tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Landlord's Rent Ch. 01

A Landlord's Rent Ch. 01


Note – The story is just a piece of erotic fiction & nothing beyond that. If you don't like non-consensual erotica, please do not read this story.

I would love to hear from all of you about any positive/negative comments about this story.

Please email me or you can send me an anonymous message through the link at the end of the story.

* * * * *

Jim was a very poor man working in a Power plant. He lived with his wife & a young sister. He had been married only 2 months. He & his family were a very conservative & God-fearing group.

Life had been tough for Jim. He was barely able to make enough money to pay for his household expenses & his sister's college tuition fees. He lived in a rented apartment in a cheap neighborhood.

He had been skipping the payment of his apartment's rent for six months now. His landlord was a fat & mean guy by the name of Frank Anderson.

Fed up with his tenant, Frank made a visit to give a final ultimatum to Jim. He knocked on his door. Jim's 18-year-old wife, Anna, who was disgusted by the filthy appearance of the landlord, opened it.

"What can I do for you Mr. Anderson," Anna asked. "You could start by FUCKIN' paying the 6-month rent that is due!!!" screamed Frank.

Hearing the commotion, Jim came out. "I want my rent or I am calling the police!!" threatened Frank

Jim & his wife were very scared. "Please calm down. Please don't call the police. I can't pay the whole rent at this moment. Please give me a month! I will do anything you say!"

"Anything??" said Frank Leering at Anna. From the moment he had laid eyes on Anna, Frank was eyeing the young 18-year old blond wife of his tenant. She was wearing a cream skirt & matching top. He was raping her with his eyes. He was lusting over the swell of the breasts of the young wife. "Well, well, well. Now you are talking my kind of language!!" grinned Frank.

"OK, here's the deal. Allow me to fuck your wife every weekend for a month & I will not call the police & have you thrown out!" said Frank. Jim & his wife were stunned. "You Pervert!" screamed Jim. "Ok! Have it your way then. I am throwing you out!" threatened Frank.

Nobody spoke for a while. Anna broke the silence. "Do you promise you won't throw us out if I accept your offer?" said Anna in a helpless voice. " I promise," said Frank.

Jim was furious. "Are you crazy. I will not let you become a whore to this bastard! Let's leave this house. I will pay the overdue rent from our emergency fund. We will rent some other place!" "You can't do that. That money is for your sister's college tuition!!" said Anna miserably.

Jim looked at her with a defeated look for some time. "Ok, it looks settled then. Now, Anna, let's go to your bedroom!" ordered Frank. "What? Now? In my bedroom? Give us some time." pleaded Anna. Frank would have none of it. "I want you now & here, you slut!! Either you fuck me now or we can forget the deal! Now Let's go!" threatened Frank.

After some time, Anna started to go with him towards the bedroom with resignation. Frank immediately got close to her & started pawing her ass with his hands. "Noooo! Not in front of my husband!" said Anna as she walked to the bedroom. Frank laughed. He took one last look at Jim & then led Anna inside the bedroom & closed the door.

He immediately took off all his clothes. The fat podgy body of the landlord disgusted Anna. "Now start stripping, you bitch!" screamed Frank. Anna was paralyzed with fear. She was a very conservative woman. She had had sex with only one guy in her life & that was her husband. Her parents had brought her up in a very conservative way. And now, here she was, being forced to act like a whore for this filthy little man. Frank was getting furious at her stubbornness. He immediately grabbed her & started tearing apart her clothes. "Who the fuck do you think you are? You are going to be my little whore now. I will not take nonsense from a bitch like you. When I am finished with you, you will no longer be able to act like the sweet innocent virgin anymore." screamed Frank. He was getting increasing aroused now. He had stripped her completely naked. He just marveled at the chiseled body of his tenant's wife. Even though she was 18, she looked a lot younger than that. Her breasts were perky like that of a girl who has just attained sexual maturity. She had perfect nipples. He stared at her pussy, which was partly hidden by the hand of Anna. Even then he could see dense hairy bush, which was covering the pussy of the young wife. "You have a fine cunt. Don't hide it with your hand," leered frank. Anna refused. He grabbed her hands & tied them with her nylon stockings. "Don't you dare disobey me, you bitch," thundered Frank.

He started to fondle the taut breasts of Anna. He couldn't believe he was going to fuck this beautiful young woman who was young enough to be his daughter. He started to force his tongue inside her mouth. Anna refused to open her mouth. "Open your mouth, BITCH!" said Frank slapping Anna's Face. Anna opened her mouth, allowing Frank to kiss her. Frank started playing with her tongue exploring her mouth. "Oh, sweet Jesus, you have a fuckin' sweet mouth. Ooooh yeah baby, you taste like mint. Mmmm… This is heaven. You obviously have not been FUCKED ENOUGH by that impotent husband of yours! Don't worry baby, I am going to give you the best sex of your life, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. I AM GONNA MAKE A PROPER WHORE OUT OF YOU!," said frank with a lustful voice. He cock was now fully erect longing for some action. Also, he was also getting very horny at the fact that Anna's husband was hearing every little sound Frank & Anna were making. "Oooh! I bet your husband is getting a hard on as well after hearing what we have been doing! Hey Frank! YOUR SLUT OF A WIFE IS IN GOOD HANDS! I AM GOONA MAKE SURE HER PUSSY GETS ALL THE ACTION TONITE," laughed the landlord.

"Ok baby, now take my meat in your mouth. Give this old man a good blow job!" orders the landlord. Anna was stunned. She had never sucked a dick before. Her upbringing had ensued that she thought of any sex other than missionary position as unmoral. "I have never done that!" said Anna helplessly. "What, Never sucked a cock. Why, you no good slut! What is there to know about cock sucking? Just take my cock in your mouth & SUCK IT like a LOLIPOP. AND NO TEETH. Just lick & suck my meat with your tongue. The keyword here is TONGUE. Do that & you will turn into a fine cock-sucking bitch! Now move it! I am getting very horny!!" commanded Frank yanking Anna's hair & putting his penis close to her mouth. Anna opened her mouth cautiously & started to take the 8' penis inside her mouth. The first taste of cock disgusted her. She started to put her tongue over his penis. When Anna's tongue touched Frank's cock, it sent a wave of immense pleasure all over Frank's body. Anna's hot & wet tongue was sending his sex hormones into overdrive. "Aaaaaah, Oooooh! Oh yeah baby, Oh yeah … you have such a hot tongue! You have a great career as a cock sucking whore!"/ Moaned Frank lustfully. "Oh God! This is heaven! Yeah baby, don't stop. Keep sucking my cock with that sweet mouth of yours!" pleaded Frank. Anna was now starting to taste his pre-cum. She was forced to swallow to disgusting salty liquid, which was starting to come out of his penis.

Frank quickly got into a 69 position & started to mouth fuck the pussy of Anna. He parted the lips of her pussy with his fingers. He inserted his two fingers inside her pussy. She was very wet. He took out his fingers & sucked them. She tasted so good! He started exploring & licking her thighs & pussy. He put his tongue inside that delicate area of her pussy & started eating it. Anna squirmed. She was involuntarily starting to get an orgasm. She was ashamed & revolted at the thought of being sexually aroused by a sick pervert like Frank. But, she was a woman after all. She could not prevent herself from moaning with pleasure as she achieved a huge orgasm due to Franks' relentless licking & eating of her pussy. "Aaaah. Oh god! Forgive me O lord for I have sinned!" cried Anna with pleasure & guilt at the same time. Frank was now sucking her juices which overflowing due to her attaining a massive orgasm. She was sweating & moaning like a bitch in heat. She involuntarily pushed her legs over Frank's neck so that he could force his tongue MORE inside her pussy. She was suddenly realized what she was doing & immediately tried to push her pussy away from Frank's exhausted mouth. She was so ashamed that a sick man who was violating her sexually in the most brutal of ways had brought her to an orgasm.

"Oooh! So the slutty wife of the Poor God-fearing Jim Daniels is not so innocent after all! Admit it, you bitch. You liked it! Don't worry there's more to come! DO YOU HEAR THAT JIM? Your 18-year-old wife liked the oral fucking I just gave her!! Now, we are going to go for some real action! Don't Worry we will not be needing a condom if you are not on the pill! Just turn over & lie on your chest! We are now finally going to fuck each other's brains out." Laughed Frank with a nasty grin. Anna started to turn over, but then suddenly realized the full meaning of his evil intentions.

"What do you mean turn over on my chest? How are you going to ….?" Asked Anna fearfully. "Yeah baby, we are going to do it doggy style! I am going to fuck your ass from behind! Just like a dog bangs his cock into the cunt of a bitch in heat!" said Frank with a perverted & nasty expression.

"Noooo! I am not going to allow that. I am not an animal to be fucked & humiliated that way. You cannot possibly be thinking of putting that huge thing inside my ass!! NO! I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO DO ME LIKE THAT! GO TO HELL YOU PERVERTED SON OF A BITCH!!!" screamed Anna with defiance in her face.

"Ha! So the bitch wants to do it the hard way. I am going to violate & fuck you any which way I want! You are my sex slave, my whore for tonight. We had a deal. Now we are going to carry out whether you like it or not! NOW, TURN OVER & LIE ON YOUR CHEST!" screamed frank in a menacing voice. Anna was now crying with tears flooding through her eyes. She had never bee so humiliated in all of her life. And the worst part of it was that she had just achieved the biggest orgasm of her life through the mouth of a pervert. She was no longer going to be his sex toy. She started to dash towards the door. Frank immediately grabbed her from behind & pulled her towards him by pulling her hair with brute force. "Noooo! Let me off! You bastard! That hurts! I beg you to let me go. I can't take this any longer! ," Screamed Anna. With pain. But Frank was going to have none of that. "You are going no where until you satisfy the burning ache of my cock. I brought you to such a fantastic orgasm. I agree that you also gave me a good blowjob with that hot tongue of yours. BUT, THAT IS NO SUBSITUTE FOR THE REAL THING! You were so engrossed in your orgasm that you forgot to jerk me off! Now, I am going to fuck you any way I want!" said Frank.

He was now very furious with her. He was getting hornier by the minute. He threw her to the bed with extreme force. Anna landed on her chest & she was temporarily disoriented due to the unexpected fall. Frank had now full view of her glorious ass. She had a better ass than even Jennifer Lopez. He quickly got close to her & started to lubricate his cock with his spit. He started to bring his cock near Anna's ass. He started to put his wet fingers inside Anna's ass to lubricate it some more. In spite of Anna's orgasm, it was still a little dry. Anna suddenly came to her full senses when she felt her ass was being violated with her tormentor's fingers. She immediately started to scream. "JIM! HELP ME! I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! PLEASE HELP ME! OH GOD! OH GOD …"

Jim was hearing all that was happening inside his bedroom. He was so ashamed of himself. He was allowing a stranger to sexually violate her sweet wife inside his own house!!! He immediately ran towards the door & started banging it. " Stop it! I don't want to go through this deal! We will vacate the house!!" said Jim.

"Too late, Jimmy boy! Now we have entered the point of no return, literally speaking!" laughed Frank. "I am not going to lose this opportunity to make a whore out of your wife! A deal is a deal! Now be a good boy & let me finish screwing your wife. I will try to be gentle with your darling wife!" said Frank in a sarcastic voice.

Frank immediately began to thrust his penis inside the sweet ass of the Anna. She immediately started to scream & struggle. He punched her on the backside & pinched her tits really hard. "Aaaah! Nooo! Please don't do that! It hurts so badly! LET ME GO, YOU BRUTE!!" pleaded Anna. Jim simply ignored her & continued thrusting his cock into her ass. He started to ram his cock with full force inside her ass. Anna was now starting to give up her struggle due to the intense pain in her ass. She loosened up & gave up the fight. She knew she had been defeated. The pervert was going to ASS fuck her whether she liked it or not. Sensing her defeated look, the landlord got even hornier & he started to slowly screw her ass by thrusting his penis in & out of her ass. Her ass was now fully lubricated & was now engulfing his cock giving him intense pleasure. He started to increase his thrusts. His hands were now exploring & pinching the defeated & sweaty body of Anna Daniels. He was cupping & pinching the taut breasts & nipples of Anna from behind. His balls were hitting her Ass with his every thrust. He was now truly violating the most inner part of Anna's ass. He could hear her husband screaming & pounding at the door. Jim was pleading with Frank to let his precious wife go. This just made him even hornier. "Oh yeah! Keep screaming! I am not gonna let your wife go until I put every bit of my seed inside her ass. JUST BE THANKFUL THAT I AM NOT FUCKING HER PUSSY RIGHT NOW. You don't want her to get pregnant with my seed! Do you?" laughed Frank.

"Oh my God! I am going to come! I am fuckin' going to come inside your ass, my dear bitch! Aaaaaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaaah! Mmmmmmm….," Jim finally started to unload his semen inside the virginal ass of Anna. He started to pump his seed into her. He was kissing & biting her all over her body like a mad man. He was licking & probing her neck, arms, hips and her breasts. He just collapsed on top of her after draining his full seed into her ass.

"Oooooh! You are such a good fuck! Your husband is so lucky to have a bitch like you for a wife! Too bad I was not able to come inside your pussy!! Who knows? I could have impregnated you with Little Frank! A sort of a memento of our night together, said Frank in a leering sort of a voice.

Anna could only just groan. She was fully exhausted. Her ass was very soar with the fucking they had received. Her tits were aching with biting & sucking of her landlord. She had lost all dignity.

Frank kept caressing her body & her tits in a lazy manner. He was in heaven. Here he was, lying on top of an extremely beautiful & young woman after having the greatest sex of his life. He was now contemplating how he would take her in the future.

He suddenly heard a noise outside the room. Apparently, the sister of Jim had just come back from college ….

To be continued …

(If you like the story please tell me how I can carry the story forward by emailing me or by sending me an anonymous message).

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