tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Jedi's Training Ch. 12

A Jedi's Training Ch. 12


Chapter 12 – Next Best Option

Jacen sat alone in his room, legs folded together and eyes shut. His breathing was slow and steady as he sat, unmoving, with the lights dimmed. His clothes were stripped off and discarded save for his boxers.

Light years away, in a tent erected on the plains of Dantooine, Eryn lied flat on her back in only her undergarments, steadying her own breathing as she searched the Force for her lover's presence. She knew that the best path to a meditative state was inner peace and tranquility, but her heart raced and her hormones raged as she anticipated the pleasure she wished to give to him. Her nipples tightened and grew stiff against the thin material of her bra as she finally sensed Jacen's presence, reaching out with her mind to bring him into focus.

Jacen opened his eyes and saw before him a grassy meadow surrounded on all sides by trees. The warbling of water announced the presence of the crystal clear brook running nearby, meandering over the rocks that cropped out of its banks. In the distance he saw the figure of a woman, basked in the glow of the sun. She walked toward him, and as she drew nearer he saw her smile – Eryn's smile. Her pace accelerated to a sprint and she ran to him, pressing her lips to his. Her fingers raced through his hair and she breathed heavily as her tongue slipped in between his welcoming lips, mingling with his. His hands immediately worked her body over, caressing her breasts and sides through the thin dress she wore.

"Where are we?" he asked, when their passionate kiss finally broke.

"One of my favorite places on Asiris," she told him, panting slightly as she nuzzled her cheek against his shoulder. "It's been awhile since I was last here."

She looked up, her brown eyes locking with his.

"Jacen, I've wanted you so badly all day."

"I'm all yours," he told her, his fingers waiting tentatively at the bottom hem of her dress. "Where do you want me?"

"Right here," she gestured to the meadow around them. "We're all alone here, after all."

He smiled, and his hand delved under her dress to find her ass completely bare. Her head fell back and she moaned as he cupped the twin mounds of her ass in his palms, gently kneading the firm muscles. His hands trailed up her sides, lifting the dress as he went. She raised her arms over his head as his hands grazed her breasts. He continued upward and lifted the simple garment off of her body, revealing her exquisite nude beauty. He stepped back and began to remove his clothing as well, but she stopped him by placing her hands on his wrists.

"Let me," she said, her hair flowing freely in the warm breeze.

She unsnapped the buckle of his belt and let it drop to the ground, immediately turning her attention to removing the sash beneath it. His robes became loose at the waist and his tabards slipped off his shoulders as she removed the piece of fabric. She slid her hands underneath his several layers of robes, pulling them open and exposing his chest to the fresh, crisp air. She briefly kissed and licked his nipples as her hands slid down, under the waistband of his soft pants. Her wandering fingers sought out the heat radiating from his hard member, wrapping around his shaft as she pushed his pants down with her wrists. She knelt before him and licked her lips as his pants slid lower and lower, moaning softly to herself as his erection came into her view. She smiled, stroking the length of his shaft as her eyes fixated on the swollen head.

"Kor Vash for you, my lover," she said, looking up at him.

Still looking up at him with her big brown eyes, she opened her mouth and engulfed the head of his penis in hot wetness. Her tongue danced across the tip as she locked her lips around him, sucking and slurping. His hand fell downward to caress her cheek, tucking loose skeins of hair behind her ear. She gently kneaded her breasts in her hands, tugging on her nipples impatiently; she couldn't wait to feel his warm lips sucking on the hard buds.

Suddenly she stopped, a look of frustration on her face.

"Somebody's coming," she told him. "I have to break my meditation – wait for me."

Eryn vanished, as did the scene before him. For what seemed like an eternity he drifted through the haze that was the Force, until finally Eryn's form reappeared before him.

"A family of settlers on Dantooine is in trouble," she sighed. "I have to go. I don't know if I'll be back soon or not."

She kissed his lips, briefly taking his cock in hand and stroking it gently.

"I'm sorry, lover," she whispered against his lips. "Perhaps another night."

"Be safe, Eryn," he whispered back, in her ear. "May the Force be with you."

She smiled, and then was gone.

Back on Dantooine, Eryn rummaged through her sleeping bag for her clothing. She sighed, noting the wetness that had soaked into her panties and the tenderness of her breasts. She pulled her favorite toy out from her bag and tucked it underneath her pillow.

"I may need you tonight, old friend," she said softly before pulling on her clothes and exiting her tent to join her instructor in aiding the settlers.

Sighing heavily, Jacen opened his eyes to find himself back in the apartment on Coruscant. He stood up, feeling his raging erection strain uncomfortably against his boxers. He reached down and adjusted himself, letting his member stand freely erect through the fly opening. Flopping onto his bed, he pondered what to do next. Masturbation was an option, but the intensity just seemed lacking without Eryn coaxing him on and putting herself on show for him. Finally he just closed his eyes and waited for sleep to take him, hoping for sweet dreams of his absent roommate.

When or how he fell asleep he could not remember, but when he awoke the next morning he was as aroused as he had been before sleeping. His erection was painfully obvious, a combination of sexual frustration and his typical morning hardness. He drifted through his morning routine in a fog, images of Eryn flashing through his mind. He wasn't sure if he could wait until that evening to try again with her, until he realized he wouldn't have to wait. He had a 'date' of sorts with Liana after his classes, which ended earlier that day than on other days of the week.

By the time he managed to get through his classes on stellar cartography and starship reactor design, he was ready to burst. He hurried to the study rooms and made his way to Study Room 7, opening the door a crack and peering inside. The room was dark and unoccupied. He checked the number placards on the room doors, making sure he hadn't gone to the wrong room. After several more minutes of waiting impatiently with no sign of Liana, he headed to the management office from at which students signed up for study room time. Inside, seated behind a station with several camera monitors, was the student who was on shift at the time: a female Twi'lek with brilliant royal blue skin.

"Can I help you?" the young woman asked.

"I, uh, I was supposed to meet someone at Study Room 7 awhile ago. Her name is..."

"Liana Saren?" the Twi'lek asked, sounding somewhat irritated.

"Yes, is she here?"

"Well she's booked the room, but I haven't seen her." The young woman looked up at him. "Would you like me to put the room under your name?"

"No, that's okay," Jacen said, frustrated. "No point in me being here if she's not here."

"So what do you want me to do?" she asked.

"Nothing, sorry," he replied, sensing he was wasting her time. "I'll just go wait a bit longer to see if she gets here."

Crista, the Twi'lek, shook her head as she watched the young man leave the office. Undoubtedly he was another of Liana's whipped Academy boys, eager to get a little action from the sexy blonde. Crista turned back to the monitors and watched as the young man came into view on Camera 7 and pulled up a chair, sitting down to await Liana's arrival.

"What do they see in that tramp anyway?" Crista asked aloud, watching Room 7 carefully.

She could still remember the first day Liana came into the office to book a room. She had another of the male students with her, one who literally spent the whole time staring at the blonde girl's ass through the tight, revealing pants she wore. Not to mention, her breasts were nearly spilling out of the flimsy piece of cloth that passed as her top. The Academy was somewhat lax with its dress code and Crista had seen a variety of things growing up, but the sight of the little blonde slut had made her want to gag. She had emphasized to the Alderaanian that all the rooms were monitored by security camera, hoping to deter her from doing anything inappropriate with the young man she had roped along, but Liana hardly seemed to care. The moment she and her male friend got into the study room, their clothes began peeling off their bodies. Her mouth was immediately wrapped tightly around his straining erection, her head bobbing back and forth as she devoured him. Disgusted, Crista had tried to ignore the monitor. At first her efforts succeeded, but as Liana's visits continued Crista felt a twinge of jealousy stemming inside of her. By the end of the first week Liana's exploits in Study Room 7 had become a daily occurrence, and Crista found herself more and more mesmerized by what played out before her eyes on the monitor screen. Her body betrayed her as well; her hard nipples often poked lewdly against whatever top she was wearing, and more than once she reached into her pants to find her panties damp with her own wetness. She began to anticipate Liana's daily shows, often becoming aroused just at the thought of what the buxom blonde would try that day.

And so it was with this new student, who eagerly awaited Liana's arrival in Study Room 7. Crista studied his body the best she could through the camera, wondering what it would be like were it she, and not Liana, who would have the pleasure of taking him. She again felt herself becoming wet at the thought of grabbing the young man's head and forcing him between her legs, feeling his tongue on her eager sex. Crista sighed. It had been far too long since she experienced the pleasure of sex. Her body was not unlike Liana's, but for a Twi'lek this was a curse, not a blessing. While the voluptuous blonde could make men's pants drop just by wiggling her full, round ass, Crista was deemed too heavy to be an attractive Twi'lek. For some reason, males of all species wanted their Twi'lek women to be thin and lithe.

"You may not be slave dancer material," Crista told herself, "but you're not unattractive."

Still, having been rejected by male students time and time again, she found it difficult to believe her own assertion. Her thoughts were interrupted by the opening of her office door.

"Yes?" she said, looking up and seeing the same young man from Study Room 7. "Is there something I can do for you?"

In the back of her mind, Crista hoped he would pick up on her double meaning.

"Um, if Liana shows up later, can you tell her Jacen Daasa was here for her?"

"Of course," Crista said, disappointed.


Jacen turned to leave, and she saw her latest chance of relief walking out her door.

"Jacen, stop," she said, standing up from her chair. "What do you see in that little slut, anyway?"

"Excuse me?" Jacen said, turning around. "I'm afraid I don't..."

He trailed off as his eyes fully surveyed the young woman's body for the first time. She wore a tight variation of the standard Jedi robe, a dress that fell to just above her knees that was secured at the waist with the traditional sash and belt. The outfit hugged her body tightly, showcasing the full curves not often seen on a Twi'lek.

"I'm not stupid you know," Crista said. "I know you were here because you wanted to fuck Liana. You weren't planning to study at all."

"I... no, that's not true," he stammered, lying.

"You think I don't see what goes on in those study rooms?" she asked, pointing to the monitors at her workstation. "I've seen that blonde whore fuck man after man in the past few weeks, sometimes more than one at the same time."

"I... I don't know anything about that."

"I'm going to offer you a choice, Jacen," she said, sliding up to take a seat on her desktop. "You can leave now and I can report what's been going on to the Jedi Council. I'd prefer not to do that, though, since I do so enjoy watching Liana fuck those boys."

"What do you have in mind, then?" he asked quietly.

"Well...," she slowly spread her legs as she spoke, offering him a view of her panty-clad sex. "There is one thing I enjoy more than watching. And since your, um, date has failed to show, I thought I might offer you an alternative."

She slid her dress slowly up her soft blue thighs as he watched, until it was scrunched up just below her waist. She leaned back on one hand and ran the other in between her open legs, slowly rubbing herself through her white panties. The material quickly absorbed the wetness that was trickling from her sex, molding to the outline of her pussy.

"What do you say, Jacen?" she asked, her full breasts heaving up and down as she began to breathe harder, desperately hoping he would agree.

"You seem to have me at a bit of a disadvantage," he said, his voice hoarse and quiet. "I don't even know your name."

"Crista," she sighed, still caressing herself. "What will it be?"

"Well Crista, I don't think it's much of a choice at all."

He walked up to her and kneeled down before her, grasping her thighs in his hands. He spread her legs even wider, slowly kissing her inner thighs as he ran his hands up her legs. She leaned back and supported herself on both arms now, watching as his head slowly vanished under the hem of her dress. She could feel his breath on her skin, drawing nearer and nearer to her moist panties. He began to kiss the fabric and she groaned, feeling the heat of his breath pass through the thin material. He pressed his lips against the outline of her sex, breathing heavily against her as his tongue strained against her panties, pushing the fabric into her wet folds. She moaned loudly as her wetness spilled out of her and onto her panties, seeping through onto his tongue. He began to rub his entire face into her as her sweet taste melted onto him. Her wetness was sweeter than any he had ever tasted.

"Are you getting horny yet?" she asked him. "My pussy juice isn't like a human's... you'll find it gives you a bit of a boost. It tastes good, doesn't it?"

He began to kiss and lick more eagerly, the alien pheromones in her wetness stripping away his inhibitions as he tried hungrily to devour her. She began to undo her belt and sash as his fingers slipped underneath the waistband of her panties. He slipped the wet undergarment off her legs at the same moment her belt fell to the floor with a dull clunk. She spread the flaps of her outfit to reveal her full breasts, straining against her white bra. He could see the dark outline of her areolas through the fabric, a dark navy blue that almost appeared black.

"I have to lock the door," she moaned, as his face returned to her dripping sex.

"Find a way to do it from here," he growled.

His tongue and lips now pressed directly against her flesh, spreading her labia one by one. He was delighted to find that she had not two, but three layers of soft pussy lips, each one having its own small clitoris. She squealed and moaned in sheer lust as he teased each one with the tip of his tongue, all the while drinking in more of her arousing wetness. As he assaulted her pussy, she lied back on the desk and stretched her arms over her head, straining to reach the control console. Her fingers fumbled over the keys until finally she found the right ones, and she heard the "click" of her door locking. She pushed herself back up and looked down, watching his head move back and forth between her legs as he lapped at her vagina like a thirsty jungle cat.

"Oh that's so good," she moaned. "So fucking good..."

His tongue began to work its way past her labia and into the tight opening of her channel. She moaned as the soft mass wriggled its way in, licking at the rim and beyond. She grasped his head in both hands and pressed him further, thrusting her hips slightly to help him along. He responded positively, literally burying his entire face into her and rubbing her with his lips, chin, and nose. She could hear her wetness squishing and slurping against his skin as his tongue delved deeper and deeper. She threw her head back and moaned as she reached the first plateau, her need and desire for an orgasm now cemented firmly within her. She pulled him away and lifted him to his feet, kissing his lips sloppily as she licked and sucked her own wetness from his face. His hands instinctively went for her breasts, cupping them from underneath. He could feel the weight of her globes in his hands as he squeezed them, extracting positive sounds of pleasure from her lips. His fingers dug underneath the cups of her bra, yanking them down to expose her nipples. She fumbled with his clothing as he continued to caress and fondle her soft breasts. She managed to remove his robes and drop his pants to his ankles, revealing the large bulge that strained from within his boxers. Before she could remove that last piece of clothing from his body, he lowered his head to her chest and began kissing her breasts, slowly making his way toward a nipple.

"Yes!" she gasped, feeling his lips creep over one of her mounds. "Oh, yes..."

His mouth found her hard nipple, immediately taking it into his lips. She moaned as she brought her hands to that breast, massaging it as he began to suck. He looked up at her in surprise and backed his lips off as he tasted a sweet nectar flow from her nipple onto his tongue. He looked down, seeing a trickle of the thick fluid on her breast.

"Drink it," she moaned. "Twi'lek women are built for sex."

"It tastes like your pussy," he said, licking the remaining fluid from her skin.

"It's the same kind of stuff," she sighed, feeling his lips bind around her nipple once again. "That's it... take all you need."

He felt his excitement grow and grow as more of her sweet, sticky nectar spilled into his mouth. He suckled off one nipple and then the other, until he could no longer stand to wait.

"I must have you," he groaned, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her body against his.

"Take me," she replied, holding onto him tightly, feeling her breasts smash against him, still secreting their honey. "By the Force, just take me!"

They both reached to his waist and lowered his boxers, just far enough for his rigid cock to spring free. Her hand was immediately around it, helping him direct it to her waiting vagina. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he leaned forward, poised to enter her.

"No wait!" she said, stopping him. "I'm not on the standard control meds, and humans can get me pregnant."

"I don't have anything," he realized out loud.

"There might be..." she leaned over the edge of the desk and began rummaging through drawers. "I know some of the other students must keep *something* hidden here."

Finally she pulled a small packet out of the back of the drawer.

"Thank the fates," she said, tearing it open. "Last one. Come here."

She placed the rolled up barrier at the tip of his erection, slowly rolling it down his shaft. He shuddered as she stroked him a few times, watching as the material of the barrier molded to his hardness.

"Is it working?" she asked.

"I can feel everything," he replied. "This is some of the best stuff."

Recent developments in medical technology had allowed the creation of barriers which were more heat conductive than ever before, making the experience almost indistinguishable from unprotected sex. It appeared that whoever kept up the stock in the drawer chose his products well.

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