tagGroup SexA Law Firm with Very Special Rules Ch. 04

A Law Firm with Very Special Rules Ch. 04


Much to Lori's and Tom's surprise things slowed down sexually with members of the law firm. Neither of them had been invited to anyone's home for several weeks when Tom decided to ask Roger about it. Roger told Tom that after the initiation period for new employees that the firm returned to their normal quarterly parties, which would be orgies of course.

Tom didn't know whether to be disappointed or pleased. For his liking he would have liked to have another go with the beautiful Sasha. On the other hand he was glad that his wife would be getting a break from the other cocks in the firm. When Tom told Lori about the situation she had a similar reaction. In fact Lori was actually relieved that the sex would be scaled down now that she and Tom did everything they ever wanted to do with each other.

The next scheduled party was for New Years Eve. Tom was informed that it was a very special party and that some of the firm's biggest clients would be in attendance. That surprised Tom and Lori as they had always thought that the sex was restricted to members of the firm only. They were both a little nervous as the date for the New Year's party approached.


The day of the party arrived and Tom and Lori went over to Rachel's home. Lori and Tom followed Rachel into the decorated gathering room that looked like a ball room. A tuxedo clad man took there drink order and then returned shortly with their cocktails. Lori and Tom soon relaxed with their drinks and began to meet other couples. They stayed in the gathering room for about an hour sipping cocktails and meeting people whose names they would never remember. They noticed that the people not with the firm were of different ethnic backgrounds. The one black man that Rachel had mentioned was apparently a very important client. Tom and Lori knew that they were being sized up by the client men and women alike.

Then a bell rang several times and like a herd the firm employees and guests moved to the entertainment room. Tom and Lori just followed along. As they entered the next room there was music playing and the decorated room was dimly lit. Once their eyes adjusted to the dim light they could see fine and they spotted a dance floor and mats placed along each wall. Lori assumed that this was where the action would take place. Tom then spotted people taking off their clothes and hanging them up as if it was the most natural thing to do. It didn't take long before most people were naked. Tom and Lori took off their clothes and all eyes were on them as they disrobed. They were clearly new meat to the clients who took in their beauty as Tom and Lori got naked.

A pretty redhead walked over to Tom and led him out to the dance floor. Lori watched as they danced to a slow song and Tom's hands dropped to cup the woman's shapely ass. Lori was then approached by a handsome man who led her out to the dance floor as well. They danced close together and with seconds the man's hard cock rubbed against Lori's thigh. He then took her by the hand and led her over toward the mats. Lori looked around for Tom as she was guided toward the mat and she spotted him across the room. The redhead was on her knees and her pretty face bobbed up and down on Tom's erect cock.

Lori was then placed on the mat and without any foreplay the man got between her legs and shoved his cock into her pussy. Lori was wetter than she thought she was as the cock slipped in easily. The man was a gentle, methodical lover and Lori was able to orgasm before he ejaculated into her pussy. Lori looked up and saw a woman smiling at them.

"I'm glad you enjoyed my husband. Now let me enjoy you," she said.

The woman, an attractive brunette, knelt down between Lori's legs just as her husband moved to the side. The woman wasted no time in moving her head between Lori's legs and eating her pussy. The woman's husband sucked on Lori's tits as his wife ate Lori's pussy. The woman was a very skilled cunt lapper and she had Lori on the verge of another orgasm. Lori stiffened and came on the woman's face and the woman gobbled up the combined juices of her husband's and Lori's cum.

The woman then moved up Lori's body and kissed her on the lips letting her tongue probe Lori's mouth. Then the woman rolled over on her back and Lori realized that she was expected to reciprocate. Lori moved to her knees and as she did she took a quick look for Tom. She spotted him fucking the redhead doggy style but she couldn't tell if he was fucking the redhead in her curvy ass. However based on the expression on the redhead's face, Lori was certain that Tom had his dick up her ass. Lori also noted that the wives of the firm staff had paired off with clients and the men of the firm were with the client wives. Lori then turned her attention back to the brunette.

Lori lowered her head toward the woman's pussy and for the first time in her life she looked at a bare pussy. The woman obviously kept her pussy shaved and Lori found it to be a little bit of a turn on. Lori used all her skills to eat her new lover's pussy and she soon had the woman writhing under her. The woman cried out and humped her cunt up into Lori's mouth and she climaxed. Lori licked the woman tenderly after her orgasm and when she finally removed her face from between the brunette's legs, Lori discovered that they had an audience. Another couple had stood by and watched them.

"Oh my, you haven't been eaten until she eats you," the brunette sighed.

"Well then I just have to find out for myself then," an attractive blonde replied.

The blonde got down on her back and opened her legs as an invitation for Lori to get between them. Lori was into it now and she smiled at the blonde before descending on her pussy. Lori dove right in and began eating the blonde's pussy and then she felt someone behind her. Lori assumed it was the blonde's husband or partner that had been standing there. Lori felt his cock slide easily into her pussy and he began fucking her from behind. Lori did just as good a job eating the blonde as the brunette. Then Lori felt the guy playing with her ass and inserting a finger in her anus. She didn't know where the lube came from but he started applying it to her asshole.

Lori liked the double penetration but as she suspected the guy soon moved his cock from her pussy to her ass. He was smaller than Tom and his cock went in without any resistance. Lori then decided that turn around was fair play so she pushed a pussy moistened finger into the blonde's asshole as she ate her pussy. The three of them then worked each other until the blonde screamed out in ecstasy as she creamed Lori's mouth. Just then the guy erupted in Lori's ass and flooded her rectum with semen. He might not have been big but he came in buckets and Lori's ass was full of cum. At that moment Lori realized that she had forgotten all about Tom.

Tom had moved on from the pretty redhead after fucking her and cumming in her ass. He was now having his cock sucked by two brunettes. They passed his cock back and forth between them and took turns sucking his balls. Tom was rock hard again and then one of the brunettes mounted him. She slid her pussy down on his cock and gasped as it filled her. The other brunette then straddled his head and lowered her pussy to his face. Tom licked the one pussy while the other woman fucked herself on his cock. The woman riding his cock came first and then the one sitting on his face moved to his cock. She lowered her pussy on his cock as the other brunette got behind her and played with her tits. Then the woman came and collapsed on Tom's chest. Tom had not cum and he was glad as he wanted to sample some more mouths, pussies and assholes before he was done.

Three couples had joined Lori and the three women were watching as their husbands filled Lori's holes. Lori was sitting on one guy with his cock deep in her pussy while another one was behind her with his cock in her ass and she was sucking on the third cock. The three women cheered her on as Lori handled all three cocks easily. This was not unfamiliar to Lori to be tripled fucked except that she was not used to an audience of clients and their wives. Lori sucked and was fucked until all three guys came. The first to cum was the guy in her ass and then he continued to play with her as he stroked her curvy buttocks and fingered her asshole. Next the guy in her mouth came and she swallowed every drop. Then the guy in her pussy came and Lori did as well. The three guys moved off of her and she flopped down on the mat face down.

The three women were then by her side and Lori was rolled over on her back. The three women then went to work on her as one ate Lori's pussy while the other two sucked on her tits. The three women rotated positions until each one of them had eaten Lori's pussy. Lori had no idea how many times she came. Then one woman changed positions with Lori so that she was the center of attention. Lori ate the woman's pussy as the other two sucked on the woman's tits. After the first woman came in Lori's mouth she switched places with one of the other women and Lori ate another pussy. They did this until Lori had eaten all three pussies and then the women moved off in search of someone else.

Tom was fucking the blonde who had already been with his wife. He was fucking her doggy style as she sucked on the enormous cock of the only black man there. The blonde could hardly get her mouth around the ebony shaft but she was determined to take as much in her mouth as she could. The black man's wife and slid under the blonde and she was licking the blonde's pussy and Tom's balls. Just then the blonde's husband handed Tom some lube and told him to fuck his wife in the ass. Tom looked surprised but the husband put him at ease.

"Don't worry she loves it in the ass," he told Tom.

Tom then began to lube up the blonde's asshole and she shuddered as she knew what was next to come. The blonde's husband had moved between the black woman's legs and he was now fucking her as she ate his wife's pussy. Tom pulled his cock out of the blonde's pussy and eased his cock into the blonde's snug asshole. The blonde gasped on the black cock as Tom penetrated her sphincter and filled her rectum. Tom continued to feed his cock to the blonde until he was balls deep in her ass and then he began to fuck her slowly and steadily. The blonde was overcome with desire and she juiced the black woman's face several times before Tom filled her ass with cum and the black guy splattered her face with his spunk. The five of them separated and the blonde collapsed on the mat. Her husband lay next to her soothing her ravaged body as the black couple and Tom moved on.

Tom looked for Lori and spotted her resting on the mat. Not far from her Rachel was taking on five guys at the same time. Apparently this was one of her fetishes and she was engrossed in the act. There was one guy under her on his back with his cock in her ass. Rachel lay back on the guy under her and a second guy moved in and shoved his cock in her cunt. Then a third guy turned her head to the side and fed his cock to her mouth. Rachel then beckoned two other guys to kneel on either side of her and she took a cock in each hand.

The five guys worked Rachel over and she seemed to cum forever. Then one by one they took their cocks in their hands and jerked off on her body. The guy in her pussy came first and he knelt between her legs and sprayed cum all over her abs and pubes. One of the guys being jerked off then stood up and aimed his cum at her tits. The guy in her mouth pulled out and sprayed cum all over her face and hair as the fourth guy jerked off on her tits. Finally the guy in her ass pulled out and shot his wad between her legs. Cum covered her pussy and her inner thighs. All the while Rachel's body shook and jerked as she climaxed.

Tom then was approached by the redhead again who wanted him in her ass again. She knelt down on all fours and Tom knelt behind her. She was well lubed and his cock slid easily into her ass. Tom looked past the redhead as he was fucking her and he noticed the black couple approaching Lori who still lay face down on the mat. Tom watched as the black woman sat on the mat in front of Lori's face and the husband lifted Lori's seemingly lifeless body by her hips. Lori was on all fours with her face inches from a black pussy and a huge black cock lingering menacingly behind her shapely ass.

Lori felt herself lifted back into position to be fucked again and when she opened her eyes she was staring at a black pussy. Lori assumed that it was the woman's husband behind her and she shivered when she remembered the size of his cock.

"Good I'm glad you still have some energy left. Now come over here and eat my pussy," the black woman ordered rather than requested.

The black woman remained seated on the floor mat so she could watch Lori eat her pussy. Lori sheepishly knelt in front of the woman and lowered her mouth to her first black pussy. Lori ran her tongue along the woman's cum dripping slit and she could taste the combined juices of male and female orgasms. As Lori ate the woman's pussy she felt hand on her ass and then a male cock touched her vulva. Lori moved her legs further apart and the black husband moved his cock into her pussy. Lori couldn't believe how long and thick the cock felt in her pussy. He was clearly bigger than any cock including Roger's that had ever been in her pussy. She was stuffed with cock. He began fucking her slowly as Lori continued to lap at his wife's pussy.

"Get you tongue in there deep, there is plenty of cum to be sucked out of my cunt," the woman directed.

Lori did what she was told and plunged her tongue deeper into the black pussy and sought out the loads of cum. The husband slipped an oily finger into Lori's ass and she responded by rotating her ass and humping back at his cock. Lori secretly hoped that he wouldn't try to put his big cock in her ass as she was sure that she couldn't take him.

"Where is your cock?" the woman asked her husband.

"It is in her pussy, babe," he replied.

"Put it in her ass. I want to see you fuck her in the ass," the wife ordered.

"My pleasure," the husband answered.

The husband then pulled his cock from Lori's pussy and Lori felt a huge void in her quim. Lori then felt a strange sensation in her anus as the husband applied cold cream to her asshole. The cold cream tingled and seemed to temporarily numb Lori's anus. He then applied cold cream to his cock liberally and then placed it at the entrance to Lori's asshole. Then with one steady motion he eased his cock into the pretty ass. He was gigantic, long and wide and Lori screamed as he began to work his way into her poor tight ass. Lori could actually feel her stomach cramping around him as he stirred her insides and it burned when she clenched her ass muscles around his thickness. Shaking and sobbing with painful ecstasy, Lori fell forward onto the black woman with the black man's hands keeping her ass high in the air for him to plunder.

Lori screamed into the black pussy as it felt like a hot thick poker had just been rammed into her ass. Tears filled her eyes as her violated asshole spread to accommodate the big black thick cock. Lori tried to get away but the woman held her by her ears and pulled Lori's face into her womb. Lori thought back to when she first lost her anal virginity and remembered the pain was just as intense.

Lori cried out loud only to have the sound muffled by the wife's cunt as the husband's complete length filled her. She felt him flex his cock deep within her bowels as the searing pain continued. He reached one hand under Lori and teased a nipple. Then he moved his other hand down and rubbed softly against her clit. Lori's body responded to his stimulus and her stomach convulsed with mixed signals.

The intrusion in Lori's ass didn't feel quite as bad now as his fingers continued to tease her clit. She felt him move inside her ass now and she tried to relax her ass muscles. Lori's body was working back and forth on the black cock now and she was amazed at the feeling of the cock in her ass. Lori's clit was buzzing and the fullness in her ass just seemed to excite her pussy even more.

He started hammering into her ass now. His fingers were still busy on her clit but now he had two fingers drilling in her pussy as the others fluttered around her clit. Lori's whole body was aflame as she could feel his fingers pressing against the thin membrane separating her ass from her pussy. She could feel his hard cock sliding in her and the pressure of the fingers on his cock through the membrane.

The black woman yelled out, "Oh yeah, fuck her, fuck her ass, fuck it good!"

Lori didn't need him to force her on his cock anymore, nor did she need his wife holding onto her ears. Lori's entire body was fucking back at him of its own accord. She could feel an enormous orgasm building with in her. Her pussy was swollen to new proportions.

"Oh God," Lori thought to myself, "I'm going to cum again, Oh God!"

He continued plowing into her. The hot dry depths of her ass were so tight around his cock she knew that he was going to cum hard too. He worked his fingers faster inside her as he rammed his cock hard into her ass. Lori started sucking the wife's twat like a mad woman. The husband's groin made hard contact with Lori's ass. She could taste the wife's wetness leaking around her mouth and the air was filled with the smell of pussy juices saturating her face.

Tom had continued to watch his wife with the black couple as he fucked the shapely redhead in the ass. The redhead also watched Tom's wife with the black couple as they fucked. Tom felt his ejaculation travel from his balls through his cock and shoot into the redhead's sucking ass. She gasped as she felt Tom's load shoot into her rectum and then she came on her fingers that were plowing into her pussy. When they both recovered they looked back at Lori and the black couple but others had gathered around and they couldn't see. Tom and then redhead separated and then walked over to join the other voyeurs.

Lori felt her pussy spasm suddenly and then her whole body went rigid. She felt the black cock swell in her rectum and then hot spurts of liquid lava hit her deep in her bowels, giving her a cum enema. Lori screamed into the black woman's mound and sucked on her clit. Lori could taste the sweet juices as she sucked hard and bit on the wife's clit. All of them shuddered hard as every muscle tensed and then relaxed. Lori felt a hot explosion as her body was overcome with the most violent orgasm she had had all night. Lori could still feel the big black cock throbbing and spurting deep within her.

Lori was still sucking hard on the wife's pussy trying to milk every last drop of cunt juice from her. She felt the husband's cock shrink in her ass and then slowly back out making an audible popping sound. Lori's ass was still high in the air and her thighs were aching. The husband lovingly caressed Lori's shapely ass cheeks.

"Well done, well done Lori," a voice congratulated her.

Lori then realized that the others had gathered around to watch her and the black couple. Lori felt as though she had now reached total debauchery. She lay prone on the mat as she rested. Thoughts flashed through her mind as she recovered and she realized that she had fucked or sucked every cock in the room. The cocks had lost their identity as Lori took on members of the firm and their clients. She had eaten every pussy and she had hers eaten buy a number of men and women. Lori had been butt fucked more times than she could remember. The she thought of her husband Tom and she recalled what he had done and she suspected that he had enjoyed himself.

Just then Tom knelt down along side her and spoke, "Come on let's get cleaned up and get out of here."

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