tagNovels and NovellasA King's Wife Ch. 03

A King's Wife Ch. 03


That next morning Aubert of Greenleaf took Byth roughly and quickly as she stood changing her infant daughter. Afterward, Aubert snatched up the girl and hauled her out into the sunshine as Marielle led his steed forward equipped with his tools for the day's hunt. Now, Byth saw her father's yew bow strung and at the ready on the horn of the king's saddle. Aubert caught Byth's staring at the weapon as he placed the baby close to his bosom where he tied her fast with several wraps of muslin.

"Tis a fine bow and your father should be proud of it. I must return to find the quality blade we left in the woods after you tried to skewer my arse with it."

Byth rubbed her open palm along the back of his thigh towards his strong ass as she answered.

"I am glad I was not successful, m'lord. It would have been a shame to ruin an arse of such metal." She smirked as she spoke.

Aubert smiled and gave his new queen a peck on the cheek before he mounted his horse with Edweena clinging to his chest.

"Pray, be careful with the heir to the throne, m'lord," Byth said as she patted her daughter on the back swaddled in her muslin sling.

Aubert smiled as his horse bolted toward the edge of the clearing. "She'll outride me a'fore long," he shouted over his shoulder as they disappeared into the dark forest with the hound in close pursuit.

Byth strolled back to the shelter and Marielle joined in step.

"He spoke highly of you when he returned from his journey, Byth. He told of a sassy little vixen who captured his heart with barely a word." Byth blushed at the king's sister's comments.

"God deemed it... to bring you here to this wood and claim your rightful place beside the king."

"What about you, fair Marielle? Surely you would claim the crown before I or my... before Edweena."

"Nay, m'lady." Marielle looked away while sadness colored her blue eyes. "I was the spawn of the king and his consort after the death of his queen. You are my brother's first." Marielle looked deep into Byth's eyes as she continued. "I can never lay claim to the crown but I can be treated with honor and respect as long as a Greenleaf rules this kingdom. To that end, I would die to keep that royal lineage on the throne."

"But, pray tell, where is this throne at present?" Byth spoke as she stroked Marielle's cheek with the back of her hand to soothe the woman's sadness.

"Under the arse of a pretender, m'lady. But with you, Edweena, my brother, and myself we will correct that situation."


Marielle smiled and took Byth's hand in hers and led her to the shelter. A lump grew in Byth's throat with each step towards the hidden hut though she could not completely understand why. Crossing the shelter's threshold Byth tried to speak but the words caught in her throat. Marielle sat Byth down on the edge of the small wooden bed and Byth's head began to swim.

Marielle was an attractive woman but the red-haired girl wasn't sure she wanted to give herself to any woman, if indeed, the blond wanted to sample the Byth's carnal charms.

Marielle rummaged in a small chest and Byth prepared herself to bolt if Marielle tried to restrain her as the king had. When the lithesome blond turned back she held two odd metal objects that Byth couldn't identify.

"A device to keep the wife of a king happy," she explained giving the balls to the other girl. They were shiny as if made of fine silver and were heavy in Byth's hands. "A gift from an emissary of Cathay to Marco Polo," Marielle continued.

Marielle sat next to Byth, on the edge of the bed, before she took the balls from the queen's hands. After pulling her dress up above her waist, Marielle put one ball, then the other, in her mouth to wet them. Then she spread her legs wide, pushing in one ball. As Marielle passed the second ball through the light brown hair guarding the pathway to her womb she began a slow rocking motion. Her eyes closed as she began to rock faster. With her eyes mere slits, she looked to Byth and whispered.

"One is filled with quicksilver. They feel wonderful, m'lady." Marielle pointed to the small chest and Byth rose to look inside. A second set of shiny balls sat at the ready. Byth sat next to the sister of the king and spread her legs to accommodate the balls. Byth hiked up her own gown and slipped one shiny ball inside her sex. The king's moisture still lingered and made the passage of the balls inside her rather easy. When the second ball slipped inside Byth she sat for several moments disappointed that nothing happened.

Marielle was rocking faster now and her cheeks were crimson with passion.

She glanced at Byth and croaked breathlessly, "Now, rock back and fro." Once the balls banged together inside her she knew what caused Marielle such joy and she shivered. Byth knew immediately she would enjoy these gifts from the east. Byth sucked in a sharp breath as the balls clanked together inside her slick pink folds of flesh.

"Aha, Marielle. These make my belly feel warm."

"They should, dear sister."

Marielle's breathing became labored as she rocked faster. Her hand fell onto the bedding which she twisted into a knot as she approached her climax. A whine from deep in the blond's throat rose up, her eyes clamped shut and Byth watched the other woman's chest heave. The breath rushed out of Marielle's lungs as she hit her climax and Byth watched as Marielle's entire body shook in the throes of an intense rapture.

With Byth's ardor now fueled, she rocked faster in order to find this pleasure for herself. Marielle sat next to Byth panting, her chin resting on her chest and eyes still clamped shut. Byth closed her own eyes to imagine the king as deliverer of this carnal delight.

When Byth opened her eyes she saw an imposing Moor standing in the doorway.

"Alas, Marielle," Byth sputtered. "We are not alone!"

The tall man strode forward and yanked the blond to her feet by one arm. With an odd "clank" the balls, that traveled halfway 'round the world, slipped out of Marielle's body to land on the dirt floor.

"Please, master," Marielle said with a start. "Whom do you serve and what is your purpose here?" The Moor only grinned as he stared into Marielle's deep blue eyes.

"M'lady, run when I pull away from this crude barbarian," the blond whispered as though the dark man could not hear her at an arm's length.

When Marielle tugged at her captor's grasp Byth leaped from the bed and sprinted towards the door, only to be met by a slight man dressed in chain mail. Byth lashed out at the man and as he caught her hands in his she kicked at his groin, connecting solidly. The man fell quickly to the dirt floor but the Moor quickly had a hold of her arm and wouldn't let her escape.

With the Moor holding both women by their arms neither could escape. Slowly, the man in chain mail stood. When he was, at last, to height, Byth stood several inches taller. He then slapped Byth hard with the back of his hand. With this blow Byth fell to the floor and her body relaxed causing the metal balls to drop from the confines of her sex. Byth wavered on her hands and knees while the Moor laughed to see the second set of metal pleasure toys roll out from under her dress on the dirt floor. The man screamed at the Moor in a foreign tongue and the man instantly became silent and sullen.

The Moor released Marielle and the man in chain mail took two steps forward to confront the blond.

"You must be Marielle of Greenleaf. You are not the game I seek," he said with flourish. "But I think you should lure in my prey."

"Agents of the great pretender to the throne, I assume." Marielle spat her words with equal flourish into the face of the man.

"A true king is the man who can hold his throne, fair Marielle." The man leaned close to the blond as he inhaled the scent of sex. With his short blade drawn, the man wearing chain mail, circled the sister to the king.

"Behave and I may keep you as a comforter for my cock."

The man muttered something to the Moor prompting the dark man to yank Byth onto her feet by her long red hair. Then the Moor brandished a cool shiny blade near her neck.

"If the true king's subjects are dead, what pull would you have on Aubert of Greenleaf?" Marielle blurted out in an effort to save Byth. The man in chain mail shook his head at the Moor who then relaxed his grip on Byth's head and lowered his blade. Marielle stood defiant and the man in chain mail softened his stare.

"It will be a pleasure to have your flesh wrapped around mine, wench."

With this, the man spun on his heel and left the hut. Marielle let out her breath. Peering out of the doorway Byth saw several other men standing near the man in chain mail as he issued commands.

"He'll be awaiting the return of Aubert to kill him. Without a true ruler any man can claim the throne as his own," Marielle finished. Byth's eyes darted around the hut looking for some clue to help the two women out of their predicament. Finding none she looked sidelong at the Moor and in a conspiratorial tone asked.

"Fair sister. You never told me how the family of Greenleaf could retake the throne from the pretender to the crown."

With a faint smile on her lips Marielle said, "The power a woman keeps hidden between her thighs is stronger than any steel... and more deadly. The Moor shall be our liberator."

Beth's eyes widened at this. The Moor remained unmoved by their exchange.

"This Moor?" Byth asked between her clenched teeth.

"Uh hum," Marielle murmured without parting her lips.

The Moor stood in the open doorway with arms akimbo. Marielle eyed the tall man as she stepped forward slowly to confront him.

"I have heard tales of these men and such cocks they may possess. They are said to be twice the size of most Englishman." Marielle reached towards the man's wraparound garment. The giant's hand darted to the blade at his waist.

"Careful, my sister," Byth whispered.

With a slow and steady movement Marielle reached out towards the Moor's manhood and he relaxed his grip on the handle of the blade. The men even smiled as Marielle's delicate fingers fished through the folds of his garment. When she found her prize and gave it a gentle squeeze the man looked down into her blue eyes and he let loose with a quiet sigh.

"Is it true?" Byth chirped.

Marielle chuckled softly before she answered. "It is, indeed, true." Slowly, the blond slid down to her knees as she exposed the man's flesh to the dim light of the hut. Byth's eyes grew wide as the black-skinned manhood burst forth. It was larger even than Aubert's and Byth was sure such a large man would tear her in half. Marielle wrapped both her hands around his shaft leaving just enough for her to take in her mouth without choking.

The blackness of this man against Marielle's pale flesh was striking and Byth felt a lump in her throat as she watched Marielle open her mouth and slip the dark giant's glans into her mouth.

An odd sucking noise came from the blond's throat as she craned her neck forward and held her breath. A length of the man's black shaft disappeared into Marielle's mouth that was equal to a width of her hand and still there was a measure of dark flesh between her hands and lips. Letting out her breath, Marielle pulled her head back slowly. She smacked her lips before she spoke.

"His must the largest on this island," Marielle panted as she moved to swallow the man's flesh again. "But I will conquer even this."

The moment her lips stretched around his glans and she applied a gentle suction the giant pulled Marielle to her feet. Byth prepared to flee.

The Moor glanced out the doorway quickly and then pulled Marielle to the bed where he motioned at her clothing. This man wanted to see the lithesome blond, unclothed. Byth began to sidle towards the door until the Moor grabbed her by the arm, pulling her next to Marielle. He motioned towards Byth's garment, also. The two women were to be naked as babes before this man's eyes.

Both woman stripped and at last, the pair stood naked before the admiring eyes of this black-skinned giant. The Moor pushed Byth backwards onto the bed, first.

"We must protect the heirs to the throne," Marielle piped up as she climbed onto the bed to push gently on Byth's shoulders. Byth gave no resistance and lay back on the bedding to open herself completely to the blond woman. With a muffled whimper Marielle fell face first between the future queen's thighs where she began to lap at the wetness between the swollen lips of Byth's sex. The blond turned her hips towards Byth's face where Marielle threw her leg over Byth's head covering the red-head's exposed body with her own.

Byth saw Marielle's plan clearly, now. Marielle would offer her womb to the Moor to protect the seed of the king.

Not having much experience with the pleasures two people could share with lips and tongue, alone, Byth flicked her tongue as she had seen the garden snakes when captured in hand. With Marielle's thighs directing Byth's mouth, Byth lapped at a spot until she felt Marielle's body tense and her legs grow rigid.

"Yes, m'lady," Marielle hissed from between Byth's legs. "That is the special spot we both share." With this, Marielle dabbed her tongue at Byth's open flesh while they both moved to a shared rhythm of womanly joy.

"Oh, Marielle," Byth whined quietly. "This must be the purest joy possible without a man's flesh." After experimenting with the shiny balls Byth was quite randy and the delicate pressure from Marielle's tongue was bringing her to a peak quickly

Marielle moaned as Byth hit her button of pleasure just right. This vibration from Marielle's moan caused Byth to arch her back and forget her task of mutual delight. With her fingernails digging into Marielle's ass cheeks, Byth lifted her shoulders off the bedding with her head as she arched up to complete a fulfilling orgasm. A spark of lust lit a fire in her thighs that burned to her belly, traveled to her nipples and finally came to rest in the back of her neck.

Panting, Byth dove tongue first back between the moist lips of the blond. Byth caught the small nub partially hidden by a small hood of skin with her lips and began to slap it vigorously with her tongue. Now Marielle began to twist vigorously in Byth's grasp and the red-head had to tighten her grip in order to keep her tongue in contact with the woman's slippery pink flesh.

The Moor watched the pair for some time before he knelt on the bed with his manhood bobbing directly above Byth's face and pointing at Marielle's fully exposed sex. Byth watched as the black flesh of the man split the swollen lips of the small blond and disappeared inside her body.

Marielle hissed into Byth's pubic hair as the huge cock rode to her depths. Fascinated by the scene, Byth peered at the giant's balls as they approached her face. The sagging flesh bumped gently into Byth's forehead but the length of the man filling Marielle had caused the woman to whine loudly and to scratch at Byth's thighs as the blond tried to escape the savaging attack by the black man-snake that had cleaved her insides.

Marielle growled like a beast as the black flesh, that stretched her opening wide, rode long into her body. Several inches of the man's dark flesh could not fit inside the lithesome blond.

"My sister, 'tis the finest cock ever, I am sure." Marielle whispered into Byth's damp auburn hair. Marielle's tongue darted out to tickle Byth's nubbin of flesh causing Byth to suck in a mouthful of air and return to her own task of mutual passion. The sight of this man's dark flesh moving inside her fair-skinned sister's body had fascinated Byth and she almost forgot there was supposed to a plan in the making.

The giant moved more rapidly now and Marielle cried out at his thrusts. Dabbing her tongue between the blond's stretched lips Byth busied herself with pleasing this woman who was protecting her. The body on top of Byth's began to shiver and shake from foot to head. Marielle cried out in some tongue Byth had never heard while the blond began to twist her body in ecstasy. A high pitched whine from the depths of the King's sister threatened to strangle the girl but Byth knew the sound was that of a young woman's orgasm.

The point of Byth's tongue slapped at Marielle's fleshy button causing her entire body to jerk, causing the giant to grab her shoulders as he began to bury his wicked cock into her very depths. Marielle screamed into the bedding when the man pushed himself to his full length inside her. Byth watched closely as the his balls rose up slightly and began to deliver his seed inside the other woman's body. Several groans mixed into one as Marielle found her pleasure peaked at the same time as the black-skinned man. Between Byth's legs she could feel her sister wad the bedding into her hands and could hear the blond scream out in pure joy into the cloth.

To Byth's surprise the man's cock began to pulse and she could see, in the dim light, the bottom side squeeze his spunk down its length and into the slim girl's womb. His moan prompted Byth to reach up and hold the man's balls gently in her hand as they emptied. To view this act from such a close angle caused Byth great pleasure and when Marielle's face fell close to her sister's sex, panting heavily, Byth found she was very near her own satisfaction.

"Please, I beg you Marielle," Byth whimpered. "My body demands release... please." Byth's voice was a hiss as she pleaded for attention. The response was quick. A tongue tickled along the length of Byth's slippery slit until it ran into her stiff clit headlong.

"Oh, yes!" Byth whined aloud as her sister managed to hit her clit perfectly bringing her to shaking climax. Byth held her breath as she was overwhelmed by her come and each and every muscle within her small body threatened to tear in half.

"Ish!" The noise escaped from Byth's lips while her body went stiff as a timber. The bed shook for several moments under the weight of Byth's strong come... then it was quiet except for the heavy breathing of three sated souls.

They lay entangled for several minutes enjoying the glow they shared after their mutual pleasure. As the man removed his flesh from Marielle's body Byth watched and marveled at the great length of him slowly easing out the blond's slim body. Byth felt Marielle's face fall between her thighs as if in resignation, or more likely, relief to be free of the monster that burrowed inside her but also a greater wish for its return.

The moor sighed happily before he eased his bulk off the bed to return to guard duty in front of the door. The two women lay together for several more minutes.

"The first part of your plan has worked well, dear sister," Byth giggled. Marielle joined in quickly.

"I might need to ploy him further," Marielle laughed out loud.

Hanging her head back, over the edge of the bed, Byth could now see outside the hut clearly, though it was framed by the moor's wide-spread legs. A sudden flurry of activity caught her eye. A man clutched at his chest just as a twig seemed to quickly sprout from his chest. Then a second man fell to the ground gasping with a twig at his bosom. A third man sprinted away and then Byth knew Aubert of Greenleaf had returned with her father's bow. Those twigs were, no doubt, arrows let loose by the king himself.

The loud baying of the hound could then be heard inside the hut and the moor backed away from the door to guard his wards more closely. The short man with chain mail burst through the doorway with his blade drawn.

"He has surprised us," the man panted. "We've no need for these wenches, now." The man rushed towards the women to dispatch them, the hand that carried the blade held high. As the shiny blade began to fall towards Byth's unprotected breast a dark hand shot out to hold the arm that guided it.

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