tagSci-Fi & FantasyA King's Touch Ch. 09

A King's Touch Ch. 09


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Philip looked up from the files they'd brought home from ITS. Both he and Iason were sitting in Iason's living room, in front of the wood stove. While it didn't have the same ambiance as the palace's fireplaces, it made the room warm and cozy.

"Something wrong, Philip?" Iason set down his own file.

"Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" Iason reached for another file.

"I could've swore I heard Sara calling me."

"Why don't you go up and check on her? She's been holed up in her room since this afternoon."

"I think I will." He closed the file and set it aside. "I'll be back." He stood and left the room, smiling absently at Auntie Clara.

* * * *

"Gabriel, baby, open your eyes. Look at Momma." Sara felt his pulse, her fear increasing as she monitored it's weakened beat. "Damn it. I promised I wouldn't go back on the shadow plane until Clara could find a way to make it safe for me. Come on baby, open those beautiful eyes so I don't have to break my promise." She lifted him until his head was cradled on her lap. As he remained unresponsive, she realized she didn't have any other choice. I'm gonna have to go and bring him back. Sorry Clara. She focused her energy and slipped easily onto the Shadow plane. Turning she studied herself and her son, searching for anything which could help her. She examined her son closely. The last time this had happened on Venus, she'd found him huddling at the edge of his body. This time she didn't see him but instead saw a silvery thread leading away from his body. Placing her hand on the thread, she was nearly brought to her knees as intense pain and fear swamped her. She released it with a cry.

"Gabriel, baby, you've got to help me."

"It hurts, Momma. Hurts so bad."
His voice came from a distance.

"Keep talking to me, baby. I'll find you and take the pain away."

"Help me, help her, make him stop!"

His cries of distress sent a surge of determination through her and she returned her hand to the thread, using just her fingertips for contact. The pain flared through her again, but with ease of long practice she pushed it away and followed the fragile thread. She kept her eyes focused on the thread as she followed it away from the farmhouse.

* * * *

Philip knocked on the bedroom door. When there was no answer, he pushed the door open. Standing in the middle of the room, he didn't see her.


A soft moan from the floor on the far side of the bed alerted him to their presence.

"Sara!" He fell to his knees beside her and Gabriel. He yelled for Iason. Running his hands over Gabriel, he was puzzled when he found no injuries.

"What is it? What's wrong?" Iason hurried into the room followed by his chosen.

"I came in here and found them like this. What in the name of Mica is going on here?"

Iason crouched down next to them. He carefully examined them.

"The boy's trembling concerns me, Philip. As far as Sara is concerned..."

"...she's on the shadow plane." Clara's voice was tight. "After I warned her of the dangers. Damn that girl." She planted her hands on her hips.

Philip's head flew up. "What dangers? She never said anything about there being any danger."

"Unlike Venus where everything is shadowed, here on Earth the shadow plane is filled with vibrant colors and intense feeling. It's completely foreign and a shadow walker can get intoxicated on it very easily."

"She risked going there when she could've called for any of us to help her. I just don't understand why she won't ask for help!"

"She's been on her own for a long time, Philip. She is used to doing everything on her own with no one to rely on." Clara didn't voice her accusation but he could feel it's condemnation nonetheless.

"Enough Clara. He already feels bad enough. We need to focus on helping them." Iason laid his hands on his chosen's shoulders. "First we're going to see if Philip can coax her back."

"And if that doesn't work?" Philip wasn't at all certain his link with his chosen was strong enough to reach Sara on the shadow plane.

"Then if it doesn't I'll have to go out on the shadow plane myself and find her." Clara crossed her arms across her chest. "She better pray you can bring her back because I'll be truly angry if I have to go after her."

"So how do I go about bringing her back?"

* * * *

Sara trembled with fatigue as she continued to follow the fragile thread under her hand. The need to observe her surroundings was growing stronger. The thread was nearly burning her hand with the agony coursing through it I have to find Gabriel. He needs me!The thread thickened in her hand and she knew she was closer to finding her son. A tall dark building came into view. After moving through the open gate, past the guard who was reading a book, she followed another guard into the building. She glimpsed a small plaque on the door before it swung close in her face. Brig: Solitary Confinement, Authorized personnel only. Just as the shadow plane on Earth was bright and colorful compared to the one on Venus, and objects which normally were immovable for her, here on this planet she pushed through with ease. Stumbling as her body fell through the closed door, she found a man pulling his pants up. Horror ripped through her as she saw the bloodied and beaten girl who lay huddled on the bed.

"What in the name of Mica is going on here! Are you all right?" Rushing to the girl's side she never saw the face of the man who'd attacked the girl. The door opened and closed behind Sara, but her attention was on the girl who continued to sob while her body was racked by tremors from the drug she'd ingested.

"You came." Gabriel's voice drew her around the bed. She found him kneeling on floor cupping the girl's hand within his. His pain filled her as she saw the terror mixed with horrible suffering and tears flowing from his eyes.

"Of course I came. I'll always come, Gabriel." She knelt down next to him. Touching his chin, she lifted his head to meet his eyes. "I love you and would never leave you. Are you ready to go back?"

He nodded. When she took his hand and turned to leave, he cried out.

"What's wrong, Son?"

"I can't leave her. We're connected. She's scared and hurting, Mom. We've got to find her. She needs our help."

"We'll find her."

"She was raped at least twice and that evil man gave her something."

Fury built inside of her at her son's words. No girl deserves to be abused! Even as she struggled with the strong emotion, she felt herself fading. Damn it! Not now! She'd pushed herself to the edge of her abilities to find her son but now her body was demanding she return to it immediately. The only other time she'd been outside her body this long was the night of her son's conception.

"I'll be back, baby."

"Hurry, Mom." His voice was a whisper as she started to fade away. "Mom will make everything okay, I promise." His assurance to the girl made her eyes tear even as she disappeared from the shadow plane.

* * * *

"Come back to me tarta. I need you."

Philip's words sent both warmth and physical desire spiking through her system. Now he needs me. Typical man. Opening her eyes, she tried to focus on him., He was holding her. Placing her hand against her pounding head, she tried to sit up.

"No. Don't move, Sara." His arms tightened around her.

"We have to help them."

"Help who?" Clara's voice drew Sara's attention. The look on the older woman's face told it's own story.

Damn, I really stepped in it this time. She may look calm but I know she going to chew me out. She's just bidding her time. Rolling out of Philip's arms she staggered to her feet, heading towards the connecting bathroom as her stomach heaved, a usual unpleasant aftereffect of being on the Shadow plane too long.

"Damn it, Sara. Come back here." Philip jumped to his feet and followed her across the room. Entering the bathroom, he quickly closed the door when he saw her kneeling in front of the toilet. Running the water, he wet a cloth and then knelt next to her.

When her stomach finally quit heaving, she sagged against the toilet and accepted the cool cloth he handed her. After wiping her mouth, she accepted the glass of water he'd drawn for her after giving her the cool cloth. Taking small sips, she waited for her stomach to settle and mentally prepared herself for another journey out on to the Shadow plane once more.

"I have to go back. I have to save them."

"Don't even think about it, Sara Anne. You're not going back without me." Philip picked her up off the cold floor and held her against his chest. Her tears started to flow again.

"Our son..."

"I understand, tarta, but you're in no shape to go back. Where is he, Sara? I'll bring him back for you."

"I don't know! "Crying and trembling, she buried her face against him and let him rock her as if she were the child.

* * * *

When Philip finally carried his exhausted chosen out of the bathroom, he saw Iason and Clara were sitting beside the bed - each holding one of Gabriel's hands. Iason stood and pushed the blanket back which made room for Sara and Philip to crowd into the queen size bed with their son. Sara whimpered when Philip laid her down. She clung to him.

He gazed across the bed at Clara, a question clearly in his eyes.

She shook her head. "You're gonna have to stay with her and your son. I know it goes against everything in you but she needs you physically at her side."

"This is your chance to prove you can be there for her, that she doesn't have to rely on herself alone." Iason placed his hand on the younger wizard's shoulder. Sara whimpered as she felt the older man's presense.

"Shh, tarta, settle down. I'm not going anywhere." He slid into the bed before tugging her to him. "Snuggle here with Gabriel and me. I'll watch over both of you." He pressed a kiss against the top of her head. She pressed herself tightly to his side. Within a blink of an eye, he found himself with his chosen curled against one side and his son the other. A wave of belonging settled over him, despite the circumstances. With barely any thought and with power he took for granted, Philip undressed and redressed his family in comfortable night wear.

"Did she tell you what she found?" Clara soothed the blanket up and over the family.

"Not much. She found him but she can't tell me where he is."

"Damn. That's gonna make things more difficult." Iason rubbed the back of his neck in frustration.

"Sara?" Clara leaned over and brushed her hand across Sara's forehead. Sara opened her eyes and tried to focus on the older woman. "Sara, I'm going to merge with you so we can find Gabriel."

"Oh." Sara's eyes closed and she fell back into the deep sleep which always accompanied her burnout after using too much psychic energy.

Wrapping his arm around her, Philip could feel when Clara enveloped Sara in a Shadow Embrace. His every instinct cried out against the invasion. She's mine. No other should ever share that special embrace with her. Logically he knew his fears were irrational but he couldn't help it.

"Relax, Philip, or Sara will pick up on your discomfort and fight her. We both know Clara would never hurt her. She is only searching for the information Sara can't give us. It'll be over shortly."

Iason's promise seemed to calm Philip's nerves but he still wouldn't be happy until Clara was back in her body with the information they needed to rescue Gabriel. A few moments later, Clara stumbled. Iason guided his trembling mate to the chair.

"She might get sick," Philip warned him.

Iason nodded.

"I won't get sick. Sara got sick because this Shadow plane effects the person more strongly if they're not bonded."

"We're bonded!"

"Not totally as of now. Until your bonding is complete, she'll continue to become ill on the Shadow plane Earth's or Venus's. It was another reason why I told her not to go there. It's imperative you finish your bonding as soon as possible. Especially if we plan on staying on Earth for any length of time."

Philip unwisely chose to ignore Clara's words, and instead brought the focus of the discussion back to what he thought was important.

"What did you find?"

Clara seem to gaze unseeingly at the wall before answering.

"He's in a tall dark building with a young girl. Perhaps a bit older than he. The girl's been brutally traumatized. He's linked to her and it's going to endanger him too unless we find her and remove her from the danger."

"How do we find her?" Philip's demand was met with silence as Clara seemed to dig further into her memories.

After a moment, Clara's face paled. Walking over to the bed, she picked up Gabriel's limp hand. Rubbing her thumb along the heart line of his palm, she seemed to draw further into herself.

"What's wrong?" Iason laid his hands on her shoulders.

"Damn." Her whispered word brought dread to Philip.

"Tell me!" His fear for the boy he'd just found was more than evident in his voice.

"We need to find her. Did you feel anything through your link with Katrina when we removed the raz-ice bond from Patience, Philip?"

"A bit, just vague impressions. What in the name of Mica, does that whole mess

have to do with Gabriel?"

"I'm going to need your help. Your son has already begun claiming his chosen. This girl is his. We're going to have to replace the raz-ice bonds with the bonds of a chosen."

"He's only a child! It's not possible. He's not mature enough to have a sexual bond. Aside from that the power never speaks before the male reaches his maturity." His utter disbelief was obvious.

"Impossible or not, his spirit," She locked eyes with him. "Part which he got from you - has recognized and claimed it's mate. The bond has already formed and now we've got to help both of them or risk losing them both."

"If he'd had shields in place to protect him, this never would've happened."

Iason and Clara nodded their agreement. "Before we can help him build those shields we have to help stabilize this bond and then build the shields around it."

Clara's whole demeanor spoke of the total effort it would take all four of them.

"Damn." Philip leaned his head back against the pillow. We're so screwed. This whole situation is absolutely out-of-control.

* * * *

Kira moaned and writhed under the hard working body of her brother. Tied across her bed, her ass was raised in the air and her pregnant body supported by the pillows while behind her, Sean was mercilessly fucking her.

"You hot little bitch. You just loved being fucked." A sharp slap on her upraised ass had her skating along the edge of orgasm. I know this is wrong but it feels so damn good. Thank god for Sean and abilities! If I'd never let him hypnotize me to begin with I would've never know true pleasure.

She screamed as he shoved a finger in her ass and her orgasm crashed over her without warning.

"Fuck yeah!" Sean arched behind her and went rigid as his own orgasm raced through him. As he collapsed over her, his hand went instinctively to her rounded belly where the babe rested. Kira moaned softly.

"Do you ever wonder, Sister who's baby this is?" His husky voice was replete.

"It's yours."

"Ours, Sister. We'll soon have our own child to love and the old man will be out of the picture. It'll soon be over and you'll be mine alone."

"Yours alone." Her voice echoed his as contentment washed over her. It's just as it should be. Sean and I ruling Sandova. Nothing could be more perfect.

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