tagFirst TimeA Knight's Tale

A Knight's Tale


I had been on the road all day. The sun was beginning to go down. I was tired, my chainmail was chafing, my horse was thirsty, and I really needed some food. I was headed for a small fortified town called Blackwell where I was supposed to meet with some other knights to discuss a possible journey to The Holy Land. Personally, I didn't give a hoot if we got the Holy Grail back or not, but I knew I was expected by my King to participate in this pointless exercise, so I obeyed, as is always the duty of a knight.

I knew I should have arrived at Blackwell some time ago, so I was certain I was lost. I came around a bend, and saw a large stone building ahead of me. It was not fortified, but it had large doors clearly meant to discourage. It was surrounded by beautiful flower gardens, and covered from top to bottom with ivy. It was certainly no pub. But I was in desperate need of mead, gruel, and a bath, which I had not had in 4 days. So it was here, or spend the night on a blanket outside in the cold.

I dismounted and sighed with relief. If my horse could have sighed, he would have. I approached the large door and knocked. A minute later it opened, and I was met by a group of cloistered nuns!

"Dear sisters, I am so sorry. I have been traveling for several days trying to find Blackwell, and have become hopelessly lost. May I impose upon your hospitality? I am faint from hunger, and I am ashamed to say that I am unwashed since Sunnenday."

The Mother Superior stepped forward.

"My son, you are most certainly lost. Blackwell is quite a distance away. We have not seen a man come down this road in many a year, unless it is a father bringing his daughter here to join our cloister. Ordinarily, I would not permit a man to enter these sacred walls, but you are a knight, and I trust that you will follow the sanctified commandments of your calling."

"Dear Mother Superior, I am an honorable knight. I would do nothing to stain the noble reputation of all Knighthood."

"Then please come in," she said. "I will have your horse looked after."

As I entered, I was instantly surrounded by giggling young nuns, many of whom had probably not seen a man in many years, and may never have seen a knight.

Mother Superior barked "get back to your vespers, all of you, except sister Ophelia and sister Alma. You two are assigned to treat our guest with respect and to address his needs."

The other nuns scattered, and Mother Superior turned to me, "Ophelia and Alma will take you to your quarters, where you may bathe and then join us for evening suppers."

"Thank you, Mother Superior, I am forever in your debt."

I followed the sisters down the hall. They were respectfully quiet, with heads bowed. Ophelia opened a door and led me in. Alma followed. The room was larger than I had expected, with what appeared to be a comfortable bed, a cast iron bathtub, a stove on which water was already boiling for the bath, and two high up windows that let in the fading sun. Three candles were lit on a table nearby.

I turned to the sisters: "You have been most gracious. I will bathe now. Will you come to get me in a little while, as I don't know how to get to the suppers table?"

"We will," giggled Alma, and they backed out of the room, and closed the door.

I didn't know whether to fall on the bed from exhaustion, or remove my chainmail first. I chose to take off my clothes. It was a project. I was used to getting help from my squire, but he was unable to accompany me on this journey, as he had severe illness in his family.

After several minutes of struggle, I was finally naked. I scratched and adjusted and rubbed all over to try to sooth my aching muscles. I poured the hot water into the tub, refilled the pots so that they would be boiling again for the next bath, and added cool water from the cistern to the bath. When the temperature was right, I got in. Almost instantly dirt and grime from my body turned the water murky.

I reached over the side to get a cake of soap, and when I pulled my head back up, Alma and Ophelia were standing in front of the tub. They carried what appeared to be clean clothes, a robe, and towels.

"Sisters, thank you for bringing clean clothes. I did ask you to return to get me, but this is far too soon. I must be clean out of respect for your order."

Ophelia said "We are to help you get clean. Mother Superior's orders."

I looked at them, and became a bit concerned. The water was murky enough that I knew they could not see my body, but this was certainly wrong behaviour on their part.

"Sisters, you must have misunderstood Mother Superior."

Alma said "We did not, she was very clear. I will put your garments on the bed, and we will wash you."

They approached the tub. Both sisters rolled up the sleeves of their habits, revealing soft, white, smooth arms and hands. I must confess I had not seen female flesh in quite some time, and my mind began to play tricks. Alma and Ophelia then pushed their hoods back, and revealed two exceptionally beautiful young women, who smiled and seemed eager to begin.

Alma kneeled behind me, wet her cake of soap, and began to wash my hair, my face, and my chest. Such softness, such beauty. I knew this was wrong, but I was quite enjoying it. Ophelia knelt at the other end of the tub, took her cake of soap, and began to clean my feet and legs.

The touch was making me uncomfortable. I could feel my manhood rising. They could not see this, as the water was still quite murky. Both sisters appeared quite unconcerned about what they were doing. Ophelia began to clean higher and higher on my legs. My manhood got larger and harder. I tried to control it, but could not. Ophelia reached the top of my legs, and touched my engorged flesh. She didn't even flinch. She began to wash it vigorously.

"Sister," I said "are you sure Mother Superior meant this?"

"Kind sir, I am certain," and she continued to rub and scrub my loins, while Alma cleaned the upper half of my body.

Alma said, "I believe you are now clean, so please stand and we will rinse and dry you."

I was as hard as a rock, and didn't want to stand, but saw no other choice. I got up, and faced Alma. My rigid shaft pointed right at her. She looked at it and then looked away. They poured clean water over me, and then Ophelia got towels from the bed. I stepped out of the tub, and they dried me all over. My hardness began to subside.

I was now fully dry, and they guided me over to the bed, where I sat and they dressed me. I won't bore you with a description of all the undergarments. Within minutes I was dressed. Alma said "Suppers are being served. Please follow us."

Suppers were delicious. It was as though I had never eaten before. I did my best to control my voracious appetite, but as I stuffed my mouth, the 15 or 16 nuns at the table just giggled.

Mother Superior said "I am glad you found us. You might have died of hunger on the road."

She smiled. "Have Alma and Ophelia been helpful?"

"Oh, yes, dear Mother. They have. Thank you for your excellent hospitality."

After dinner, Alma and Ophelia accompanied me to my room, led me in, and left. I don't know what I was thinking, but I had been in a semi erect state all through suppers, and had hoped for, well, I can't say what I had hoped for as it would violate my knightly vows.

I undressed and put on the night shirt they had left for me. I knew I would not be able to sleep in this state of arousal, so I lay on the bed, raised the night shirt up above my waist, and began to stroke my turgid shaft. It was hard and eager, and I didn't expect it to take long. I heard a small noise, looked up and saw Alma and Ophelia by my bed, staring at my stroking hand.

I pulled my night shirt down quickly, turned all shades of red, and said "Sisters, what are you doing here?"

They responded "Mother Superior commanded us to make sure all of your needs are met, and we are here to discharge that duty."

They approached the bed, and raised my night shirt above my waist again. Out came my pulsing shaft. Both sisters pulled their hoods back again. Oh, they were so young and so beautiful. This time they removed their cloth belts from their habits, bent down, and slowly raised the hems until the habits were above their waists.

They were naked underneath! I was stunned. They tied the habits above their waists using the belts.

Alma said "I believe I know what your need is right now. May we help you with it?"

I was beyond reason, and could only reach out to touch Alma's already wet creamy thighs. Her delicate softness aroused me even further. Ophelia came closer, and I took my other hand and reached for the moistness between her legs.

Both sisters stared at my fiery erection. Alma reached for it, but not without touching herself to wet her hand first. She touched the head, and then surrounded the glans gently with her thumb and finger, and slowly, ever so slowly, moved her hand down the shaft to my sack. She moved her hand back up slowly again. I think she was more amazed by what she was touching than concerned about the implications.

Ophelia took my hand from her womanhood, and put it on her swollen breast. I began to massage. She began to moan. She bent over my face and kissed me. I responded eagerly.

Alma let go of me, got up on the bed, and lowered herself onto my staff, and I buried myself deep inside her. Ophelia also got on the bed, straddled my face, and drove her soaking flesh into my face, my mouth over her cleft and my tongue on her clit. I licked for dear life.

Alma pumped hard and I pumped back. Ophelia undulated as I brought her to higher and higher excitement.

Because of the direct stimulation, Ophelia was the first to go into convulsions of pleasure. She stifled a scream, and pushed her bare flesh hard on my mouth. I could feel her tighten and release, tighten and release, as liquid flowed deliciously from her and I drank it in.

The pleasure for her seemed almost intolerable. She went over the edge with overwhelming spasms. She peaked in ecstasy. She fell forward over my head, breathing hard.

Alma came next. She threw her head back, plunged down on me hard, and fell back onto her hands. She squeezed me with her inner muscles. I felt wetness all around me.

She gasped and stiffened. Her whole body shuddered and rippled. She pushed down harder than I imagined possible. There was a final explosion of pleasure, after which she started to weep with joy.

This was too much for me. I exploded inside of Alma. It was a glorious release, jarring, pulsing, frenzied, like nothing I had ever experienced.

Alma and Ophelia seemed to simultaneously come to the realization of what they had done. They both got up from the bed, released their habits and retied them. They put their hoods back up.

Alma said "I dearly hope that we have met your needs, kind knight, and that you will say good words about us to Mother Superior in the morning."

"Indeed I will. You have been gracious and hospitable beyond my expectations. Now please, I beg you, I must get some sleep."

They backed out of the room slowly, and closed the door. I was asleep in about 30 seconds.

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