tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Journey to Remember

A Journey to Remember


Katie was absolutely desperate for sex. For whatever reason she hadn't had a good fuck in a couple of weeks and she was really starting to feel it. She was so horny that just brushing up against a guy at work had made her pussy slicken. It was all she could do to make it through the rest of the day.

Hurrying home from work Katie was looking forward to finally getting serviced. Her boyfriend, Dave came off the night shift yesterday, so she knew he'd be home. Before she left work she had slipped into the ladies and taken her knickers off, knowing he'd love it! Now she was sat on the train wearing her little black skirt suit, the one with the very short skirt, and nothing underneath! Just knowing she was naked underneath was building the anticipation.

Noticing that the guy sitting opposite her was staring at her legs, Katie moved so her skirt slipped up a bit more, revealing her long legs to their full advantage. She had a fantastic pair of pins and she knew it. There was also nothing she loved more than prick-teasing the guys who liked to look. They could look all they wanted -- in fact the more the merrier, but they didn't get to touch!

The guy currently looking -- ogling would be more like it -- was quite cute. About 10 years older but hadn't gone squishy round the edges yet. Dark hair and a gorgeous chin -- one a girl could nibble. As his eyes ravished her, Katie took the opportunity for some harmless fun -- after all her stop was the last one and she had a while to go yet. Flirting would only help her as it would turn her on and get her pussy nice and slick for when she got home. Making love was definitely out, tonight she wanted Dave to fuck her senseless. Katie couldn't remember the last time she had been so wet or had wanted a fuck more.

Noticing that the train carriage had emptied quite a lot now, there was just her, this guy and a couple of other businessmen towards the end of the carriage, Katie took the opportunity to up the ante. Sliding down in her chair a little more, her skirt rode up so that the top of her stockings could be seen, and the slit fell open to reveal her creamy thigh going into the curve of her bum. She could see the excitement and interest building in the guy watching and decided to go one step further. Ever so slowly, she casually parted her thighs, giving him a view of her long legs, all the way up to heaven. She knew she looked good, with her shaven, tight little pussy and she could see his erection spring up. 'Fucking hell' Katie thought, she was so horny she could just about cum, and she knew that if the guy looked close enough he would be able to see her pussy glistening with moisture that was gathering there in anticipation of the fuck she was going to get later.

Deciding that her game had gone far enough, Katie closed her legs and pick up her book. She'd been reading a few minutes when the train stopped suddenly and the lights went out. Confused for a second, she relaxed when she heard the conductor announce that there was a problem with power and that they were trying to fix it. As all the doors weren't working, he suggested that everyone stay in their seats until it was sorted. 'Bloody great', Katie thought as she leant back in her seat and closed her eyes, 'just what I fucking need! The one night I am hornier enough to fuck an entire rugby team and I can't even get home!'

All of a sudden she felt firm hands gripping her arms and heard a voice whisper harshly in her ear. 'Having fun were you, you dirty little whore? You look like what you need is a good hard cock inside you'. With that Katie felt herself being dragged from her seat and bent over the table she'd been sitting behind. As her skirt was dragged up the rest of the way, to reveal her pert, round little arse she gasped. 'what, wait. No!' She tried to protest but it was too late. She could already feel the heat of his erection as it pressed against her.

'Do you know what I'm going to do?' He growled. 'I'm going to fill your beautiful pussy with my cock. You can't show a guy a cunt like that and expect him not to take it.' As he roughly slipped two fingers into her dripping hole, Katie felt the excitement build within her. She knew that she should be screaming or struggling to escape, but being finger-fucked by this stranger felt so good. She tried to find the words to tell him to stop but let out a moan instead. Taking this as encouragement the stranger slipped in another finger and picked up the pace, making her squirm in delight and anticipation. Katie knew this was all wrong, she shouldn't be doing this with a stranger, in a public place. She should be trying to get away.

'Do you know what happens to filthy bitches who prick-tease innocent guys?' he asked her. Without waiting for her reply he lifted her by her hips and slammed his cock into her. As he entered she gasped. He was huge and she felt herself stretch to accommodate him. Without stopping to let her get her breath back, the stranger slammed into her over and over again fucking her harder than she had ever been fucked. Katie was shocked to find that she loved it. Her pussy was a ball of senses responding to him and she could feel an orgasm building. She had to moan in pleasure as he pumped into her.

It didn't take long for her to reach her peak, crying out as the orgasm ripped through her. As she came she felt him give too, and felt his spunk pumping into her, filling her. When he'd finished he dropped her onto the table, slapped her arse viciously and disappeared into the darkness.

Trying to straighten her skirt and hair, while his cum was trickling from her cunt, she was surprised when the lights came back on to reveal the stranger, looking cool as can be and neat as a pin. Casually he picked up a paper and began flicking through it. At the other end of the carriage two very confused businessmen shot her some puzzled looks.

When he went to get off at the next stop, the stranger leant over and growled ' there you go you dirty bitch, you got everything you asked for and I know you fucking loved it'. Katie wished that she could deny this but the truth was it was the best fuck she had ever had in her life, and probably the best she ever would have.

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