tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Lady's Worth Pt. 02

A Lady's Worth Pt. 02


Note: The Final Three Chapters of A Lady's Worth, read the first four chapters first for context.



A New Day

Adam's Perspective

I did not go back to the cabin and she did not leave it for the duration of the entire voyage. In both parts I was both ashamed of myself and outright wrathful of spirit when it came to her.

In a word the woman had driven me mad. Seething as I had been for much of the voyage I stared with relief at the shoreline of America growing closer by the moment.

Finally a chance to get off his boat and away from the woman that had set my world in order completely on fire. Suddenly my scowling gaze of the approaching shoreline was interrupted by the presence of her.

I blinked and half turned to her as she stood beside me also now gazing at the approaching shore. Awkwardly, I looked away.

It felt like something should be said, but I didn't know what and as I wrestled with words I saw something white come into my field of vision. My eyes focused and I took in the sight of a scrap of paper held in her hand, a hand that had reached out to offer it to me even as her gaze remained fixed on the horizon.

Feeling suddenly quiet inside from my earlier troubled thoughts I tugged the piece of paper free from her hand. The paper came free easily and her hand returned to be in front of her.

With both curiosity and trepidation, I opened the bent piece of paper to read its simple, but profound message, "I'm sorry."

At those two words I felt a wealth of anger simply drift into nothingness as if it had never been. My hand closed the note and I stuck it in a vest pocket as in some ways it was something I would always treasure.

Glancing at her I said, "I'm sorry as well."

Her head ducked down for a moment. Then I watched her pull out another scrap of paper and again she offered it out to me as she had before.

Bemused, I tugged on it and she let it go. Opening the note I read yet another profound statement, made even more profound by the fact that she hadn't known for sure what my reaction to the first message would be.

Feeling a rise of intense emotion I nodded again as I re-read her simple note of, "I would like to start over with you."

Tucking the paper away as I had the first I glanced at her and said, "Me too."

Finally, she glanced at me and then under her breath, she said, "I can be a lot of trouble."

I nodded, but said, "So I've noticed, but I think you're worth it."

She looked away, but shyly, her hand came out and curled around the fingers of my hand. I held her hand with mine, even as I saw her whisper, "Thank you."

Standing beside her I felt suddenly that I too had much to say thank you for, but not to her. No, I sent my thank you to God, because something had been done miraculously in this woman that moments before I had been dreaming nonstop of escaping from now to being entirely to content once more to make a future life with.

The ship docked and then things were very hustled. I was a very important man and as much as I wanted to be there to transition Lorene to life in the colonies I had other pressing matters to attend to, which saw me abandoning her for most of the day.

My home was nothing such as hers had been, but it was well furnished, solid, and to me at least cozy seeming. I liked it, but I wasn't so sure about what her reaction to it would be.

It was quite a change for her. Everything was.

It was after dark when I finally got free from the last meeting with colonial officials and could make my way home. I had no idea what I would find when I reached my house.

With trepidation, I opened the door of the house. Things were very different.

I stood for a moment, shocked. Was this my house?

I was so temporarily unsure of that that I actually stepped back outside to make sure. Yes, it was.

I stepped back inside. Slowly I hung my coat up.

Candles were burning warmly in places they never had before. The air smelled fresh with a hint of lavender to it.

I had no servants and I had debated on the need to hire some, but now as I slowly stepped through my house I saw that was entirely unnecessary. My woman it seemed was more than capable of taking care of her home.

Stepping into the kitchen I stared around in even greater shock at the order I saw everywhere I looked. On the table was a suspicious looking dish of food and with it a note.

I was beginning to love these notes. I read it and laughed out loud softly.

"I made food, but it's terrible. I will get better at cooking I promise."

Taking a bite of what was on the plate I abruptly spit it back out. God bless her, she'd been right.

Strangely, I could have cared less. What I cared about was the effort made.

Feeling touched deeply by simply everything occurring I left the kitchen in search of her. I found her in my study.

My respect for her grew. While she had tidied and cleaned the entire house, she had studiously left my desk full of papers alone.

Circling the chair she sat in that was drawn up before a fire I looked down upon my sleeping wife. She must've literally exhausted herself working as hard as she had all day.

My cock lengthened and then expanded at the simple sight of her in gentle repose, but I ignored it willfully. Gently I lifted her out of the chair and into my arms.

Carrying her up the stairs, I only beheld more wonders along the way. She had made my house a home.

There was an actual feeling of it in the air. I, really... it was hard to express what I felt.

I'd never really had a home. I'd always wanted one though.

Very gently I laid her down on the freshly made bed. So many changes in just one day.

Straightening up I looked down and whispering out loud, I said, "Thank you God. I didn't expect this, much less think it was even possible."

I left then, but was back moments later with a handwritten note of my own. I set it beside the bed and then reaching into my pocket I pulled out a gold necklace with a single bright shining peridot gemstone on it.

More than anything I wanted to lay down and start over right here and now with her physically, but well that was a lie in some ways. Because I wasn't going to do that.

She deserved her rest and I wanted what was best for her, even as she had brought me a much greater fullness today by all that she'd done to make my house a home. She'd made me feel respected and that was truly a price-less gift all of its own.

Slowly I backed out of the room. I wasn't sleepy any-way and her efforts to clean things up were likewise an inspiration for me.

There was a reason to tidy things up now, when before there really hadn't been one.  


Invitation to Plunder

Lorene's Perspective

Blinking my eyes against the flicker of the candlelight I noticed how pitch dark it was outside. Rearing up off the bed, I looked about, but he wasn't there.

My eyes saw the note and then with a gasp the sparkle of a green gemstone. Reaching forward I picked both up.

Reading the note I felt a swell of emotion rise up deeply within me. "Thank you for making my house a home. It means a lot to me. The necklace is in no way payment for the work you've done. I just saw it today and the bright, vivid color of it reminded me of you somehow.

P.S. The food was terrible. I will be more than glad to help you learn how to cook in the morning if you would care to allow me to."

A soft smile curled at my lips. He could cook.

That was a good thing as otherwise we might starve. But as his note said, he was willing to help me.

What a difference had occurred in him. Getting up I went to a bedroom drawer and pulled out my mother's Bible.

This was where the difference in me had come from and with intense appreciation I hugged the Words of God to my chest. The morning after that night he had spanked me, I had opened my mother's Bible and started reading.

I hadn't stopped it seemed until one day I was told to put it away and go up to the deck and apologize to my man. I had been surprised to see the shoreline of America so close.

Now it was hard to believe that I was still living in the same day that so much had already occurred in.

I loved his house, the town, simply everything. The air was so clear and the eyes of the people were so bright with life.

I hadn't been here, even one day yet, but to me America was already a home in a way that the house and city that I had grown up in had never been to me after my mother died and left me alone in life.

One thing led to another and I opened the Bible intent to start reading again and gain more encouragement, along with wisdom. The desire to read the Words of God was great, but I hesitated as I felt the call of my God's voice to me once more in my soul.

I closed the Bible and looked toward the doorway of the bedroom. As if on cue I heard a shuffle of papers from down stairs and my hand came to my lips as I made a soft exclamation.

He was cleaning up his desk area!

Oh, I was so grateful for that! It had taken everything within me to leave that area alone today.

It had been hard, really hard, but doing the right thing as I had done was most definitely the best thing. Leaning forward I set the Bible on the bedside table.

Taking the necklace that he had left for me, I put it on. I had in my life had much finer jewels, but this necklace was special.

Standing up I slowly began taking off my clothes until only my chemise remained. Taking a deep breath I stared at the doorway again.

It was time to go please my husband and welcome him home. As much as he now felt welcome within his own home so did he need to know that he was very clearly welcome within my body.

Barefoot I made my way down the stairs, not making a sound in my passage. The green gem twinkled beckoningly as it lay nestled in the valley between my breasts.

I stopped at the study door. It was hard to face this moment, because well - the last time had been so awful.

It really hadn't been him that had been so awful. It had been me.

I had deserved every spank that I'd gotten from his hand upon my bottom. Just the same I never wanted to be that person that I had been that night ever again.

Laying there and acting like the wonderful feel of his shaft in me had been the opposite in order to try to punish him in some way was a behavior I never intended to re-peat in life again God so help me. I wanted to be his fantasy and every time we were together in the future, I wanted to be as lost in the moment as I felt him to be that night on the ship.

In order to reach that future, though it had to start now and I was willing to do whatever it took to start the ball rolling. Squaring my shoulders, I took a deep breath and then let it out fully knowing that the intensity of the man I had been paired up with by God would soon once again be in me deeply, but this time would be different.

This time it would be because I welcomed him in. The reality of that though meant that I also had to open my heart to him and this too, I accepted as I raised my hand and gently pushed the door of his study open and stepped into the room.

Adam's Perspective

I heard a noise and looked up and saw Lorene. Blinking then I really saw her come into perspective.

Mouth suddenly dry I stood up as she approached wearing my necklace and little else. She had a shaky looking smile on her lips, but the closer she got the more sure of herself she seemed to become.

She looked me in the eye and something seemed to pulse within her gaze and I read it for what it was, desire. She wanted me.

Speechless, I saw her stop at the desk now clean of all papers. Her smile only got richer and with one hand, she reached up and slid a strap of her chemise down.

The little minx was seducing me. She still didn't speak.

Slowly then she came around the desk. Raising her hands, she placed them on my shoulders and pulled.

I sat down. Still smiling, she then straddled my one leg and sat on it facing me.

I groaned as I felt the hot center of her womanhood riding the top of my thigh.

For the first time, then she spoke, "I'm your wife Honey. You don't need permission to touch."

I didn't know where this woman had come from, but I wanted her to stay. Reaching out a hand, I speared it into the back of her hair and brought her face closer.

Staring into her hazel eyes I kissed her and as I did she parted her lips with an open invitation to plunder and I did. My other hand rose up between us and with desire I lifted the weight of her breast with it.

Our lips broke apart and looking into my eyes, I then saw her start raising her hands. This undergarment was different.

It had front closures. One by one she was undoing them from the bottom up until with the last snap undone her breasts spilled free.

They weren't free for long. Holding them, I relished the feel of her leaning forward as she embraced my touch up-on them. Her breasts were perfect, as a whole so was all of her, more than that though it was something inside of her that I cherished the most in this moment.

Speaking of inside that was where I wanted to be badly. My eyes rose to hers and in them I saw only open invitation to conquer and plunder her as I wished to.

Leaning in close she groaned deeply as my thumbs rubbed over her nipples possessively. Her lips came around to my ear even as I felt my thigh become soaked with the essence of her own desire.

Her words were fuel to make flames go higher as she whispered into my ear after kissing it, "Do I please you?"

Her answer was a groan from me, even as my hands tightened on her breasts. She gasped sharply caught in her own trap of passion and I deepened it by then squeezing her nipples.

Her gasp became a series of moans as she buried her face against my neck as an orgasm swept through her.

Chuckling into her ear I said, "Very much so."

She straightened up with shock still blazed across her face and I leaned forward to taste her lips all over again. She moaned into my mouth and pulling back, I once more saw the temptress rise in her.

I had never expected anything like this from her. Her teeth showed and leaning forward she bit my shoulder softly.

In response I let one full breast fall and reaching back, I gave her a light spank. She chuckled and licked the spot on my shoulder even as both of my hands swept around to fill themselves with the fullness of an ass created to be adored by a man.

I knew the bruises were long gone, but still... "Lorene, I..."

Leaning back, she shook her head will breasts swaying as she stilled my words with a finger to my lips. Speaking with a throaty husk of desire to her voice that had an al-most enslaving quality to it, she said, "I deserved it. You are my man and I choose to respect you from this day forward as such and I won't ever act like that again."

Her eyes drifted down and with a coy smile she asked, "Now where would you like to put your cock Master?"

Her liquid gaze of hazel tinged fire met mine again and with utter sincerity she breathed out, "My body belongs to Adam. Do with it whatever pleases you."

I needed deepness. I needed to be deep into the sudden dream come true that sat drenching my leg with desire for none other but me.

The beast within me rose and for a moment I resisted, but she shook her head no with excitement, "I want it! I want you! Adam, I need you to be you. Honey, please, take me!"

I snapped. I stood up abruptly even as I sat her back against the desk.

She didn't know what she'd done. My hands gripped a hold of my shirt and shredded it off of me in a cascade of buttons.

Her eyes were wide now and I saw the hitch in her breathing as I freed myself of my pants almost as swiftly as I had of my shirt. Seizing a hold of her I drug her off the desk and up against me harshly.

Her breasts smashed into my chest even as I savagely kissed her with all the passion I felt for her. Her eyes sparkled and then I abruptly turned her and instead of it being my chest, her breasts were smashed against it was the surface of my desk. I'd had her once before like this only I hadn't done what I had wanted to.

This time was different. Groaning, I took in the sight of her perfect bottom and glistening womanhood and finding my way forward I drove deeply into her all the way to the gates of her womb and I roared with the exultation that I felt as a master of both my home and my woman.

Lorene's Perspective

I gasped hard and shuddered. The size of him!

Oh God, the sheer size of him!

There was nowhere to go as the front of my thighs were smashed into the desk by each deep thrusting surge from what I knew to be a man, but what felt like a stallion having his way with me from behind. The violence of his possession was titillating as it spelled out the reality of what it meant to be both dominated and highly desired at the same moment.

Groaning, I ground my breasts into the top of his desk getting immediate electric thrills from doing so even as my man literally ravaged me. I wouldn't be able to walk to-morrow this I knew.

Groaning intensely then as something was repeatedly struck hard within me, I admitted savagely that I didn't care. The shaft he was plunging my insides repeatedly full of kept rubbing so hard upon something and then on one thrust he hit it directly!

I couldn't help it - I screamed as I felt the whole of me clamp down on the invading possessor of me, but still with a savage cry, he pulled free, only to force me open down to my deepest depths again and again. Crying and sobbing, I clutched at the edge of the desk loudly begging for more.

What had this man done to me!

A massive amount of fluid let loose and crying, I banged my fist against the desktop, even as I felt a deeper jet of hotness bath me from within. Powerful hands about my waist only clutched tighter and I heard a man, my man roar out in the utter completion of having claimed me, even as I was now pumped full of his seed.

I felt my whole body seize up all over again and deliciously lock down over every blessed inch of his shaft now at rest as it was buried to the very hilt within my womanhood. Breathing hard I gasped with pleasure and rested euphorically in the bliss of knowing how deeply I had pleased my man, even as I got to remain impaled up-on him like it was a heaven sent gift from God to be as I was right now.

Adam's Perspective

Breathing hard I rested on my elbows. I'd already been so rough I didn't need to crush her now with my weight.

Groaning, I shifted on my feet. I was still lusciously buried to the hilt in her.

I didn't want to leave, but as it was I had the poor girl up on tiptoe. I'd been so rough, but oh the fury of the pleasure I'd seen her experience.

To see her melt apart at the seams had almost been as pleasurable as feeling my own orgasm. Groaning, I pulled out.

Standing back, I viewed her with desire all over again. Still bent over the desk her feet came down to be planted on the floor once more.

Her face had been to the side, but now she put it face down as with heavy embarrassment that I hated to hear she whispered out, "Did I pee all over you?"

Truly, she was standing in a veritable puddle, but it wasn't what she thought. Quickly I leaned forward to kiss her sweaty back, "Goodness no Honey. No you're just a really blessed woman. You had an orgasm that not that many women have and when you do you release a lot of fluid, but I promise you that it's not pee. I promise you that and Honey?"


"Don't you ever dare hold back from having that kind of orgasm when you feel it coming!"

"Okay." Then, even more quietly she whispered, "No one ever told me that sex was like this."

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