tagNovels and NovellasA King's Wife Ch. 02

A King's Wife Ch. 02


Aubert languished between Byth's bound legs for sometime, his cock still erect and buried inside her warm moist sex. When he attempted to withdraw his staff from her she kissed him deeply and began to pump her hips gently against him--bringing erect once again--using the restraints between her ankles to hold his loins firmly against hers. He glanced over his shoulder at her feminine ploy while she giggled and pulled his face close to hers.

"Dearest Byth, I am the king. You must let me go," he whispered into her open mouth as she mashed his lips into hers for yet another deep kiss. Her tongue darted throughout his entire mouth until she was able to corner his tongue playfully.

She withdrew her mouth and with half-closed eyes whispered, "You may be my king and rule all I know... except in this bed, m'lord. Here, I shall be ruler. Fair enough, Aubert of Greenleaf?"

He nodded. "Fair enough, Byth of Greenleaf, former Innkeeper's daughter, now ruler of the Greenleaf bed."

She sighed and wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him close again.

"My first act as ruler shall be... to make my one and only subject," she pecked him on his cheek. "You, service my nips again. For they have never had such adoration, prior."

"I fear I have created a tyrant ruler."

She laughed. "We shall see."

He placed his hands on either side of her well-rounded breasts pressing them close together so he might examine her nipples more closely. The halo of her aureole grew wrinkled and thrust her buds tall to greet his stare. First, one sensitive nipple was sucked gently into his mouth, then the other. He blew on them and the cold caused her nips to stand erect but caused Byth to shiver. With her chin resting on her chest, she watched Aubert work on her arousal.

"Now, you must make them warm again," she whispered.

He stared into her green eyes briefly then answered, "Yes, m'lady." He sucked her nipple deep into his mouth biting it gently. The sensation brought a gasp from Byth and she arched her hips forward lest the king's still eager cock slip from its comfortable den. Working her nipple brought Byth to a state of arousal quickly and she began to breath heavily.

"M'lady, I should remove your restraints," he whispered as he let her throbbing nipple slip from his mouth.

"Nay," she corrected, holding the back of his head in her hands. "I fear if you release me I may try to cause you harm, again." Byth smirked as she spoke.

"Then, m'lady should be further restrained."

He darted away from her body leaving an emptiness inside her that would have caused her great sorrow if she had to endure it a lifetime.

"Alas, no subject of my bed can leave 'my kingdom'..." she thrust her hips up off the bed slightly as she spoke the last two words, "...unattended unless I permit it." The Queen of Greenleaf set her bottom lip out to show her displeasure.

But Aubert was busy gathering items from the small room.

Byth pushed herself up on her elbows and she sat with her heels close to her ass, her knees wide apart. Aubert turned to peer at her on the bed and he smiled broadly.

"I pray to have this picture painted for our royal chamber."

Byth giggled and fell back onto the bed. At last, Aubert returned with several items behind his back. His cock was still hard and it bobbed in front of Byth's face, now merely inches from her lips.

She swallowed hard before she spoke. "M'lord, I've seen... I've seen women who have..." She felt her face grow hot as she spoke. "Women who have taken a... man... into their mouth." She glanced up into his eyes. He smiled down at her. "The men seemed to enjoy it. I would desire to taste this fine... cock." She struggled to get the word out. "... if it would please the king." She looked up to his face quickly as she finished.

"I've heard such arts have brought men pleasure." Slowly he inched his hips forward until Byth could dab her tongue on the end of his glans and lap away the clear sticky fluid at the tip. His cock came closer to her mouth and she opened wide to accept it. It slid past her inviting lips and she pressed her tongue against the underside as it probed into her mouth.

Aubert's eyes closed as he drifted into the pleasure that the young girl's mouth was giving him. As his bulk neared the back of her throat she felt like she might gag but she relied on the technique she had used as a little girl when eating soft turnips: she held her breath and craned her neck slightly. It worked perfectly. He pulled the head of his cock slowly back to the entrance of her mouth and let out a sigh of joy as he did. Aubert shivered slightly at this short journey.

"M'lady, this is an art I could grow to enjoy."

Byth swallowed to prevent a smile and Aubert jerked his penis from her mouth.

"What is wrong, m'lord? Did I hurt you?" Byth smacked her lips as she expressed genuine concern.

"Quite the contrary. It was delicious, but, I dare say, such treatment might cause another outburst from my cock. And I'm not ready for that just yet," he answered smiling.

"Did you really like it?" Byth asked innocently. Aubert nodded and eased his cock forward again slowly. Her lips encircled his glans again and she swallowed gently. Aubert's body trembled slightly as he let out a sigh and placed his palm against the side of her face.

"Yes, m'lady." A tremble was in his voice as he spoke. "That is pleasing."

Byth took a deep breath, held it and craned her neck as she took his smooth organ deeper into her mouth this time before she swallowed. Her hands clasped his ass cheeks now and she could feel him shake when she applied a slight suction and pulled her head back. The king moaned quietly as she did so.

Glancing up, she could see his head had fallen back on his shoulders. She released his cock from the suction of her tender mouth and his eyes popped open as he looked down at her face.

"You must watch me to be assured I am doing right by the king's staff," she whispered with half-closed eyes.

"Yes," he hissed and pressed his hand against her smooth cheek.

With a slurp, she had him back in her mouth taking that short journey to the back of her throat and paradise. The smooth skin sliding along her lips was causing an itch in Byth's body. But this itch was where the king had so recently vacated. Her womb cried out for attention but she didn't want to distract Aubert who was thoroughly enjoying her treatment of his manhood. Her fingers drifted to her sex of their own accord and as she spread the auburn hair that grew on her lips and she grazed against that nubbin that controlled her pleasure. A slight shiver ran through her body when her fingers nudged it.

An easy rhythm emerged as her head bobbed slowly up and down on Aubert's great shaft and she found that tugging at the skin just above her nub sent a great pleasure coursing through her entire body, somewhat like the tiny lights that would dance from one's fingertips when handling wool on a cold winter's night.

Aubert's hips jerked slightly and with a shudder he reluctantly pulled his firmness from her mouth.

"I must save these juices for the creation of our next child, my sweet."

Still massaging herself Byth spread apart her labia with two fingers and dabbed her middle finger against the wet sticky opening that led to her womb.

Panting Byth whispered, "Let me prepare a place for your juices, sire." Aubert watched mesmerized by her hand as it danced between the folds of her skin. She pulled her bound heels tight against her ass as the pleasure began to build inside her chest. Aubert crept close between her wide-open legs to watch her actions. Resting his head against her knee Aubert kissed the inside of her leg tenderly as her fingertip pushed her nubbin in small circles. With her eyes mere slits now, Byth spun her finger in a circle rapidly corralling her clitoris.

Aubert leaned in to watch more closely and Byth clutched at the back of his head pulling him forward until his lips met the lips of her sex.

"Please sire, with your tongue," she whispered. Leaning still closer a gentle lapping from the king felt wonderful on her puss and she fairly squealed with delight.

"To the side, now." She begged breathlessly. He complied and began to slap at her nubbin playfully causing her to arch her back so it no longer touched the bed. Thrashing about she found Aubert was lying on the restraints that held her legs apart. She whimpered as she struggled against them. Aubert extended his tongue deep between her swollen lips tickling something deep inside her belly. Her fingers twisted the king's tussled hair as she hit her first orgasm from a man's tongue.

Her entire body shook as the pleasure hit her in the forehead. She opened her eyes briefly, as her face pitched back in ecstasy. A series of squeaks came from deep in her throat and her hands now moved to massage her erect nipples. She twisted them hard in an attempt to quell the fire inside her midsection.

Aubert peeked over the wispy forest of hair that grew near her sex towards the young girl's face. Watching in fascination he continued to tickle her insides with his tongue while the veins on her neck stood out as she strained to pull his mouth inside her willing body.

Her breath came out in a rush. "Sheeez!" Shudders overwhelmed her and a trembling continued for several moments until she released her nipples from her own torturing fingers and yanked the king's head from her pulsing dampness.

"Please, I beg of you, sire," she panted. "I fear my heart may leap..." she sucked in deep breath, "...from my chest if you continue."

Rising to his knees his staff pointed towards her opening, waving at her lustfully. He picked up a piece of rope that lay on the bed which he tossed over a rafter. Attaching it to the limb that held her legs apart he hauled the rope in and Byth's feet were pulled upward. When her legs were held high above her head he tied the rope to the bed and moved closer to her fully exposed sex.

A gentle push at the entrance of her body and the king slipped himself inside her dampness. With his eyes staring directly into her sparking green eyes he fell forward onto her willing body burying his cock to its full length.

Byth's mouth fell open from the shock of his fall. She tried to speak: to beg him for mercy, as his lance felt much too large for such an attack, but only a whimper came out. He pulled his cock out to the very edge of her body and she felt dizzy, yet he plunged to its full length again. She cried out in pain and pleasure, never knowing the two could be so closely linked inside the most tender part of her body.

"Yes, my lovely. Cry out if you must but no one will come to your aid." A cruel smile crossed his lips as he pulled his loins back and plunged deep inside her again.

"Uhng!" Byth could only squeak out unintelligible sounds as the king punished her with his large cock.

"Is it large and lovely, my sweet?" Aubert taunted his new queen.

Mouth wide-open in painful pleasure she could not speak but instead nodded almost imperceptibly while her eyes drank in his every line and handsome feature. He banged into her body again and Byth could feel tears of pure sexual joy welling up in her eyes as he did so.

Byth's stretched sex was taking a beating from "the man who would be king" while he unrelentingly pounded himself between her legs. The restraints on her ankles would not allow her to move into some position that might halt or slow his assault on her exposed body. Again and again she had ridden to the top of carnal pleasure and screeched in passion as she floated over the brink of her climax. Her stomach muscles ached from the repeated spasms that wracked her belly from her orgasms.

Aubert smiled as he consumed her flesh, burning her lust to fuel his angry stiffness. With her head pitching from side to side Byth spied Marielle enter the room quietly and stride towards the bed. Her clothing fell off her body easily as she sat next to Byth's head watching her brother pump his cock inside the red-haired woman's damp folds.

Lovingly, Marielle cradled Byth's head in her arms holding the king's consort against her bosom. Byth's cheek rested against Marielle's smooth breast in a sweet embrace. Byth watched as Marielle's hand slipped between her own thighs and began to slowly massage the entrance of her pubic mound. The light colored hair protecting Marielle's sex parted readily and her eyes closed slowly when she dabbed her finger inside her body. Aubert slowed his pace, now pushing his shaft deeper inside Byth to probe her farthest recesses.

"She will be my queen," Aubert puffed as he stared into Byth's green eyes.

"From the first moment you told me of the Innkeeper's daughter I knew you would make her yours, m'lord," Marielle answered while she caressed Byth's face.

As he slowed almost to a stop Aubert spoke again. "We must be certain that the heir to the throne is of my loins. Let no man doubt it with my own sister as a witness."

Byth's hands clutched at Marielle's arm as Aubert picked up his pace once again. The slapping noise from Aubert's hips against Byth's naked buttocks grew loud and she approached another orgasm. Marielle's slim hand found its way between the open lips of Byth's sex and delicately tickled her nubbin with a gentle up and down motion.

Byth cried out as she rode over a new climax of both her womb and her clit. The simultaneous come from her depths and the entrance to her body was more than she take and her bladder emptied as every muscle in her body tensed until she thought they would tear in half.

Aubert grunted and slowed his passion pushing his cock to the very bottom of her womb to deliver his seed. Byth was vaguely aware of the king's cock pulsing and the feeling of his great warm spunk filling her belly. She shuddered again and her head arched back into the bedding as her body trembled with desire.

Aubert pushed himself proudly onto his knees between Byth's splayed legs.

"This is surely the love that creates a son," he panted.

"Maybe we should (gasp) make a second attempt." Byth fought to breathe. "Just to be certain, m'lord."

The royal family roared with laughter.

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