tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Job in the Theatre Ch. 07

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 07


Chapter 7 – The discovery

Paula fell back against the couch and closed her eyes. What a marvelous experience it had been! She absolutely loved to suck cock! She loved everything about it. She loved the taste of cum too. She couldn't wait to do it again.

She could feel the dried sperm caught in her hair and knew there was more going across her face. She knew she had to look awful at that very moment, but she didn't care. Ted's monster cock had unleashed the wanton slut within her and she loved it.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the feel of a hand rushing underneath her dress racing to her crotch. She reacted as quickly as she could, but that was not fast enough.

A streak of terror ran through her body. She was frozen with fear.

She felt his fingers wrap around her cock, give it a squeeze. It was not a squeeze in disbelief, but a lover's caress. It took a second for it to sink in, but there it was. Paula saw the same lust in Ted's eyes that must have been in hers barely a minute ago.

"Yes, I know your secret. Now, it's our secret" he said with a smile. Ted led the way to Paula's bedroom. And Paula followed, confused, stunned, and elated.

He sat on the edge of her bed, pulled her close to him. "Lift your dress up. Show me."

Paula stood before him as if in a trance and raised the hem of her dress exposing herself like some kind of flasher.

Ted could see her erect cock etched in silk behind her French cut panties. He could also see the tops of Paula's nylons where they attached to her matching lace garter belt. It was a sight that never ceased to thrill him. There was something about seeing a nice stiff cock in panties...

"That is so sexy...such cute panties...lovely stockings. I bet you love the way that nylon feels...don't you? Of course you do. I just love the way you look" Ted said as he pulled her closer to him. "So damn sexy!"

She was going to be so easy to train, he thought. She was a natural for cock.

Suddenly she felt her cock as it slid into his warm wet mouth. He kept going until he had all of her in his mouth.

"Oh my God" she moaned. She had never been deep throated before. Her hands found his shoulders helping to steady herself as her heart raced a million miles a second. She felt his tongue explore her length. It was sensational. "Uoooohhhh...yeah" she moaned swaying to his caress.

She could feel him tugging her panties further down her legs so she stepped out of them. She felt his hands push against her inner thighs prompting her to spread her legs wider.

She did.

She felt so exposed. Ted was easing control away from her. He cupped her clean shaven balls, massaged them gently between his strong fingers. It had been so long since she had had a lover. This would be her first with a cock.

She could feel his fingers teasing at her nylons, toying with the garter strap. His hands roamed freely up her inner thighs, caressing, teasing. He made her feel so sexy, so alluring.

Somewhere in the erotic haze she felt his finger slide around her balls and up between her cheeks. No sooner had she realized what was happening when she felt his finger slide inside her.

"Ahh...mm" escaped her lips. She felt self conscious, embarrassed. She had never experienced this before. But then she felt wicked, naughty. With his tongue working her cock, his finger working her behind, she felt the last bit of control slip away from her.

She surrendered to him fully.

"Mmmmmm" she moaned with shaky knees as she felt the second finger slide into her. He moved them gently back and forth eliciting the most sinful feelings. She found herself close to orgasm as he teased her cock, probed her behind.

He must have sensed it and pulled off her cock. It glistened with his saliva, throbbing like never before between them. "This cute little cock belongs to me now...understand?" He thrust his fingers deeper making his point.

"Yes, yes of course" she responded honestly. Nothing could make her happier. His control complete, he leaned forward and swiped his tongue right up her slit.

"Mmmmmm" she moaned as her cock jumped with excitement.

Ted rose to his feet, released her dress and watched as it fell to the floor. "You are gorgeous" he said feasting on her sexy bra, garter belt and stockings. He guided her onto the bed and followed behind her. With the greatest of ease, he turned her over on her stomach.

"You turned every head in the place tonight" he said working his way between her legs. "You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen."

She could feel him move up behind her, his hard cock bumping against her inner thigh. He reached between them and pulled his cock up resting it atop her ass. She felt it jerk and throb with excitement. "I love the feel of your nylons against my skin. They feel so sexy."

She knew what he wanted. But how in the world would he ever fit inside her? She had never done anything like this before. She was scared.

"Baby...I can't" she said. "It won't .."

"Shhhh" he whispered rubbing his hard cock up and down her crack. It was so decadent, so deliciously nasty. "Just relax."

She was a blur of confusion. She wanted it, but she didn't. She was scared of his size. He moved it down slowly, right against her entrance. She took a deep breath. He steadied her hips and pushed the head of his cock inside her.

"Ohhhhhhhhh" she cried. It was so big! It was splitting her in two. How in the world could she take it all?

"Relax...breath" he whispered. The sound of his voice soothed her. He gave her a few moments to adjust to this new experience.

She could feel him inside her. It was so decadent, so nasty. He was going to do it. He was going to make love to her. As she was accepting that thought, thinking what that meant, it began to excite her. Suddenly she wanted to feel his cock, all of it. She wanted to know if she could take it all.

He could feel her relax. He pushed in another inch or two.

"Mmmm" she moaned. She wiggled her ass from side to side. His cock was everywhere. She could think of nothing else. "Yes baby...yes" she moaned.

He smiled and pushed in some more.

Now it was getting good. Paula could feel her inner slut starting to take over. When that happened, anything was possible. She could feel the sweat bead up on her head.

"More" she begged. He pushed in several inches.

Paula grunted. She had her ass up in the air and the biggest cock she had ever seen was now filling it. She had never felt more submissive in her life!

He gave one final thrust and Paula could feel Ted's balls pushed up against hers. "Oh my god..." slipped from her mouth. She had taken his entire cock inside her!

A huge smile crossed Ted's face. Just a few moments more, he thought. Paula was completely impaled. The huge foreign invader filling her insides dominated everything about her. It was wicked and naughty, it was decadent and erotic.

She pushed back gently feeling every inch inside her. Then she leaned forward feeling the long thick shaft ease out of her.

"Mmmmm..." She pushed back against him taking it all back inside. So wickedly decadent, she thought. "Do me baby...fuck me."

That was what Ted wanted to hear. He was in total control now. He started to slowly rock his hips, making little moves with his cock. The pleasure roared through her brain. The slightest move caused ripples of pleasure to race throughout her body, her mind.

His strokes became bigger. She tilted her ass up, giving herself to him completely. "Yes, yes, yes. Oh god...fuck me...please fuck me" she cooed. He started pushing all the way in, pulling all the way out. "Mmmmm...so good..." Paula grunted.

Paula pulled herself up on her elbows and started pushing back against Ted's cock on the down stroke without the slightest inhibition. She was fucking him just as much as he was fucking her. It was pure heaven. She groaned with each stroke. She was easily taking his full length now. She had no idea that being filled with cock could be so erotic and wonderful.

He grabbed her ass and held it still. Then he maneuvered his cock all the way in and then down. And when he did that, Paula felt a blinding light shoot across her brain.

"Uuuuuooooooohhhhhhhh" she screamed. "My god, my god" she said trying to catch her breath. Ted did it again and she screamed uncontrollably. Ted reached down and grabbed her cock. It was all wet. He knew it would be.

"Do you like that, baby?" he hissed.

"Yes, yes I love it..."

Ted did it again making fluid leak from her cock continuously. Sweat poured down her forehead and juice steadily leaked from her cock.

He did it several more times and Paula just planted her face in the pillow and screamed with delight. She had never experienced anything like it before in her life. Her cock was steadily leaking, her brain was on fire and she had never been so turned on in her life. She was experiencing one long orgasm that showed no signs of ending.

He held her still again and then angled his cock down and to the side. He pressed right against her prostate gland and she exploded. The lights were like the four of July. It was the most intense sexual experience of her life. Ted kept his cock right on that spot and her brain began to melt.

Her orgasm was so intense that she could barely breathe. Ted worked his cock in minute moves right against that button causing her to explode time and time again. Paula had no control over her body; her cock was flowing like a river.

"Oh god... my god...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" she howled. She tossed her head from side to side lost in the best orgasm she had ever had. She had never cum so much in her life.

Ted held her hips tight and rubbed his cock against her gland determined to get every last bit of cum from her. She moaned and screamed until she finally fell limp on the bed into a sexual coma in a pool of her own cum.

She was adrift in la-la land as her body tried to recover from such an intense orgasm. She had no idea orgasms like that were even possible. Somewhere in that haze she realized that no one had even touched her cock! She had not even been hard!

How was that even possible? She had never heard of anything like that. It was all from Ted's monster cock! As that realization formed in her mind, as she accepted the fact that getting fucked can produce bigger, more intense orgasms than being the one do the fucking, she realized that Ted's huge cock was still in her.

She felt something at her lips. She lazily opened them as Ted fed her cum from the end of his finger. She licked his fingers loving the taste. She felt so content, so satisfied.

But Ted's cock was still hard as before and it was still inside her, all the way inside her. When she felt him start to gently rock those hips of his, she begged for mercy.

"Please, no...I need to rest...my god...it's too much. I can't take any more..."

But Ted grabbed her hips and pulled her to him as he thrust that magnificent cock forward. Paula couldn't believe he was doing this. It was too much, she needed to rest. Yes his cock felt good, but she was so drained, so depleted. He insisted with small, delicate strokes that pulled her from her coma. Soon he was pounding his cock into her as hard as he could. She felt his balls slamming against her.

"Oooouuuuhhh yeah...so good, so good, so good" She was fully in tune now. She was being fucked a second time and loved it. She pushed back to meet his strokes totally out of her mind.

Then it happened again. Her cock started spewing more sperm. She spewed and spewed totally out of control. She could feel his cock pressing up against her magic button and she couldn't stop spewing sperm.

She fell into a stupor. Two mind blowing orgasms! She was reeling from the experience. She had never reached this level before. She was weak now, very weak.

He let her rest, but only for a minute. He gently reached down and turned her over on her back. She opened her eyes to look at him. He was still hard! She couldn't believe it. The look in his eyes said he wasn't through.

She was too weak to fight it. She could not imagine having another orgasm. Surely it would drive her mad or give her a heart attack.

Ted grabbed her nylon covered legs and slung them over his wide shoulders. She was too drained to do anything, but lay there.

Completely hooked... "Now baby...take my cock...put it inside you."

It was the final step. She had to realize and accept that cock would be the primary source of her sexual pleasure going forward. When she thought of sex, she would think of a nice stiff cock.

It was a lesson she had already learned. She reached between her legs and wrapped her fingers around that magnificent cock. She moved so that it was where it needed to be. He thrust forward and it slipped right in. Nothing could have been easier. That warm, fuzzy feeling enveloped her once again.

"Mmmmmm yeah...love your cock" Paula said closing her eyes.

"I know baby...I know" Ted whispered.

Once again he slowly started working that huge cock back and forth. He wrapped his hand around her cock and teased it to hardness. Then he started stroking her in time with his thrusts inside her. With each stroke, she fell deeper and deeper under his spell. Her brain was totally lit up. All she knew was that she would let him do anything he wanted to her...anytime he wanted.

"Arrrhhhggggggg" Ted cried as the first stream of cum released inside her. His orgasm triggered her third. She watched his face as her cock sprayed cum onto her belly while his launched stream after stream of hot cum inside her.

Finally spent, Ted opened his eyes. Paula was splayed out underneath him, her stomach and sexy garter belt covered in cum. He scooped up a big glob on his finger and fed it to her. She sucked his finger into her mouth staring into his eyes. There was no turning back now.

To be continued...

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