tagNonHumanA kitten and her Master

A kitten and her Master


This is my first submission to literotica as a writer and was written for my sasquatch as he asked for an erotic story from me.

One night, after a long day at work, Lucie, the alley cat was headed home, walking down a too dark, far too abandoned street and stretching every few feet to relieve the stresses of the day. She was a sweet looking little neko with fleshy long ears and a fluffy pale blonde tail to match her hair. She yawns a few times missing the sudden shadow of the large being she was bound to somehow managing to follow her quietly, for once. Not that she found him to be ominous any longer. But he still freaked her out when he wanted to. She felt a heavy, clawed hand settle on her shoulder, one that belonged to Velve and she'd whine a little, "Don't sneak up on me like thats...", her voice trailing off as she turns around and sees something different in his gaze.

"You should have felt me coming cat girl", his voice a rough gravelly sound she found disturbing and comforting at the same time and that worried her.

"Yous spose to leave me alone and stuffs, I'm safe enough...was safer before I met you", all this said while she adjusted her little work uniform. All the felines had to wear cutesy little outfits that showed more flesh than she preferred and had a draft tickling at her bottom in the chill of night. The demons gaze caught on the short frilly skirt just caressing the curve of her bottom and had she seen it, she may have found something to worry over as the horned creature hardened beneath the heavy fabrics about his waist. Lucie was already turning her back on him again and slowly continued her walk home.

Another rough growl from the demon made her stop at the door to her tiny apartment, "I hope you're ready to apologize for being so impertinent, you will regret it."

She just lets out a little huff of laughter, "yous can't hurt me without hurtin yerself", she didn't know what the demon had in mind, but she wouldn't have laughed even a little if she'd paid attention to the lust brewing inside of him.

"Oh I can harm you well enough without hurting myself even a little, Lucie", there was a different sound to his voice now and after he followed her into the apartment, she found herself pushed down to the floor with him following, her skirt lifted up to reveal she still wasn't fond of wearing panties and with his length over hers, he was able to hold her wrists down to the ground while breathing his hot breath over her sex.

"Y-you can't play with me like this, I'm no toy, I said I'd only do things if they weren't crazy, this is crazy, you lemme go demon man", she still had trouble saying his name and he caught onto it easily enough, a hot, slick demon tongue coming out to tease over her lips and flick just once hard at her clit, making the kitten wriggle and squeal but also start to drip sweet honey.

"I will make a deal with you, cat girl. When you learn to say my full name, I will let you free, until then, it's not something I'm asking you to do, it's something I'm making you do...", he'd trail off with rough laughter and tease a claw from his free hand over her swelling, dripping sex and murmur softly, "besides, your body likes what I'm doing, it can't be too crazy", he gives her little clit a pinch with his claws and she trembles.

Lucie was panting soon and he'd shuffle her about so she was seated on his lap, but she was still small enough, he could easily look over her shoulder at those small breasts and a little case would appear from somewhere, popping open to reveal what looked like earrings, but weren't. "I don't wear earrings no mores....", she trails off when he pinches a nipple and makes her squeak again.

"Who said these are for your ears?", then his intention became clear, each little hoop had a small piece missing from it but was made of a metal only found in hell that would seal itself permanently once attached to the wearer and she'd whimper. She didn't know she'd never be able to remove them, but he was teasing her pink nipples till they were swollen and begging to be licked. Then he used claws on both hands and quickly pierced both nipples at once, making her cry out a sound he stopped by sticking that long, hot tongue down her throat. She would squirm a little but didn't want her nipples torn and all too soon she could feel the extra weight of the rings attached, she toyed with them looking for the opening after he let her lips free and just held her whimpering on his lap, his hips moving enough to grind his large member against her bottom.

"N-no mores....i-it hurts....i can't find how ta get them offs", she was twisting them more frantically but finally he stopped her.

He leaned down low beside her ear and whispered roughly, "they'll never come off, I told you, you're mine", those words making her tremble on his lap and whimper, the sounds and feeling of her terror only making him feel stronger and more a Master of her than if she'd fought him tooth and nail.

"Please take em off, v-velve....d....errrr.....i dunno how ta say the rests", she was trembling again and tried at least pushing to her feet to remove herself from his lap, but he wouldn't have it.

"No kitten, you'll stay right here....unless of course...would you like to sit elsewhere, Lucie?", his voice took a kind tone, something he was trying out, mostly to trick the little kitten that had caught onto and argued her way out of so much already.

She thought about it for less than a second and nods her head, he had no intention of letting her off his lap though and would lift her up some, a shuffling of fabric heard before he'd impale her on his throbbing cock. The outrageous heat of it making her scream into her small apartment, he'd fit a little gag into her mouth and strap it around her head, holding her there on his thick shaft and groaning into her ear, "is that a better seat, cat girl?", then chuckling darkly.

Lucie couldn't speak or move with the way he held her, her back to his chest and her tight little pussy wrapped around the largest shaft she'd ever had inside of her. She was panting and whimpering against the gag and shaking her head quickly. He didn't respond with more than another chuckle before whispering darkly in her ear, "let's try to make my pet more comfortable, shall we?", then he lifted her hips all the way to the tip of his cock before dropping her back down, eliciting a groan and additional panting from the small kitten. She was stretched around him but her body liked it, she was dripping wet, his warmth and the feeling of being filled did something odd to her body. She didn't know it was something in his precum causing it but she'd mewl against the gag suddenly and wriggle her hips a little. It was starting to feel good enough she didn't have the urge to fight it. And again her hips would give a little wiggle and the demon would laugh into her ear again, "that's it my little pet, you want it now don't you?", the demon removes the gag now and after some stretching, Lucie would respond.

"Please?", just one sweet little word making it past her panting lips as she tries lifting herself but he held her down on his cock, even her squirming making him groan with the pleasure of such a tight little creature stretched around him. She would have tried fighting the feelings if she'd known the secret of his secretions. But she was naïve about such things and demons.

"I'll give you all the cock that you need if you'll do one little thing for me, Lucie. You must wear a collar showing all that you're my pet. Do you understand, cat girl?", he'd tip her head back enough to stare down into her eyes and while comprehension stirred, the need there was still so thick that she'd have no choice but to agree.

"okies, I wear a collar....i'm your pet....please let me have mores?", she whimpered the last bit and the demon would chuckle again, placing the same sort of metal around her neck, but it was embellished with little horns and it being added to her flesh made the little nipple rings send a sort of small vibration through her body as if all of the pieces lived to do what he commanded of them. The kitten on his cock, just a toy like the rest now.

"That's right Lucie, you're mine now. A pet, a toy, and I'll use you as I please. Oh, you'll like it too. See, now that the collar was agreed to, you won't ever escape me, pet", he'd chuckle harshly in her ear and lift her up off of his cock, placing her on her hands and knees before him before kneeling down and fucking her like the little animal she was. Her knees scraping on the floor with each thrust and her claws digging into the carpeting a little as he fucks her hard, but his secretions had her mewling and wiggling back at him instead of yowling in pain or screaming for him to stop and she'd cream on his cock in no time, earning herself a spanking which she whined through. "Bad pet, you do not cum on my cock or anywhere else until I allow it or I will put a chastity device on you, understand?"

Lucie would whimper and nod her head slowly, but it wasn't enough for him. "No, you will call me Master, pet, you will call me it and love doing so", she whimpers some more and having already been lured by the aphrodisiac dripping into her still, she'd respond.

"Y-yes Master, i-I understands", she was a submissive little thing anyhow, but now she really felt like she was an owned little creature and her pussy would pulse around him as he'd begin fucking her hard again.

"Now, you will beg to have my seed filling you, maybe when you go into heat, I'll make you beg for kittens, little demon kittens, no one will know any better what they are until they attack them", the demon chuckles darkly enjoying the tight sheath around his hard cock and smacking her ass still cause he enjoyed the red coloring her bottom had taken up.

"Please, Master, please fill Lucie up with seeds", she would whimper between words from the spanking but still she was wet and needy around him, she didn't understand how she could still need it after the first orgasm but she was soon approaching another and his claw would dip down between her thighs, flicking that swollen clit of hers and making her whine, "p-please Master, fill me up afore I cums again, I no wanna wear a chas....chasi....a belt thingy, i-I be a good pet, j-just fill me up with seeds, pleases?", she couldn't get complicated words when she was near her orgasm and he'd chuckle harshly in her ear.

"Oh, I don't know if you deserve anything more than for me to fuck you till I can put a device on you for all eternity", he would pound into her, the begging and need in her voice only making him need to spill inside her all the more and soon enough he would roar as he filled her with hot seed, making her gasp and he'd pinch her clit to force her to cum without his permission, laughing cruelly in her ear as he did so and once he'd finish panting and filling her up, he'd pull from her gaping little snatch making her whine again before leaning down to whisper in her ear, "you can wear a chastity device for that or I can brand you, little pet, your choice."

She'd whimper as he spoke and then he was fucking her little snatch hard and she'd be panting and mewling but holding back, even when his hot seed filled her, she was doing so well, then he pinched her clit just right and she'd cream on his cock again and yowl in ecstasy. She would pant as he pulls from her and gives her two choices and she'd mumble softly, "i-I don't want eithers, Master"

He'd grin hoping she would say that and a device is snapped around her waist and between her thighs making her whimper before she'd feel heat burning through her flesh on her left outer thigh, somehow the damage he did to her, didn't reflect back on him. And he'd explain how into her ear, "I spoke to a friend, he said this...", he taps on the collar, "would help counteract anything I could do to you or you could do to me, I just had to get you to agree to wear it first, so no more tattoos little kitten, just you as my toy and a whole lot of pleasing your Master, understand?"

She'd gotten both things she in no way desired, though her sex still tingled, the seed now trapped inside of her working into her system to turn her into the perfect little toy for him. Not changing anything she'd notice about herself but making it so she'd be ready for him when he wanted her and so that when he decided, she would go into heat if he so wished her to carry a little of demon kitties. Her last words to him before passing out from all the torment and being made into a pet, "y-yes Master."

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