tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Job in the Theatre Ch. 09

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 09


Chapter 9 – Sarah's Surprise

Sarah smiled at her. "Oh yes dear. I will be happy to teach you. Don't worry about a thing. I will show you how to be the best damn girlfriend he has ever had." Paula was so relieved to hear that. If anyone could teach her how, it was certainly Sarah. "But first...first you need to help me. I have been sitting here listening to you...you have made me so horny...so very horny dear...I need you to take care of me...make me cum baby, please...make me cum!"

She pushed Paula back against the couch and rose to her feet. Her nightgown slipped to the floor and she reached for her panties and tugged them down and kicked them off with her foot.

"Now do to me what you did to Ted!" she begged.

Paula couldn't believe her eyes! Sarah had a cock!

"Sarah!" Paula screamed shocked. She couldn't take her eyes off of it.

Paula had lived with Sarah for all this time and never had the slightest clue. But there it was, nice and thick, throbbing with a life of its own. Of course she was shaved completely clean. Paula's eyes went from her cock, up to her breasts and back down to her cock as a natural reflex.

Paula reached out and took it in her hand. It throbbed between her fingers. Oh how she loved a throbbing cock! While staring deep into Sarah's eyes, she lowered her lips over the head and worked her way down its length.

Paula easily took Sarah's entire length. That would have been impossible with Ted. His cock was bigger than both of theirs put together. But Paula realized that having a small cock was just perfect for sucking.

Sarah closed her eyes and moaned. Paula's lips felt heavenly. Paula pulled back slowly enjoying the feel of her nice warm flesh slip past her lips. But she couldn't resist going all the way back down, feeling her entire shaft in her mouth, feeling her lips around the base.

Sarah moaned again. Paula was a natural cock sucker. It was true what Paula said, she was really, really good at it.

"You have a lovely cock, Sarah" she said while stroking it. If she had to guess, Sarah's cock was probably no more than an inch longer than hers, but it was much thicker. It was nicely proportioned and featured a lovely shaped helmet. Paula was surprised to find that cocks came in such different shapes and sizes.

Paula noticed it dripping pre-cum and flicked her tongue over the slit gobbling it up. Sarah took a deep breath. Paula's tongue felt so good. Paula worked her tongue along the outside of her shaft, licking and slurping her essence all the way down to her balls. With the greatest of ease, Paula slipped underneath the shaft and tongued Sarah's balls.

"Oh my...that feels so good...so very good" Sarah purred. She spread her legs a little more giving Paula plenty of room. Paula angled her head so that Sarah's balls dangled just above her lips. She proceeded to make them dance with her tongue driving Sarah wild.

"Mmmmmm...yes Paula...so good..." Sarah hummed.

Paula pulled back so that she was looking directly at Sarah's cock. She leaned forward and kissed the tip. "I look forward to sucking your cock...anytime you want me too" Paula said. She then sucked the tip between her lips, capturing the helmet just inside her mouth. She worked the slit with her tongue as she extended her hands up to Sarah's magnificent breasts.

Paula's fingers found those nice hard nipples, the ones she had been staring at all week. She took them between her thumb and finger and gently rolled them back and forth. Sarah moaned and swayed to Paula's caress.

Paula was absolutely enthralled with Sarah's body. Sarah had the best of both worlds. She had those nice, beautiful breasts. They were so firm, so perfectly shaped. And a nice thick cock too, one that fit perfectly in her mouth. Paula loved being able to play with breasts while at the same time sucking a nice juicy cock. It tied her worlds together, old and new.

She started working Sarah's cock with full voluptuous strokes, all the way down and then all the way off. Sarah got in tune with her rhythm and started thrusting her hips forward to meet Paula. She let loose of Sarah's nipples and clutched the beautiful soft mounds of flesh and held them between her fingers. Not too tightly, she wanted to feel them sway back and forth.

"Yes, yes, yes Paula...suck that cock...feels so good...do you like the way I'm fucking your mouth...do you Paula...you love cock, don't you girl...I knew it the first time I saw you...I couldn't wait to stick my cock in your mouth...fuck you with it..."

Now it was Paula who was moaning. She had never had anyone talk to her that way. And Sarah was fucking her mouth, fucking it with a cock! It was all so new, so taboo. Paula clutched those breasts for reassurance, for some connection to what she knew while at the same time sucking that cock as hard as she could. It was all so hot!

"I'm going to fill your mouth with so much cum...hot, salty cum...you love that, don't you...love that cum...such a nasty girl...that's what you want...you want me to cum in your mou... Arrrrrrrgh" she screamed.

Paula clamped down hard on her cock and felt the first spurt splash against the back of her throat. Sarah screamed holding Paula's head with both hands. Paula felt Sarah's balls jerk against her chin followed by a big squirt of cum into her mouth. Sarah was shaking her head back and forth pumping her cum straight down Paula's throat. Paula loved feeling those long ropes of hot cum squirt onto her mouth.

"Oh my...my, my, my" Sarah said pulling her cock from Paula's hungry mouth.

Paula looked at her cock and found it covered in semen. She leaned forward and gave it a quick swipe of the tongue.

"Oh dear" Sarah said jumping excitedly. Paula knew Sarah's cock had to be sensitive. Hers always was after a powerful climax. But she wanted to lick Sarah's cock, she wanted that cum.

She kept her mouth right next to Sarah's cock. Slowly she brushed up against it giving Sarah time to adjust. Slowly she worked her tongue along Sarah's shaft. It was so gentle, so easy. Sarah found herself standing on her tiptoes, but it did feel good. Sarah enjoyed watching Paula's tongue caress her shaft. Paula was so hungry for cock.

"That's it baby girl...nice and easy..." Sarah crooned as her cock slowly deflated. "You are such a cock whore" she said in total admiration. "Keep loving cock, baby girl...it's the best meal ticket in town..."

Paula smiled. Sarah's cock was almost completely soft now.

She looked down at Paula and said, "Open up, sugar."

Paula opened her lips and Sarah stuck her flaccid cock straight in her mouth. "Now baby... now you can get the rest of it." Sarah closed her eyes as she felt Paula's tongue cleaning her cock.

"Oh my...my, my, my" Sarah moaned.

They shared a glass of wine and Sarah suggested they take a shower. Paula followed her into the master bath and removed her clothes. It was weird being totally naked in front of Sarah. Paula was so used to having breasts, for Sarah to see her that way. Now she appeared as a man and it felt awkward.

Sarah stripped out of her clothes and Paula luxuriated in her body once again. Paula was totally fascinated, and quite jealous of Sarah's magnificent breasts. Paula couldn't quite get over them. She studied them from every angle as if they were the first breasts she had ever seen. Sarah basked in the limelight of Paula's fascination. Paula was just like all the others.

"Do you like having boobs?" Paula asked.

"I love having boobs" Sarah said reaching in and turning on the water. They waited for it to warm. "You wouldn't believe how different the world is having breasts! Once I realized that I could turn men on, as a woman, well...there was no turning back. I couldn't believe how many men were interested in girls like us. At first, it really blew my mind. Then I realized how easy it was to live in the world as a woman and I knew that's where I wanted to be. I have never looked back."

"I can't believe I have lived with you all this time and had no idea. How long have you had them?"

"It's been a few years now. I wouldn't change it for the world."

"You are beautiful, just beautiful" Paula said.

"I wouldn't change anything now. I love being a woman...well, you know what I mean" Sarah said with a smile.

Paula stared at her trying to imagine what she looked like before. It was impossible. She had always known Sarah as a woman. Paula just couldn't think of her any other way.

They stepped into the shower. Sarah handed Paula a bar of soap and asked, "Will you do the honors?" she asked sticking her chest out. Paula smiled as she soaped up those lovely breasts trying to imagine what it would be like.

Sarah loved the way Paula stared at her breasts. She reached down and found Paula hard. And that made her hard as well. She soaped up Paula's cock while Paula continued to caress her breasts. Sarah could see that look in Paula's eyes. She knew exactly what she was thinking.

It's a big step" she whispered to Paula. "You should be sure before you do it."

"Tell me about Ted" Paula asked trying to change the subject.

"Ted belongs to a group of wealthy men who all share the same interest. They love chicks with dicks!"

"Really?" Paula said astonished.

"Oh yes sweetie. They love cock just as much as you or I. But they can't afford to be seen with other men. No, not in their circles. They are very powerful...and extremely rich. You know Ted helped me get this production company started. And he paid for my surgery."

"Hmm" Paula moaned again.

Sarah took Paula's shoulders and turned her towards the shower wall. Paula naturally put her hands out to brace herself. Sarah moved behind Paula and ran her hard cock up and down her crack.

"Ted can do wonderful things for you...if you play your cards right" Sarah whispered in her ear. Paula loved feeling her cock pressed between them. "But then you knew that."

Sarah reached down for her cock and guided it into Paula. "These men love sex. Remember that honey" Sarah said thrusting hers into Paula, "They want you to fuck them, their friends...everybody."

"Oooooohhhh yes, god yes" Paula moaned. "I can feel your balls against mine. Mmm. Feels so good...fuck me Sarah!"

Sarah began thrusting her hard cock inside Paula. Sarah used her feet to move Paula's legs out so that they were spread as wide as they would go. She knew this would make Paula feel more vulnerable. Then she began taking full strokes, pumping her cock as hard as she could into Paula.

"Fuck me, yes fuck me Sarah. God you feel so good" Paula screamed lost in a sea of eroticism. Sarah reached around to find Paula's cock hard. She liked the idea that Paula was getting hard now just from having a cock inside her. Sarah gave it a good squeeze.

"You are such a cock whore" Sarah screamed ramming her cock into Paula. "Say it ...I want to hear you say it."

"Yes, I'm a cock whore!" Paula panted. "I love being a cock whore! Cum inside me Sarah. I want to feel you cum inside me" Paula screamed gasping for breath.

Sarah pumped her cock as hard as she could thinking Paula might just be the best student she had ever had.

Later that night they shared a glass of wine in the den before bed. In so many ways it was like every other night of the last week. Both were in nightgowns, both were teasing the other both visually and mentally. And yet so many things had changed.

"You know next week is very important. We only have two more weeks of rehearsal before the opening" Sarah said taking a sip of wine.

"Yes, I know. But honesty Sarah, I have never felt more prepared. A week ago I was completely lost in the role. But now, especially now, I have never felt more confident."

"Yes, that's good. You know Paula, a lot has happened over the weekend. I never dreamed things would have progressed this far in such a short period of time" Sarah lied. Nothing was further from the truth. Everything had happened according to plan.

"No one is more surprised than me" Paula giggled easing her hand into Sarah's panties. With the flick of her wrist, Sarah's cock became free and Paula took it in her mouth.

"Mmmmm" Sarah moaned. Then she gathered herself, "But we mustn't let that get in our way at work. We must maintain a professional attitude and working relationship. No one knows about me there and I am counting on you to keep it that way."

Paula pulled Sarah's cock from her mouth just long enough to say, "You can count on me." Then she slipped Sarah's cock back into her mouth thinking how wonderful it will be sucking her cock every night after they get home.

To be continued...

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