A Kitty for Santa


As wrong as this sounds pussy never tastes better than when you know you are not supposed to be eating it. When you know that someone is watching you or when you know there are people out there who know what you are doing. There's a certain amount of naughtiness that is felt that adds to the exhilaration of the act. I mean I'm in a house full of women in costumes who are doing all sorts of erotic and lustful acts upon each other in many different positions. This house is a capsule of sexual sorcery, circulating into every room and hypnotizing its inhabitants.

"I have to go."

"Hit and run? Not in my presence." Grabbing my neck and pulling me close our lips came together and she moaned into my mouth, knowing where my tongue had been. She turned me around and sat me on one of the theatre seats, lowering my pants quicker than I thought possible.

"Shit" My phone was going off and her tongue was going in. "Hold on Leslie."

All I got was a negative moan and her hand tightening on my thighs, fuck. That tongue was long and wreaking havoc on my senses. The phone went to voicemail and soon was ringing again. So of course my lovely friend answered it and handed it to me.

"It'll just be another few minutes Detective I'm sorry its taking so long." Leslie was playing her part to help me in being late but mostly just teasing the hell out of me. As she returned to my pussy and a smile played across her lips before making contact.

"Detective Prescott?" Don't moan.


"This is Agent Celeste Young, just wanted to make sure everything was all right and you were on your way." Oh God I'm so dead. Leslie was now sucking and flicking my clit with her tongue.

"I'm sorry I was..." (Leslie pulled away and bit my thigh) "ahh...a little tied up" (she gripped my thighs and went back to work, Oh I was tied up all right) "but I'll be on my way very ...very soon."

"Okay Thank You."

"No, Thank You." I hope she didn't figure out I was well, "Oh right there."

I hung up the phone and Leslie renewed her efforts working her way into my passage and reaching for the spots deep within that every woman needed to have explored.

"I am going to be so late."

"At least it'll be worth it."

I was done fighting her and now she was using her fingers inside my pussy. Tender long fingers caressing my inner secret passage ways, damn this was perfect. She wasn't looking to rush our one night of sexual pleasure and I was getting my much needed release.

One last thrust and suck and I was over the edge. A smile playing across my lips as she kissed my pussy and my thighs. Damn we were still wearing clothes.

"We have to do this again Tiffany."

"Call me and we'll get together soon, I'd like a repeat performance."

Leslie and I had become just two more people enchanted by the spell that was woven by the spirits of the night. The spirits of those who wanted to feel the freedom of their sexual exploits. We were two more women doing to each other what everyone craves to do for one another, sexual bliss.

Agent Solo I hate you whoever you are.

I drove off into the world of chaos and it took me an hour to get from Beverly Hills to downtown LA, usually it would've taken no more than 20 minutes.

I'm Detective Tiffany Prescott by the way, and I work for the Forensics department and the Robbery-Homicide division. I'm currently in a hotel room where a husband and father decided to take his life. Sometimes I think of how selfish suicide is and how people take the easy way out when they do that. Although, even with the note saying why he did it I can already see this wasn't a suicide, it was murder.

First of the blood splatter doesn't coincide with a person shooting themselves. The letter was written by a left-handed person and the gun was in the victims right hand. The wallet is missing a few credit cards from the creases in the wallet, where it looks like there were cards there previously. There are a variety of drugs in the room to indicate this person may have tried to overdose, and several needles, but there are no previous needle marks that I can identify.

This is definitely a set up.

"Detective Prescott, I'm Agent Solo, with the FBI." What an attractive woman, with a voice thats low and sexy but presented with a power that makes you not want to mess with her. She reminds me of Santa. I on the other hand am a bubbly person who takes no prisoners.

"You remind me of someone." I saw a smirk form. "FBI, why are you guys here?" Not that I mind you being here, nice body, looks like she takes good care of herself and that is definitely a D&G watch, a woman with good taste. She's wearing black slacks and a black Banana Republic dress shirt that's tucked in and her breast look like they are begging me to let them out of their restraints, definitely more than a hand full, with a black leather motorcycle jacket. Lastly was her gun on her belt clip I had long ago figured out that a woman who could use a gun and carry it easily was a woman who got a few extra points in my book. Her body also reminds me of Santa.

"Mr. Duchett here was a witness for us. Who do I remind you of?"

"Ah, that's why he was murdered. Someone I met earlier."

"Murdered I was told it looked like a suicide. Is she the unforgettable type?"

"It's supposed to look that way but I can already tell it's not. Well, I can see that your people are here to take care of this so I'll be leaving." I turned to walk away. "No, she's not unforgettable but she was my type, kind of, I guess, anyway good night."

I hate FBI they always want to make you feel like they're better. It's a part of this ongoing power struggle where anytime they're around, my people get their good cases taken away. She seemed different, however.

"Wait, look I'm sure that's how the FBI always makes it seem, but I had you called because I know that you are good at what you do. I need your assistance and I have informed your superiors that we would be needing you for this investigation. I thought you had been informed. Does that make me your type?" HHmmm requested me personally, it was you Agent Solo that ruined my night. I must be damn good at my job.

"You informed my superiors? Are you flirting with me?" Two conversations at once I'm impressed she can keep up.

"Yes, they were informed and I'm just asking questions."

"I don't have a choice is what you're saying. Why are you so interested?" I stepped up closer to her I don't like being told I have to do anything. I hate orders, but I like her.

"No, I guess you don't. Is there a reason you don't want to take it? And because you're interesting." I thought she would back up but she didn't a woman who stands her ground, I like.

"Yeah last time I worked with the FBI I was told how to do my job the whole time and I don't like being told what to do. No offense but your people are a bunch of pretentious pricks with sticks up their asses." She laughed which is a good thing considering I'm probably offending her, she still hadn't moved away. "Interesting, huh, that's a new one, I'm used to cute or beautiful, but interesting, hhmmm."

"None taken, my people are asses, but I am not. Look I'm running this investigation and my forensic people are now under your command. If anyone gives you trouble let me know. Do whatever you feel is necessary and don't let US get in YOUR way. INTERESTING, yes, but cute, beautiful, gorgeous, sssssexy, those work too." Holy Shit, gorgeous sexy that was all her. Damn she smells good, that smells reminds me of Santa. Why does she remind me of her so damn much? I'm the worst lesbian by the way I have no gay-dar, to me any woman is fair game. She was definitely a woman I would love to have.

"Thank You. First things first I need everyone out of the room before any more evidence is tainted."

"Does that include me?"

"Especially you, you're cologne is kind of distracting to me, you smell familiar." I smiled my seductive smile, I needed her to know I wanted her and not that I was trying to be offensive or anything.

"Done. You know there is also something interesting about the way you smell, it seems familiar in a tasty edible way. How'd you know it was cologne and not perfume? Everyone step outside let's let Detective Prescott check the room before we can collect any evidence. Next."

"It smells very different it works for you. I'm glad I smell to your liking. Here are my keys can you grab my jacket out of my truck it's the black Escalade downstairs, it's kind of cold in here." I flashed her my cutest smile, I needed her to move back, and I was not going to budge. I wanted to see how far I could push before she tried to be my superior.

But she surprised me, she smiled, took off her leather motorcycle jacket and handed me my keys.

"Next time you should wear more than a wife beater. Here take my jacket I hate walking and it smells like me." She stepped around me and put it on me, while whispering in my ear. "If a power struggle is what you want I'm not one to back down." She walked out the door. Chills.

Until tonight I hadn't been with a woman in over 6 months since my ex and I broke up. This woman was definitely turning me on and making me forget my vow to not date another woman in uniform. In theory of course, because she didn't wear a uniform. I work all sorts of hours, crimes don't have a schedule which makes it hard to date and meet new people. Yet here was a gorgeous woman and all I could think of while looking at the pool of blood on the floor, was having here underneath me on that bed in front of me. So, so wrong.

I had just had my not so fair share of pussy earlier and she made me want more, much much more.

It took a few hours to get the room done, which was too easy, this person was a professional, just not sure what kind of professional, they were very detail oriented. They may as well have bagged and tagged the evidence for me, leaving it in places where I would "never check" or things I would "never find."

"All right I'm done, Agent Solo. Can you grab the evidence and help me down to my car."

"Black Escalade right?" I smiled.


Everyone else stayed behind to keep working on the room.

"I would love to tell you that our facilities are amazing for your kind of work, but I'm sure you're going to say something about knowing your own facilities better. Soooooo, let's cut to the chase, how do you want to handle this?"

"Ha, don't act like you know me. I will handle it the way I handle all cases in my lab, next to my office." She just nodded with a smirk.

"Of course why would I possibly think I know you. Why don't I tell you what I do know? I know that you've never made a mistake that would cause a case to be thrown out because you were being careless. I know that any case with your name on it gets a conviction. I know what schools you went to and the many recommendations you've been given over the years. I also know that you're not just a Detective and go by Doctor Prescott."

"Okay being a stalker doesn't mean you know me." Wow she did her research on me it's too bad I don't know anything about her...yet.

"You're funny Prescott, look this case is a priority you'll find that it has to be handled the same way on your end. Wait, I know you want to argue with me because all Capricorns are stubborn but there are three more witnesses in the case this person was involved in and we don't want them to commit suicide as well."

We got to my car and I loaded everything in the back. I wasn't used to being studied by anyone so I had to come up with a back up plan on how to deal with her. I'm the person people say things like I can never tell what you're thinking and for someone to presume to know me so well is unsettling.

"So you really have been stalking me. Why me, I'm sure you have great forensics people on your team and I have never personally heard of you and I've worked with the FBI before. Who are you?"

"Agent Santana Solo at your service, you've never heard of me because I work in the East Coast mostly. Just moved a year ago and I make it a point to find out who the best of the best are wherever I am. You are the best at what you do and I need to be able to keep my good track record and you are going to help me do that."

"Who do you know to have been able to request me? Many have tried but I have never been forced. Today I get a call from my friend the Mayor himself letting me know that he would appreciate it if I could "cooperate" with you." She always made sure to invade my personal space and that was usually hard for anyone to do, I always made a point to distance myself but she had no problem getting in. Not to mention how unsettling it was to look into her eyes. Brown pools of chocolate. She was good, kind and innocent in her own way.

"So you knew you had to work with me and yet you still tried to leave. Hhhmmm. I'll come by your lab tomorrow morning to see how you're doing what your findings are and I will be with you every step of the way."

"Fine, I don't have a choice in this but don't for one-second think that I'm going to make this easy for you. I hate being told what to do." I wasn't rude on the contrary I said this all with the biggest smile. I got into my truck and left. I knew I would see her tomorrow so I kept her jacket. She had left her cell phone in her pocket and this would help me find out who she was.

I went to my lab and worked for 4 hours straight just to get all the evidence logged in. Then I started operation spy on the new FBI agent. She was born and raised in Virginia, was in the Air Force for 4 years, moved to New York to go to NYU when she was 21. Her career took her to Miami in 2008 for a few months, then back to D.C. in 2009 and lastly L.A in 2011. She has definitely made a name for herself in the bureau. I called a friend and she wasn't happy that I had forgotten what time it was, but she did tell me that she's well known for her high success rate. When she gets a case she always gets her criminal.

As for personal life, that's hard to find but definitely as stubborn as me as she too is a Capricorn so she knows from experience. Looks like no marriage and no kids, has a sister and brother in Virginia and parents also still live there. I did find out that she works best alone and her partners don't last long. So now she's good enough to fly solo, like her last name. Once part of my recon was done I went home to my nice big loft.

I have a loft in downtown Los Angeles. I bought into the whole artist loft early on when they were cheap. When I was younger my parents brought my sisters and I to explore downtown. My mom loves to sew so we would come to the textile district and my dad and I would go off and explore the downtown world. We were one of the few white people in the area. I fell in love with downtown LA.

I'm adopted by the way. My birth name is Rosa Guadalupe Lopez, but MY name is Tiffany Prescott. I was born at Kaiser hospital on Sunset Boulevard. My adoption was taken care of before I was born. My birth mother gave my parents a picture of her and my birth father in case I ever wanted to see it. I have it in a frame in my living room, why I'm not sure.

I say we when I say white because my parents are white although my birth parents were Mexican. My birth father was a blonde green eyed tall Mexican and my mother was a brunette with brown eyes, from what I can see, so technically I'm Hispanic but I don't now anything about them. I in turn am blonde with green eyes about 5'8" with my mothers body, skin complexion is the color of milk with a little coffee, but dark enough that you know there's coffee and a mixture of their height. Hips that sway like Jessica Rabbit and lips just like hers, they're really pink, unnaturally pink. My chest is present not large, my assets are definitely in the back. I work out but I can't do the whole ripped abs thing I just love food too much to even try to be that small. I have the legs of a soccer player, thighs that are proportionate to my hips and calves that deem a double take. Yes, I am confident in myself, I have to be I have 3 older sisters, who are also adopted and we had to work hard for the attention we got. In a crowd of beautiful women I need to stand out. I do it because if I was too meek I would have been eaten alive in high school.

I went to an all girls Catholic High School so the competition was aggressive. I have always been gay; that school was perfect for me so many girls to chose from and regardless of religion, we were young and hormonal.

I started working on dinner around 6:00, I had slept from the time I got home. I knew the new agent would eventually find my place. So since she has lived alone for many years and is a career woman I figured she hadn't had a home cooked meal in a while. My plan was to get her into my territory and extract information about her while she was drinking wine and her stomach was full. I made my favorite, skirt steak on the grill, fried rice and caesar salad.

Like clock work she was here at 7:30. How did I know she would come? Well, that is simple, I took her phone and then I didn't answer when she called me at the lab and figured she would think I came home soon after dropping everything off. Then I came home since I wouldn't be there she would have to find a way to get my address, because I had taken Monday off. Problem is I have a PO Box in the files at work, and my loft is in my parents name and so are my siblings properties and their own. So that's 6 properties if she goes that route. Then my cell phone is also in my mom's name so tough luck there. My truck is the only thing under my name and it's registered to my sister's address, so she may end up there. Last thing available is to trace the GPS on her phone.

My sister called at 7:00 PM, said an Agent Solo was looking for me at her place, she lives in Pasadena. I told her to give her the 'she didn't answer' line and that she didn't feel comfortable giving her my address. I knew she would get desperate and just do the trace, that had to be a last resort thing because it was after all her own cell phone and who loses their phone, right.

"Agent Solo what a surprise, you should have called before coming over, I wasn't expecting company." I had the biggest grin on my face.

"You think you're funny don't you, taking the day off when you knew you had my phone and I had no way to find you." She sounded calm but annoyed just a little.

"Actually, no, I don't, people do, but I take myself very seriously." I was trying my hardest not to smile anymore. My mom always told me that as a kid, 'you think you're so funny don't you Tiffany.'

"So did you find what you were looking for?"

"Um, I didn't know I was looking for anything." Confusion was the vibe I was trying to give.

"Bullshit you knew you had my phone and then took off and didn't answer at the lab and you knew how hard it would be for me to find you because you have made that literally impossible." She was smiling, it looks good on her.

"Well, I apologize for any trouble you may have gone through, here's your phone, no hard feelings right."

"You had it in your back pocket, so you have been snooping."

"Nope I took it out of your jacket and figured if you tried to call or anyone who knew you called I would have them tell you I had it. You know you could have just called me and asked where I lived you didn't have to go out of your way to find me."

"Thank You, I figured you wouldn't answer and I see you will be keeping my jacket."

"Oh yeah, I'm having the lab test it, to see what I can find on you. You look tired, have you eaten?"


"Because I'm going to Disneyland."


"It was a joke you know how I think I'm funny, ha ha lol lmao anything. Anyway I made dinner and I don't know how to cook for just one person, did you wanna come in for dinner?"

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