tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Job in the Theatre Ch. 06

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 06


Chapter 6 – The men arrive

An hour later, with a few drinks behind them, they heard a knock on the door and Paula knew it was show time. Sarah introduced her two friends to Paula and then fixed drinks for everyone.

Paula fought back pangs of nervousness and tried to remember all the things he had learned from Sarah to conduct himself as a perfect lady. But it was just too much. What was he doing? Was he crazy?

Then he thought about that sexy lady that lived in his mind. What would she do? Once he entered that space, he relaxed and became confident. Now the transformation was complete. He turned into her. Suddenly she turned into the vixen she had always dreamed about.

Both Ted and Greg were genuinely interested in her. They fell over each other getting her drinks, trying to out do the others last story. Paula found it terribly easy to draw them in. All she had to do was be feminine and sexy.

Thus she began playing this little game of flirtatious gestures knowing full well its impact. She had been there a million times herself. Now it was she who was driving and she teased them unmercifully loving every second.

It was the way she crossed her legs letting just a hint of garter strap show. She knew how enflaming that could be. She fiddled with her dress right at the bust line drawing their eye. There was one suggestive look after another intermingled with generous smiles.

The boys were eating it up.

They took the girls to dinner at a posh restaurant. It was clear that Ted was very interested in Paula and spent his time trying his best to impress her. She returned his attention by flirting shamelessly with him all the way through dinner.

Paula made a point of touching his shoulder once or twice during dinner and once she had even "accidentally" touched is thigh. She made a point of running her perfectly polished fingernail across her lips, which she knew was quite suggestive.

Paula liked being provocative. It was so much different from being a man. Women could do all kinds of things that men couldn't. She liked the way men looked at her. She liked the way they treated her too. She liked being sexy.

She had never been noticed like that as a man. Even if she dressed nicely, women seemed to overlook her. And once they got naked, if it ever got that far, the woman always seemed to be disappointed with her as a lover.

That was a vastly different experience from what she was getting tonight. The men loved her, loved this sexy and alluring female. They were actively pursuing her and made no apology for it. She was sexually desirable to them and she found that very appealing.

And there were others thoughts too. Those thoughts must have come with all the attention, she wasn't sure, but now it didn't make much difference. She knew all too well that her hand, now comfortably resting on Ted's thigh, was merely inches from his cock.

She knew that Ted was completely aware of it even though he acted otherwise.

What would Ted do if she ran her hand a few inches further as she had with Gary? She recalled how Gary had reacted. Would Ted do the same? Paula was intrigued by the thought. Women could do such things.

She asked Ted to buy her another drink and smiled at how easy that was. She loved the power of her feminine allure. She was in control. It was magical.

The two couples hurried off to a trendy dance club and got a table just beside the dance floor. Sarah and Greg were cuddled up on one side of the booth with Ted and Paula on the other. Paula felt Ted slip his arm around behind her and thought about those awkward times in high school.

But this was not high school. Ted told Paula how beautiful she was and what a wonderful time he was having with her. He leaned over and gave her a kiss, which caught her off guard. It was a full kiss, on the lips, and definitely from a man.

Paula felt her cheeks flush and her heart race. It was not like the kiss from Gary during rehearsal. No, this was a sensuous kiss. Ted slipped his tongue past her lips and she found herself kissing him back.

Her mind raced as their tongues caressed. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine something like this. Sarah said whatever happened would be fine, but had she thought about this?

Paula found herself quite breathless when Ted pulled away. She glanced at Sarah. Sarah was looking right at her. She obviously saw the kiss. For some reason, it was like Sarah could read her mind. She gave Paula a slight nod of her head followed by a very knowing wink. It seemed to say it all.

Paula couldn't stop thinking about the kiss. It was so different than kissing a woman. Ted had been so forceful and just took control. Paula suddenly wondered if she had been demure enough to pass for a woman as it had happened so fast.

She searched Ted's face, but found no hint that she had been discovered. She got away with it! She suddenly wanted to do it again. It was hard to contain her excitement.

"I liked that..." she said in her sexy female voice.

Ted leaned over and kissed her again. Paula paid attention this time and returned his kiss quite softly. She let Ted lead and focused on receiving his kiss. Ted took control, his desire quite evident. Again their tongues caressed.

And there it was again. She found Ted's kiss quite sensual. She was surprised by how much it turned her on. A man was kissing her and it was turning her on! For just a second, that kiss made Paula forget about the throbbing cock in her panties.

Ted took Paula to the dance floor. Sarah knew that Ted would be the perfect man for Paula's first date. She could see the flush in Paula's cheeks and knew she had to be enjoying Ted's attention.

Ted held Paula tight against his body and they moved as one. Paula could feel Ted's bulging muscles concealed by his clothes. His arms seemed made of steel and he moved her effortlessly within the cocoon of his embrace.

Sarah smiled as she watched Ted maneuver in for another kiss. She was elated to see Paula return his kiss with such ease. Clearly she was enjoying it very much.

Both couples spent the next hour flirting endlessly with each other while sharing drinks. Sarah and Greg were all giggles and kisses while on the dance floor. Ted followed suit and it seemed to Sarah that Paula became rather comfortable with his advances. In fact, Sarah noticed that Paula was now resting her head on Ted's shoulder between kisses as they danced.

What Sarah could not see, but Paula could feel, was Ted's erection pressed solidly against her body. It had been there from the very first dance. Sarah was right; Paula had a knack for making the boys horny.

It seemed that her life had become filled with hard cocks. Not surprising, she thought, when dressing as a woman. It started with her own and that first set of panties. Then there was Gary whom she had actually played with for a week. She had gotten over that hurdle easy enough. And now there was Ted, easily the largest of all three.

Sarah certainly noticed it tenting Ted's slacks upon return to the table. She knew Paula had to be aware of such an impressive bulge. From the looks of things, Paula seemed quite comfortable with the situation.

Sarah's vision was unfolding before her eyes. And it was making her very horny. She could only hope that Paula would share the night's events with her the next morning after the boys were gone. After all, that's what girlfriends did.

The two couples shared some small talk, but it was impossible. The smell of sex filled the air and everyone knew it was time to return to Sarah's place. Sarah and Greg took the front seat with Greg behind the wheel. That left the backseat for Ted and Paula.

As soon as they were on the road, Ted pulled Paula into a passionate kiss and immediately began to fog the windows. Sarah couldn't resist unzipping Greg's pants, much to his surprise, toying with his cock as he tried to focus on the road.

Once they arrived at the house Paula was shocked to see Sarah leading Greg from the car with a firm grip around his hard exposed cock! Sarah glanced over her shoulder and gave Paula a wink. It was all the permission Paula needed.

Later that night with Ted

They entered the house where Sarah and Greg continued straight to her bedroom and shut the door! Ted took Paula in his arms and kissed her once again. It was slow and passionate. She could feel his hand as it played with her hair and of course, his ever present erection screaming for attention.

It had been on her mind all evening. She debated what to do. She wanted to feel him, wanted to massage that hard cock of his. It had been so easy with Gary. Surely it would be just as easy with Ted.

With Ted's tongue probing her mouth, she slipped her hand down between them and gently cupped his straining manhood.

Her heart was pounding. She opened her eyes for just a moment expecting Ted to be incensed, but of course he wasn't. After all, it was a woman was playing with his cock! She closed her eyes again quickly and tried to calm down, but it was impossible.

She traced along its length astonished by its size. Ted moaned his approval into her mouth as they kissed. She traced her finger just under the ridge of his head and then moved her fingers around his shaft giving it a squeeze. She moved her hand down further and gently cupped his balls causing him to moan again.

She didn't know what was happening to her, but she loved massaging Ted's cock. He was so big and so hard. It captivated her in ways she could not explain. Her senses were being overloaded. She couldn't remember ever being this horny before. She rubbed Ted's cock with a certain rhythm feeling him move ever so subtly to her caress.

It was so intoxicating. She wanted more. She didn't care what that meant. She didn't want to think about that now. She just wanted more.

She continued to kiss Ted and started looking for his zipper. Once she found the little tab, she grabbed it tightly and began to unzip Ted's pants. She did it slowly wanting to tease him.

Once she had Ted completely unzipped, she reached her hand inside and felt the material of his underwear. She wasn't sure what it was, but it felt fine to the touch. She could tell that it was stretched tight by his huge cock. She could feel Ted throb and that excited her greatly. She ran her hand over the fine material feeling Ted throb beneath it.

She ran her hand over him one last time and then moved to the edge of the material where she fumbled around trying to get underneath it. Finally she worked her hand inside and immediately felt the warmth of Ted's flesh. Paula lost her breath as she wrapped her fingers around Ted's girth.

She couldn't get over how big it was.

She was startled by the feel of his pubic hair. Even though she had been bald for only a week, she had become used to it. She wondered what Ted would feel like smooth and hairless. She wondered if Ted would let her shave him clean.

She pulled Ted's cock free of his underwear, free of his pants. Ted moaned a sigh of relief from feeling his cock exposed to the world. Paula squeezed Ted's cock as if to validate her senses. She was shocked and intrigued at the same time.

Ted's cock was so much bigger. It was easily twice as big around and more than twice her length, maybe even more than that. She couldn't get over how warm it felt and how soft to the touch it was.

She instinctively pulled it once, as if to gauge the difference between it and hers. There was little comparison. She then pulled it again eliciting another moan from Ted.

She was fascinated by Ted's big cock and pulled it in nice long strokes, squeezing it at the end before pushing down firmly all the way to the base. She became intensely aware of her control over Ted, how he responded to her touch. Ted moaned and his hips swayed, but most importantly, his cock throbbed between her fingers.

She did not try to deny it; she loved playing with Ted's huge cock. It was so much different from her own and felt so good. She knew exactly what Ted was feeling. She knew how to play with his cock, knew what felt good to him and exactly when to do it.

She continued by grabbing just the end of his penis ever so lightly, just below the mushroom head where all those delicious nerves were, and began a series of several short strokes ending with a few gentle twists.

"Oh Paula...that feels so goooood" Ted whispered.

Paula's heart raced. She loved hearing him say her name. Ted's cock was so much different than hers she couldn't believe it. She was captivated by it. She just couldn't let go of it.

Ted had been with more than a few women and having a cock the size of his brought the best out in them. But no one had ever done things to him like Paula. She knew how to tug and pull, how to squeeze and twist in just the right way making him delirious with pleasure. He was trying as hard as he could to remain a gentleman and allow her to progress at her own rate.

But she had him so excited and he so wanted to feel her lips around his cock, he couldn't wait any longer. He broke their kiss and gently pushed Paula down to her knees where she found herself staring directly at the largest, most beautiful cock she had ever seen.

Ted grabbed the base and aimed it at Paula's lips. Paula barely had a chance to think before the warm velvety head of Ted's cock pressed softly against her lips. She felt Ted's other hand press behind her head as he gently thrust forward parting Paula's lips filling her mouth with his rigid member.

The feeling of Ted's warm flesh stretching her lips apart was simply incredible. But now her mouth was filled with cock and she froze. The sensations that washed over Paula were so profound. Her cheeks flushed and her heart raced with pure excitement as a thousand thoughts went through her mind. Her entire existence centered on the warm, silky soft flesh between her lips.

Gaining some control, Paula slowly retracted her head, raking her lips along Ted's length savoring the feel of his warm flesh stopping only when she felt the head just before her lips. It was one of the most exciting things she had ever done. She could taste the juice that was leaking from the tip of Ted's cock and knew he was excited too.

She was amazed that an act that would have been simply impossible before... now dominated her senses completely. She had another man's cock firmly in her mouth. And nothing felt more thrilling, more exciting, more natural. She was completely mesmerized by it.

No sooner had she reached the end of poor Ted's cock than she tightened her lips, and with tongue firmly placed underneath, descended its length with a delicate force right down to the base. Ted could feel the end of his cock being jammed into the back of Paula's warm, wet throat with her lips firmly clamped around his shaft.

He howled in bliss, "Oh Paula! That feels so wonderful."

She had never heard such praise from a lover before. But she had just begun. She knew exactly what to do. Oh yes, she knew all too well exactly what to do. She repeated her moves, once fast, once slow. Her lust for cock, which minutes ago did not exist, had now grown to total infatuation. Every feeling, every taste, and every facet of Ted's cock mesmerized her. She felt completely at home caressing it, licking it, making love to it. She knew exactly what she wanted to do.

She delighted in teasing Ted's slit with her tongue, caressing the bulbous head and tracing the rim. She joyously swallowed the droplets of pleasure that formed at the end of Ted's warm flesh. The thought of sucking another man's juices, straight from the end of his cock, was wildly intoxicating.

She became totally in tune with Ted's body language knowing all too well the tale-tell signs of his approaching climax. With devilish glee, she backed off whenever she sensed Ted was too close. She knew how to choke off Ted's climax and did so several times. She knew that as long as Ted's cock was within reach of her mouth, she was in control. And she was not about to let go of that huge cock until she was good and ready.

Beads of sweat dripped down Ted's face as he watched his cock being devoured by this sweet torturous woman. Having such a big cock, he was used to women going crazy over it. But no one got even close to this woman. She had driven him to the edge several times and denied him climax. He watched as she loving caressed every single inch, bathed it with her tongue, and held it like it should be held. She lavished his cock with attention that made him delirious.

Paula abandoned herself to the new found lust she had for the warm, thick monster between her lips. She pushed Ted back so that he fell on the couch and then crawled between his legs. Paula positioned herself where she had a great angle on Ted's cock and got nice and comfortable.

She grabbed the base of Ted's cock and rubbed the head across her lips several times luxuriating in the erotic sensations. She loved everything about it. She loved the way it felt on her lips, she liked the way the shaft felt in her hand. She slipped the head between her lips. She liked that too. Up and down, side-to-side, she caressed and licked every square inch of it using her tongue and lips.

She loved the soft smooth skin as it seesawed across her lips, the way it filled her entire mouth, dominated her senses. She loved the way Ted thrust his hips back and forth, actively seeking more of her mouth. Ted was moaning and thrashing beneath her. He was totally captured by the erotic pleasure Paula was giving him. She was exerting her power as a woman over him. She had taken complete control of Ted and his beautiful cock.

She reached down and lazily toyed with Ted's balls. One minute she was gently massaging them, the next she was pulling them hard to dampen the tremendous pleasure Ted received as she danced her tongue across the head of his penis.

Ted moaned his approval and his hips gyrated sensually back and forth. Paula scooted down, held his balls tight and began licking them in the most loving way. Ted howled with pleasure.

Paula knew what was waiting for her inside those beautiful balls. Sucking cock had been such a turn on; she couldn't wait to taste his cum. She would make Ted shoot his hot cum straight down her throat. The very thought drove her wild.

She had never excited a lover like this before and beamed with pride. She played him fast, then slow, hard then soft, delighting in the endless chorus of whines, moans, pleadings... confirmation of her newfound talent as master cock sucker.

Yes, cock sucker. That term meant something completely different to her now. She finally found something she was really good at, something she really loved. She owned Ted's cock... even though she had cheated to get there.

"Paula...oh Paula...you are so good...that is so wonderful...you are driving me crazy..." "I have to cum...I have too...you are making me crazy...Please...PLEASE."

She pulled Ted's luxurious penis from her lips and studied its shape one final time. It was her first cock and she would never forget it. She marveled at its beauty, its size. She loved to suck cock, loved it!

She pointed it at her lips and slowly took it back into her mouth. She would capture this particular feeling in her memory for the rest of time.

Ted's body tensed up, every muscle tight, a feeling Paula had known all too well. She clamped her mouth down solidly on Ted's cock waiting for what was to happen next. She knew what Ted was feeling. But this would be the first time she felt it from the other side.

And nothing could have prepared her for that.

Ted's cock exploded in a thundering climax shooting a long stream of warm, salty sperm straight into her mouth. The force and volume was so tremendous that it filled her mouth instantly. She instinctively closed her lips trying to swallow before she choked on the huge amount of sperm. But Ted's cock was still spurting and the rest splashed across her lips and back down covering the head of Ted's cock like a snow-capped mountain.

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