stood back up and turned around.

"I think we're ready to get started," she said. "Since the other groups are a few steps ahead, you can see that we're working on grappling techniques today. Obviously, in this age of blasters, hand-to-hand combat is a little rarer than it once was, which is why grappling is an optional class. You'll find that a knowledge of grappling is still valuable, though, so hopefully you'll learn something today."

She dropped one foot back into a very basic fighting stance, raising her hands open-palmed in front of her.

"I'm going to start with the most basic, defensive grapple. It's not good for much, but when used properly it can buy you a little time to, say, retrieve your lightsaber that was just knocked away."

She nodded to Jacen, making a "come here" gesture with her left hand.

"Come at me like you're going to swing at me," she told him. "Pretend you're holding a lightsaber."

Jacen took up his basic Shii-Cho stance, with his imaginary saber held in front of him. He took a few steps toward Cora and raised his arms for a vertical strike, but as he did she grabbed his shirt with both hands, simultaneously pushing him back and taking a step back herself, so that when he regained his balance the distance between them was re-established.

"You see the effect that has?" Cora asked. "Obviously it's easily broken, if your opponent is quick enough, but in basic situations it can come in quite handy. You want to give it a try?"


Jacen put up his hands, imitating Cora's previous movement. She, in turn, took up a moderated Niman stance with her imaginary weapon, sidestepping around Jacen for a few moments before coming in with an attack. As her weapon went up, he reached forward. Because her tank top was form-fitting, however, his fingers did not grasp the material as easily as when Cora had grabbed him. Instead, his hands pressed into her breasts and he immediately pulled back, just as she brought her imaginary lightsaber down on his head.

"You're dead," she noted, with a hint of laughter in her voice. "Cut into two, in fact."

"I'm sorry," he apologized. "I had some trouble catching onto your top."

"Yeah, I noticed. Don't worry, a lot of people have difficulty with tight clothing at first."

As if to prove the point, Cora hooked her thumbs underneath the arm openings of her tank top and stretched the material away from her body. As she did so, Jacen caught a brief glimpse of smooth skin underneath, just before she unhooked her thumbs and let the top snap back into place.

"C'mon, let's try again," she said.

This time, instead of reaching too far, Jacen did not reach far enough – his fingers barely scraped against the surface of her outfit above her breasts before he jumped back as she landed her imaginary lightsaber attack.

"Well you survived," she said, "but you lost both your arms. I feel like you're holding back – it's okay, you won't break me."

Taking another shot at it, Jacen managed to firmly grab onto one strap in his left hand, just below Cora's shoulders. His right hand slipped as she pulled away, grabbing him a handful of her left breast instead. She jerked her right shoulder back as she sidestepped, but Jacen's grip on the one strap held firm; the strap slipped off her shoulder as they both tumbled to the ground.

"Hey, you okay there?" Cora laughed, as he rolled himself off her legs.

"Yeah, fine. I'm sorry about that – did I hurt you?"

"Nah, I'm tough," she said, standing up and brushing off her butt.

"You've uh, got a..." he pointed to his left shoulder.

Cora looked at her corresponding shoulder, noticing the errant strap that had slipped down her upper arm a bit.

"Ah, thanks!" she said, tossing her hair over her shoulder and sliding the strap back into place. "So what's the problem Jacen? I feel like you're worried about something."

In truth, he was worried that if he continued to miss and grab Cora's breasts, she would think that he was purposely trying to fondle her, but he wasn't quite sure how to tell her that.

"I think I know what the problem is," Cora said, before he had a chance to answer. "Your grabbing motion isn't as fluid as it should be. It's like you're looking for a specific place to grab onto."

'More like a specific place not to grab,' he said in his head.

"The problem is, finding a specific place takes up too much time," Cora continued. "You just reach and grab, then push off. I want you to close your eyes."

Jacen did as she asked and stood there, blind, waiting for further instruction.

"I'm going to stand right here in front of you and not move," Cora's voice said. "I want you to lunge forward and grab ahold of the first part you get to."

He launched himself forward in the dark, hands extended and waiting for contact. One hand hit just beneath Cora's collarbone; his fingers immediately curled and caught fabric. The other hand fell a bit lower, pressing into soft flesh that he knew must have been Cora's breast. In that moment, he hesitated.

"There!" Cora's voice called out. "Right there, you held back again."

He felt her hand grab his wrist, pulling his hand into her breast.

"I don't want you to hesitate," she said. "In battle, hesitation could cost you your life!"

She again pressed his hand into her breast. Through the thin fabric of the tank top, Jacen could feel her nipple pressing back.

"Now grab on," she ordered.

Eyes still closed, Jacen did as he was told. His fingers caught onto the fabric of her top, but his grip also closed around some of her breast. He heard her suck in a sharp breath, and he immediately released his grip.

"Are you okay?" he asked, opening his eyes.

"I'm fine," she laughed. "Don't worry about me. Try it again."

She shifted his hand to a different position and again he grabbed. This time he judged that he was closer to the underside of her breast. Cora repeated the exercise several times, sometimes placing his hand on a shoulder or her side, other times on various places on her breast. Eventually, Jacen learned to just grab on without hesitation.

"There, that wasn't so bad," Cora said after the sequence was complete.

She was still holding Jacen's wrist in her hand, and pressed his palm against her breast once more. This time she placed her hand over his, preventing him from closing his grip. She squeezed her breast in his hand gently, moving his hand over the entire soft mound.

"You see?" she said, softly sighing, her voice dropping a bit from her instructional tone. "There's nothing to be scared of here."

"I... uh... yes, I know," Jacen stammered.

Feeling his penis responding, he pulled his hand away from Cora's. Cora could tell he was somewhat uncomfortable and did not pursue it further, choosing instead to continue with the grappling exercises. They continued without delay until toward the end of the class, when Cora was walking Jacen through the steps needed to escape a grip from behind. Jacen was poised behind Cora, acting as the attacker. She took his right arm and pulled it over her left shoulders, crossing it downward over her chest so that his right hand grabbed her just underneath her left armpit.

"Make sure your grip is tight," Cora warned, "otherwise you might get injured when I flip you."

She tugged on Jacen's arm, making sure his grip was firm. It just so happened that this caused his right arm to press against her breasts. Jacen's cock, already responsive from Eryn's play in the shower and the earlier bout of grapple training, rose up in his pants, pressing against Cora's firm, toned buttocks. She felt Jacen's interest poking at her and brushed it back and forth a few times by wiggling her ass against him. Then, without further warning, she executed the grapple and flipped Jacen over her back, landing him on his back on the floor in front of her.

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