tagBDSMA Lady Named Lynda Ch. 02

A Lady Named Lynda Ch. 02


It has been almost five years since I started this story. Since then I have received numerous complaints that I ended it when I did. So I guess I'll dust it off and see what I can do with it.

Right now I frankly don't have a clue where I want to go. That really isn't too much of a problem since I start all my stories without any idea what I want to do with it.

Maybe that is not professional but as it stands, I'm not making a dime. If you want professional send me your check. (PAYABLE TO CASH) :-)


The story is totally fiction; any resemblance to any person or place is purely coincidental and was not the intent of the Author.

All the characters in this story are at least eighteen years of age. There are no minors involved in any sexual or violent acts in this story.


Not your ordinary job interview:

Lynda pressed her secretary's button on the intercom.

When the secretary answered Lynda said, "Helen, I do not wish to be disturbed for the rest of the morning. No phone calls and no visitors. When she clicked off she turned to me smiling. "You get to do that when you're the boss."

While she was talking to her secretary, she idly reached up and casually opened the buttons on her white silk blouse. She looked at me with a coy smile on her full lips.

She let her blouse hang open displaying a lacy light blue bra that barely held her breasts. Lynda liked to wear bras that were too small to contain her large breasts She walked around her large desk towards me. She sat on the couch beside me. I could see that she had already kicked off her shoes while still sitting at her desk. She reached up and removed the pins from her hair, shaking out her hair she let it fall naturally around her shoulders.

"I think before we go any further, we need to discuss your duties as my personal secretary."

"The pretty young lady in my outer office is called Helen, she is my private secretary, or executive assistant, if you prefer. She helps me in my professional life. She does what- ever needs doing around the office. She works for me, not the company. She does whatever I tell her, when I tell her, for as long as I tell her to do it."

"She also takes care of some unconventional duties. She takes special care of the more, shall I say 'intimate' needs of some of my clients. She also does the same for me, when I have the need. She is very efficient or I wouldn't keep her around here."

"Now you Gerry are my personal secretary. Like Helen, I expect you to do whatever I tell you, also. Your job is to take care of my personal and intimate needs. Usually you will not be here at the office unless I require you to be here. Your duties will be whatever I require of you, most often as a sexual partner."

"I can't be bothered with boyfriends or husbands. Most of them can not be counted on to always obey my wishes, and always do what I demand of them. Some even dare to think of themselves as equals," she scoffed.

"You have met my cook and maid, Susan. Sometimes she is also my bed-partner. I take my pleasure as I find it."

"I assume you noticed this past weekend that Susan enjoys inflicting pain. I like to watch her do it. On occasion I join her in her sadistic pleasures."

"There may even be times that I will require you to participate in these sadistic sessions as our victim," she looked intensely into my face. "Don't be too shocked; we will not really injure you. There may be pain but there will never be permanent damage. Whenever you have to meet this requirement you will receive a financial bonus. Usually $5,000.00, but sometimes more."

"I socialize with an exclusive group of women that enjoy dominating men. They usually have their own slave boys, but not always. It is very much like a swing club, meaning we sometimes trade slave boys for the evening. So although you start with me, sometimes you may wind up in another woman's bed. By our club rules, these temporary mistresses can not draw your blood or mark up your body. But they have other ways to inflicted pain."

"There are many occasions that you will be required to be my escort to business dinners and parties. Or a traveling companion for business or pleasure. You can look on these occasions as legitimate dates. For these occasions you will require appropriate attire. I'll see that you have access to the most exclusive tailors and men's clothing stores available. At my expense of course."

"For this you will receive an executive salary plus bonuses. A company car and of course you will live with me in my home rent free."

"There are other benefits too, both personal and financial. As long as you understand, you work for me, I demand your loyalty, your silence as well as your physical attentions to my needs."

"For most occasions, I simply want to be held and treated tenderly, like any other woman. You will not be required to submit every night to tortures. Just on those occasions when I'm in that sort of mood and there are no other victims available."

"For most of these occasions Susan and I use our young stable hands. They are all foreign nationals. I hire them fresh off the boat. I like to find those with no family or friends that might look into their welfare. This way Susan and I can do what we like with them. For a few dollars, their immigration records can be misplaced and eventually lost completely."

She talked about these things like she was discussing the weather, not talking about torturing and murdering maybe hundreds of men.

"Well what do you think. Are you interested?" Lynda looked at me like she was demanding an answer right there on her office couch. The idea of some physical pain was not that horrifying to me. I had often fantasized about being dominated by a beautiful woman. My fantasies never went quite as far as having pain inflicted on me, but considering all the benefits she was offering, it may not be too bad. I could always simply walk away if it got too intense, though.

"Well," she said looking into my face. "You still have not answered me?"

"Yes of course I am interested," I replied, "but could we use a safe word, I could call out, if my pain started getting to be to much for me to tolerate."

"Yes of course I could agree to that," she said, "but the more that you do tolerate the bigger your bonus will be."

I could see the lust in her eyes, that told me that Lynda was becoming aroused by our negotiations. She stood up and turned to face me. She slowly lifted the front of her skirt, exposing, just inches from my face, a pair of thin skimpy thongs.

I could inhale the rich sent of her expensive perfume and the aroma of her natural clean odors. I breathed in deeply and it stimulated my own sexual senses.

She reached down and pushed her panties down her slim legs to the knees. Then took hold of both my ears and gently pulled my mouth to her dripping wet pussy.

I pushed out my tongue and started lapping up her juices.

Lynda gasped at the touch of my tongue. "Oh yeah, send me baby," she said, "I've been looking forward to this since I heard I'd be interviewing you this morning."

Lynda tasted wonderful. I could have spent hours lapping up her love juice. Just the other side of her door business was going on as usual and that thought was a very big turn-on for me.

Her hips were rolling now like they were ocean waves. Around and around. I had to reach around her body and hold her beautiful ass in my palms so that I could move my eager mouth with her movements.

While I was busy licking her slit for all I was worth. She slipped her blouse off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

"Yeah baby, you know how I like it. Just like that, honey, just keep it going."

I was playing with the rose bud of her bum hole with my fingertips. I didn't force my way, but only teased her entryway lightly.

This got even more moans of passion for my trouble.

"Oh God baby that feels so good," she gasped, "just keep that up and you will be rewarded by a big load of my fuck juices.

I was licking her faster now, I really wanted that load of her juices she promised and I was really going after it for all that I was worth.

"Oh my God what a magical tongue you have." Her breath was chugging like an old fashioned steam engine. She was really going now. She grabbed the back of my head and she mashed herself into my soaking wet face.

With her blouse discarded, her bra was to come next. She reached up to the hook in the front, between her luscious breasts, then worked it open. The hook popped open like it was spring loaded. Her breasts sprang loose and once they were free of the confinements of her bra, they seemed to expand even larger. She reached up and started pinching and twisting her nipples. She needed the touch of pain to push herself over the edge. She could barely contain herself. It took all of her effort to stifle the scream she knew would burst from her lips when she climaxed.

I was only vaguely aware of what was going on above my head while I was concentrating on my task below. I knew that she was getting very close to a giant earth-shaking climax.

She was fucking my face in a frenzy.

With just a little more of a push I knew I would be taking her over the top.

I began to worry that she was making so much noise from her uncontrolled passion, I was afraid that they would become concerned with all the noise the two of us were making and they would call the police. Then the police officers would in turn burst through her office door, catching us on her couch with her stark naked fucking my face while my tongue was completely buried in her dripping cunt.

Lynda herself seemed unconcerned. She had, after all, left orders that she not be disturbed. They in turn knew full well that she would have their head on a platter and the job of anyone who would dare open her office door.

So what the Hell, maybe her private secretary was accustomed to things like this and she wouldn't give it a second thought.

She was fucking my face like a crazy woman now. "Oh keep it going baby, don't you dare stop now. Lick me faster..... Yes lick that pussy right into Heaven' Oh Yes.......Yes.......YESSSSSSS!!!!!! I"M CUMMING!!!! OH YES HERE IT CUMS!! IT IS GOING TO BE A REALLY BIG ONE!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!

My face was literally awash with her sweet juices. She started with a strong spray that actually went back all the way to my ears. After what seemed to be hours it started to slow down a little. Right now, though, it began to ease off, now the climax slowed to a trickle.

Her legs were a little wobbly. I was concerned that she might fall but she held my head for balance and support and managed to stay on her feet.

I was out of breath myself. If this was to be an indication of things to come I was going to need a much stronger tongue or at least a tongue with more endurance. I smiled when I thought, I wonder if there is an exercise to build up one's tongue muscles. Maybe I could even buy a set of tongue weights. I laughed to myself at the ridiculous idea of buying a set of tongue weights.

"What are you laughing at," she said. It annoyed her thinking maybe I was laughing at her.

Still giggling I told her about my silly tongue weight thought.

When she heard this, she to started laughing loudly.

I was still laughing, too, so the people in the outer office must have thought we were enjoying some sort of comedy hour.

Lynda reached for the leather belt around her skirt. She worked the belt open and let her skirt fall to the floor around her feet.

She looked over at me and said, "Take off your clothes. I'm not through with you yet."

I stood up and started to remove my suit jacket. I looked at it and exclaimed "Oh my God what a mess," Lynda's juices were all over the front of the jacket. I looked down and my shirt and tie were no better.

Lynda looked me over and said, "You are right, you can't leave this office dressed in these." She walked over to the intercom and pressed her secretary's button. She said, "Helen will you step in my office please and bring a large paper bag."

A minute later, there was a knock on the door and Lynda told her to come in and close the door behind her. Helen stepped into the office and did not react in the slightest to Lynda's nakedness.

"Yes, Miss Lynda," she said.

"Helen, this is Gerry, he'll be working for me, helping me with my personal matters."

Helen turned and nodded toward me. It was obvious that she knew just what was meant by the term "personal matters" but she did not react in any way.

Gerry take off your shirt tie and your trousers and give them to Helen."

I was a little reluctant to strip off what remained of my outer clothing in front of a second female, but I did as I was told without comment.

Helen hardly gave me a glance as she took my things and Lynda handed her my jacket.

"I want you to call Nordstrom's and have them bring over a light blue shirt, pressed and ready to wear with a matching tie. Then have the office boy take Gerry's jacket and trousers to the 1 hour dry cleaners and tell him to wait for them. Then bring them strait back here. Once you have this all back, let me know. As I said before still applies. No phone calls and no visitors."

Helen closed the door on her way out and we were once more left alone.

"Now, where were we? Oh yes, I remember, we were both getting naked." She sat down on the couch and unhooked her nylons from the garter belt. She rolled them down her legs and off to join the pile of her clothes on the floor. The only thing left was her garter belt and making quick work of it joined the pile of clothes on the floor. Now she was totally naked and sat back down on the couch.

Lynda looked over at me, standing in the middle of her office floor in just my underwear. "Come here honey and stand in front of me. I want to play."

I walked over, in front of the couch close enough that she could easily reach me

She caressed the front of my boxers, feeling my hard cock that was already grown to a painful size. Then she rubbed her face into the bulge. She turned up her head and looked into my face with smoldering eyes.

Oh lord she was making me crazy. I reached down and pulled my T-shirt up and over my head, dropping it onto the small pile of clothes.

Lynda continued teasing and playing with my cock right through my boxer shorts. I could tell she was taking great delight in this sort of torture. She was like a cat playing with a terrified mouse.

My whole body, but especially my hips, was shaking. "Oh please," I said. "I have got to cum. Please I'll do whatever you ask," I begged. "Just don't leave me like this."

She looked up at me with a cruel smile on her lips. "You'll do whatever I ask anyway," she said. "Right now you belong to me."

With shaking hands, I pushed my boxers down and out of the way. Once past my knees they dropped to the floor and I stepped out of them.

Lynda pushed her luscious lips down over the head of my swollen cock, then deep throated me down the shaft to the bottom. Her nose was buried in the curls that surrounded the base of my bursting shaft.

I could have screamed, it felt so good.

Now she pulled back to about half way up my cock then plunged down once more. She did this several times over and over again.

It was becoming more than I could stand; I was in Heaven and Hell, all at the same time. I wondered if this woman was an angel or was she a she-devil come straight from the pits of Hell to torture me this way.

Over and over, again and again she brought me up to the edge, but never allowing me to go over.

Her finger tips tickled my balls. While her soft lips moved up and down my cock.

It was agony and sweet bliss all at the same time.

She knew more tricks then the whore of Babylon.

Every time that I reached the very limit and was almost ready to release my load of cum, she stopped dead still. Then waited patiently until my body subsided before continuing her cruel game.

I looked down and saw that her hand was between her thighs She was masturbating herself at a frenzied pace. She got herself off several times while at the same time denying me the relief of a climax.

Only minutes earlier, I was concerned about taking a flogging from either her or her sadistic maid. Right now, though, I would gladly accept the kiss of the whip, if only she would give me release.

(More to come)

This ends part 02 of my story. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you did enjoy it, then please write to me and let me know. This is the only way a writer knows that he is not just talking to himself. I admit I love having my ego stroked as much as any man.

Also I would love to hear about any ideas you may have to use in my stories. I'll try and keep it going until you, the reader, stop sending me mail asking me to go on with it.


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