tagErotic HorrorA Killing Need

A Killing Need


Nicole ran as fast as her legs could carry her. Her lungs were burning, her feet ached with every step, she was stepping on pine needles and other things, but she didn't care. She had to get away. She was slowing down and she knew that she was dead if she stopped. She had to get away; for herself and her best friend Jayne.

A branch smacked her in the face and this time she felt something wet on her cheek. She slapped a hand to her face and looked at it. The blood was almost black in the night. She slowed down more and tried to get her bearings. She heard a car horn and ran in that direction. Just up a small embankment was a highway or road or street. Nicole didn't know and right now she didn't give a fuck. All she knew was there were cars and intermittently she could see car lights.

She ran up the embankment knowing if she tried to scream she would run out of steam and never make it to safety. A car just passed as she ran onto the pavement. Her bare feet slapping loudly to her ears. Another car was coming around the bend. Nicole waved her hands and stood in the middle of the street, stumbling towards the oncoming car in desperation. Suddenly she felt someone grab her around the waist, pick her up, and throw her down the embankment she had just climbed. She stared up at the man her eyes wide. She started to crabwalk backwards, whimpering as the car drove past, and her eyes fell on the blade at his side slowly dripping blood.

***2 days earlier***

Nicole never liked camping. She hated it. She hated the bugs, the forced topics, the boringness. She just wasn't a camp person. Roughing it just wasn't her style. However, Jayne wanted to go out and get drunk in the woods for the weekend.

"Come on Nicki pleeeeeeeease," Jayne begged standing over Nicki's desk. "It'll be fun. I'll bring the beer. They'll be no guys, just us girls roughing it and having fun."

"What about toilets? Food? SEX!"

Jayne looked at Nicole as if she had just said the world's dumbest joke. "Are you serious Nicki? We won't be so far from a camping site that we won't have toilets. We'll bring food, and Sex... really? Is that really a concern for you?"

Yes it was and Jayne knew that, but either forgot or conveniently forgot. Either way Nicole was tired of explaining that sometimes she needed sex. She hadn't gotten laid in 2 weeks since her and her boyfriend broke up. Rat bastard. She was starting to feel desperate and really needed a long hard pounding. She needed a strong man to dominate her, control her. She needed that and badly. Instead she smiled and shook her head no.

"Come on Nicki. I need this. I ..." Jayne paused and looked up as tears welled in her eyes. Nicki sighed. Jayne's one and only lover had left her at the altar. In 2 days it'll be 1 year. The real fucked up part was 7 months later he got married to a voluptuous red head. Jayne hadn't been the same since.


"Yes," Jayne cried as she hugged Nicki. "You won't regret this. I promise." Jayne went back to her desk before Nicole changed her mind.

Nicole was an accountant at Posterize, a company that handled the financial accounts for other businesses. She was 1 of 20 accountants. The money paid well and what was better she had seniority to choose her hours. Meaning while everyone else worked 8:30am to 5:30pm, she worked 7am to 3:30pm. She usually only took a half hour lunch. Nicole signed out and left for the day.

Nicole stared at her closet. She didn't have any flannel. What does one take on a camping trip if not flannel? She grabbed a pair of jeans and tossed it into her waiting black bag. 2 pairs should do the job for a weekend. She added a swimsuit. People usually swam in lakes at these things right? Nicole started to add a pretty white top that had ruffles. She stopped and threw it back in her drawer. She walked over to her drink, a light red wine, and finished it off.

"Why am I doing this again," she said out loud to herself. "Because you love Jayne. She deserves this. Because you're a sucker who doesn't even know what to bring on a camping trip!"

Okay so Nicole was a little drunk. She stood up and the world spun. She sat back down. Okay, so she was a lot drunk. Nicole fell back on the bed laughing. She had gotten drunk while trying to figure out a wardrobe to an event she didn't want to go to when she could have gotten fucked real quick. One night stands weren't so bad. It had been a while since she done anything like that, but she knew what kind of men she usually went after. Tall, dark, with piercing eyes; the silent, but strong type. The type that would be satisfied with a wham -- bam -- thank you maam. Would immediately stand up, make up some lame excuse, promise to call, then gets the hell out of her home. That's the man she should have gone out for. That was adequate vanilla sex. If she really wanted excitement she would go to a dungeon and find a strong dom. One that ...


Nicole woke up to the sound of a car horn. She glanced at the clock to see it was past noon. She had fallen asleep and worse in her clothes. She stared for a moment as that damn horn went off again followed by Jayne bellowing her name. "Fuck!" Nicole threw a bunch of clothes into her bag, swigged some mouth wash, and ran out the door.

"You look like shit," Jayne commented. Nicole just glared at her and got in the car. No more than 15 minutes both girls were singing tunes to the car radio. 3 hours later they had made their destination and were traipsing through the wood looking for the 'perfect' spot to stop and get drunk.

"What about here?" Nicole asked for the thousandth time.

"No, not far enough."

"Jayne. We are as deep into this damn forest as we can go. If we go any deeper no one will ever find our bodies!"

"Fine," Jayne finally stopped. She shook her head at Nicole's joke, but it was true. They were pretty far into the woods. "You go collect some sticks and I'll start on the fire." Nicole looked at Jayne like she lost her damn mind. "Okay, I'll get some sticks for our fire. You like rabbit right?" Nicole's eyes went wide. "Kidding. Kidding."

As Jayne walked off Nicole unpacked their belongings. She was trying to put up the tent when she whirled around. She could have sworn she heard something. She stared hard into the greenery expecting to see something.

"What's wrong?"

Nicole turned at Jayne's voice. She shook her head begrudgingly. "I was trying to decide if I should throw this tent into the woods and if you'll believe me that a bear took it."

"There are no bears here," Jayne laughed and helped Nicole maneuver man's trap of death.

Later that night the fire was roaring, hot dogs were being roasted on sticks, and both girls were feeling no pain. The beer was ice cold and good. They were reminiscing. "Remember when you went through that lesbian phase," Jayne was saying loudly. Nicole shook her head no embarrassed. "You were all, I'm a lesbian. I'm a lesbian. Which lasted what... 2 days before you saw ..." both women howled with laughter, "Gaston!"

Nicole had been so wild back then. She was sure she only liked women. Though she had only tasted pussy as part of a 3some. She just knew she was gay and had made sure everyone knew. Than Gaston with his black hair, accent, and physique immediately changed her from pussy muncher to dick rider. Besides she could never match his pussy eating skills.

"Yeah, but Gaston was an ass." Jayne raised her beer in agreement. "That fucker fucked my sister, my cousin, and that bitch Julia." Jayne nodded. She looked at Nicole and didn't have to add that Gaston had hit on her too. Nicole knew he did now and she was forever grateful that Jayne hadn't succumbed to his sexual advances.

"I love you girl." Nicole said.

"I love you too." Jayne stared at Nicole real hard. Nicole was about to say 'what' when Jayne burped loud and long. Both girls laughed and in unison got up to head to bed.

"Nicki, wake up!" Nicole immediately woke up her eyes focusing on Jayne. "Someone's out there," she hissed.

"What," Nicole whispered back. She subconsciously followed Jayne's earlier speech patterns.

"Someone is out there. I can hear them walking around. Shhhh!" Jayne stilled and seemed to follow some motion. Nicole tried to follow Jayne's eyes. Suddenly a knife pierced through their tent. Both girls screamed and shove backward away from the blade. Nicole grabbed the zipper on the tent and yanked down. She got out and grabbed Jayne's hand pulling her roughly through the opening.

"Wha ... who...why?!"

Nicole pulled Jayne along. She didn't care who the person was or what he wanted. They had a knife and obviously didn't mind using it. They ran through the woods, stumbling along. "Which way Jayne? Which way to the car?!"

Jayne glanced around confused. "Jayne!"

"I don't know. I ... I ..." Both girls stopped to stare at a man who seemed to just come out of the forest. He had on dirty jeans tucked into black boots. His shirt was dirty, but all Nicole could see was dead blue eyes. Those eyes held no emotion at all. Nicole slowly took a step backward. Almost, as if magic, the blade came out of nowhere and it shone in the little moonlight that came through the trees.

Jayne opened her mouth and screamed. Suddenly the blade was arching through the air and the scream was cut off. Nicole stared as Jayne dropped to her knees clutching her throat. The knife embedded deep into it. She looked up at Nicole before toppling onto her side.

Nicole looked at the man who was still frozen stiff. He hadn't move not since throwing the knife. His eyes stared into hers; still dead, lifeless. Nicole took another step backwards. The man jerked as if she slapped him. Nicole immediately stopped.

"Wha-What do you want?" The man cracked his neck. "Please!" Something about the way the man moved made her brain scream 'RUN!' Nicole turned on her heel and ran like hell.


Nicole groaned having been thrown back down the embankment. She stared at that blade that seemed to hold her entire focus. She was past exhausted having not gotten any sleep the night before. She could only stare and hope her death was quick. The man seemed to be upon her faster than she could blink. She expected him to slam the knife into her, but he only grabbed her hands and pulled them above her head. He leaned forward and sniffed her. Nicole was so freaked out she couldn't move. She held her breath as he sniffed her again. Maybe he smelled her fear, or her sweat, she didn't care what he smelled as long as it kept her alive.

Suddenly his hand wrapped in her brown mane and he pulled down hard. This had been something that had always turned Nicole on. A hand gripping her hair hard, pulling down, forcing her back to arch, causing her breasts to press forward, the pain turning to pleasure. Nicole couldn't help it. She moaned. The man looked down at her and for once his eyes showed emotion: curiosity.

He slammed his lips down onto hers. He kissed her hard bruising her lips, splitting them. She tasted her own blood, but the pain, the need. She had needed rough sex and her body responded not recognizing that this wasn't a role play, that this wasn't consensual. She closed her eyes tightly trying to drive his image out of her mind as her nipples hardened and her pussy flooded. She was beyond ashamed.

His hand cupped her breast squeezing hard. He rolled her nipple painfully through the material causing her to gasp out in surprise and need. Her eyes widen and she stared into his icy blue orbs. He had done that on purpose. He wanted to see her eyes. He wanted to see the lust in them. He pulled on her nipple driving her off the dirt floor. Her eyes were heavy lidded as she slowly lifted her fist. She didn't know where the knife was, but if she could just knock him out or stun him she could get free.

His other hand grabbed her fist and slammed it to the ground. His eyes were still on hers and his mouth slowly tilted up in the scariest smile she had ever seen. His hand ripped her shirt open her lacy bra exposed. His weight was on her forearms keeping her hands pinned. Nicole sucked in a breath of air.

"Scream and I'll make sure your death isn't a pleasant one," he said. His voice was rough, guttural, hard. Nicole's heart thudded. "Understand?" Nicole nodded.

His mouth captured her nipple through the material while his eyes still pierced hers. She didn't move. Couldn't. With his teeth he shredded her bra, pulled it from her body. Her nipples were already hard in the cold night air. He suckled one and bit sharply. She sucked in a breath releasing it in a low moan that she desperately tried to stifle. His hand was under her jeans, over her panties, and he cupped her mound. Nicole arched so hard her back came off the ground. He slammed a finger into her, her panties ripping around her hips. Nicole closed her eyes wanting him to do what he wanted. Hopefully he'll let her go. His nail scraped her clit hard. Her eyes opened and she got the hint. He wanted her to watch him defile her. She shook her head no as he slipped another finger into her. He thrust into her over and over.

"Oh, shhhhhhhhit!" Something in Nicole snapped. Something sane. She squeezed her muscles tightly around his fingers creating more friction. He sucked in her breast and with his teeth bit down deep. Nicole moaned loudly, her legs splayed wide, her hips thrusting up to match his fingers driving deep into her. His cold blue eyes stared into hers slightly dancing. Somehow her jeans were taken from her body. Her panties were down on the ground lost somewhere. She was totally naked, exposed to the elements, and her body was on fire.

He dug himself out of his jeans and drove into her hard and fast. Nicole couldn't help it. Her head tilted back and she moaned loudly; her moans turning into screams of pleasure. He slammed his hand over her mouth. Her already bruised slightly split lips burned with pain which quickly turned into pleasure. Nicole was flipped over onto her hands and knees. His hand pushed down on her shoulders and she fell onto her chest as he pulled her hips up. Her ass high in the air, he slammed his hand down onto it. She yelped then held it back as his hand came down again and again and again. She knew her bum was red, she could feel the heat. His finger slipped into her pussy and came back wet with her juices.

"Fuck me sir. Fuck me Master," Nicole hadn't meant for the words to escape her lips. She was saying them in her head and she wasn't sure if she had said them or not. She was too far gone to care or worry.

He leaned forward over her. She could feel him just over her. He slowly eased into her. Nicole pushed back against him. He bit her shoulder and she moaned at his teeth in her. He held himself still inside her. She could feel him pulsating. She didn't dare move. She understood. He was in control here. He slowly eased out and then back in. She growled in frustration not wanting a slow fucking. She felt his hands grip her hips, his nails digging into her skin; she bit her lip to keep from crying out. He eased out and she didn't move, didn't cry out, she stayed still. "You learn well," he whispered into her ear before rewarding her with his cock fucking her hard. Slamming so deep and hard into her she could hear their bodies slapping.

Her body tightened and she grew even hotter and hotter. "I .. I'm going to cum." He wrapped his hand around her throat squeezing slightly. The control only made Nicole burn hotter. She was so close. Her body squeezing his cock tighter and tighter. Suddenly he stopped moving and though Nicole wanted to move or cry out especially since she was so close she didn't move. Her body calmed down and he started thrusting hard into her again. She was immediately brought to the brink and she didn't say anything just let her body tighten up again. He stopped again and Nicole growled in rage.

He squeezed her throat hard cutting off the air and immediately stopping her complaint. He hauled her up to her knees while still embedded deep inside her. "Beg." Nicole was confused. Beg for what? She didn't understand. He slowly slid into her wet, hot, cunt. "Beg slut." Nicole immediately knew what he wanted. She was barely able to nod.

He immediately fucked her relentlessly while still on her knees. He pushed up and into her. His hand tightening around her throat cutting off any screams she would emit. She was so hot, so needing this, she immediately felt her orgasm approaching. "I... I'm... Can I cum?" He thrust into her once, twice, she felt him lean over her, "Cum, my slut."

Those words burned into her. They zipped through her body and exploded in her pussy. She came so hard. Her body jerked, she bucked, and she screamed into his mouth as he swallowed her orgasm. She felt his cock enlarge, than he exploded. She felt him pulse inside her and she had mini orgasms as he came.

He slipped out of her, pushed her down, spread her legs, and stared as she felt his cum slip out of her pussy and down her thighs. "Go!" Nicole hesitated not sure. She felt him let go of her body. "Go before I finish you off."

Nicole looked behind her and as she got to her feet her hand touched on the knife. It had been beside her the whole time. She picked it up and ran off into the woods just in case he changed his mind. She hadn't been thinking until too late that she should have ran up the embankment to the road. Never accord to her. Instead she ran like an idiot as branches slapped her face, she tripped and fell, and somehow a miracle made it back to her camp.

She ran straight to the tent. She immediately grabbed Jayne's car keys and opened her own bag for clothes. Right now she could not focus on her dead best friend. She had to get help, get away. She pulled on a pair of jeans and was pulling on a shirt when she heard a twig snap. She froze convinced he was back and had decided to kill her after all. Nicole had the shirt over her head and her arms through the opening but her head wasn't through the hole. She was blinded, but too scared to move. She still had the knife in her hand. She slowly pulled the shirt down just as she heard someone come through the opening. She stabbed out and her eyes opened in horror. Jayne had wrapped her own shirt around her throat and was now staring at Nicole with accusation in her eyes. The knife was in her chest and there was no surviving this. Jayne pitched forward landing on the knife driving it even further into her chest.


"You killed her. Not I." Nicole looked up to see the man leaning against a tree.

"I .. I thought it was you."

He nodded. "I wanted my knife back. That's mine and I keep what's mine." His eyes roved over her body. He walked towards Nicole who was too numb to move. She wanted to die too and even welcomed it. He walked past her, towards Jayne, flipped her over, and pulled his knife out. He started to walk away.

"How long?" He turned towards her. "How long have you been killing and raping women?"

"20 years. Since I was 16. But I'm not a rapist. You're the first I fucked and even you know I didn't rape you."

"The law won't agree."

He shrugged. "But in this scenario the worse I did was attack and stab a woman. You killed her. Tell me how jail is." He chuckled and started to walk away.

Nicole didn't want to go to jail. He was right. She had killed her friend. Maybe she could plead self-defense, but she had fucked the guy who had threatened them. Had willingly fucked him. Who would understand that she couldn't help it? That he dominated and controlled her in a way that she truly needed, wanted. She would be sent to jail and ostracize.


"Please what slut?"

"Please ..." she trailed away not knowing what she was begging him for.

"You will be mine and only mine. I will use you any way I want. If you ever turn me in or think to leave me I will find you and kill you." He turned and those cold blue eyes stared at her.

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