tagInterracial LoveA Kiss Before Midnight

A Kiss Before Midnight


"Oh Helen you look so beautiful!" Lillian, her younger sister, exclaimed. Helen giggled, "Thanks Lillian,"

Lillian giggled, "I'm so jealous! I can't wait to go to my prom."

Helen smiled, "It'll happen soon Lilly don't worry."

Lilly nodded, "Yeah that's true, but still!"

Helen giggled smoothing down her royal blue dress. It was the night of her senior prom, she couldn't be more excited. Her shoulder length black hair was held up with an equally royal blue ribbon. Her hair was curled with curls going around her face. She had diamond earrings, with an equally beautiful diamond necklace, and matching bracelet. She had a blue satin bag with purple eye shadow and dark blue lipstick. She wore a royal blue spaghetti strap gown which was an Olivia Hunter original made just for her. The V neckline top enhanced her chest, the empire waist enhanced her waist, and the flowing skirt enhanced her legs. She looked at herself in the mirror again with a smile on her face. Not even her mother could find anything wrong with her outfit or the way she looked.

Victoria walked in smiling, "I must say Helen you look very beautiful tonight."

Helen smiled, "Thanks mom,"

Her little brothers Johnathan and his twin Thomas walked upstairs, "Diane, Jessica, Mari, Regina, and Sabrina are here with their dates." Johnathan said as Tommy nodded.

Helen smiled, "Great, is um Marc here?"

Thomas shook his head, "Nope nothing from him yet."

"Oh…" Helen said sadly, but perked up quickly, "He told me he'll be here I know he will. Let me go and greet them, come on Lilly."

Lilly noticed the sadness flash in Helen's eyes for a brief second before she nodded in agreement, "Ok Helen let's go say hi."

Helen smiled as she walked out the room with Lillian following behind her. Victoria frowned walking over to Johnathan and Thomas, "You all haven't heard anything from Marc yet?"

Thomas shook his head, "No nothing just a message that said he would be a little late."

Victoria checked her watch, "He said that at 6 it's almost eight now…"

"Don't worry mom I'm sure he'll be here." Tommy said as Victoria nodded, "True…well let me tell Alex that Helen's ready and her friends are here."

"Ok…" Johnathan and Thomas said nodding.

Victoria checked her watch one more time before leaving the room. Johnathan noticed Thomas clenching his fist, "Yo Tommy are you ok?"

"No…what if Marc doesn't show up? I mean he's been acting weird around Helen nowadays. Everytime they have a date he suddenly has something to do." Tommy said.

"I know I've noticed that too. I've noticed another thing he's not over here as much as he's used to. He keeps turning down mom's and Helen's dinner invitations." Johnny said.

"Do you think they've hit a rough patch?" Tommy asked.

Johnny shook his head, "No, if they have why would Helen be in such a good mood?"

"That's true, well, we'll see if we need to have a conversation with Marc later." Tommy said smoothing down his polo shirt.

Johnny nodded, "Right that's true, well, come on Tommy. I'm sure Helen and Lilly are wondering where we're at."

Tommy nodded, "That's true let's go."

They left the room both of them trying to push down the uneasiness they felt. Even though Thomas and Johnathan or Tommy and Johnny as they're often call are next after Helen they still care about her and protect her like they were the oldest. Tommy has a shorter fuse than his twin Johnny. Johnny always calms him down. He figures out the situation before he decides to stop him or join him. They've been worried about Helen and her relationship with her boyfriend Marc.

Marc Halloway is the son of CEO Bryant Halloway. He's one of the heirs to the Halloway Banks, one of the major banks in New York. His family is one of the leading African American owned banks that has held their own against other major banks in the business world. He's one of the male valedictorians in their class and president of the Black Business Professionals of America club. Not to mention vice president of the investment club as well. He's smart, successful, and nice. Sometimes he has fun when he isn't doing anything for school or the banking firm.

He met Helen at a dinner party his mother threw and they hit off pretty well. They decided to go out and they've been going out for seven months now. At first Tommy and Johnny thought that he was pretty good. He made Helen laugh which was good. He treated her nicely another plus and he made her happy another plus, but one day Tommy saw something that sparked his suspicions.

One day he was going through the living room when he heard Marc and Helen talking. They were talking about different things regarding real estate, banks, and what not. He heard Helen say something about banks, but since she doesn't know that much about banks as she does about real estate it was natural for her to be unsure about the information she knew. Well Marc took it upon himself to correct her and talk to her like a four year old in the process. That's when Tommy started being suspicious about him.

He noticed that whenever Nate talked to Helen he just talked to her. He didn't try to talk down to her or make her feel dumb. He noticed with Marc that sometimes he would talk to Helen like she was dumber than a sack of hammers. Helen is the female valedictorian for her class. Even though she wasn't good in science or calculus didn't mean she isn't smart. She knew how to read investments and she could follow the dow market pretty well, but Marc made it seem like she didn't know much about anything. It started to irritate Tommy.

He told Johnny about it the same day. At first he thought that Tommy was being his overprotective self until he overheard Marc talking to Helen one day in the kitchen. They were talking about something on t.v. when he heard Marc talk down to her again. Once Johnny heard he decided that Tommy was right about his suspicions. So they've been suspicious about him for about three months now, but they've kept it away from Helen. They didn't want her happy mood to leave.

They walked downstairs hearing Helen and her friends chat happily about the night coming up in the living room. Before they walked in the door bell rang.

"I got it," Tommy said going to the door. He checked to see who it was before opening it smiling, "Hi Nate, hi guys."

Nate smiled walking in the parlor with four guys behind him, "Hey Tommy, how's it going?"

"I'm good how about you guys." Tommy asked.

"I can't complain," Nate said smiling running a hand through his black hair.

"No dye, today Nate?" Tommy asked.

"No not today because…" Nate started when the guy standing next to him jumped in, "It's because we're performing at the prom tonight so Nate decided not to put it in."

"Gee thanks Donald," Nate said.

Donald, a guy with black hair blond tips and blue eyes, smiled, "No problem Nate, now where's our little princess?"

"Yeah I can't wait to see her!" Marcus, a man with red streak black hair and blue eyes, said smiling.

"Me either!" Jake, a man with snow blond hair and blue eyes, said pushing his way in between Donald and Marcus.

"Is she done dressing? She wouldn't let us see the dress she bought." Adam said placing his sunglasses on top of his head showing a pair of brown eyes pulling his reddish brown hair back in a ponytail.

"Yeah she is, she's in the living room with her friends and their dates. Come on," Tommy said.

Donald smiled, "I know Nate can't wait to see her…" he joked as everyone laughed. Nate's cheeks tinged pink, "Shut up Donald!"

But it was true. He was anticipating how Helen would look all week. She wouldn't tell him anything no matter how hard he begged. He just remembers her smile and going, "You have to wait just like everyone else Nate."

It was nerve racking, but he endured it. He endured the teasing he faced all week too especially from Donald since Donald knew how he felt about Helen. Donald knew that Nate was in love with Helen. He also knew that Helen felt the same for Nate deep down. He didn't know why she was dating Marc when Nate has been with her more times than Marc. He just hoped Nate and Helen wouldn't drift away from each other before their true feelings come to light.

They walked in the living room with Tommy watching Helen talk happily to Diane and her date Bill. Nate eyes widened when he saw Helen. She looked so beautiful Nate didn't know what to say. Helen looked over smiling happily when she saw Nate and the guys.

"Oh my god! Nate! Guys! I'm so happy to see you!" Helen said happily standing up quickly and going towards them. They were amazed she could run so well in heels. She hugged Donald first since he was closest to her, "Donald! I'm so happy to see you!"

Donald smiled, "I'm happy to see you too kitty. You look so cute!"

Helen smiled giggling at her nickname, "Thanks Donald,"

Donald smiled being mindful of her hair as he gave her a slight pat on the head, "My little kitten is all grown up now. You're so cute!"

Helen giggled messing with the hem of her purse, "Thanks Donald."

Donald smiled kitty was the nickname he called Helen ever since he met her in second grade after meeting Nate. The way she walked on ledges, how she would fall on her feet, and how she would curl up during nap time reminded Donald of his cat, Boots, so he started calling Helen that. Helen doesn't mind since she sees Donald as her older brother, but he's one of the few people in the world that can call her kitty or kitten.

"Aww you look so adorable!" Marcus cooed hugging Helen picking her up slightly. Helen screamed a bit, "Marcus! Please!"

"Aww I can't help it! You're so cute!" Marcus said happily placing Helen down. Helen giggled, "Thanks I told you the dress was pretty."

"You were right. It is and it looks so good on you!" Marcus said as Helen turned in her dress. She giggled, "Thank Marcus,"

Marcus laughed as he looked around the room smiling and waving at Helen's friends and their dates. His gaze landing on her mother who narrowed her eyes at him, he smiled wider at her "Hello Victoria, how are you?"

Victoria took a breath closing her eyes, "As I told Nathaniel it's Mrs. Robinson Marcus."

"Oh excuse me Mrs. Robinson, how are you?" Marcus said smiling.

"I'm fine it's good to see you're wearing some clothes this time…" Victoria said.

Marcus chuckled, "Yeah this time my mom made sure to sew everything before I tried it on."

Victoria nodded, "That's good to know Marcus."

Marcus chuckled as Helen flushed a bit. There was a reason why her mother didn't like Marcus. One day during the summer before her eleventh grade year Nate invited her to go out with them and Anna, Donald's current girlfriend at the time, to hang out with them for the day. Helen agreed she couldn't be happier to see them since she didn't have chance to see them a lot during the school year. While she was getting ready Nate and the guys came by to pick her up. Her mother answered the door thinking it was Nate, but instead it was Marcus at their door naked. Their mother screamed scaring Helen and her siblings who thought it was someone other than Nate at the door. They were right, but they didn't know that it was Marcus.

They all got a kick out of it, well, except their mother who became very angry at Marcus. She's still a little tick to this day. Helen and her siblings found out the reason why he was naked. His mother, Olivia, is a pretty well known fashion designer. She designs clothes for different types of age groups from teenager to middle age. She loves using Marcus as a model for her clothes and he loves being a model for his mom. His sisters have as much fun dressing him up as his mom does. He gets to keep the finished product before they hit the stores, which make it even better.

The day they were going to pick up Helen his mom forgot to tell him that he was wearing a prototype so it wasn't completed all the way. His clothes became caught in little nooks and crannies in Nate's car. He noticed his shirt unraveling and had a great idea. He didn't want to mess up his mom's new outfit, but at the same time he wanted to freak out Helen's mom. So he decided to kill two birds with one stone. He took off the outfit then volunteered to go pick up Helen. He didn't know that Helen's mom would answer the door nor did he know that she would scream bloody murder the way she did.

Victoria still hasn't forgotten about that day nor has she forgiven Marcus all the way. It took Helen a lot to calm her mom down and to let Marcus come back over to hang out or hang out with the twins again. It was also a good thing that Olivia loved Helen, she was willing to talk to Victoria for Helen's sake which helped her out a lot. Helen shook her head feeling arms wrap around her waist. She smiled turning around to a smiling Jake, "Hi Helen you're so cute. You smell so good too!"

Helen giggled, "Thanks Jake, you're so sweet."

Jake smiled hugging Helen again before turning to her friends. He smiled, "Well hello ladies aren't we all pretty tonight. The gentlemen look nice as well."

Her friends started giggling as their dates shook their heads. They weren't offended though they knew Jake was only playing. Jake met Helen in his tenth grade year. He had just moved to New York from Atlanta he was still feeling a bit homesick. He wasn't used to the hustle and bustle of New York from his little Atlanta town. Not to mention the cold attitudes of the many people he met in New York. He was starting to think that high school would be worse than expected until he met Helen. She was the first person he met in New York that had a warm personality. Ever since their meeting they've been good friends. Helen is the only few people that know Jake is bi, but it's hard to tell with the way he flirts with girls. He's one younger older than Helen, but one year younger than Nate.

While Jake chatted with Regina, one of her childhood friends, and her date Chris Adam pushed his way through giving Helen a hug.

"Why hello sweetheart you look so nice tonight." Adam said.

Helen smiled hugging Adam back, "Thanks Adam, you look nice too."

Helen met Adam during the summer when she was hanging out with Nate and their friends. Adam and Nate had become good friends their 12th grade year which was Helen's and Jake's tenth grade year. Nate invited him over to hear him play and during practice he met Helen. She was nervous of him at first. His quiet attitude made her think he wasn't really interested in meeting her, but he assured her that he did like her. He was just like that around people he just met. That after awhile he would start talking and it was true. After a couple of weeks of hanging out he became good friends with Helen. Helen's nervousness went away during that time as well.

Adam smiled pushing a loose strand of hair back, "Thanks, so where's Marc?"

"I don't know he told me he would be running a little late so I hope he'll be here in a little while. I hope he's not having car trouble or anything." Helen said.

Adam pushed back his feeling of uneasiness and smiled, "I'm sure he'll be there Helen waiting for you. So are you all ready for prom?"

"As ready as I'll ever be," Diane said.

Helen smiled, "I just can't believe we got Diane in a dress."

Diane gave a play frown as everyone in the room laughed a little even Victoria smiled. Helen's friend, Diane, was a tomboy ever since middle school. She's known Helen since the third grade and she has made it her mission to break Helen out of her shell. She has dark brown skin with off black hair and hazel eyes that turn a blazing dark brown when she's angry. She has been noticing Marc's distance from Helen and his new closeness to his co worker Chantrice. She hasn't said anything to Helen though. She doesn't want to seem like she's being nosy, also she doesn't get in between a friend and her man. She has seen too many friendships break up over that.

"I have to agree though I never thought we would get Helen in a dress. Doesn't she look so cute!" her friend, Regina, said smiling.

Helen giggled, "Aww, but that black dress looks so great on you Regina!"

Regina smiled running her hands down her designer black spaghetti strap evening gown. Regina has light brown caramel skin, dark brown hair, and blue eyes, a result from having a Puerto Rican father and French mother, but she loves both sides of her family. She met Helen in their ninth grade year in English class. After working on a project together they became good friends.

Jessica, a French-American girl, with red hair and green eyes giggled going over to Helen, Diane, and Regina.

"I think we can say that we all look nice tonight." Jessica said playing with one of her many curls in her hair. She pushed her Antonio Bartelli original gown down. It was a red and black sleeveless gown with a V neckline and a flowing skirt. Helen giggled walking over to Jessica giving her a small hug, "You're right we do!"

Jessica giggled hugging her back. She met Jessica in ninth grade as well. They met during math class. Helen needed help with Algebra so she asked the girl next to her who happened to be Jessica. Jessica didn't mind she started helping her during class and they became friends along the way.

Mari smiled, "I love our dresses. I hope no one else has our styles."

Juan, Mari's date, shook his head, "I'll never understand you females and this whole I don't want her with my dress thing."

"Like I told you Juan it's the principal of thing. As a woman you don't want another one to have your dress right guys." Mari said.

"Right," the girls said nodding in agreement. Mari smiled as Juan shook his head. Maribelle or Mari as her friends call her is a Spanish girl with dark drown hair and hazel eyes. Her family immigrated to New York from Spain after her father and his partners were transferred from their investment firm in Spain. She met Helen in ninth grade during a Japan club meeting. She was a new member like Helen, Diane, and Jessica. She was pretty nervous about meeting new people in a brand new country, but after she found out they all like the same manga artist they quickly became friends. Mari smiled placing her hands on her royal purple Angelo Vasquez's gown. It was sleeveless with a V neckline. Her dress stopped mid way showing off her legs and elegant black four inch heels.

Sabrina, an English African American girl, giggled pushing back her jet black hair, "Well I just love our theme this year."

"What's the theme?" Jake asked.

"The girls picked it it's called a romantic night in Paris. It also has a Cinderella feel to it. You know have a ball at the castle, be with your prince, then leave at the stroke of midnight. I wanted to have a 50s theme, but Christina knock my idea down. She said it would be more romantic to have a Parisian theme." Aidan, Jessica's date, said.

"Well, of course it's romantic. I love going home to Paris every year." Jessica said.

"Yeah I'm glad Christina thought of the idea." Sabrina said. Sabrina met Helen and everyone else in tenth grade. She met them during lunch time after Jessica asked could they sit with her at her table. Sabrina agreed and that was the start of a nice friendship. Sabrina smoothed out her designer Toshirou Aizawa blue and white dress. It was a medium length dress with a beautiful blue and white pattern around the dress. The dress had little sapphire and diamond flowers right along the waist of the belt.

"Well I can't wait to see it. I heard the decorations in the country club looks so nice." Jessica said.

"I sure hope so, after all the money we paid in senior dues. Not to mention the donations our parents have given the school over the years." Aidan said.

"That's true I just hope the food there is good." Diane's date, Daniel, said.

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