tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Knight's Quest Ch. 02

A Knight's Quest Ch. 02


Hey guys,

So this is the second installment of A Knight's Quest, which I said I wouldn't make. But I'm starved for new ideas, and I need something to occupy myself. So here goes.

Tell me if you like it! Leave a comment, send me a message, whatever. I may write another chapter of this, we'll see how it goes while writing it.

Know, as a note, that I will use David, Victor, and David Victor in random situations. All three are the same character.

The Illuminaughty


"Good morning, honorable knight!" Victor David woke me. "Every knight needs a good breakfast, does he not?" I squinted, rubbing my eyes. It was well past dawn.

"Morning, David..." I looked up at him and he was standing tall at my bedside, a servant in snappy suit and tie holding a platter just above what was obviously his hugely pregnant stomach. He lowered the plate, breasts condensed into something resembling a corset, with allowances for his state, surely.

"You need not serve me breakfast, wizard." I said, waving away the obviously uncomfortable servant, who left the breakfast on a table by my bedside.

"Oh, but I do, it's your favorite!" said the wizard, his cloak closed.

"Perhaps. Oh, alright..." I took the platter and put it down on my lap, digging into the poached egg on the biscuit. Victor David sat down next to me on the bed and watched for a while as I ate.

"You want some?" I said, offering a forkful of egg-covered deliciousness to the wizard.

"I've already eaten, fair knight." He shook his head.

"Oh, surely you can hazard a solitary bite!" I said. He took the fork. "Your servant makes the most amazing eggs."

"Yes, yes she does." Victor David nodded. I furrowed an eyebrow, looking concerned. "What's wrong, my love?" Victor David asked me.

"She... Who is the father of her child?" Victor David looked down, as if in shame, at his palms.

"I am." Victor said. I almost spit my food out in surprise. After swallowing, I turned to him.

"You are? But I thought that Grant was your last wife..." I stared him down.

"He was. Part of being married to me is competition. Once in a while, a new man will come along hoping to conquer the monstrous wizard, instead defeating my mate." My thoughts raced. I was one of those men. "These men may or may not fall in love with me, and they agree to the same demands as you did. They choose whether or not they become women, she chose to. But when a new partner comes along, the old one joins my workforce, the job being their choice entirely."

I was shocked. So I had relieved Grant of service?

"The situation with Grant is different, because you killed her. She was a bit insane, mind you. Very territorial. In any case, these partners continue to bear my children. Soon after they give birth, I impregnate them again."

Oh my God. Seriously? I thought it over. There must be a million of these damn kids.

"There aren't that many children. They've only had about 3 kids each on average, there's only 20 of them. Each one has their own children. The number seems huge, but it's not so bad after you think about it." He did that damn mind reading thing again.

"Okay, but..."

"You don't have to do it for me." he said. "You're different."

"Really?" I asked.

"Of course! You're my brave knight, my fair maiden. It's different."

"Thank you, Victor David..."

"You're welcome. Now what would you like to do today?"

"I wouldn't mind some manner of a tour..." I said, sitting up and finishing some porridge.

"A tour of the grounds it is, then. Come, get dressed." David led me through the room to the closet, a huge walk-in affair.

"Holy shit!" I said, surprised.

"Why thank you. It's all available to you."

"Give me a moment. Get dressed yourself, you oaf. You can't go about in that robe forever." I looked him up and down. He shed his robe, naked underneath, though I resisted the urge to look down.

"I disagree, I think I can stay in this forever, but I will do what you ask." He snapped his fingers, suddenly wearing a tight cloth shirt, quite dark, and pants of the finest white cotton.

"Dashing." I said, smiling. I picked out a pair of seemingly slender pants which hugged to every inch of my legs as if it were for their dear lives. Along with this, a brown vest over the commoner's tan cloth with the cut down half the sternum.

"And how quaint." he said, looking at me in what appeared to be adoration. I smiled.

"Thank you..." I almost felt embarrassed for myself. We walked together out of the bed quarters, out on to the courtyard. It was bright and sunny. Victor waved a hand, and a person in long blue cloak with an apron appeared. She had long brown hair and ruby red lips, blue eyes and a body that would make any father ache; breasts large and full, and a belly that looked like it may spew out babies any second.

"Sir Harley, if you please, the knight has requested a tour-"

"Oh my dear God, woman, are you okay?" I said, shocked.

"I'm peachy, thank you for asking. Nothing can stop my mobility, not even twins. And it's Lady Harley and you know it, David." she scolded him. He conceded.

"Yes, fine. So, about that tour..." he said.

"Happy to help the new girl." she answered. "I'll wait over by the main gates, you can come over when you're ready." I smiled and nodded. Victor David pulled me close in to his chest.

"She's really gorgeous... I wish I could be like her." I said to him softly, kissing.

"I can bring you one step closer, my maiden, but you don't want to be exactly like her."

"And why is that?" I leaned into him, tilting my head back.

"That woman is going into labor tomorrow and has no idea. Those will be her seventh and eighth children. She won't suffer, but she will go through a very, very hard day, this being on top of caring for them after they're born." I looked down in shame.

"Oh. So I may not want to be like her."

"Perhaps not, but try this..." David waved a hand. My chest started growing and growing until I had breasts bigger than cabbage heads. My shirt stretched, the cut spreading wide open.

"Oh, thank you..." I say, kissing him. My balance was thrown off by my new chest.

"You're welcome. Perhaps if you like it we can try something new later." he smiled. And thus we left for our tour.


Lady Harley was surprisingly fast for a woman past her due date. We went by a whole ton of rooms, each with a person running it. The servants looked happy, or at least complacent. The more I looked at them, the more I wanted to be like Grant, a queen carrying her king's precious young.

Then we came to the birth room. One of the servants, likely the security based on the uniform, was rushed into the room on a bed, and he was stripped of his clothes. Victor David suddenly appeared in the room, in a billow of smoke. I watched him speak to the servant. The servant seemed reassured by his words. I watched intently as David walked into the observation room, watching as a servant birthed his babies. The walls were soundproofed, and rightly so- I could see that the doctor and nurse helping the man birth were trying to stop him from groaning so much.

Suddenly, I saw him shoot up and lean over his massive belly, in pain. As he lay back down, I watched between the man's legs. There seemed to be no indication of a vagina or anything: the anatomy seemed totally male. Lady Harley drew in a breath, looking intently at the man as he struggled. She turned to me and nudged me away from the window. She looked at the birthing scene while she muttered to me,

"You may not want to watch this, it won't be pretty." I stepped back towards the window and said,

"I can handle it. Don't worry." Harley didn't object. Her shoulders were raised up and clenched in, her arms crossed over her belly. She let out a sigh of relief when the baby started crowning out of the servant's rear.

The baby came slowly, very slowly. The baby's head almost hung out of the man's ass as he continued to struggle. With a recoil, he finally got the shoulders free, pushing the rest of his baby out. The nurse grabbed a pink towel from a neat pile, rather than a blue one. It was a girl. The man looked so happy...

"Oh, God!" Harley said, exclaiming. I watched her grab her belly and I was worried sick.

"Don't worry, it's just a kick." she explained. "Nothing to worry about. We should move on." she directed me down the hall. We saw more rooms, a grand dining hall and a small auditorium. Then we toured the servants' quarters.

"This room houses all but ten of the staff, mostly the ones who clean and cook and tend the fields. The teams of four security officers and medical staff have their own quarters in the watch tower and by the operating room." Harley said. There were thirty two beds in here, each accompanied by a series of cribs that took up not much more space than the beds. Windows lined one wall of the place, allowing for a ton of natural light in the room.

Six servants sat in the center of the barracks, on six of eight massive lounge chairs. They seemed to have little in common other than their pregnant bellies and gigantic breasts. I wondered why on earth they wanted tits that big, I was unbalanced with ones like mine that would be on the large side back in my home kingdom. All of the women wore strange uniforms, leaving their massive breasts supported but completely exposed. Their uniforms were like skirts that went from the bottom of their breasts down to their ankles. Each was also holding a baby, cradling it in their arms.

"These six ladies are our caretakers. We have two more, one for both the watch tower where the guards live and for the quarters by the OR. They tend to our babies while we're off working for the wizard. Part of their job-" one of the babies woke up and started crying, but the woman holding it lifted the baby gently to her nipple and the baby immediately started sucking- "Is to feed the newborns, while they're also tasked with caring for the youngest of the children that can't go to school yet. We have teachers here, too." I looked, trying to take it all in.

"You have quite the infrastructure going on here!" I exclaimed.

"Our food is supplied mostly by the wizard's magic, but otherwise we're completely self-sustained. We don't need to go anywhere else." she answered. I was very interested.

"This is quite awe-inspiring." I said. "I never thought a society like yours could exist." I said.

"Well, you're the second in command of this society now, so I'm glad you're pleased. You seem much nicer than the last queen we had."

"Sir Grant... Did she have any children?" I asked. Second in command... I didn't know if I was ready to take that on.

"We knew her better as Queen Grace. She fended off the wizard for years before he finally put his spawn in her. I don't know where she is, probably mourning the loss of her royalty. But she sure as hell isn't tending for her children, she's pregnant with her first child. She was apparently due, actually, yesterday." Lady Harley told me.

"Unfortunately she was not so fortunate. I killed her, because she fought me to the bitter end." I said. Lady Harley looked at me in shock, but suddenly her expression changed into delight.

"The wretch is dead?" Harley asked me as we walked out of the quarters.

"Have some respect for your former queen." Victor David suddenly appeared next to us as we walked down the corridor towards the courtyard.

"Yessir." Harley said. "I'm sorry."

"No need to apologize. Go tend to your children for the afternoon; you deserve a break." David told her. Harley graciously curtsied and went back to the quarters.


The Courtyard, minutes later


"So, how do you like my little kingdom?" Victor David asked as we sat down on a bench in the summer sun. I adjusted my shirt, still trying to accommodate the breasts that now hung from my chest. I promptly turned to him to answer the question.

"I love this place... It feels so much more communal than it seemed like it would. I feel at home here..." I said, pulling my vest off. Sweat dripped down my back as I caught a mirage in the corner of my eye.

"I'm glad you like it, because you rule it now alongside me." Victor said. I smiled.

"So I saw you in the birthing room..." I said to him. He thought for a moment, as if he didn't remember.

"Ah, yes. Daniel from security. He was very faithful to me all those years ago, he's also very kind-hearted. He had a beautiful daughter." Victor David smiled, thinking upon his newest child.

"Yes, I thought the girl was beautiful. Daniel must be quite pleased." I said. Somewhere deep down inside me, I wanted that level of happiness for myself, but I didn't think I was ready to take on a pregnancy.

"He is, he's currently feeding her in the quarters, actually."

"He's already back in his quarters?" I asked. I knew he was accompanied by the other guards in the watch tower.

"Oh, don't worry, he won't have to work for at least two weeks. I put a spell on him that makes him recuperate faster, he'll be much happier if he isn't bound to the bed. He does want to spend time with his children, though, and he most certainly has that right. He can go back to work any time in the next month that he pleases, and he has to return to work after the ceremony."

"Oh... The ceremony?" I asked.

"Harley didn't tell you about it?" Victor questioned.

"Nothing about a ceremony, no. We saw a little stage room, but nothing about a ceremony." I answered. My interest grew. "What's the ceremony?"

"The ceremony happens right after the last servant heals after birthing. I usually place a spell on them all to heal quickly. At the ceremony, which I hold in the quarters, I re-impregnate all of the servants. It's a public affair for us, each servant gets a turn to have sex with me again, in front of everyone else. The servants love doing it, they say it's their favorite part of the whole process."

"I can see why, they all get to take your cock!" I said, alarmed. I was trying to deal with the information.

"I suppose. Some of them say that being exposed to one another like that for so long makes them feel more open and connected with one another."

"I don't have to take part in the-" I was cut off by David.

"Not if you don't want to, no. My partner gets to have me whenever they desire. You can have anything you want. I would do anything to please my maiden, my knight."

"Okay..." I said, still apprehensive about this whole ceremony thing.

"But would you want to take part?" David asked. I shook my head.

"I don't want to be impregnated in front of everyone."

"But you want to be impregnated?" Victor David asked me. I sighed, trying to answer the question without being rude or submitting myself totally to him. Suddenly, a gust of wind came, blowing his robes wide open. I caught a glimpse of his cock and immediately made up my mind, still under its spell.

"Yes, yes I do." I probably would have said yes anyway, given how in love with this life I was becoming, but the spell on his dick pushed me over the edge of the decision.

"Well, when would you like me to put them in you?"

"Not today. Today, I have another favor to ask of you first."

"Anything you ask is yours." The wizard said.

"You keep calling me your knight, your maiden." I said.

"Yes, and?" The wizard responded, confused.

"I don't want that anymore." I proclaimed. The wizard looked worried.

"You don't want to be my maiden or my knight anymore?" Victor David asked.

"No. I want to be your queen. I don't want this ambiguity anymore. I want to be your woman, your wife, and some day the mother of your children. I don't want to be a knight anymore. I don't want that." I said. I had decided as soon as I saw how happy the servants were, how happy Harley was. I wanted to be his woman, not his knight-maiden.

"Oh! You had me so worried for a moment there!" the wizard said in response. "Of course you can be my queen. A title fitting for the ruler of such a kingdom as this." He hugged me and kissed my lips with a soft touch. He snapped his fingers, and a crown and cape appeared on me.

"You don't understand me fully, Victor." I pondered how to say it for about fifteen seconds. I wanted to retire to his room, just to clarify my implication. Suddenly we were in his chambers. I forgot about the mind-reading.

"What is it you want from me, my queen?" he asked. I tore my clothes off, standing naked in front of him. My entire body was hairy, including (however unattractive) my breasts. My cock hung down from a bush, perhaps as long as 7" soft like this. It was evident I'd had a few too many pints in my life, as a noticeable beer belly plagued my abdomen.

"Most of what I meant when I said I wanted to be your woman was in the... physical sense." I didn't want hair anymore, I wanted to appear like the lasses where I'm from.

"I want to be a woman." The wizard went wide-eyed.

"Oh, I see!" He tapped into my thoughts on what a perfect woman could seem like. There was a flash of light.

I felt my body hair retract as if time were going backwards. I felt very cold for a moment before what I assumed was my body hair follicles closing. My legs felt choked, but I felt my legs get lighter. The same thing happened to my arms, though most of it was muscle mass. My arms maintained substantial weight, but they weren't fat. My stomach suddenly felt like I'd been hit in it by a basketball. My abdomen condensed and my breasts grew slightly, but most of that weight was redistributed to my ass, which grew substantially more rounded. My face was softened, and my hair grew out, so I looked much more feminine.

The light finally went away. I was left in my new body on the bed. I opened my eyes, pleased with my flat stomach and thick but still slender legs. My arms felt weak, but they seemed less brutish. I felt a familiar pull at my crotch. I stood up and walked over to a mirror. My cock remained, a stark contrast to my other features. I was quite hard, my cock stood at full length when it was totally erect. I held my cock in my hands, easily 10 inches long like this. I looked at it in the mirror, watching myself masturbate. Victor David stepped up next to me with two arms around my now totally flat and unforgiving stomach.

"How do you like your new body?" he asked. I looked at his face in the reflection. I looked down at the floor.

"What is it, are your arms not thick enough?" Victor asked, making my arms more muscular but adding fat to keep them smooth. "Are your breasts not big enough?" Victor put his hands on my naked breasts, taking them up two cup sizes. "Is it your legs?" My thigh gap increased a little bit, only to revert to its original width when he made my legs stronger and thicker.

"No, it's not any of that, though I do prefer it like this." I said, admiring his tweaks in the mirror. I looked down at my dick. "I want you to make me a woman." David looked confused.

"You are a woman! Even your body says so." he said. I put my hands on my balls and absentmindedly pumped my shaft with my hand.

"I don't want to have a cock anymore. I want you to make me a woman for good." I said to him. He looked at me wide-eyed.

"Really? But your cock is so nice! I've only ever seen your kind of size from a few of the servants here. They've all asked the same thing, oddly enough. Are you sure you don't just want me to put a hole between your balls?" He waved a hand, and my balls pulled up into my body slightly until the skin there was taut, then opened a hole there. I touched my new orifice, pondering. This didn't satisfy me.

"I don't want to be a man at all anymore. I'm a woman now. I don't need a cock, all I need is a hole. I'd never use a cock anyway, especially not one this large." I said.

"Are you positive? I like your cock..." David said. I stayed firmly with my desires on this one.

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